Synchrnous SOAP Message Scenario

I have the following scenario: <b>Sys. A -> (SOAP Request) -> XI Java Proxy -> Sys. B</b>
Basically, System A above makes a SOAP Request to XI which in turn passes on the request to System B using a Java Proxy. Now, if the request is successful, then a value of "1" is returned to System A, else a value of "0" is return if the request is unsuccessful.
I stumbled accross this statement "<i>You will use a SYNCHRONOUS MESSAGE INTERFACE to send your REQUEST MESSAGE. SO, the RESPONSE will be sent back to this Message Interface itself</i>."
If its true, please help me understand what else I need to create - besides the Data Type, Message Type, and Message Interface of the Sender System - and how the Mapping is performed in order for the response message to reach the Sender System.
I am really grateful for your response.
Thanks in advance

Fault messages generally used for used for synchronous interfaces.when a proxy is generated from a message interface, an exception class is generated for a fault message type. You use this exception class to handle application errors at runtime.
d/load stefan's example where he uses fault message types:
Also a fault message type can only be used with ABAP/Java Proxies. You cannot use it in a file/IDOC scenario. Also a fault message you cannot use Asynchronous communication.
Response Mapping is also just like your normal message mapping only. Once when you select the interface as Synchronous then you will automatically have your response in interface mapping. So it is having 2 message mappings one for request and one for response and one interface mapping.
Go through this weblog for some information on the request and response messages:

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  • Writting attached file from SOAP message to a FTP folder

    Hi everybody,
    Our scenario is an interface which receives a SOAP message with a file attached. As we don't need to do any mapping into the attachment, we are supposed to deliver that file as it is into a FTP folder.
    Our problem is that we cannot find how to configure File comm channel to write the attached file and no the SOAP XML message which is what we are getting now. Any help on this?
    Thanks in advance.

    check these forum posts
    SOAP with attachments
    Mail Sender Adapter - Attachment Handling

  • Error while sending SOAP message to PI

    Hi Guyz,
    I have a sync-asyn scneario SOAP to File via PI. When I test the scenario using test tool i.e SOAP UI , scenario runs fine. But when user is trying to send a message they are getting Error message as response . "No SOAP Envelope but 1 {}.
    Any idea what is this error. I tried to test the scenario with the same XML message that they are using.

    Hi Loveena,
    What kind of application tries to connect with PI?
    Have you tried to mark Use No SOAP Envelope (Point 4., in this way you can check that the message at least comes to PI.

  • Error while posting SOAP message

    I am trying to post a SOAP message but I keep getting this error. Can anybody help me on this. I tried using ALTOVA spy and SOAP Ui but the result is the same error.
                   <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>
                        <s:SystemError xmlns:s="">
                             <text><![CDATA[ Couldn't retrieve binding for the given channelId: Binding:CID=null;
    *     at*(
    Scenario is SOAP Sender and IDOC reciever.

    I tried reconfiguring also.
    When I test from Integration Engine in RWB using the test message it is sucsseful. Infact I can see the IDOC too.
    But when the basis guy tested with Adapter engine in RWB using the test tool, it gives the following error:
    Error While Sending Message: Additional error text from response: ConfigException in XI protocol handler. Failed to determine a receiver agreement for the given message. Root cause: Couldn't retrieve outbound binding for the given P/S/A values: FP=;TP=;FS=BusComp_Siebel1;TS=;AN=SI_Sales_Order_OB_Async;ANS=; in the current context [Unknown].
    Any idea where is the problem.
    When we tried the WSN step we are facing this error in the very first step.
    WSDL1.1, WSDL 2.0 definition element expected. Found [html: null] .
    Edited by: Chandra Gunapati on Oct 7, 2009 10:00 PM

  • File-Soap-File scenario with asynch - synch bridge

    I am new to PI and I'm trying to develop a FIle-SOAP-File scenario with asynch-synch bridge. These are the components in my integration builder:
    Business Component to act as both the sender and receiver
    1 outbound communication channel to pick up the file from ftp server
    1 SOAP communication channel
    1 inbound communication channel to write file to the ftp server
    receiver determination
    interface determination
    sender agreement
    receiver agreement
    In my outbound channel, I am using:
    Processing sequence:
    1     AF_Modules/RequestResponseBean                Local Enterprise Bean     1
    2     CallSapAdapter                                                         Local Enterprise Bean     2
    3     AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean                Local Enterprise Bean     3
    Module configuration:
    1     passThrough                         true
    3     receiverChannel                        inbound communication channel to write file to the ftp server
    3     receiverService                         Business component where the channel above is found.
    When I run the scenario, I am able to get the file from ftp server, map it to SOAP format according to the wsdl, forward the message to SOAP adapter, send it to web service, get the response back from web service, map the data to a regular file format. However, it fails to write back to the ftp server.  I am getting Java null pointer error at AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean.
    2010-07-28 15:48:01     Information     SOAP: completed the processing
    2010-07-28 15:48:01     Information     SOAP: continuing to response message 2ce3ec60-9a9a-11df-b109-00145ec5c1ae
    2010-07-28 15:48:01     Information     The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection SOAP_
    2010-07-28 15:48:01     Information     The message status was set to DLVD.
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Information     The message was successfully transmitted to endpoint using connection File_
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Information     The message status was set to DLVD.
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Information     The application sent the message synchronously using connection File_ Returning to application.
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Information     MP: processing local module localejbs/AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Error     MP: exception caught with cause java.lang.NullPointerException:
    2010-07-28 15:48:02     Error     File processing failed with java.lang.NullPointerException:
    Had anyone encountered this error? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the replies. I checked my module parameters and I realized that i entered the wrond business service. I fixed that and ensure that all 3 channels are running.
    I ran the scenario again and it does not give me Java Null pointer exception. However, it gives me a different errror.
    2010-07-29 08:52:31     Information     The message status was set to DLVD.
    2010-07-29 08:52:31     Information     MP: processing local module localejbs/AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean
    2010-07-29 08:52:31     Error     MP: exception caught with cause Value of key must not be null: ObjectId
    2010-07-29 08:52:31     Error     File processing failed with Value of key must not be null: ObjectId
    I am trying to check all my settings again. Any pointers regarding the errors above?
    Thank you.

  • PI 7.0 SOAP message reply HTTP 500 and after the fault message

    Hello Everybody,
    I have the scenario RFC -> XI -> SOAP in synchronous mode.
    I use for the mapping XSLT because I have to put some dynamic data comming from the RFC in the header of envelope.
    At level of adapter receiver SOAP , I flag the "do not use envelop"
    In normal, that works .
    When the is an fonctionnal error in SOAP service, it sends me back an error HTTP 500 and afterwards the fault message in a soap envelop format. In that case, how can I pass over this error to treat the envelop because in adapter, it is stopped and it returns a short dump to the RFC.
    Is there somebody who can help me with this problem ?
    Thanks in adavance for your answers .

    In case of a SOAP error while processing the request, the SOAP HTTP server MUST issue an HTTP 500 "Internal Server Error" response and include a SOAP message in the response containing a SOAP Fault element

  • Acknowlegment in Client Proxy to SOAP  Async Scenario

    We are working on ABAP Proxy  --> SAP PI 7.1 --> SOAP (Asynchronous Scenario).
    ECC -> PI -> Legacy CRM
    I have few threads everyone is posting the following link:
    but how to use in real time scenario is an issue?
    Do we have write code in GET_ACKNOWLEDGMENT method while creating ABAP Proxy? I understood that the we can query an acknowledgment with the help of Message ID but how do we pass PI message id to this code?
    Thanks a lot

    hey all!!
    Please respond.

  • ApplicationResponseFault with namespace longer than 60 in sync soap message

    we are on pi 7.0 and our scenario is a async-sync bpm. In the sync soap message, the webservice raise an application error. In the response soap message we get the following detail tag:
    <detail><ApplicationResponseFault xmlns=""><DocumentResponse xmlns="urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2"><Response><ResponseCode xmlns="urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonBasicComponents-2">BusinessReject</ResponseCode></Response></DocumentResponse></ApplicationResponseFault></detail>
    In sxi_monitor this application error isn't caught and a system error is generated.
    In the system error message we get:
      <SAP:P2>Internal Server Error</SAP:P2>
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText>java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Hashtable.put( at at at at at
    In defaulttrace.trc we get ","<sap:ApplicationFaultMessageNamespace> is longer than 60 characters:",":
    "09/04/2009","10:22:43:421","unable to generate the header map","Error","","","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","34103150:F:\usr\sap\TPI\DVEBMGS03\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\defaultTrace.trc","001A64317EEE005E00005F2300000A6C000472BC344957CC","","","","n/a","b82f88e0992b11dea4d8001a64317eee","","0","0","","0","","","0","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","","J2EE_GUEST",
    "09/04/2009","10:22:43:421","<sap:ApplicationFaultMessageNamespace> is longer than 60 characters:","Error","","","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","34103150:F:\usr\sap\TPI\DVEBMGS03\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\defaultTrace.trc","001A64317EEE005E00005F2200000A6C000472BC34495771","",",",",","n/a","b82f88e0992b11dea4d8001a64317eee","","0","0","","1","","","0","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","","J2EE_GUEST",
    "09/04/2009","10:22:43:421","Could not process message from due to java.lang.NullPointerException.","Error","",", HttpServletResponse)","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_55","34103150:F:\usr\sap\TPI\DVEBMGS03\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\defaultTrace.trc","001A64317EEE0083000072F700000A6C000472BC344955F3","",",java.lang.NullPointerException,",",java.lang.NullPointerException,","SAPDES_TPI_34103150","1d72b100992c11dec67f001a64317eee","PIISUSER","0","0","","1","","","15337","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_55","","PIISUSER",
    "09/04/2009","10:22:43:421","The SAP XI Adapter Framework Messaging Service caught an exception during rendering an XML Message. Details can be found in the trace file for Location Action: Please contact SAP Support and provide the trace file.","Error","/Applications/ExchangeInfrastructure/AdapterFramework/SAPLibraries/SAPXDK","","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","34103150:F:\usr\sap\TPI\DVEBMGS03\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\defaultTrace.trc","001A64317EEE005E00005F2000000A6C000472BC3449559F","","","","n/a","b82f88e0992b11dea4d8001a64317eee","","0","0","","0","/Applications/ExchangeInfrastructure/AdapterFramework/SAPLibraries/SAPXDK","","0","","SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14","","J2EE_GUEST",
    So I think the problem is due to the namespace length. I'm right?
    We can't change the consumed webservice to reduce namespace length and our customer ask us to solve it in PI. Is there any way to change the namespace before to be treated and get a correct application error?
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: Marc Mauri on Sep 5, 2009 12:06 PM

    Hi Neetesh,
    we developed our own adapter module. We use it in our receiver soap adapter, module tab, before and after the standard module
    In this audit log secuence you can see that the problem seems not to be solved, because the error is triggered when processing response message inside adapter module, so our module is not called and the problem remains.
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success Message successfully received by messaging system. Profile: XI URL: http://sapdes:50300/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI Credential (User): PIISUSER
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success The message status set to DLNG.
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success Delivering to channel: CC_WS_DOS
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success MP: Entering module processor
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success MP: Processing local module *localejbs/AM_OWN_MODULE*
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success GetHostName: Module called
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Warning Inside my own adapter Module <-- THIS IS A TRACE MESSAGE CODED INSIDE OUR MODULE
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success MP: Processing local module localejbs/ 
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success SOAP: request message entering the adapter with user J2EE_GUEST
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success SOAP: Web Services Security processing...
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success SOAP: apply Web Services Security...
    2009-09-22 19:06:41 Success SOAP: Web Services Security applied.
    2009-09-22 19:06:42 Success SOAP: completed the processing
    2009-09-22 19:06:42 Success SOAP: continuing to response message 4d2c88e0-a79a-11de-9ffa-001a64317eee
    2009-09-22 19:06:42 Error SOAP: response message contains an error Application/UNKNOWN/APPLICATION_ERROR - application fault <----
    2009-09-22 19:06:42 Success MP: Processing local module localejbs/AM_OWN_MODULE
    2009-09-22 19:06:42 Success MP: Leaving module processor
    2009-09-22 19:06:43 Success The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection SOAP_ 2009-09-22 19:06:43 Success The message status set to DLVD.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance,

  • SOAP-IDOC scenario- HTTP 500 error

    Hi All,
    We are working on SOAP- IDOC scenario.
    We are getting a request from Sender which should come via Reverse Proxy server to PI.
    We generated WebService on PI and the URL(X) is shared with Proxy team, wherein they mapped that URL (X)with other URL(Y). This URL (Y)is shared to sender and he is trying to send some requests now.But below is the error message.
    [09/02/13 15:26:12] ID=app01 (trace) Delivered HTTP Direct outbound message, containing details...
            Status Code=500
            [req]Authorization=Basic RjRGSU5GWEQxMDA6c3luZ2VudGEx
            [resp]content-type=text/xml; charset=utf-8
            [resp]set-cookie=saplb_*=(SERVERNAME)226695750; version=1; path=/
            [resp]set-cookie=saplb_*=(SERVERNAME)226695750; version=1; path=/
    Any Clue

    Check this
    HTTP 500
    o Internal error in J2EE
    o Check SAP Note 807000 - Http requests are not fully read
    after timeout

  • File to Soap Syn Scenario

    Hi Experts,
    I have created File to Soap syn Scenario.
    I am getting following error in RWB (CC monitoring)::
    SOAPFault received from Integration Server. ErrorCode/Category: XIProtocol/WRONG_VALUE; Params: SOAP:Envelope(1)SOAP:Header(1)sap:DynamicConfiguration(3)sap:Record(1), xi_input120100406-133524-40720100406-133535-09520100406-133535-32920100406-133535-57920100406-133535-82920100406-133536-07920100406-133536-32920100406-133536-56420100406-133536-78220100406-133537-032.xml, ST: ST_XMS_MSGHDR30_DYNAMIC; AdditionalText: An error occurred when deserializing in the simple transformation program ST_XMS_MSGHDR30_DYNAMIC; ApplicationFaultMessage: null; ErrorStack: XML tag SOAP:Envelope(1)SOAP:Header(1)sap:DynamicConfiguration(3)sap:Record(1) (or one of the attributes) has incorrect value xi_input120100406-133524-40720100406-133535-09520100406-133535-32920100406-133535-57920100406-133535-82920100406-133536-07920100406-133536-32920100406-133536-56420100406-133536-78220100406-133537-032.xml An error occurred when deserializing in the simple transformation program ST_XMS_MSGHDR30_DYNAMIC Data loss occurred when converting xi_input120100406-133524-40720100406-133535-09520100406-133535-32920100406-133535-57920100406-133535-82920100406-133536-07920100406-133536-32920100406-133536-56420100406-133536-78220100406-133537-032.xml
    Please suggest
    T& R

    Hi Babu,
    I am sorry if I was not clear in explaning.
    Okay. I meant with the DC parameters the dynamic configuration parameters (or officially called the adapter specific message attributes or ASMA) that the file adapter added in the XI message. I assume Sushama activated this feature to transport the file adapter specific information (e.g., the file name, etc). These parameters are included in the DynamicConfiguration SOAP header. Sushama should check those entries in RWB at the adapter engine.
    Some of those parameter values appeared to be too long and resulted in the quoted error:
    >sap:DynamicConfiguration(3)sap:Record(1) (or one of the attributes) has incorrect value
    Once which parameters are too long, Sushama can decide on how to resolve this issue using one of the options that I suggested in my previous reply.
    I hope you got the idea this time.
    Best regards, Yza

  • Attach file to XI SOAP message

    Good day...
    Can any body help me how to attach file to XI SOAP message. The file to be attached is in TXT format.
    Your help is much appreciated.
    Thank you very much...

    <i>1) In this scenario, can I access the Ms-Access locally with XI server?</i>
    Yes you can access
    <i>2) if yes then why I am not able to update the database.</i>
    Check if the JDBC adpter is configured properly and also if the cache is updated.
    Hope this links helps you.
    /people/bhavesh.kantilal/blog/2006/07/03/jdbc-receiver-adapter--synchronous-select-150-step-by-step -- JDBC receiver adapter (synchronous step by step)
    /people/sameer.shadab/blog/2005/10/24/connecting-to-ms-access-using-receiver-jdbc-adapter-without-dsn -- Connect to MS Access database using reciever JDBC
    For Configuring jDBC adapter -

  • IDoc to soap synchronous scenario with BPM

    I am working on IDoc to soap synchronous scenario using BPM. Here i am facing lot of soap exceptions in my production system. I handled the exceptions. The data getting excuted for the first time, the same data(just changed the description)is giving exceptions for the second time. Please let me know why the exceptions are getting, and different type of exceptions and solutions for the same.(Blog also is fine)
    Thanks & Regards,

    The data getting excuted for the first time, the same data(just changed the description)is giving exceptions for the second
    Ideally you should not get an exception for the same data....can you tell is the description and where are you getting the it a part of the SOAP message or some object?
    An exception might have occured because the description would be something unacceptable by the target application.
    and different type of exceptions and solutions for the same
    there would be many blogs....your thread would be spammed...better make a search on SDN with exception text that you are getting.

  • ERROR During call of SOAP with a SOAP- RFC- SOAP Synchronous scenario

    Hello Experts,
    I've recently created a SOAP->RFC->SOAP synchronous scenario but every time I'm invoking the SOAP via XMLSpy then i will hang and send a timeout error. Also a log in XI was generated as shown below.
    I hope you could help me on this one.
    Runtime Errors         DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR
    Exception              CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB
    Date and Time          28.09.2010 09:31:23
    Short text
         SQL error in the database when accessing a table.
    What happened?
         The database system detected a deadlock and avoided it by rolling back
         your transaction.
    What can you do?
         If possible (and necessary), repeat the last database transaction in the
          hope that locking the object will not result in another deadlock.
         Note which actions and input led to the error.
         For further help in handling the problem, contact your SAP administrator
         You can use the ABAP dump analysis transaction ST22 to view and manage
         termination messages, in particular for long term reference.
         Note which actions and input led to the error.
         For further help in handling the problem, contact your SAP administrator
         You can use the ABAP dump analysis transaction ST22 to view and manage
         termination messages, in particular for long term reference.
    Error analysis
         An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
         The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB', was not caught
         procedure "DELETE_LUW_PACKET" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING
         Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
         exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
         The reason for the exception is:
         The database system recognized that your last operation on the database
         would have led to a deadlock.
         Therefore, your transaction was rolled back
         to avoid this.
         ORACLE always terminates any transaction that would result in deadlock.
         The other transactions involved in this potential deadlock
         are not affected by the termination.

    Normally such an error comes when the DB of SAP PI is full.
    Contact your BASIS or ADMIN team and ask them to free the DB space.

  • How to send SOAP message with attachment?

    Hi Experts,
    How do I simulate to send a SOAP message with an attachment? Can I use XMLSpy?
    Please help.

    With the generic SOAP client, it asks for the http based wsdl file location. But my wsdl has been generated by XI and I have the file stored on my desktop.
    Something to do with the path http://zpidd01:8030/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=NetworkPartners:NP_Order_BS:NP_SOAP_Sender_CC ??
    my scenario is to send a SOAP request with attachment and post the attachment in ECC through the ABAP server proxy.
    WebService Client -
    SOAP----> XI -
    Need further assistance from both of you how to achieve this scenario.
    Edited by: Shobhit Swarup Mathur on Jul 24, 2008 4:34 AM

  • Envelope missing in SOAP message header (SAP XI Extension)

    I have scenario where in I am sending a file from XI to PCK. BUt i am getting a following error.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:Code area="PARSER">ITEM_MISSING</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>XML tag Envelope missing in SOAP message header (SAP XI Extension)</SAP:Stack>
    I am enclosing the file i am trying to send.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns0:CFP_SENDER_MT xmlns:ns0="HTTP://PCKXI.WORLDBANK.ORG">
    - <SEND>
    Can somebody please enlighten me about this error? Points would be rewarded immediately

    Dear Manish,
    quite often the reason for this kind of error
    is the fact that the receiver of the XI message is
    returning a http response to the Integration Server.
    As of XI3.0 SP21 / PI7.0 SP13 this response
    is also properly parsed and visible in the error
    header of the XI message.
    For almost all prior support package levels an
    advanced correction is available as per OSS note:
    1064346 Improved error output for connection problems
    Please check whether this applies to your system.
    If so, you will see detailed information on the error
    in the error header object of the XI message as soon
    as this issue re-occurs.
    Best Regards,
    Harald Keimer
    XI Development Support
    SAP AG, Walldorf

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