Syncing with iCloud despite XP incompatibility?

I have an iPhone (4S) and an iPad (2) and would love to sync with iCloud.  But, because my PC is running Windows XP and Outlook 2003, both of which seem to be incompatible with iCloud, I have stayed away from iCloud, and I sync/backup both mobile devices exclusively to the PC.  Normally this works fine.  I work at my PC most every day and syncing to it is almost as convenient as to the cloud.
Soon, however, I’ll be traveling and away from my PC.  I’ll have both mobile devices with me and will be editing and adding entries in Calender, Contacts, and who knows what else.  I don’t want to have to make the entries in two devices, so iCloud could be very useful to me.  I spoke with a specialist at a local Apple store who said there is no reason I can’t use iCloud to sync the devices, as long as I don’t bring the PC into the mix.  He told me to go to Settings > iCloud on each of the devices, turn ON the items I want to sync, and make sure that "iCloud Backup" is OFF.  Also make sure that the option "Back up to this computer" is checked in iTunes on the Summary tab for each device.  He said I’ll be able to sync the mobile devices during my trip (when connected to a power source and while both are within the same WiFi network).  When I return home, I can backup to my PC and the changes made on the devices will sync cleanly with the PC.
The Apple specialist said he has personal experience with this issue because he has an older Apple computer with an OS that, like XP, is incompatible with iCloud.  He said the  solution is just to keep the incompatible OS away from the cloud.  If it is only the mobile devices (running the current iOS) that are syncing in iCloud, and the PC is kept away, everything will be fine.
I’ve read a lot of online posts about the XP-iCloud issue and none have suggested a solution like the one I have just described.  Enough of them have recited horror stories of duplicated entries and other problems, such that I would like to have a second opinion (or three or four, or more) before I dare take the leap. If anyone has thoughts on this, please jump in.

Sir Winston, thanks for chiming in.
I do intend to sync and back up to iTunes before the trip. 
With respect to turning on iCloud backup while I’m away, my understanding of what the specialist told me was that iCloud backup should remain off all the time.  I may have misinterpreted what he said. or maybe I got it right and he was just wrong.  I don’t know.  Is it possible that backing up to iCloud and then later backing up to iTunes (in XP) somehow causes the duplication of entries that some users seed to have experienced?  I don’t know why it would, but I don’t know.

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    perfect. ok do the following:
    settings > mail, contacts, calendars > go into the exchange account. You should have an email in the account field...[email protected] or [email protected], etc.... I am assuming you don't remember the password to this exchange account so once you know the email, you can go to email providers site and click on forgot password and you will go through the steps to get a new password. Once you do this, you will need to go back into your "exchange account " and the field that has the exchange email > touch the > to open settings. Change the password to your new password you got from above. Once you do this, you can add the exchange account to your ipad and all of your contacts will sync to both devices.
    Please confirm.

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    You might try contacting iTunes store support.  Even though this is an ID that you want to use for iCloud, it's still an Apple ID.  iTuens store support deals with Apple ID issues all the time and they may be able to help you.  Just explain that you are trying to verify your primary email address for your Apple ID but are not receiving the verification email from Apple, despite multiple attempts to resend it.  You can reach them here:
    You might also check with your email provider to be sure they aren't blocking email from [email protected] as spam at their end.

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    My Outlook Calender wont sync with iCloud/iPad/iPhone? despite doing everything as per the support page. I keep on clicking the Add in but it wont "take"?
    It use to,  but no matter what I try nothing works. Using Windows 7. HELP!

    This step is not clear:
    "Open a secure website to see if you can access ports 80 and 443. Outlook requires access to port 443 to push and fetch updates to and from the iCloud Contacts servers."
    The link takes me to an Apple page but which has nothing to do with ports.  And there is nothing to explain what it is I am looking for, how to look for it, and how to change it if needed.
    Also, this step:
    "Open the iCloud Control Panel and make sure that you're signed in to the same iCloud account that you're using on your other supported devices."
    iCloud automatically set up a "[email protected]" account for me so I see that one plus my original email used to open my Apple account.  And the apple products show my settings under both identities.
    Make sure the iCloud Outlook Add-in is active within Outlook
    This add-in is disabled because it doesn't allow Outlook to function properly.

  • I have my Calendar app syncing with iCloud.  Every time I open it it says, "Moving Calendars to Server Account..."  It runs and runs and does not stop.  As a result, I cannot access my calendars.  Please help.

    I have my Calendar app syncing with iCloud.  Every time I open it it says, "Moving Calendars to Server Account..."  It runs and runs and does not stop.  As a result, I cannot access my calendars.  Please help.

    I have the same problem, I tried the solution of Dr Cox but that didn't work as he said go to system preference then mail, contacts etc. but I don't have that.  Can someone help?

  • Looking for a good document on family syncing with iCloud and multiple iOS devices

    We have recently migrated off of Android devices for the whole family except for a Kindle Fire HD for my daughter.  We all have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch type device that we want to sync our family calendars/reminders/notes to.  Is there a good document on how to setup this family environment so that our notes/reminders/appointments are all in sync on each other's device. That way we all know what each other is doing. Do we each have to have a separate Apple ID or do we all share the same Apple ID to make this syncing work.  I think I get how to make this work between my PC, 2 - iPhones (work and personal) and iCloud Web.  Now how do I layer on my other family members into my calendar digital Cloud?  HELP ME PLEASE.  I HAVE A DIGITAL MESS.
    Right now I have a personal Apple ID for my personal devices, new iPhone 6 Plus coming.  I have a separate Apple ID for my Work iPhone 4s.  My wife and kids have iPhone 5s.  Wife and son have an iPad.
    Please tell me I don't have to go see Rush Limbaugh to figure out how to make all this work.

    You could each have separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs, and also share a "family" account for syncing a family calendar, notes and reminders.  That will allow you to maintain still keep your contacts, and other data and photo streams separated while having access to the shared the family data in the secondary account.  It also gives everyone their own free 5GB of storage for their backups, etc.  The shared family calendar, notes and reminders will appear alongside your other calendars, notes and reminders in the corresponding apps on your devices.  You'll just need to be sure to select the correct account within these apps when entering data to ensure it is added to either your personal or the shared family account.
    To do this, create your primary accounts in the usual way, by going to Settings>iCloud and signing in with separate IDs and turn on the data sets you want to sync with iCloud.  Then create a secondary account by going to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and signing in with a different ID and have everyone add this account to their devices as a shared family account.  You can sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes and reminders with the secondary account, although you may want to just turn on calendars, notes and reminders.
    You can continue to share the same iTunes store ID on all devices if you wish.  It does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud.  Also, each person should use their own ID (such as the primary iCloud ID) for iMessage and FaceTime, otherwise you'll end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.
    If you don't want to do all of this, and are primarily concerned about sharing your calendars, you can do that as explained here:
    Another option to consider is to look into the new Family Sharing feature of iOS 8 if all of your devices will support iOS 8:  The details on this haven't been released yet but should start to appear after it is released tomorrow.

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    How do I change from sync to iTunes to sync with iCloud if I don't have my computer available to plug into itubes

    Hello Rsd841979,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    It's not very clear to me what you're trying to accomplish with iCloud, but if you want to start backing up to iCloud, then you can follow the directions in the article below.  If this is not what you are trying to do, then please let me know what you're wanting to use iCloud with.
    iCloud: Back up your iOS device to iCloud
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • Mail won't sync with icloud.

    I have an iphone 4 32gb, Win 7 x64, itunes 11.02.26, ios 6.1.2, and Outlook 2010.  Recently had to do a complete Windows reinstall from scratch, but everything was backed up and is up and running normally again.
    The iTunes info tab for my iphone says that my contacts, calenders, tasks are being synced with my iphone over the air with icloud.  The mail is not.  Previously it was.  The icloud control panel only says the 'contacts, calenders and tasks with outlook' being synced, but mail is not listed. Clicking on the message only unchecks the tickbox.
    MS Outlook has my account installed and working and 3 other email accounts, and the icloud refresh button on the toolbar is working ok.  The same mail accounts are installed on the iphone and work ok.  My phone and Outlook can each access all my mail accounts seperately without a problem.  At present I have left the mail tickbox unchecked on the itunes info page for my iphone.  (I dont want to mess up the information on either unless I have to).  There are no checkboxes for the contacts, calenders or tasks as they are using icloud.  Under 'settings/general/icloud' on my iphone, Mail and calenders are both selected to ON.
    When I try to log into, I get a message that 'icloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server', but the system status check shows no problem.
    How do I get my mail to sync between outlook and icloud the same as calenders, contacts, tasks and bookmarks?

    Ronmagi wrote:
    If I understand what you are saying, iCloud seems like its over-hyped and is pretty useless for Mail and Calendar. It makes no sense to me to have Calendar and Mail available on iCloud if it doesn't show the same Calendar and Mail that is on your iMac and iPad.
    Yes, my Calendar syncs with Google as well as on the iPad and iMac. Why shouldn't it also sync with iCloud?
    Because it's a Google Service not an iCloud service, you can still sync it to your Mac and your devices, just not using iCloud.

  • HT1688 I have a new iphone 5. I can not get my contact to sync with icloud on my iMac. I have an msn account for email.

    I have an imac with OS X 10.8.2 and an iphone 5. i have AT&T service and msn email account. My contacts and calendar are not syncing with icloud! I have all the settings adjusted correctly and I can not figure out why it won't sync.

    iPhones running iOS 6 require iTunes 10.7, which requires OS X 10.6.8 or later. You will have to upgrade OS X, then download the latest version of iTunes.
    You can copy your iTunes library to the new machine either manually, or you can use the migration assistant built into OS X to transfer the entire account. Up to 5 computers can be activated using the same iTunes account.

  • ICloud Calendar will not sync with iCloud

    I am at a complete loss here.  I have my work MBA running Yosemite and connected to my iCloud account.  I also have a personal MBP, iPhone and iPad, all running the latest OS and Patch, all connected to my iCloud account.
    For 98% of it, it works and syncs perfectly.  Except for the calendar on my MBA.  Calendar works and syncs perfectly everywhere else, MBA works perfectly with iMessage, FaceTime, Contacts, Keychain, etc, etc, etc.
    Basic troubleshooting I have performed:
    Rebooted MBA (obviously)
    Attempted to remove calendars from syncing with my iCloud account (unsuccessful) - will not remove calendars.
    Attempted to remove entire iCloud account from MBA (unsuccessful)
    i have signed out everywhere on my MBA, when I go to System Preferences > iCloud and attempt to sign out, it fails.
    When I go to Internet Accounts, iCloud keeps coming back as "INACTIVE" with nothing checked.
    When I go through all the apps, Calendar is the only one that shows the iCloud data (iMessage shows me as signed out, same with App Store, iTunes, FaceTime, Contacts, etc)
    Rebooted MBA multiple times throughout the process, to no avail or difference
    Performed a repair install of Yosemite through the recovery console
    After repair install, iCloud calendars still show up, even though my iCloud account under System Preferences shows me as signed out
    After repair install, signed back into iCloud to see if I could re-sync calendarsiCloud shows me as signed in and Calendars as successfully setup
    Upon launching Calendars, i get the spinning wheel in the top left of my calendar app and new calendar items created on the MBA do not sync with iCloud (website or other connected devices)
    Created new calendar item on other devices as well as iCloud website, calendar item never shows up on MBA
    So, aside from a complete format of the hard drive, can anyone think of any options I haven't tried?  Or some way to completely reset one app (such as Calendar)

    Needed to add some clarification here:
    iCloud shows me as signed in, but Calendars are NOT checked
    Internet Accounts shows Calendars as syncing

  • I have about 1000 contacts on my iPhone 4 after syncing with iCloud there are only about 120 contacts on iCloud How can I have the same info on both the iCloud and my iPhone

    I have about 1000 contacts on my iPhone 4 after syncing with iCloud there are only about 120 contacts on iCloud How can I have the same info on both the iCloud and my iPhone

    On the iPhone tap Settings > iCloud
    Switch Contacts off then back on then reset the device.
    Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button down at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

  • ICal on Mac 10.7.4 not reliably syncing with iCloud

    The past couple of days I noticed a problem with syncing iCal on my Mac running 10.7.4 with iCloud.
    My iPad and iPhone sync with iCloud, and the Reminders sync across all devices without any issues.
    I also noticed that if I just try to double click on a date (in the month view), it never creates an event, goes into a sync and then blank events show up on iCloud, but never on my Mac where I was actually trying to create the event?
    I have checked for updates and have completely restarted my Mac. I have also tried removing and re-establishing all iCloud connections on my Mac. Reminders and older existing events show up fine, just unable to create new events.
    UPDATE: I was just doing some testing. It only fails on ALL DAY appointments. Appointments created with time ranges sync fine.

    Just figured this out. There is a setting under the iCal toolbar View -> Show All Day Events
    I have no idea why that would now be turned off, but it was. Ughh - user error.

  • Calendar does not sync with iCloud

    I have an iPhone 4S with the latest iOS. A month ago I started a brand new iCloud calendar (every other were deleted). It was working fine, when I launched the app, it synced in 2-3 seconds. But a few days ago it does not sync with iCloud, there is the running circle in the upper line and nothing happens. The interesting thing is when I try it with Wi-Fi, it works, albeit really slowly, under one minute. I did not change any setup. Has anybody an idea?

    Hi Firend,
    In my Calendars app, I selected all calendars to be shown. In Settings, Calendars settings are set: New invitation is turned on, Sync is turn all events on, and Calendar Default is set Calendar From My PC.
    It is working well for long time.
    Hope it will be helpful

  • My iMac and MacBook Calendar will no longer sync with iCloud.  I don't understand why?

    All of the sudden about 10 days ago, I noticed that when I asked to refresh my calendar, that it just hangs on both my iMac and my MacBook.  And neither are syncing with iCloud calendar.  I'm not certain if my iphone calendar is synching or not because nothing is getting transferred to my iMac or MacBook.
    The system status says all is OK.  My iCloud is still turned on for both computers.  So I'm not sure what to do next.

    Yes.  iCloud on the web is correct although the latest stuff I added to my MacBook is not showing up because it won't sync.
    In System Preferences iCloud is selected and they are turned on on both machines as always.
    There are no other calendars linked to iCal.  I just have a Home, Work, and Birthday and US Holidays all linked in.
    I did try something on my MacBook that seemed to work.  I went into System Preferences and turned off Calendars and Reminders in the iCloud setting.  That prompted a message that all of the iCloud iCal data would be removed from the computer.  I made sure the web version was accurate before I did this.  Then I shut down my computer and restarted.  When I restarted I went back into System Preferences and turned on Calendars and Reminders and now it seems to be working.
    I'm about to try the same thing on my iMac. 
    If this works both times, my question then would be what would cause both my iMac and MacBook to disconnect as it seems from iCloud when I hadn't changed anything at all.

  • Pages not syncing with iCloud

    I am trying to figure out, why pages is not syncing with iCloud. I have Documents checked in the System Preferences of iCloud on my Mac Book Pro, I have Documents checked on my iPhone and I have the Pages app.
    Can someone shine some light on this issue?

    The desktop/Mac OS X versions of the iWork apps have not been updated to take advantage of iCloud yet. In the meantime you can go to, sign in & click the iWork icon where you can upload & download files. You could also try e-mail or Dropbox. Hopefully we will see those updates, maybe even a whole new version of iWork, soon.

Maybe you are looking for