Table to find Campaign Id for an opportunity/Lead

I want to search Campaign Id's for a given Opportunity Id and Lead id.
Can you please let me know is there any table/FM to find the same.
Best Regards

check the table SRRELROLES which would be linked to the to the tables
CRMD_LEAD_H Lead Header table
CRMD_OPPORT_H Opportunity Header table
ROLEID of SRRELROLES will be mapped to GUID of the above tables.

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    I need to find the number of inbound and outbound interfaces for a particular system.
    Is there any specific table to find the total number of entries?
    <b>WE20</b> is a transaction to find it out manually. But I guess there is some table where we can find it in a easier way.
    Kindly reply...

    You need to find the Message type and IDoc types
    use table <b>EDBAS</b> for IDOC types and
    <b>EDMSG</b> for finding message types
    <b>EDPP1</b>  for all partner profiles
    <b>EDP12 and EDP13</b>  for inbound and outbound views
    Reward points if useful
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  • Table to find serial number for the stock of a material

    Dear All,
    I have a requirement in which i want to find the serial number for the stock of a material.
    in Equi i have serial number with material.
    But i want it with plant also.
    pl. suggest me in which table u have serial number,material , plant and storage location.
    Regards & thanks,

    Thanks kesav.
    I checked EQSE table in that no entries are found.
    In EQBS table for that equnr u have plant and storage location.
    but the performace while selecting EQUI on the whole will be very slow.
    so i want a table with material,serial number,plant and storage location.
    kindly suggest.

  • Tables to find breakdown information for External Process

    Dear all,
    may i know is there any tables which i can used to look for the breakdown information of external process (In production order -> Goto -> Cost analysis)? Currently i only able to find the summarise data in table COSP. Pls kindly advise.
    Thanks and regards

    The link is
    entity_type = 'WIP_DISCRETE_OPERATIONS' and
    pk1_value =wip_entity_id and
    pk2_value = operation_seq_num and
    pk3_value = organization_idHope this answers your question,
    Sandeep Gandhi

  • Table to find web templates for a query in BI 7.0

    Hi experts,
    I am in BI 7.0. I have a list of queries.
    i want to find out names of all the web templates where these queries are used as data provider.
    is there any table in from where i can get this information??
    Thanks in advance.

    Please check the table "RSZWOBJXREF" which gives Query name and Web template name.
    you can check with the help of metadata repository.
    the WebTemplate is stored as XML document. This is the XML code which is shown in the Web Application Designer. You need to read throught the XML using the Web Application Designer or using report RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN_70.

  • Name of the table to find Tax code for different country....?

    Can some help me to know the tax code for all the country(DE,CA,FR,GB,SE)...?

    the tax codes are maintained for a country in T-code FTXP and stored in table T007A. Each country is assigned to a tax scheme (table T005). Each comp. code is assigned to a country (table T001), so the tax scheme from table T005 is indirect assigned to a comp. code.
    BR Christian

  • In which table,i could find order quantity for sales order..??

    In which table, i could find order quantity for sales order..??
    and also in which table i could find delivery for sales order..
    need help..??
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    Check the table AUFM.
    Give the order number in AUFNR.
    For movement type 261 (GI) & 101 (GR), you can get the material document number (MBLNR), Material (MATNR), Qty (MENGE) & UoM (MEINS).

  • FM to find Search help for a table field

    Hello Colleagues,
    is there any function module which would return the search help associated with a table field ?
    I tried with the FM F4IF_DETERMINE_SEARCHHELP but it returns search help that is associated with either to table field DE or search helps associated with the value table fields. I need to find only
    the search helps that are associated with a table field but not the value tables or fixed values.
    For ex. If i pass table_name = 'SFLIGHT' and field_name='CARRID' then it should return me S_CARRIER_ID. but if i pass field_name='CONNID'  then it should return nothing..
    Best Regards, JVR

    Hi Kishore,
    Use the Function Modulein the F4 help associated with a table field ...
      fieldname =  'CARRID'  "field name in the table you refer
      tabname = 'SFLIGHT'   "Table name
    select_value = S_CARRIER_ID.  "Selected field

  • Tables to find  Invoice for a mocement  type  101.

         My requirement is to find out invoice for all the material which has movement type 101. So please I need flow logic and tables   for this requirement .

    Try table EKBE, it contains all details. BWART - Movement type and BEWTP = Q - Invoice/ E - Goods Receipt.
    Karthik D
    P.S.: You have to design the Flow logic, start writing the code and post it if you have any problem in it.

  • Where can I find the script for the sample table?

    Where can I find the script for the sample tables, like emp, dept, ... ?
    Where can I find the script for the sample tables, like emp, dept, ... ?

  • Find the key for join between table "crhd" and "equi" for use field "answt"

    I make program for read data from table "crhd" for print  about machine report
    but I can not find the key for link join to table "equi" for print field "answt" (acquistion value)
    please help me  find the key field for join between table "crhd" and "equi" for use field "answt"
    thank you very much...

    This is how the Work Center is linked to a particular Equipment -
    Functional - In IE03 ( view Equipments) You see the Work Center of a particular Equipment.
    Technical - Go to view V_EQUI ( view of EQUI and EQUZ). Pass the Equipment number alongwith V_EQUI-PM_OBJTY = 'A' ( i,.e searching for the Object Type Work Center).  In this way u ll get the V_EQUI-GEWRK - this is the Work Center ID.
    You can pass this Work Center ID to CRHD. And you will get the Work Center text.
    CRHD-OBJTY = 'A'
    and u ll get the CRHD-ARBPL - this is the Work Center.
    So u need to come backwards, alongwith ur CRHD-OBJTY and CRHD-OBJID , you pass the same to V_EQUI and u get the list of equipment numbers alongwith ur ANSWT(Acquisition value).
    I guess it solves ur problem.

  • Universal Entity EJB find/select method for single db table

    Hi there.
    I'm quite new in bea spheres and my question reflects my small knowledge:
    Is there any way to perform "universal" sql query on single database table via find/select methods? This means, that I would like to pass whole WHERE clause to these methods, not just some fields values.
    What do I mean?
    Normally we define find/select method that looks like this one:
    SELECT OBJECT(o) FROM Cities AS o WHERE population>=?1 AND state=?2
    We call this a method this way:
    finder1 (1000000, 'France')
    Method returns collection with objects holding data about cities in France with more than 1000000 inhabitans..
    But, I want to define method, that could be called this way:
    finder1 ("o.population>=1000000 AND o.state='France'")
    This method should be able to perform any query on 'Cities' database table.
    I tried with defining find method for following query:
    but it does not work, of course.
    Is there possibility to define method that could be called this way?
    I use Bea Weblogic Workshop 8.1 SP3
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    The 'Dynamic Query' feature of WebLogic 8.1's EJB container can help you here. This feature enables you to execute complete EJB QL queries that are constructed on the fly. Check the WebLogic 8.1 documentation for more details.

  • How to find table that store real data for field 'BETRG' ?

    1) datasource  0HR_PY_1 include field 'BETRG' in R/3 source system; extract structure HRMS_BIW_PY1 for datasource 0HR_PY_1, however structure is not used for stroing data. Question: how can we find table which store real data for the field  'BETRG'?
    2) If I want to add one type call department leader type which already defined in one enhanced HR table, to calculate the total amount using field 'BETRG'  according to department leader type. Should I enhance datasource  0HR_PY_1 by adding department leader type or create new view based on enhanced HR table and another table that include 'BETRG' data, also create new datasource based on this view later on?

    Check this for Payroll Data (Transaction Data) 0HR_PY_1
    The extractor for payroll results reads data from payroll cluster PCL2, not from standard tables.

  • How to find table name which provide data for the DataSource

    Hi friends,
    How to find the Table name which providing data for the Business content DataSources (Master Data). Is there any table or Transation which give datasource and Table name at once.

    Hi Revathi...........
    1)If the datasource is extracting data from any the datasource using RSO2..........there u will get the table name......
    2) If the datasource is extracting data from any view.............go to RSA2..........copy the view name..........go to SE11 >> give the view name >> and check..........
    3) If Datasource is Function module based............then u hav to check in RSA2 >> give the datasource name >> execute >> there u will find the Extract structure name......Copy the Extract Structure name >> Go to SE11 >> in the Data Element field give the Extract structure name >> Display >> From the Entry Help/Check tab u can get the Table name............
    If u double click on the Extractor..............u will get the Function Module..............from there also u can check that the FM extracting data from which tables............
    For Other datasources also...........u can get the structure name from here........
    4) If the Datasources r LO datasources............then u can get the table name in LBWE.............LO extractor - goto transaction LBWE.................... Select the maintenance link for your datasource............
    here in the right hand the drop down box, you can see the structures associated with this extractor ........ just remove the MC for the structure names to get the base table names. e.g. EKKO for MCEKKO.
    5) There is a pattern for the Extract structure name for LO datasources.............for an example..........
    DataSource 2LIS_11_VAITM ......Extract structure name is  MC11VA0ITM
    2LIS_11_VAHDR  >> MC11VA0HDR
    Hope this helps.........

  • Is there any link between oe_order_headers_all and hz_cust_accounts tables. I need to find the cust_account_id for some order_number. Please help me with this

    Is there any link between oe_order_headers_all and hz_cust_accounts tables. I need to find the cust_account_id for some order_number. Please help me with this

    you can link
    OOH.invoice_to_org_id=CUST.cust_account_id   -- invoice customer
    OOH.sold_to_org_id=CUST.cust_account_id   -- sold to customer
    OOH.ship_to_org_id=CUST.cust_account_id   -- ship to customer

Maybe you are looking for