Synchronous Proxy - SOAP Scenario (Error 500 in Response).

I've built a few Synchronous Proxy -> SOAP Scenarios,
with 'Do Not Use SOAP Envelope' option.
For two of them, I'm facing a common error.
The error is: ADAPTER.HTTP_EXCEPTION (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error).
When I paste the EXACTLY SAME payload picked up from XI, into the SOAP client, it works giving valid response.
Trying to figure out the issue.
R/3 System:
WAS 620 (Level 0041)
XI System:
PI 7.0 (Level 0007)
SOAP System:
BizRights (Approva) 3.0
Any help is appreciated.

Following SAP notes may help you-  804124, 807000

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  • Synchronous RFC -- SOAP Scenario: problem with SOAP Response/Fault Mapping

    I've a synchronous RFC --> PI --> SOAP Scenario. The problem is that the message structure of the sending RFC doesn't match the Webservice Structure.
    The (SAP standard) RFC has just a Request / Response message structure. Part of the Response Message structure is a exception structure.
    The Webservice has a Request / Response message structure and in case of an error I get a SOAP:Fault.
    Problem now is that I cannot configure that scenario without usage of BPM as I will have to map SOAP:Response or SOAP:Fault to the RFC Response structure.
    Has anybody another idea to do that synchronous scenario (with usage of message mapping) without BPM?

    you maus define 3 mapping.
    in Interface mapping define at response boths (2-3) mapping. its clear??
    otherwise sometjhing is not clear, why do you want fault?? why dont you  get only response message. we implement this kind of response:
    <ID> (error ID)
    <system> (target system) 
    <error> (Error Description)
    by this way fault message is not needed. but if you must have it just follow the top of message else, propose second.
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  • RFC to SOAP Scenario error

    Hello ALL
    I am trying to working in RFC to SOAP scenario in sap pi 7.31 single stack system.with help of blog **************** - Scenario on RFC to SOAP
    i am trying to pass input values from ECC through RFC  to web service .
    while sending data using  function module from ECC system i got following error
    thnx in advance

    Hi Ganesh,
    are you getting any error is SM58? Please check the below blog for configuration
    Michal's PI tips: How do you activate ABAP Proxies with AEX - simplified version
    IDOC_AAE To File with all Configurations
    the below discussion will be useful
    RFC to FILE(7.3) single stack

  • HTTP to SOAP scenario error

    Hi guys,
    I have developed an HTTP to SOAP scenario, in order to invoke a Web Service.
    I am trying to test the scenario by using an HTTP client.
    However, I am getting the following message, in the result:
    <SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
    <SOAP:Fault xmlns:SOAP=""><faultcode>SOAP:Client</faultcode><faultstring>Pipeline specified in URL attribute (type) not existing</faultstring><faultactor></faultactor><detail><SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1"><SAP:Category>XIProtocol</SAP:Category><SAP:Code area="MESSAGE">URL_PIPELINE_NOT_FOUND</SAP:Code><SAP:P1>/sap/xi/engine?type=entrynamespace=http%3A//;interface=GetStockQuote_Sync_OB&amp;service=HTML_Service&amp;party=&amp;agency=&amp;scheme=&amp;QOS=BE&amp;sap-user=xiappluser&amp;sap-password=++++&amp;sap-client=100&amp;sap-language=EN</SAP:P1><SAP:P2>ENTRYNAMESPACE=HTTP%3A//FAMAR.GR%3ADEMOS</SAP:P2><SAP:P3/><SAP:P4/><SAP:AdditionalText/><SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace=""/><SAP:Stack>Pipeline ID ENTRYNAMESPACE=HTTP%3A//FAMAR.GR%3ADEMOS which is expected as value of attribute &amp;quot;type&amp;quot; in the URL, does not exist in the Integration Engine (URL = /sap/xi/engine?type=entrynamespace=http%3A//;amp;interface=GetStockQuote_Sync_OB&amp;amp;service=HTML_Service&amp;amp;party=&amp;amp;agency=&amp;amp;scheme=&amp;amp;QOS=BE&amp;amp;sap-user=xiappluser&amp;amp;sap-password=++++&amp;amp;sap-client=100&amp;amp;sap-language=EN)
    Do you have any ideas?
    Also, I am not able to see in SXMB_MONI the messages that are generated.
    This is only possible in Message Monitoring in RWB.
    Thank you

    Hi Evaggelos,
    The URL you used to generate the WSDL for your webservice is wrong:
    URL = /sap/xi/engine?type=entrynamespace=http%3A//;interface=GetStockQuote_Sync_OB&amp;service=HTML_Service&amp;party=&amp;agency=&amp;scheme=&amp;QOS=BE&amp;sap-user=xiappluser&amp;sap-password=+++++&amp;sap-client=100&amp;sap-language=EN
    It should be of the type:

  • Timeout Error in a Synchronous XI - SOAP scenario

    Hi All,
    I have developed a Synchronous ABAP proxy to SOAP web service scenario.
    ECC sends an ABAP proxy request to PI, PI forwards the request to the target system as SOAP message.
    I have checked the interface via SOAP UI and it works fine but when we run the end-to-end flow it always ends with a Synchronous timeout error.
    The Target system confirms that the response is sent from there side but in PI we are not receiving any response and the system throws a  timeout error.
    As both PI and the Target system are in same Landscape there is no firewall in between.
    Please suggest what can be the possible reasons and the approach to resolve the same?
    Thanks in advance,

    "The target system needed credentials for one  inbound interface, so for this synchronous scenario(PI<->Target) should the target system maintain credentials some where when the response is sent back to PI as the SOAP channel is on Java Stack?"
    Generally for receiver channel we get the user name and password from target system ie web service.
    How did you test in SOAPUI? did you test it with providing username and password or not?
    even if web service requires user/pwd then it will throw 401 unauthorized error.
    check this
    can you go to RWB-->component monitoring-->adapter Engine-->communication channel monitoring-->your channel
    check if the channel has any errors/exceptions logs.

  • Synchronous File- Soap scenario with fault message

    I have a File to Soap synchronous scenario.
    All is right when no exception is returned by the web service.
    I want to use fault messages to catch thoses exceptions, so I have added fault message in message interfaces and in the mapping program in the interface mapping.
    Now, when the web service return an exception like :
    <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="">
             <faultstring xml:lang="en">NOT_CREATED</faultstring>
                <n0:Z_WS_CREATE_WAGON.Exception xmlns:n0="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">
                   <Text> does not have packaging material type and is therefore not a pack.mat.</Text>
    I get the following error :
    <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
       <SAP:P1> IM_RAD_to_ZWsCreateWagon</SAP:P1>
       <SAP:P2 />
       <SAP:P3 />
       <SAP:P4 />
       <SAP:AdditionalText />
       <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
       <SAP:Stack>Interface mapping IM_RAD_to_ZWsCreateWagon does not exist in runtime cache</SAP:Stack>
    My mapping program for fault message is well defined (I tested it with the exception message received from the web service).
    I have also refresh caches, but without success...
    Can anyone help me ?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hey Laurence,
    A File adapter is aysnchronous u cant use for synchrous because it cant acknwlodge the response it gets or itt sends.
    regarding two asynchoronus
    1. file to SOAP asychn.
    2. triggger the second one if SOAP has exception then pass the error from SOAP to New File.
    using BPM we have to use Transportion level acknowledgments
    please reward points if it helps

  • Receiver Proxy (SOAP) adpater  Error in SAP PI 7.1

    Hi Experts
    I am working on a File to  Proxy Scenario, where I am getting the data frm File is absolutely fine and while sending to Proxy I am getting the following error in proxy CC
    I have defined a Proxy CC on the recievr side I used adapter type as SOAP
    Transport Protocal :HTTP
    Message protocal XI3.0
    Adapter ENgine : Central Adapter Engine
    I gave the connection parameters (Target URL)
    Authentication Code: USE Logon data for SAP
    User ID & Pwd
    I checked the RFC connections on PI side on SM59 and did test run, It looks good
    Message processing failed. Cause: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 401 Unauthorized
    Please give an idea how to resolve this issue

    Are you using SSL? If yes, please ensure evrything from help page below has been applied
    - Please check the SOAP FAQ note under question "Q: I get an authorization error "401 Unauthorized" from the
    adapter's servlet. What went wrong?"
    [Note 856597 - FAQ: XI 3.0 / PI 7.0 / PI 7.1 SOAP Adapter|]
    - Last, try with both users below PIAPPLUSER and PIAFUSER. Should still not work, ensure the role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER has been assigned to currently used user on the destination.
    EDIT: Too late for me.

  • Synchronous IDoc - SOAP scenario

    Hi all,
    Our current scenario is like this: SAP (Idoc) -> XI -> SOAP (Idoc). The receiver system will reply with an ALEAUD Idoc as in: legacy (IDoc over SOAP) -> XI -> SAP IDoc).
    We have a requirement to wait with sending the next IDoc from XI to receiver Web Service on legacy side until we get an ALEAUD IDoc back for the previous IDoc sent to the Web Service.
    How can we implement this?
    Is BPM necessary?
    As far as I know you can only set the QoS for sender adapters, and the SAP Idoc scenarios are always asynchronous. But we can implement a synchronous send step in a BPM with ALEAUD as response message. This will solve our problem, correct?
    Any other way? We would like to avoid using BPM.
    Any help with this is highly appreciated!

    Thanks for your reply, Udo:)
    I am currently building the BPM now.
    So, you are saying that I cannot create an inbound sync MI with input message IDOC and response message ALEAUD?
    We want to send ACC_GL_POSTING IDoc (or identical structure) to a Web Service and receive the ALEAUD from the legacy system through a Web Service published on XI. We want to relate these two so that the BPM finishes when it receives the ALEAUD, and can then send the next ACC_GL_POSTING IDoc.
    I have created the following objects in repository:
    MI_ACCGLPOSTING_ASY_ABS (in receive step in BPM)
    MI_ACCGLPOSTING_ALEAUD_SYN_IN (used for receiver interface towards legacy SOAP adapter)
    MI_ALEAUD_ASY_ABS (used for send step in BPM)
    I believe no mappings are necessary since we are not doing any conversions.
    Can you please confirm that this looks correct, and also provide what settings I need in Directory?
    Thanks a bunch!

  • BAPI to SOAP scenario - query for response as table

    This is for BAPI to SOAP scenario. We need response as TABLE(multiple values,like arraylist/resultset in java) , not as single valued items.
    .net method is ->Y_Vct(string CoCode,string Role, ref A_BTable)  -    
               CoCode -Optional, if empty string is passed all companies will be fetched by the function
               Role - Optional, if empty string is passed all the roles will be fetched by the function
               A_B- returns set of records(Multiple) based on the parameters passed
    BAPI is - Y_Vct
    How to get response from table of multiple values .
    like 10 records as response for 1 request.

    Hi Jha,
    Which version of PI you are using? If you are uisng 7.1 then you can return the multiple values.

  • Error in SOAP receiver channel in Synchronous Proxy to SOAP scenario

    Hi all,
    We are experiencing an issue with a synchronous Proxy to SOAP scenario. Getting below error message in the SOAP receiver communication channel for the response message.
    SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/HTTP/ADAPTER.HTTP_EXCEPTION - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
    Returning to application. Exception: Error encountered while executing mapping: Could not determine mapping steps for message 1364b76e-ecbf-11e4-85f4-000023acfde6.
    We are running PI 7.4.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Seems the Receiver Webservice is not reachable. Did you try to test it using SOAP UI tool.
    1. Test a fresh message from local SOAP UI tool.
    2. Pick 3rd party WSDL file and Import in SOAP UI tool.
    3. Put some dummy data for mandatory fields
    4. Trigger it msg and ckh if you get successful / response msg.
    5. Check if firewall is open and that URL is not blocked.
    Hope it helps

  • Error in synchronous( abap proxy to soap)scenario

    Hi experts,
    My scenario is synchronous abap proxy to sysnchronous soap. for proxy I am using business system name as ERDCLNT220 and soap business system name as BS_HRS_DEV
    configuration steps are
    1. only client proxy to soap scenario I have done.
    communication channels: only receiver soap adapter. no proxy sender communication channel for client proxy.
    Already we have RFC destination connection and connection type H for proxy to xi.
    1.Is it required RFC destination connection for xi to server proxy.
    2.Is it required receiver proxy communication channel for server proxy?.
    i HAVE TESTED THIS INTERFACE. I am able to send the request. But I am not able to receive the response from soap webservice message .
    error is:
    SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Exception occurred while trying to invoke service method getPerson
    exception caught with cause SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Exception occurred while trying to invoke service method getPerson
    Error Adapter Framework caught exception: SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Exception occurred while trying to invoke service method getPerson
    Error Delivering the message to the application using connection SOAP_ failed, due to: SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Exception occurred while trying to invoke service method getPerson. Setting message to status failed.
    Kindly help me.
    advance thanks
    thanks and regards
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    Your exception message shows problem at the webservice side.
    Check the following:
    a) you need two mappings one for proxy req to soap request and other soap response to proxy response
    b) You need to create service interfaces both sender and receiver synchronous .
    c) communication channel  QOS is best effort for both sender and receiver
    d) I dont see problem in soap configuration. Bcuz you are able to ping and while getting response from the method getPerson it fails.
    f) See your SOAP response structure matches with WSDL provided.
    g) You can also test outside PI.. I meant testing via soap client tool like SOAPUI  for that web service. So that you know whether problem exists on the target system or not.
    Hope that helps.

  • '500 Connection timed out' Error in Sender SOAP Scenario

    Hi mates,
    I exposed o/b synch MI as a webservice. This webservice is received by a BPM and it triggers an IDOC generation program on R/3. BPM waits & collects the IDOCs and cosntructs the response from these IDOCs and returns it to the webservice caller.
    I'm making the SOAP call from a client program and I get the correct response in some cases where the data requested is not huge...normally with in 30 sec.
    But in some cases I get the error '500 Connection timed out' after 60 sec. The detailed message is as follows.
    <i>500 Connection timed out
    Connection timed out (-5)
    Error: -5
    Version: 6040
    Component: ICM
    Date/Time: Thu Jun 15 17:06:10 2006 
    Module: icxxthr_mt.c
    Line: 2551
    Server: hcidx1_DX1_03
    Detail: Connection to partner timed out after 60s</i>
    My BPM waits for 10 minutes and I set the parameter XI.Timeout to 600000 (i.e. 10 minutes) in module parameter table for the sender SOAP adapter as per the note 856597. And in SXMB_ADM, I set the parameter CHECK_FOR_ASYNC_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT of category SA_COMM to 600. In my client program, I set the timeout as 1 hour. All these config params are supposed to make sure that all the components involved wait for atleast 10 mins before they timeout.
    But I get timeout after 60 sec. Whats wrong/missing?
    I highly appreciate your inputs.
    thx in adv

    Hey Praveen,
    <i>I'm making the SOAP call from a client program and I get the correct response in some cases where the data requested is not huge...normally with in 30 sec.
    But in some cases I get the error '500 Connection timed out' after 60 sec. The detailed message is as follows.</i>
    does this mean you are getting some response in some cases where u r payload is small , and if its large ur getting some timeout like this? Also is ur scenario Sync / Async?
    Assuming i understood correctly , i came a similar situation but that has to do some thing with Paging file / memory issues when the files are too huge and no. of users are high please let me know if this is the case.
    best regards

  • HTTP 500 Internal Server Error with Large Attachment in SOAP Scenario

    we have implemented SOAP - XI - SOAP Scenario in our landscape (Sap Neatweaver Process Integration 7.1) .
    One of the functionality of this scenario is the Upload of Documents to External Web Service through standard SOAP Attachment.
    If we try to upload a small file (smaller than 20MB), task works fine and the document is correctly uploaded.
    If we try to upload a larger file, we encountered in this generic error: SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/HTTP/ADAPTER.HTTP_EXCEPTION - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
    We tried to increase timeout parameters (in communication channel and in ICM Value) but the response is the same.
    We verify also if icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB parameter was set to a value smaller than our file size limit (20MB) but is set to default value (100MB).
    The problem isn't on External Web Service Layer because if we try to upload the same documents directly to that web service upload works fine, and in External Web Service's Log there aren''t any indications of this error.
    So I ask you: are there any System Parameters to verify to solve this issue?
    For additional, in ICM Monitor LOG we can read this WARNING when we call our service:
    WARNING => IcmReadFromConn(id=53/454390): temporarily out of MPI buffers -> roll out [icxxthrio_mt 2646]
    This warning may be related to the problem? If yes, how can we solve it?
    Thanks a lot,
    Marcello Ricci

    Hi ,
      Please answer my following questiosn.
    1)  which PI version are you using?
    2) How many J2EE nodes you have.
    please be reminded that SOAP is not for the heavy messages. Then you need to increase your timeout parameters from BASIS.
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  • HTTP 401 Unauthorized, error in proxy to SOAP Scenario

    Hi all,
    We got the below error in our proxy to SOAP Scenario. invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 401 Unauthorized
    We configured User Authentication,Proxy and Proxy User Authentication for the Receiver Communication Channel correctly still we are getting this error.
    So please let me know what could be the possible reasons behind it and how to resolve it.
    Waiting for your valuable response.

    Consider the parameters connection pool size and connection wait time:
    These parameters are described in the note below:
    #821026 - AdapterEngine messaging URL returns HTTP 401 under high load
    Also, ensure you have maintained the correct password, which MUST be the same, for all the service users
    on XI. You may check all the places it should be maintained, such as Exchange Profile, SU01, SLDAPICUST, etc..
    Please kindly check the note below:
    PI 7.1:
    #999962 - PI 7.10: Change passwords of PI service users
    XI 7.0
    #936093 - XI 7.0: Changing the passwords of XI service users
    XI 3.0
    #721548 - XI 3.0: Changing the passwords of the XI service users
    And ensure that the user has the correct role as per link below:
    Caio Cagnani

  • Idoc to soap scenario - soap response error

    i am using pi 731 single stack.
    the scenario is idoc to soap. the message mapping is working fine and output is generated successfully.
    the message is failing in mesage monitor and communication channel monitor. error is -
    Exception caught by adapter framework: SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: VEN-OMI-1007:
    This scenario is async scenario. How to soap remove this response message error.

    IDoc to Soap scenario we have to import wsdl at receiver end and map the field from the mapping document but some times receiver end some changes may happen. if it is correct only your mapping we have to conclude from the below points.
    1. Check the mapping in Message Mapping and Operation Mapping Test and conclude.
    2. you should check url from receiver that is correct or wrong.
    3. ask the wsdl from receiver end.
    the given ED and receiver side application is same this type of error will not come.
    Please check at receiver application or else what ever new fields are added in reciver may be miss mach of ED.
    Kiran Polani

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