System horizontal progress bar cannot be customized

I noticed that I cannot customize a system horizontal progress bar by going to right-click>>Advanced>>Customize.  When the control editor shows up, the customize mode button is grayed out. 
I can customize a numeric control or a string control using the above procedure, so why can't I do the same for a system progress bar?
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Yes.  It makes sense that the system controls are not customizable. 
However, I do have situations where I would like to customize the system controls.  For instance, with the slide control/indicator, when you make the digital display visible, it shows up in a box.  When your slide is a control, the right side of the box contains the increment/decrement buttons.  When your slide is an indicator, these buttons are invisible, but the the box is still big enough to include them.  So, the box on the slide indicator is unnecessarily big on the right side.  Take a look at the and you will see what I mean.
Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer, Certified Professional Instructor
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    Looking for a control "horizontal progress bar" with interpolate color and markers like control "meter"

    If I get this right - you are looking for a progress bar that changes colour as the number changes. You can set the colour of the progress bar using property nodes. I have included a VI here that I used for testing this. This VI changes the colour from green to red as the progress bar advances. Colours are stored as 3 bytes: Red, Green and Blue.
    I hope that this helps.
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    Hello All:
    How to make Progress bar being animated in one direction in Indeterminate mode, like what determinate mode does? For example, a horizontal progress bar is always animated from left to right.
    And how to control animation speed in this mode?
    Thank you very much.

    How to make Progress bar being animated in one direction in
    Indeterminate mode, like what determinate mode does?Well the point of using indeterminate mode is that you don't know how long it will take. So what happens if the task takes longer than you think and the bar reaches the end? The user will think its frozen.
    And how to control animation speed in this mode?
    UIManager.put("ProgressBar.cycleTime", new Integer(3000)); // 3000 is the default

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    I recently upgraded from an iMac G5 running Leopard to an i5 MacBook Pro, and I had a specific issue with time machine that I would like to resolve.
    With the G5, after activating TM, I always got a small Finder-like window showing the progress of the backup. When I started using TM in the new computer I also got this progress bar showing on the desktop (not part of TM Preferences window), but suddenly it disappeared and now I cannot find a way to make it appear on the desktop.
    I cannot think of anything in particular that I did to make the window not to display. This progress bar is quite useful for me and would appreciate any help to have it display again.

    Thanks, the question has been moved to the correct forum now.
    It seems the TM progress bar cannot be selected/de-selected from the menu bar, nor the TM preferences panel. Based on some other discussions it seems I'm not the only one that has observed this problem, but haven't seen yet a posting with the solution.

  • Customizing OI to add step progress bar

    Hello custom RTOI experts!  I am attempting to make a customization to the full-featured LabVIEW RTOI (for TestStand 3.0) in order to provide the seemingly simple feature of a step completion progress bar on the execution page of the tab control.  Let me explain a little behind the concept I'm going for.  There are some steps in my sequences that take a relatively long time (15 minutes or so).  During this period, a requirement of mine is to have a progress bar that gets updates every so often such that by the time the step would ordinary complete, the progress bar is at 100%.  Initial attempts involved a separate VI that managed the progress bars, but having yet another window is not the ideal UI design...  Instead, I was hoping to integrate this functionality into the RTOI so that each time a new step begins executing, additional custom data (the expected step duration) is (optionally) sent to the RTOI providing the progress update portion of the RTOI code the necessary data.
    Is there any sample code out there that performs some similar task so that I can get a better feel for how the pieces fit together?  In particular, there are a few things that are befuddling me:
    1) What is a good way to store this custom information (step duration) in the sequence file?  Should I modify the basic step types to add a new duration field which can be optionally set to something greater than the default, 0?
    2) How should the step duration get passed to the RTOI?  My current thought is to override the PreStep engine callback to send the custom duration field in a custom UIMessage, but that may be partly because I'm not familiar enough with the structure of the data is that is that is accessible via the sequence context...
    3) How do I link the progress bar data to the actual execution page that is currently being viewed.  Up to 4 executions can be running using the parallel model or the batch model in my sequences, so something would clearly need to be done so that when execution 1 is visible, the associated progress bar is shown, etc...  I'm assuming I can trap on some event when the user clicks on an execution in the list bar, but there is no similar code in the out-of-box RTOI - all that appears to be managed automatically by linking the controls to the execution manager.
    Thanks for any pointers or code samples (or even suggested reading) that anyone can give.

    Thanks for the response.
    I may indeed want to use the ProgressPercent message, but I'm not so sure just yet.  I did not want to leave the responsibility of sending UIMessages up to the VIs and other code modules called by the sequence - I was hoping for a simple solution to provide a new field (ExpectedDuration) that can be set for any given step.  In this way, the RTOI can manage updating the progress simply by counting seconds.  Perhaps there is some timer callback that can be leveraged to perform this function?
    What I have so far is as follows: I have a new step type called PassFailTestWithDuration.  It is a copy of the PassFailTest step type with the addition of a ExpectedDuration property and a new PreStep which calls the PostUIMessageEx with a custom event (10001).  The expected duration and the RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex both get passed as parameters.  Inside the RTOI, I have added a UserMessage callback VI which stores the data in the appropriate slot of a global (indexed by socket index).  (The global array is implemented as what I've heard called an action engine - there are init, read, and write actions that it can perform on data stored in the VI, and it is set as non-reentrant so that race conditions cannot occur).  Each entry in the global array has 2 fields - the expected duration, and the current elapsed time.  My idea was to continually update the current elapsed time for all active executions and simply show a progress bar for the "active" execution by displaying its elapsed time/expected duration in each necessary event...
    I think my main question now is - how do you determine the RunState.TestSocket.MyIndex of the active execution in the execution manager (or application manager)?  It seems like such an obvious thing to want to know, but I don't see it anywhere.
    Thanks again for any hints you can provide!

  • How to increase the system progress bar height?

    I just want to increase the height of windows system progress bar and it is not able to customize. It is having the option to adjust the width and not the height. For example the height of system progress bar used in labview installer is large compared to control which is in labview control palette. 
    I want the progress bar as in the below figure
    Thanks & Regards
      Samuel J
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      Captronic Systems
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    Hi Mike
    Thanks for your reply
    I know that I can change height progress bar which is in modern palette. But if i customize it doesn't look like the system progress bar. 
    So what I have to do to make the progress bar similar to system progress bar which is in the image that I send you. If you have the customized control please send it to me.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Now it's stuck with the progress bar less than a quarter full. I have also tried resetting through itunes which works right up to the point where itunes states that it needs the passcode to be inputted into the ipad to connect to it. At which point it then sticks at the same progress bar point. HELP!! please, this ipad is really important to my work.

    Well the term "hotlined" I have never heard before. In any case many states (like NY) just passed regulatory powers to the State Public Service Commission of which it may be called something different in your state. You could file a complaint with them. Or file a complaint with your state attorney generals office, they also take on wireless providers.
    The problem here is the staff you speak to are poorly trained, in days gone by it took one call to them and they pulled up your account and see the error and had the authority to remove any errors. They did not remove legitimate account actions, but used their heads instead of putting a customer off or worse lying to the customer.
    Its a shame you have to go through what you going through.
    Good Luck

  • Itunes shows a speaker icon in front of the seclection but it is not playing. the progress bar does not move. there are speakers attached to the system and all other programs do profuce an audio output.

    itunes shows a speaker icon in front of the seclection but it is not playing. the progress bar does not move. there are speakers attached to the system and all other programs do profuce an audio output.

    Go to the Edit -> Preferences-> Playback
    In The bottom section of the page click the drop down menu by Play Audio Using and select Windows Audio Session or something other than "Direct sound" or whatever it displays. Click Okay. This worked for me! I hope it works for you too!

  • Why I cannot see the progress bar whenever I download my apps directly from my App Store ?

    Whenever I install an app, I cannot see the app's icon on the home screen and then when I proceed into the home page, the apps will not be installed unless I stay into the App Store and wait till the circle on the top of the screen stop turning. It is really very inconvenient. I'm using iPhone 4S. Anyone knows the solution? And I'm can't see the progress bar showing whether its downloading. I'm using IOS 6. And I've got another issue. Why whenever I want to reinstall the youtube they would say its free. When I press the 'free' it will go into the 'install' and then when I press the 'install', it would go back to 'free' and because of that I'm unable to download youtube. It's only youtube I'm able to install other apps. But ya, I cannot see the progress bar. Help anyone?

    Actually, the app is there, and it asks to PAY AGAIN, that was the issue, but I have just solved the problem using your first advice, as I tried a few times with different names in my account.
    For example, you told me to use the same ID...
    I have a ONE account, but sometimes I sign in as [email protected] and sometimes I sign in as [email protected] and sometimes I sign in as [email protected] and that made all the difference, as I tried them all and finally with [email protected] worked and gave me the opportunity to download again.
    Thanks a lot for the tip.

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    I have created a custom skin for a Flash video that I wish to use. I currently have a shape tween within an MC that acts as the progress bar for the Flash video. Is there code that will allow me to click and drag that shape tween and control the movie? My movie is embedded within my flash not streamed. Is this possible, or if anyone knows of any good tutorials that would help me achieve this that would be great.

    you can use any scrollbar tutorial.  instead of scrolling the _x or _y property of a movieclip, you'll be scrolling through the frame numbers that span the timeline that contains your video.
    to look for a tutorial specific to your situation, try using google to search for "flash scrollbar timeline"

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    I cannot sseem to contact the iphone software update server.  Only get progress bar, but never seems to contact.  Am running Lion 1-.7.3 and most recent version of itunes(10.6).  What is up?

    The servers have been jammed with everyone trying to get the new version of iTunes and iOS, so you may just need to wait a day or so until things calm down.

  • I am running OS X 10.7.5 on my MacBook Air, but I cannot download Mavericks. I tried downloading after a safe boot, but the progress bar hung up. Any other ideas?

    I'm running OS X 10.7.5 on my MacBook Air, but I cannot download Mavericks. I've tried downloading after a safe boot, but the progress bar and the download hung up. Any ideas?

    It can be a long download, so keep trying. My first download was at 3 am Cupertino time and took less than an hour. The second took close to three hours one evening.

  • Custom Horizontal Scroll Bar position on File Open

    Fellow Forum Members,
    I have a lot of PDF files that I want to open in a special way. I want them to open at 150% ZOOM and this was easy enough to setup in the PREFERENCES window.
    However, what is proving to be a big problem is changing how the horizontal scroll bar has a default position all the way to the left. My objective is to have the horizontal scroll bar positioned all the way to the right and at a 150% everytime I open a PDF file.
    The Preferences window doesn't seem to have a horizontal scroll bar position on open setting. Can anyone help me out and tell me how such a custom setting is possible with Acrobat 9 Extended? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • TS1884 How do you cope with a system that shuts itself down after a safe boot progress bar is completed?

    How do you resolve a problem with a system that shuts itself down after a safe reboot and when the progress bar is completed? Thanks.

    Thanks for you response - the honest answer is I don't know, not being particularly IT literate. I do know however that I'm running Maverick if that is of any help?
    I also tried the Command R route, along with holding some other keys as per the Apple troubleshooting guide, but no luck. My wife pointed out though that the system was running slowly over the last few days and we had quite a lot of the 'spinning beach ball' before being able to undertake tasks.
    Lastly, I inserted my start up disk bit as the system is unable to start I'm now unable to retrieve it. All-in-all a real pain.
    Appreciate any advice. Many thanks.

  • HT4718 I can't reach recovery system when I reboot- I press 'command' and 'r' quickly, but nothing happens, the progress bar begins to load... Any thoughts?

    I can't reach recovery system when I reboot- I press 'command' and 'r' quickly, but nothing happens, the progress bar begins to load... Any thoughts? It gets about halfway through loading and then stops, no mouse, no nothing. I think I'll be able to move past it if I can reach the Recovery options.

    If you are really sure that it's impossible to click in Recovery mode, then something is wrong with the machine.
    Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store, or go to another authorized service provider.
    Back up all data on the internal drive(s) before you hand over your computer to anyone. There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional — ask if you need guidance.
    If privacy is a concern, erase the data partition(s) with the option to write zeros* (do this only if you have at least two complete, independent backups, and you know how to restore to an empty drive from any of them.) Don’t erase the recovery partition, if present.
    Keeping your confidential data secure during hardware repair
    Apple also recommends that you deauthorize a device in the iTunes Store before having it serviced.
    *An SSD doesn't need to be zeroed.

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