Sync with iCloud while charging crashes WiFi

When i try to sync to iCloud while charging my iPhone 5 my WiFi goes down, not the phone but the router. After restarting the router it works again. Syncing manually while running phone on battery and wifi everyting works fine. Anyone else got this problem? Discoverd this because phone hadn't made any nightly backups for two weeks. Thats when i installed iOS 8.

Gee, why didn't I think of that?  For those that may be keeping track this is a dlink Dir-655 (ON LATEST FIRMWARE). 
I had no problems with my iPhone 5.  I have no problems with my iPhone 6 EXCEPT when I let the phone attempt a full iCloud backup.  I don't know what encryption or protocol this fires up but whatever it is it crashes the router.  I am hoping others with router crashing can benefit. The seemingly random crashing some have may be when the phone attempts a backup. 
Because i use I jumped phones and iOS versions at the same time I don't know for sure which is to blame but I suspect it is the iOS creating malformed packets. My router wont packet capture and I don't have $2000 for a wifi N capture adapter. So there is not much more troubleshooting I can do. 
MY Apple fanboy co-workers have airports and don't have iphone connectivity issues. so maybe routers do need to catch up with some wonky thing Apple is doing. I am not against buying a new router if I knew it would fix the issue but I don't have spare cash to spend right now just to make the attempt. If a new router doesn't help I will have spent money for nothing on a non-returnable item.

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  • While my iphone (6 plus) is synced with icloud, the contacts on icloud are several years old! My phone shows that it was backed up this morning to icloud. Any ideas on why icloud is not updated with my contacts?

    While my iphone (6 plus) is synced with icloud, the contacts on icloud are several years old! My phone shows that it was backed up this morning to icloud. Any ideas on why icloud is not updated with my contacts?

    Howdy Mishka2015,
    The article linked below details a number of troubleshooting steps that can help resolve issues with your contacts and iCloud.
    Get help using iCloud Contacts

  • Hi, I recently got an iPad air. Singed in for new registration with cc details as I had no other option I already own an iPhone and also my husband owns one. Both have same Apple ID to sync with iCloud But after registering for iPad all free are charging

    Hi, I recently got an iPad air. Singed in for new registration with cc details as I had no other option
    I already own an iPhone and also my husband owns one. Both have same Apple ID to sync with iCloud
    But after registering for iPad all my free apps are asking me to purchase those free apps. I have no idea what went
    Wrong, please help.

    You created the same Apple ID with the setup assistant on the new iPad Air - the same Apple ID used for the iTunes and App Store on your iPhone?
    There is no charge for a free app regardless.

  • How to sync Address book with iphone on 10.5, while iphone synced with iCloud?

    My mac runs leopard 10.5.8. Meanwhile iPhone is updated to 5.1. and synced with iCloud. As we know, OS X 10.5 can not be synced with iCloud. How to sync Address book with iphone? My Address Book on my mac has almost all contacts that can be found on my iPhone. Even with pictures from FB and extra info such as twitter accounts, etc.
    The question is - how can I manage my contacts? Now I have added several new entries to my iPhone, but they won't appear on mac's address book. In iTunes the contacts sync box is unchecked due to the fact that iPhone syncs with iCloud. But then I'm wondering where did Address Book get all the contact updates that were made on iPhone?
    I'd like to control this whole thing. And is there such thing as one data base, that could used by all devices and would change entries on all of them, if I change or add something on my iPhone?
    Or I just have to get Lion and let the iCloud do the magic?

    I just synced my new iPhone (iOS 5.0.1) with the Address Book on my Mac which runs 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.5.2. I launched iTunes and then I connected the iPhone to the Mac. It appeared on the DEVICES list in the left column in iTunes. I selected it and then the Summary screen appeared in the right part of the iTunes window.
    In the Backup section of the Summary you can choose whether to 'Back up to iCloud' or 'Back up to this computer'. Even if you have 'Back up to iCloud' selected, there is a 'Sync' button in the bottom right hand corner of the iTUnes window where you can manually initiate a sync with the Mac.
    Hope this helps,

  • Looking for a good document on family syncing with iCloud and multiple iOS devices

    We have recently migrated off of Android devices for the whole family except for a Kindle Fire HD for my daughter.  We all have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch type device that we want to sync our family calendars/reminders/notes to.  Is there a good document on how to setup this family environment so that our notes/reminders/appointments are all in sync on each other's device. That way we all know what each other is doing. Do we each have to have a separate Apple ID or do we all share the same Apple ID to make this syncing work.  I think I get how to make this work between my PC, 2 - iPhones (work and personal) and iCloud Web.  Now how do I layer on my other family members into my calendar digital Cloud?  HELP ME PLEASE.  I HAVE A DIGITAL MESS.
    Right now I have a personal Apple ID for my personal devices, new iPhone 6 Plus coming.  I have a separate Apple ID for my Work iPhone 4s.  My wife and kids have iPhone 5s.  Wife and son have an iPad.
    Please tell me I don't have to go see Rush Limbaugh to figure out how to make all this work.

    You could each have separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs, and also share a "family" account for syncing a family calendar, notes and reminders.  That will allow you to maintain still keep your contacts, and other data and photo streams separated while having access to the shared the family data in the secondary account.  It also gives everyone their own free 5GB of storage for their backups, etc.  The shared family calendar, notes and reminders will appear alongside your other calendars, notes and reminders in the corresponding apps on your devices.  You'll just need to be sure to select the correct account within these apps when entering data to ensure it is added to either your personal or the shared family account.
    To do this, create your primary accounts in the usual way, by going to Settings>iCloud and signing in with separate IDs and turn on the data sets you want to sync with iCloud.  Then create a secondary account by going to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and signing in with a different ID and have everyone add this account to their devices as a shared family account.  You can sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes and reminders with the secondary account, although you may want to just turn on calendars, notes and reminders.
    You can continue to share the same iTunes store ID on all devices if you wish.  It does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud.  Also, each person should use their own ID (such as the primary iCloud ID) for iMessage and FaceTime, otherwise you'll end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.
    If you don't want to do all of this, and are primarily concerned about sharing your calendars, you can do that as explained here:
    Another option to consider is to look into the new Family Sharing feature of iOS 8 if all of your devices will support iOS 8:  The details on this haven't been released yet but should start to appear after it is released tomorrow.

  • Syncing with iCloud despite XP incompatibility?

    I have an iPhone (4S) and an iPad (2) and would love to sync with iCloud.  But, because my PC is running Windows XP and Outlook 2003, both of which seem to be incompatible with iCloud, I have stayed away from iCloud, and I sync/backup both mobile devices exclusively to the PC.  Normally this works fine.  I work at my PC most every day and syncing to it is almost as convenient as to the cloud.
    Soon, however, I’ll be traveling and away from my PC.  I’ll have both mobile devices with me and will be editing and adding entries in Calender, Contacts, and who knows what else.  I don’t want to have to make the entries in two devices, so iCloud could be very useful to me.  I spoke with a specialist at a local Apple store who said there is no reason I can’t use iCloud to sync the devices, as long as I don’t bring the PC into the mix.  He told me to go to Settings > iCloud on each of the devices, turn ON the items I want to sync, and make sure that "iCloud Backup" is OFF.  Also make sure that the option "Back up to this computer" is checked in iTunes on the Summary tab for each device.  He said I’ll be able to sync the mobile devices during my trip (when connected to a power source and while both are within the same WiFi network).  When I return home, I can backup to my PC and the changes made on the devices will sync cleanly with the PC.
    The Apple specialist said he has personal experience with this issue because he has an older Apple computer with an OS that, like XP, is incompatible with iCloud.  He said the  solution is just to keep the incompatible OS away from the cloud.  If it is only the mobile devices (running the current iOS) that are syncing in iCloud, and the PC is kept away, everything will be fine.
    I’ve read a lot of online posts about the XP-iCloud issue and none have suggested a solution like the one I have just described.  Enough of them have recited horror stories of duplicated entries and other problems, such that I would like to have a second opinion (or three or four, or more) before I dare take the leap. If anyone has thoughts on this, please jump in.

    Sir Winston, thanks for chiming in.
    I do intend to sync and back up to iTunes before the trip. 
    With respect to turning on iCloud backup while I’m away, my understanding of what the specialist told me was that iCloud backup should remain off all the time.  I may have misinterpreted what he said. or maybe I got it right and he was just wrong.  I don’t know.  Is it possible that backing up to iCloud and then later backing up to iTunes (in XP) somehow causes the duplication of entries that some users seed to have experienced?  I don’t know why it would, but I don’t know.

  • Mail won't sync with icloud.

    I have an iphone 4 32gb, Win 7 x64, itunes 11.02.26, ios 6.1.2, and Outlook 2010.  Recently had to do a complete Windows reinstall from scratch, but everything was backed up and is up and running normally again.
    The iTunes info tab for my iphone says that my contacts, calenders, tasks are being synced with my iphone over the air with icloud.  The mail is not.  Previously it was.  The icloud control panel only says the 'contacts, calenders and tasks with outlook' being synced, but mail is not listed. Clicking on the message only unchecks the tickbox.
    MS Outlook has my account installed and working and 3 other email accounts, and the icloud refresh button on the toolbar is working ok.  The same mail accounts are installed on the iphone and work ok.  My phone and Outlook can each access all my mail accounts seperately without a problem.  At present I have left the mail tickbox unchecked on the itunes info page for my iphone.  (I dont want to mess up the information on either unless I have to).  There are no checkboxes for the contacts, calenders or tasks as they are using icloud.  Under 'settings/general/icloud' on my iphone, Mail and calenders are both selected to ON.
    When I try to log into, I get a message that 'icloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server', but the system status check shows no problem.
    How do I get my mail to sync between outlook and icloud the same as calenders, contacts, tasks and bookmarks?

    Ronmagi wrote:
    If I understand what you are saying, iCloud seems like its over-hyped and is pretty useless for Mail and Calendar. It makes no sense to me to have Calendar and Mail available on iCloud if it doesn't show the same Calendar and Mail that is on your iMac and iPad.
    Yes, my Calendar syncs with Google as well as on the iPad and iMac. Why shouldn't it also sync with iCloud?
    Because it's a Google Service not an iCloud service, you can still sync it to your Mac and your devices, just not using iCloud.

  • IWork not syncing with iCloud on iPad

    Okay, I am having the same problem a lot of people have been having. Namely, my iWork documents are not properly syncing with iCloud. They're stuck on either upload or download. Sometimes, I'll get a document to download, but it immediately begins to upload again, even though I haven't opened it on my iPad. I have tried everything I have found in the forums:
    Deleted the documents from iCloud and my iPad, then uploaded to iCloud from my Mac.
    Turned off the Documents and Data option in the iCloud menu on my iPad, turned the option back on then restarted the iPad. (I've tried several variations of this option.)
    Restored iPad using iTunes.
    Has anyone been able to find a definitive solution to this issue?

    stpauli, it sounds like it's you and me in this together. Have you had any luck? I've had a little. I've been working on this for about a month now. Here's what I did:
    I deleted all of my documents from my iPad, iTouch, and iCloud. (I tried it without deleting, but it didn't work.)
    I completely turned off iCloud on ALL of my devices, even my Mac.
    I deleted all files in iTunes for the iWork suite. (Again, I didn't this this would matter, but it didn't work of they were still there.)
    I restored both my iPad and iTouch using their most recent back ups.
    I switched on iCloud on ALL of my devices again.
    When I opened the programs, things seemed to be working again. It worked well for two days, but now it's being funny again
    iCloud will not push out to my iPad. If I create or edit on my iPad, it will push up to iCloud just fine, but if I upload a document to iCloud from my Mac, it never shows on my iPad. In fact, I edited a document that was in iCloud using my Mac, and uploaded the file back to iCloud. The updates never showed on my iPad, and when I closed the document, two versions of the same file appeared in iCloud. The one that was uploaded from my Mac is unusable.
    This is definitely an iCloud issue. Unfortunately, the nearest Apple store is a four hour plane ride away, and my devices are out of waranty so they want to charge me for help. I hope you're having better luck.

  • Mavericks Notes App not syncing with iCloud

    The stopped syncing with iCloud after installation of Mavericks for users with networked home folders.  Was previously working properly with Mountain Lion.
    Notes syncing is enabled in icloud preferences.
    Signing out of icloud and signing back in does not fix the problem.
    Unselecting the notes checkbox and re-selecting has erratic effects->a)  sometimes crashing the unrecoverably (app won't reopen after force quite).  b) sometimes crashing the icloud system preferences altogether.
    All other icloud apps work fine: contacts, calendar, reminders, etc.   (all except icloud documents which is greyed out for users with networked home folders see: )
    Any fixes or work-arounds?  We use our notes app extensively and this is really debilitating.

    I was having the same problem with Notes not syncing. I also got duplicate notes. I found that spryt's solution fixed my syncing problem and signing in and out of icloud on my local devices finally fixed the duplicating notes problem. I am not using a networked home directory. Using Mavericks OS and believe the problem started with the upgrade.
    I did notice one peculiarity: on my iMac, it shows that I'm syncing notes to "All [email protected]". However, on my Macbook Pro, Notes shows I'm syncing to "All icloud". I tried to change my iMac to "All icloud", but I can't seem to find that preference. I hope they are one and the same.
    Syncing is almost instantaneous across devices including iphone and ipad now. If I find that I encounter any more problems, I'll update this thread.

  • Got a new iPad and set up to sync with iCloud and now asking for password which I never set. How do I get on device if I don't know what it thinks password is?

    Help.  I just got a new iPad 2 and set up sync with iCloud and no password.  Now asking for a password and I never set one up.  What password does it want: iTunes, iPhone (no real password there either).  Tried as many passwords as I could think with the iPad locking me out since I don't have the password!  Would like to use the iPad but can't get on to try it.

    So I guess it will only be new apps that I download that are allowed to give me their updates while 13 updates wait for me on an ID I can no longer access.
    Yes...  sorry.
    In the future, if need be, you can re download your purchases for free  >  Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Good rule of thumb is to back up your purchases regardless  >  Mac App Store: Backing up your app purchases

  • Photos are being added to my iPad, without choosing any events in iPhoto or having them sync with iCloud

    Photos are being added to my iPad, without choosing any events in iPhoto or having them sync with iCloud
    I just upgraded to IOS6, and now my ipad is full of pictures I did not choose to sync.
    I cannot delete them without deleting them from all sources.
    Actually, the message is when I go to hit EDIT, select a picture, and then choose DELETE: "This photo is used in an album. Do you want to delete it everywhere? Delete Everywhere"
    Does that mean "Everywhere" on my iPad, or everywhere including whatever place on my computer it found the photos to begin with?
    I've already done this:
    To delete photos from your device
    In iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab in the resulting window.
    Choose "Sync photos from."
    On a Mac, choose iPhoto or Aperture from the pop-up menu.
    On a Windows PC, choose Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up menu.
    Choose "Selected albums" and deselect the albums or collections you want to delete.
    Click Apply.

    You can still sync the photos and keep the photos that are already on the device. You have to include all of the albums or events in the pictures folder that you sync from. If you are using iPhoto, select that in the Sync Photos from drop down menu and then select all of the albums or events that you want to sync. Make sure to check Selected Albums, events, faces and automatically include (no events). Using that option will allow you to choose exactly which albums and events to sync.
    You have to remember that all photos must be included in every sync so you cannot sync photos from iPhoto today and then try to sync photos from another folder tomorrow, or you will erase all of the photos that were synced from iPhoto. You need to maintain one main Photos syncing folder for the photos that you want to transfer to the iPad. You can have subfolders within that one main folder and you can selectively sync those subfolders. You just have to place all of the photos that you want to sync into one main iPad syncing photos folder.
    There are WiFi transfer apps that allow you to transfer photos to the iPad without having to sync with iTunes. I use this one. This app (and others like it) will allow you to use multiple computers to transfer photos.
    Wireless Transfer App Easily send photos to iPhone/iPad ...

  • PS Elements/Organizer 11 sync with iCloud Photo Share

    i have Photoshop Elements 11 suite on a PC win8. I wanted help in setting up my organizer so everytime I download pictures from my camera/card reader into organizer library, it would sync with icloud photo share. This is a functionality that iPhoto has that I just transitioned from. Since my wife and I take pictures on our iPhones, iPads and other cameras with SD card, the latter photos don't get to be part of the latest taken (not shown on icloud photo share) and we miss out on them when viewing the latest consolidate photos we take. I think I understand the watch folder in Organizer which I set to photo share folder of the icloud app's picture designated folder, but don't know how to set up the upload from organizer to icloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a great question.  I've been using Photoshop Elements/Organizer (and PS Album before that) for many years and now more recently iCloud.  I also am interested in consolidating these collections.  I don't think there is any way yet to easily synchronize these, but with iCloud Beta you can easily upload photos in a PSE catalog into iCloud by simply selecting and dragging (I find it necessary to first drag/copy them into a temp folder on my desktop, and then upload them into iCloud using the iCloud Beta upload button).  After this full resolution photos will appear in iCloud and on your iPhone and other devices.  One problem I've discovered though with turns out to be a real headache, is the dates.  The date the photo was taken is not read properly by the iPhone Photo app and so the photo will appear to have an incorrect date.  I don't know why this is happening, but it seems to be a problem with how iCloud Beta is importing the JPG file.  I wish Apple would solve this.  If anyone else has found this problem and a solution, I'd like to know.  Anyway, I hope this answer helps.

  • How to insure that contacts and calendar are NOT synced with ICloud?

    I do not understand, why it is not possible anymore to sync your contacts and calendar data between your mac book and your mobile devices using USB cable.
    I also heard that with Maverick and Itunes 11.1.2 you can not sync anything using USB anymore, is that true?
    Why is it not possible to let the customer decide how to sync their data? Why not leaving both options?
    In case it is true that with Maverick and Itunes 11.1.2 you are not able to sync using USB anymore, does anybody know a good app to sync your photos and address data between your computer and mobile devices?
    How can I insure that my contacts and calendar data are NOT automatically synced with ICloud?
    Yesterday I synced some Photos from my macbook to my IPad and wondered why I had the photos twice. I realized that my IPad had ICloud enabled, after disabling ICloud one picture folder (Photostream) was gone. What do do to avoid that my MacBook is sending Photos to ICloud?
    However, when I opened ICloud today, I did not find photos, but I found some address data from my MacBook in the Cloud.
    I do not want to have my contacts and calendar data anywhere else on a server.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Hark

    Connect your phone to your computer using the USB power cable that you charge your phone with.
    Launch iTunes, it will go thru the normal sync back up progress bar thing at the top, let it finish.
    double  click on the phone in the left side bar then click INFO at the top of that pane, it will allow you select what you want to sync (contacts,calendar,etc) make your selections and click apply, then click sync. There buttons along the top for different functions (Movies, Apps, etc) just make sure that you do not have anything checked (like your whole music library) that will not fit on the phone.

  • My computer is not syncing with iCloud but the iPhones are syncing with iCloud

    Hello need help! My computer is not syncing with iCloud but the phones are?? Done everything that was suppose to do? It's saying that access to the account is not permitted?? Help e
    rror message  server does not recognize server name or pass words

    Check the model number by holding down the option/alt key while selecting About this Mac under the Apple menu. Select System Information and it will tell you the model number.  Compare it to:
    Model Number - iMac
    You can then check against the link mende1 provided.
    If you then go with Niel's suggestion, you can check here.
    Computer Compatibility - Lion
    You also might want to check applications compatibility since neither lion or Mountain Lion support PowerPC applications.
    Application Compatibility

  • My apple id for some reason was changed. now I can't sync with icloud. what should i do?

    My apple id for some reason was chnaged. now i can't sync with icloud. what do i need to do to sync my calendar, reminders, etc. with my ipad?

    I tried to shut down the iMac but when it started it came right back to the transferring data screen and I can't seem to navigate off of this. I shut down with the button on back is there another way while in this initial stage of set up

Maybe you are looking for