Taglibs, STRUTS, etc. what good for?

... if you can't debug them? I just feel like thrown back to the last century typing code in an editor, deploying, running, ... exception ...
What are tags and all the derivatives like struts, JSTL, etc. good for if you have no tool/IDE that compiles/translates/or at least checks the correctness during development time? the development cycle just exploded to write, pack together, deploy, start, test ... fix error and start over again ... are there any tools/plugins/IDEs that support the developer like with Java code?

custom tags are "black box" for end users (jsp developpers).
I don't understand why you want to debug their code.
You think you have a bug in a tag ? the exception is not clear ?
Generaly, if you have an error, it come from a bad usage or parameter, no ?
highlighting and some writing help are the first step(just using TLD).
I use WSED 5 (eclipse 2 based IDE from IBM) and the JSP syntax checker let me see more error like using not accessible beans or class cast exception.
Try with eclipe 2 ... but I think the JSP debug isn't present.

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    i heard people use reflection with rmi, but what it is good for?
    if i use reflection to figure out what methods etc a class has, how do i know what they do?

    Oh cool, you just gave me an idea!
    Storing bean class names in a db and upon retrieval of any name, a single utility can construct an entire GUI editor panel for any variety of java bean conforming to the Java Bean specifications. This way, if ever I want to add a new Panel to an application for a new module or set of features, all I would hypothetically have to do is create the bean and add the name to the db and load up my app without even having to create the new GUI interface for editing it.
    Oh and one other additional thing reflection is good for, is interfacing with XML config files using the attribute names as identifiers for locating the setters (E.g., Spring Framework) as well as a bunch of other related XML things.
    Your imagination is your only limit. I would excercise caution in where and how you use it though. Usually best to use in initialization routines rather than runtime functions or during exhaustive processes.

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    Good morning,
    What is the CentOS /etc/services entry for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control for the RMI_PORT of 5510 and the JMS_PORT of 5520 so as to ensure EM "owns" the ports?
    The emca was successful and the corresponding rmi.xml and jms.xml config files have the correct ports, but they did not register within the /etc/services file while the DBCONSOLE_HTTP port of 1158 and AGENT_PORT of 3938 have the correct entries of:
    dbconsole-oms 1158/tcp # Oracle dbConsole Agent
    dbconsole-oms 1158/udp # Oracle dbConsole Agent
    dbcontrol_agent 3938/tcp # Oracle dbControl Agent po
    dbcontrol_agent 3938/udp # Oracel dbControl Agent po
    So, while EM works just fine, the RMI_PORT and JMS_PORT values need to be reserved with the correct /etc/services entries.
    Mike Jay

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    gulfmart, which issue do you face?

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    Dear Friends,
    I would like to ask you regarding what is good for performance specially i'm developing reports for EBS .
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    Regards & Thanks

    I'd focus on easily readable query, namely use formula column if otherwise the query get too long or too complicated to read/maintain. Have inherited many ugly long queries/reports and hate to maintain or fix bugs for them etc.

  • HT5649 consolidate files what is good for?

    consolidate files what is good for?

    I'd focus on easily readable query, namely use formula column if otherwise the query get too long or too complicated to read/maintain. Have inherited many ugly long queries/reports and hate to maintain or fix bugs for them etc.

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    I recently signed up for a one month trial of adobe pro.  I logged in.  I cannot convert a single page of PDF file to word or Excel with this trial.  I just get the request to sign up for a year.  What good is the trial if I can't try it?

    Hey vcomfort6,
    Please ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat and not Reader to convert PDF file to word or excel.
    Could you tell me whether it is a scanned document? Does this happen with all PDFs or any specific one?
    Do you get any error message? What exactly happens when you try doing the same?
    Hope to hear from you.

  • What exactly are the updates good for on an ipod

    I ask because mine is windows format, and im having trouble transferring all the metadata off my ipod with senuti to a back up so that i can reformat the ipod to mac and then sync in my senuti backed up library. I was wondering if anyone knows what exactly are the updates that you get. my ipod is 1.2 5thgen.
    If i were to have the latest update would i be able to see album cover art view when the ipod is plugged into itunes? I noticed that i can see that view in library mode but not in ipod mode. (my pod isnt synced)...
    so what are these updates good for?

    hey thanks for your reply.
    I do have it set to manual and i can see the art on the ipod by itself, but even with manual transfer itunes wont let me view the artwork modes unless i am playing off my computers library (which doesn't have the songs on my ipod on it). I called apple earlier today and some tech support guy claimed that itunes does not support this feature. Is this correct? can anyone out there see artwork modes on an unsynced ipod through itunes?

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    I think it's kind of weird that Microsoft can't build a class designer that displays manged types in C++. Why is it that C++ always comes last out of all of the languages! I know it isn't the most popular language but still, you begin to feel like Microsoft are trying to shut it off so there are only 2 languages, C# and VB. Over the years I have learned to program in C++ because of the pointer functionality and the sense of control you have over your code. Where as in C# you know less about what pointers and memory are doing and as a result it makes it easier to program in C#.
    But then it begs the question what is C++ really good for at the end of the day. There is less and less functionality for it and it's language with many syntax obstacles compared to the easy and quick ways of writing C# code.
    I would really appreciate different sides of the debate because then it might help me to realize that learning all about C++ wasn't such a waste of time after all.
    Thanks in advance

    What is C++ good for?
    simple answer: it's the only language you can use to write real programs with (= for a computer) ... all other "programming" languages are some kind of scrippting tools in my eyes
    but today they even call html and css a "programming" language ... that's like saying "hey, I'm a chef, I know how to cook water"
    it's true, that we should talk about C/C++ and not about C++ alone and it's also true, that there are things in those language which I would like to change... but far less than in C#, Java and VB... oh and by the way: no, it's not complicated,
    it's powerful ... with C/C++ you can program the machine! you can decide what it should do! and you know if you're talking about a pointer, a variable, and integer or what ever...
    and if somebody is passing a string by value... well, then... this person simply isn't a programmer... that's it ...
    so, again... what is C/C++ good for? it's the only way to write computer programs
    that's what I think...

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    iCloud is good at keeping your email, contacts, bookmarks, calendars synced across multiple devices. Say you get a new iOS device or Mac, log into your iCloud account and everything is synced to the new device. iCloud has some features that are like Dropbox, but very limited. Photostream is one and Documents and Data shared across devices. I think iCloud is headed in the right direction and one day, we won't need to use Dropbox. In the meantime, iCloud doesn't match the ease and functionality of Dropbox as far as sharing files go.

  • What is Java good for?

    I need to develop a really serious solution for Win2K server, that will handle security data. Now I am thinking of a platform to do it. Can Java really secure the data I will trust to store it? I mean various mulfunctions, program bugs, errors, so on. Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java's (see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. Developing a Java solution will be simplier that doing the same thing with VC.Net, but ... What do you think? What is Java good for?

    Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java'sDo you trust Microsoft?
    (see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling
    the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. The nuclear bit is in the Java license ("You acknowledge that Software is not designed, licensed or intended for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.") I think it's probably either a result of US law requiring some certification or other for software used in nuclear facilities, or a preemptive move by Sun to forestall possible lawsuits.
    The JVM is stable, probably more so than .NET since it's older, and should be suitable for your use, based on the description so far. The things you need to worry about are primarily personnel and hardware configuration (i.e. disabling virtual mem).

  • What is -Xms good for?

    The java option "-Xms" specifies the initial size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool. But what is it good for, other than the additional memory may be get a little more quickly when
    default size < required size < initial size set with -Xms
    If an application requires more memory, the JVM allocates more memory up to -Xmx.

    okay, but what if i can't predict, how much memory is
    needed? (in my case, the application generates PDF
    files based on dynamic XSL/XML content that could get
    arbitrary big.)
    another point is, that the application should not
    behave "intrusive" by claiming all memory it can get.
    instead it should only claim what it really needs.These are some of the reasons why the JVM, by default, adapts its
    memory usage. If you go and change its behaviour by specifying
    memory usage options then you are of course able to make the JVM
    play unfairly with the available system resources.
    "Beware of what you wish for"

Maybe you are looking for