Switching library from mac to windows

I was wondering if anybody knew how to correctly switch the library from mac to windows. my problem is i have been using the ipod on my wifes mac laptop, now i have a new pc with windows xp. when i plug in my ipod i see my songs but i cannot edit them or play them. any ideas,,thank you in advance and have a great day.

i figured it out,,,i had the lock set on the ipod. typical male in me..

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  • Migrating iTunes library from Mac to Windows

    Please bear with me if this is an obvious question. My brain is scrambled trying to wrap it around the problem...
    Is there a way to migrate an iTunes library from a Mac to iTunes on a Windows PC, still using the same iPod, with a mix of iTunes Store files and CD burns?

    Assuming you have the newest version of iTunes, using home sharing is a really easy way. Just set it up on both your Mac and PC itunes.

  • How do I switch iTunes Library from Mac to Windows?

    Well, my Macbook died today. Fortunately I have all my media on an external drive. Also, I have a Windows machine. How do I point my Windows iTunes to access my external drive/media? Also, I have an iPhone - will that be messed up; will all my data be erased. Oh lord, what a nightmare! (At least my Mac is backed up, so someday I'll be able to restore that to a new Mac.) Is it as simple as Preferences > Advanced > "iTunes Media folder location" and changing that location? Also, will Windows even be able to read the disk? I'm freakin'.

    Jon Freed wrote:
    Well, my Macbook died today. Fortunately I have all my media on an external drive. Also, I have a Windows machine. How do I point my Windows iTunes to access my external drive/media?
    this read may be helpful
    Also, I have an iPhone - will that be messed up; will all my data be erased.
    click here and here for information.
    Also, will Windows even be able to read the disk? I'm freakin'.
    if the external HD is formatted for Mac, you may need to install MacDrive on the windoze machine.
    good luck !

  • Copying itunes library from Mac to Windows over Local Network

    I am a recent switcher. When I first got my MacBook I connected my Windows formatted iPod to the MacBook to transfer my purchased iTunes music, and everything worked fine.
    Now I want to transfer the iTunes music folder from my Mac to a PC (both Vista and XP) over my local network. However, when I try to do this I get the following error message:
    Error 0x800700FE: The specified extended attribute name was invalid.
    I get the same error message if I try to transfer the individual music folders (eg Oasis).
    I have no trouble transferring the folders for song/albums that I have subsequently downloaded to the Mac from iTunes. I only have the problem with the music I originally transferred from the iPod.
    I have been trying to research extended attributes to see if I can edit this, but it all goes over my head. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    i'm also a new Mac user (Vista did the trick , and i found this article on the Apple support website.
    Below information can also be used to do the inverse... Mac to PC.
    It explains how to do a backup to CD/DVD. When you have a large library, multiple DVD's will be used.
    It tried it out with a portion of my lib, burned a backup with my PC, and imported it on my MacBook. Works great! All but last played information is copied over...
    Even Podcast, Movies etc are taken into account, also music not residing within the iTunes folder. After the restore on Mac, everything is properly placed within the iTunes folder you assigned.
    PS: in fact this article is "on the top" of the following list: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ :-))

  • How do I move my library from Mac to Windows?

    I moved my iTunes library to a Windows XP machine and put the library where it's supposed to be. Then I exported the library xml file on my Mac and imported it in Windows. When I open iTunes the library is empty. I tried importing the files into iTunes but iTunes crashes half way through.

    First of Justinc4 is an idiot, don't listen to him.
    You should be able to move your iTunes Music directory and the two library files to the proper location on the new computer (reguardless if it is Windows or Mac) and when you launch iTunes it should show up.
    the other option is to simply open iTunes on the new computer and drag the music folder from the old computer to the Library in iTunes.
    It is try that an iPod will have to be reformated, but that is because windows uses a FAT32 format and Mac uses a different drive format.

  • Switching CS2 From Mac to Windows

    I have my old CS2 CDs from my iMac. I have recently switched back to a PC with Windows 7. My conundrum is that I do not know how to acquire the CS2 CDs for Windows. Adobe Customer Support just told me to look into upgrading to CS5. I'm really trying to use the software that I have.
    Is there any way to get the CDs or a download link? And If I did, would the Mac serial # even work for Windows?
    My apologies if this question is redundant and ignorant.

    No, your old Macintosh serial number will absolutely not work on Windows even if you had the Windows disks. And Adobe no longer offers a cross-platform upgrade for CS2. Your only alternative at this point would be to upgrade from CS2 Macintosh to CS5 Windows. Adobe Customer Support should be able to assist you with than.
              - Dov

  • Switching ipod from mac to windows

    I previously used my iPod with my Mac and Powerbook. Now I have purchased a PC. My computer recognizes my iPod but none of my songs appear under my iPod. What's wrong? Any help appreciated.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    Nothing is wrong. As the other poster said, since your iPod was previously setup with a Mac, it is in Mac format. Your new PC will not be able to read your iPod as it is.
    There are 2 possible ways to make your iPod work with your PC:
    (1) Restore the iPod using the Windows version of the iPod software updater. This will erase everything on your iPod including your previous songs but the iPod will then be readable by your PC. Note that you have to install iTunes first, and then the iPod software updater. Download them from the given links if you do not have them.
    (2) Get some special third party programs such as Xplay, which allows you to read your Mac formatted iPod directly with your PC. You can then access the songs on your iPod. The software is not free, however.
    What do you want to do?

  • Transfer ITUNES library from MAC to Windows???

    I want to transfer my ITUNES library, which is on my MAC onto my windows XP laptop. Using an IPOD as an external hard drive makes sense, but Windows ITUNES will not recognize the format of the IPOD and wants to restore and format it for windows. Any help or advice besides burning all of it to disks???

    If iTunes is running the Automatically Add to iTunes folder would be expected to be empty. Your media should normally be in ..\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media. The library file you want to connect to should be at ..\Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl.
    If your library was set up on a Mac some time ago the library file may be called iTunes Library without the .itl extension, in which case you should edit the filename to include it, but only do so if the icon indicates the extension isn't present.
    I.e. if there is a file iTunes Library represented by a blank sheet, select it, press F2 on the keyboard, edit the name to iTunes Library.itl and confirm the change. Then shift-start iTunes and use the choose library option to open the library file.

  • Switching from Mac to Windows with no CD

    Yes, I too fell in love at first sight with the nano, and will be giving my mini to my boyfriend (who got it for me in the first place). He uses PCs and Windows.
    I did a search on reformatting the mini from Mac to Windows but all the answers seemed to involve installing the iPod for Windows software. I don't seem to have this anymore, and Apple helpfully doesn't provide it for download.
    Sooo...how is my boyfriend to reformat my mini for PC? Will just plugging it into a machine loaded with iTunes for Windows do it?
    Sorry if this is an often asked question; maybe what I should be asking is where or whether I can get the iPod for Windows software. Will whatever is provided with the nano work for the mini on a PC?

    Download the latest version of iTunes and the iPod software updater onto the PC. Install iTunes, then the iPod software updater. Then run the iPod software updater, connect the mini when told, and choose to restore.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 transfer license from mac to windows

    In 2011, I bought a license 'adobe Creative Suite 5.5' (students) for a mac.
    My Macbook crashed again and I want to switch to a PC.
    Is it possible to switch my license from mac to windows?

    No. that only applies to "current" versions, meaning CS6. You will have to buy the commercial CS6 upgrade and make the switch or just buy a new license if you are still eligible for S&T pricing.

  • Converting file names from Mac to Windows.

    I am an Apple tech at a university that uses both PCs and Macs. We have found that we run into some problems when transferring a user's data from one platform to the other.
    When transferring lots of files, what do you experienced Mac techs use for safely converting file names from Mac to Windows?
    From Windows to Mac?
    We've tried NameCleaner and ended up with bad results.
    Please let me know if there is something good out there for these conversions.

    The problem looks like this:
    1. User wants to switch from Mac to Windows.
    2. We back up the data from his Mac to a server (an X-Serve RAID).
    3. We log into the server from Windows.
    4. We try to pull his data from the server.
    During this data transfer, it quits with an error stating that it can't finish copying the data. I wish I had the exact text, but I don't. It does this repeatedly, and stops on different files from different locations.
    In essence, without "cleaning" the Mac file names, data transfer to Windows cannot successfully complete. It quits on certain Mac file names. In the past, NameCleaner has worked sometimes, but now we have had some issues with NameCleaner (which don't matter in this discussion). The goal is to find a better solution than NameCleaner.

  • Is transfer from Mac to Windows via external HD possible?

    I have been using my mums macbook pro and now I'm moving to town for school and only have a HP laptop can I transfer my music over to an external HD from mac to windows and authorise as well? I will visit often and want to have my purchased itunes music on both. If I buy a song on my HP will it update the mac one automatically or do I need to use my external HD every time? And lastly if it does update automatically, what about music not purchased on itunes, will it transfer those as well? I am a mac noob so please keep your answers easy
    Thanks any help would be appreciated.

    Yes it is possible.
    Connect the external drive to the MacBook Pro
    Copy the entire iTunes folder from the MacBook Pro to the external drive.
    Open the iTunes folder on the external drive
    Rename the file iTunes Library as iTunes Library.itl
    Delete the files iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    Connect the external drive to the HP laptop
    Install iTunes if you haven't already, close it if running
    Click the icon to start iTunes and immediately press and continue to hold down the shift key until asked to choose or create a library
    Click Choose, navigate to the iTunes folder on the external drive and select the file iTunes Library.itl
    Authorise the laptop to your iTunes account
    If you are based in the US then music purchases made on one machine can be set to automatically download to your other libraries and any iOS devices. The rest of the world, at present, is limited to downloading apps and iBooks purchased from the store. Coming soon is iCloud which will, for a fee, also allow non-store-purchased music to be backed up and synced to your computers or iOS devices via the cloud.

  • Need Help moving from mac to Windows

    I did search the forum, but could not find it, so I thought I will ask.
    I have to move from PowerBook to a Windows XP machine. (I see lots of threads moving from mac to windows but not otherway around).
    How do I move the iTunes music. I want to keep the ratings, don't want to redo the ratings for 1000+ songs.
    If it was previously asked and answered, please point me towards that thread.

    Sorry for the redundant post. I had problem doing this, and was able to make it work. The trick was renaming the file iTunes Library to iTunes Library.itl (with the extension).
    Once I did that, it works well.

  • How do I change my Ipod from mac to windows format??

    How do I change my Ipod from mac to windows format?? My Imac is not working at the moment, but I want to use my Ipod on my PC. How do I get my Ipod(mac formated) to get work on my PC??

    Use iTunes on the PC to restore the iPod, or install XPlay on the PC without changing the format. Restoring the iPod will erase everything on it.

  • Copying files from Mac to Windows-invalid file names

    Unfortunately, my boss likes Windows more than Macs, so we have puchased some new Dell computers to replace older G4 Macs.
    I'm having trouble copying existing files from a Mac (OS 10.4)to the shared drive on the Windows XP computer. I'm getting an error message:
    "You can't copy the item 'filename' because the name is too long or includes characters that the disk can't display." Sometimes it doesn't give a filename, it gives a similar message "Some items couldn't be copied..."
    I assume the person has used some "illegal" file names such as "Meeting minutes 10/7/07" Or maybe we have too many folders inside of folders.
    QUESTION: Is there a correct/better way to copy large quantites of files/folders from Mac to Windows? Or is there a program that will look at the Mac files and alert me to wrong or too long files names?
    Other ideas to copy these files?

    You can use a freeware utility like Renamer4Mac or BatchRename'em both of which have built-in filters that will rename files for Windows compatibility.
    Thank you... This sounded to me like it would fix the problem, so I downloaded both and looked at them. However, the manual/help file is very sparse, so I don't know if it will do what I want to and how it would do it.
    1. I couldn't find any option in either program to: Look at all files in selected folder, and list any invalid file names for Windows.
    2. There doesn't seem to be an option to "rename files without bad Windows characters" or "Remove invalid for Windows characters"
    I just couldn't find any explanation of how it was offering to rename the files. I can't rename all files to sequential names, that would make it hard to find a file later.
    Thank you,

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