Tab changing on clicking a object.

I have a Tab set container in my dashboard. In first tab I have a chart. I want to move to other tab on clicking the chart in first tab. Is this possible or I will have to click on the tabs to move to the required tab?
Please help.

Hi Neel,
You can goto to the properties of the chart and in the Drill-down tab,select Mouse over in the interaction option.
Incase you are looking to switch from one tab to another without selecting the tab button, i guess its not going to work. You can probably try to use label based menu and use dynamic visiblities instead of tab-set components.
Hope this helps.

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    Its there
    Go to Tools -> Options
    Then under Environment you've fonts and colors tab where you can specify a higher font size.
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    This issue can be caused by an extension or plugin that isn't working properly.
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
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  • Is there an option to left click and open a bookmark in the same tab and right click to open bookmark in new tab?

    I want to be able to open bookmarks in the same window without having to right click and then select open. I would like it to be like internet explorer where you have the option to open a bookmark in the same tab or new tab. I had downloaded an add on that solved the problem with a simple right click to open in new tab and left click to open in same tab. This makes things soooo much easier. Am I missing an add on or a configuration where I can solve this problem. Thanks for your time.

    Very, very, very confusing!!!!! Exactly which is it that you want to do????? Left-click = same tab or left-click = new tab????
    Your initial subject line:
    '''''Is there an option to <u>left click and open a bookmark in the same tab</u> and <u>right click to open bookmark in new tab</u>?'''''
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    Right-click, '''<u>not left-click</u>''', has the "Open in new tab option".
    Easy answer is listed in my initial reply; left-click, same tab; middle-click, new tab!
    What are your Extensions?
    -List them.
    -You obviously set up some extension with some kind of conflict.
    To find out which Extension is causing the problem, <u>'''enable one-at-a-time'''</u>, restart Firefox for the change to take effect (File > Restart Firefox), test. When the problem re-appears, you know the extension causing the problem.
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    '''[[Troubleshooting plugins]]'''
    '''[[Basic Troubleshooting]]'''

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    Thank you for your reply.
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  • How to handle tab change event in UI shell main area

    I have two tabs(two taskflows) in UI shell main area. one is department tab and another is employee tab. My department tab shows employees department wise. On employee tab I have emplyee table which shows employees jobwise. This employee table has the functionality of adding new record to employee vo as well.
    Now i follow these steps.
    1. by defualt department tab is open.
    2. by clickinng on Tasks menu link i open Employee tab in to main area. Now i have both tabs in main area.
    3. at Employee tab I search all employees job = accountant. It shows the search result well.
    4. Now i add a new record to it and without saving/deleting this record i move to department tab.
    5. at Department tab i search employees where department =20, here no relation b/w job and department.
    6. Now i return to employee tab. my newly added record got disappeared. It is there but does not show in table.
    How to resolve it??
    I have one solution in my mind while changing the tab i can prompt to user "you can not leave the newly added record..either save it or delete it". But how to catch tab change event here? where i can write code to prompt msg to user?
    Pls help.
    Edited by: 900997 on May 6, 2012 4:10 AM

    With apologies for the slow reply, I'm currently travelling.
    Two things to note:
    1) The af:document uncommittedDataWarning flag was designed to stop users navigating away from half entered records. More about this flag can be found here: (see point 4)
    ....please note our documentation from time to time spells this flag wrong with only one "t" in the word committed, so if you're attempting a bulk search check for this (and I'll raise document bugs to get this fixed in the future).
    2) On addressing the ADF UI Shell, if you're switching between "pages" in the UI Shell, as separate to switching between dynamic tabs within a single page using the UI Shell, the UI Shell will actually restart the currently running task flow in the page you're returning too. You can verify this by implementing an initializer on your task flow with a log message, and watching when the initializer is called.
    In addressing your last question, at this stage I think you need to assess my first answer then come back if you think you sill need to execute the code on the tab click. I also need to know are you talking about the primary level of tabs that represent each page in the UI Shell, or are you referring to the dynamic tabs within a single UI Shell page that hold your task flows?

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  • Please add "open in new tab" in right click context manual for pages in tabs

    tab bar pages like google or yahoo. When I want a duplicate page ,
    pointing to individual tab & using right click does not have "Open in a new Tab"!
    browser like orcabrowser and a few other browser using firefox engine seems to be able to provide this feature.
    Thank you.

    Thanks. Have used it to move some things around in the menu items. However, it does not let me make the changes on a right-click dialogue box.

  • Stop safari from opening new tabs every link click?

    Not sure when it started, all I know is that it's been very iritating ever since. 
    On the pad, phone, mac, and mac book, web browsing has become a pain in the a$$ because every (ok high 90%) on a link opens a new tab on the macs a new browsing window on the a minute or so the macs have 10 taps open and the phone is maxed out with 8 new windows all on the same thing.
    how do i switch this off?  I just want the "old?" way where i got one window and the web session can move forward and back at my choosing in the same tab, and if i want to open a tab, i right click on the link and select "open in new tab"
    Whatever happened to that?  Am I the only one who hates this new way of safari operating?

    May have a fix per Bill;
    "I am seeing the same problem in Snow Leopard and Safari 5.1.10 as are many other people with various versions of Safari on several forums.
    I've done routine maintenance including emptying caches and clearing out cookies. I've changes tab/window preferences to update Safari's plist all without effect. The blank full-screen window in the background has no code. I've even looked for differences in the HTML and CSS from the originating pages gotten from Chrome and Safari. No differences.
    The only thing I can remember changing was a Glims update which dated 11/25/13. Since Glims messes with Tabs it is possible.
    This is a pain.

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    Hi Experts
    I  am having problem for catching System (SAP ) Tab Change Event in AP Invoice
    In Ap Invoice in Accounting Tab in Jounal Remark Field .I have change text but When i Click following tab text changes automatically I am doing this by addon

    You can connect you FMS into the document status/document total/ Create date fields (select from the list), and not to the Customer when it is entered.
    By this when you post the document, these fields are calculated / validated that time, so the fms will be called as the last step. int this way disabling the tab change is not necessary.

  • Stopping JTabbedPane tab change.

    I was wondering if it was possible to stop tab changes on a JTabbedPane.
    Right now I am creating an applet with a JTabbedPane and if you click on another tab of the JTabbedPane I am able to capture the event of the change and perform an action using an event stateChanged.
    However, I have instances in which I want to pop up a YES_NO_CANCEL JoptionPane instructing whether or not to Save data from that TabPane, and if the user selects cancel, then I want the JTabbedPane NOT to change tabs, I want it to remain on the current Tab with the current data...
    Currently I am unable to stop this from Tab change from happening...
    I hope someone has an idea of how to easily implement this...
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for your help..
    I solved my problem with a simple solution but I'm not sure whether that one is a right way to do.
    I will explain how I implemented. I alreday had my own MyTabbedPane class which extends from JTabbedPane.
    I overrided public void setSelectedIndex(int newIndex) method of JTabbedPane, and which I found the changeEvent calls this method first.
    So I overrided as below:
        if(oldIndex != newIndex)
          //MyPanel is my customized panel 
          MyPanel prevPanel = (MyPanel)getComponentAt(selectedIndex);
          //promptSaveDialog method returns true after processing save
          //if user choosed Cancel, it returns false
            selectedIndex = newIndex;
          selectedIndex = newIndex;
        }But it works as of now and I found this as a simple solution. Please let me know if there is some major disadvantages in this design.
    Thanks a lot for your support

  • Our CRM system opens a tab everytime I click on a link, is there a way to avoid this?

    Our CRM system opens a tab everytime I click on a link, is there a way to avoid this?

    Hi andreamonni,
    Yes there is check out the feature opening a new window in a new tab.
    Firefox menu > Preferences > Tabs the first check box.
    If this is happening only on this website:
    In order to change your Firefox Configuration please do the following steps :
    # In the [[Location bar autocomplete|Location bar]], type '''about:config''' and press '''Enter'''. The about:config "''This might void your warranty!''" warning page may appear.
    # Click '''I'll be careful, I promise!''' to continue to the about:config page.
    2 (default in SeaMonkey and Firefox 1.5): In a new window
    3 (default in Firefox 2 and above): In a new tab
    1 (or anything else): In the current tab or window
    browser. link. open_newwindow. restriction
    please see []

  • Can Firefox open a new tab when I click on a bookmark?

    Can I get Firefox 5.01 to open bookmarks in a new tab when I click on them?

    '''Keyboard shortcut is built into Firefox''' there is no need for an extension, but you will have to make a modification perhaps to a configuration variable.
    set the following configuration variable
    to the same value as you have for
    Opening links in the background with Ctrl+Shift+click or foreground with Ctrl+click
    or the other way around is controlled by Tools > Options Tabs > when I open a link in a new tab switch to it immediately.
    '''More information on configuration variables''' available in
    [ about:config entries] and for users not familiar with the process there is [ about:config] (How to change).

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    Coming to Mac as a Windows user, I haven't found much use for the widgets dashboard. Naturally, it's pretty frustrating to have the widgets pop up every time I click with the scrollwheel in Firefox. In Windows, scrollwheel clicking automatically opens a link in a new tab. I tried changing the scrollwheel click to in Preferences, but surprisingly nothing is offered under "Keyboard & Mouse." Any advice on changing this preference? Thanks in advance!

    I hope that coming to Mac has been as good for you as it has for me. Anyways I don't know of away to assigning "open in new tab to the third mouse button" (aka the button under the scroll wheel). However I may be able to help you with this issue. First I don't use Firefox but in Safari the default for opening a link in a new tab is hold  (Command) and left click on the link. I'm assuming that it would be the same in Firefox.
    As for turning off the Expose loading when you push that button. Goto while the mouse is hooked to your Mac (System Preferences)/(Expose & Spaces) in the (Expose) tab, change the (Middle Mouse Button) to "( - )" it should be located near the bottom right of the open Preferences window. *The reason that the mouse has to be attached to your Mac before you open System Preferences is because Mac OS X automatically hides the unusable fields.
    Hope this helps with your issue.

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    Here I need some help. I want to disable the tab focusing( tab index) for a JTextField objects because those objects are set as setEditable(false). Also can u tell me about how to change the tab index orders for JTextFields.
    Many thanks,

    I want to disable the tab focusing( tab index) for a JTextField objectsLook through the API and find methods with the word "focus" in the method name.
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