Terms of Payment

How can we define the 30 , 60 , 90 days credit period in Payment Terms T.Code : Obb8
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by copying the existing payment terms
then define payment term number,
like 0010, 0020
then for 0010
text like:
Net 90 Days after BL date
own explanation:
Net 90 Days after bill of Lading date
then select either its for Customer and vendor then select both
then select the baseline date
then in the tab of payment term,
define the terms if installment then then define percentage, and days, if due net then remain all the fields with zero.
qsm sap

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  • Credit Memo - Terms of Payment Default

    My earlier post received no response, so I am posting again,
    In MIRO if I create a credit Memo, payment terms default from PO. (not from vendor master) I do not know if was configured that way. How can I find out ?
    I do not want payment terms to default from any thing, neither PO nor vendor master.
    It should fall due immediately say based on base line date, which is posting date in our case.
    How can I do this ?

    You might find interesting this OSS Note: [322430 - MIRO: Proposal logic for terms of payment|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/322430]

  • How to grey out terms of payment in sales order.

    While making sales order ,user should not make changes in terms of payment.how we  can restrict the user for any changes.
    and what is procedure for this.

    you can get many treads if you had searched with your subject.Anyway please find one among them.
    payment terms-greyed out field
    I would prefer going for option of activating critical field in OVA8 if Credit management is configured in your client process.

  • Terms of Payment for credit memo

    Dear Friends:
    I have created  terms of payment (Z12). This has to be used in credit memo in customer - T.code F-27 .But in customer master, there is a different terms of payment.How can i use the newly created terms of payment(Z12) in T.code F-27.
    The New Terms of Payment should be in the credit memo by default. Is there configuration settings by which the new terms of payment are selected by default?
    Please advise.

    Hi MSReddy,
    There should be a field in the customer master/company code data/payment transactions tab to enter the payment terms for credit memos.
    If this is not displayed for your customer group check screen layout settings for customers.It might be supressed.

  • Terms of payment made optional in account group configuration of customer

    Hi Experts,
    I have made terms of payment optional in account group configuration of customer master for one time customer but it is showing me mandatory  when I am creating or changing customer.
    Is any body has any idea why this is happening?
    Krushnakumar Rathi

    Select the Relevant account group
    Double Click on the Company Code data under Field status you will get another screen
    In that Screen Double click on the Payment Transactions under selection group and check the field "terms of payment" is Required entry or optional entry , mention Optional Entry
    Same as Double Click on the Sales data under Field status you will get another screen
    In that Screen Double click on the Billing under selection group and check the field "terms of payment" is Required entry or optional entry , mention Optional Entry

  • Change in Terms of payment for Vendors / Customers

    Dear Friends,
    If the Terms of Payments are changed in Vendor / Customer master data then what will be the effect on below situation :
    1.   How will any open Purchase Orders and any open Sales Orders be updated?
    2.  How will processed, yet open customer invoices and vendor invoices be updated?
    Please share your views on above.

    Hi Bidyut,
    SAP works on very clear philosphy known as changes with prospective effect.
    When you create a Purchase order or Sales order, this import Payment term from Purchasing area (not from Payment TAB) and sales area. In case you change the payment term in Vendor/Customer master, the invoices created taking the reference of the already created purchase/Sales orders will still have the old Payment Term.
    But the payment term field is editable so if you think these are not correct, you can change the payment term in PO/SO and even in invoices anytime but useful only if changed before they are paid.
    Hope this answers your query.

  • Report for Terms of Payment

    Can I have a report for Terms of payment used in Purchase Order.
    Report layout I need is like
    PO# Terms of payment.
    Suggest me ways to do it or thru std report

    Go to SE16, Table EKKO
    Select Fields EBELN & ZTERM and execute
    You will receive a report Payment terms against PO.

  • About Terms of Payment for PO

    I use a term of payment 0001 in a purchase order.
    the term of payment are: 5% in 14 days, 3% in the next 30 days.
    When I create a po , carry out GR, I process invoice verification. But in invoice verification for the PO, the system doesn't carry out discount calculation automatically.
    I want to know why there is no automatic calculation, how to set it in sap system ?

    Terms of Payment are linked to the payment processing of the vendor invoice,
    if you want to see the effect of terms of payment ,
    Pay the Vendor using the reference of the Vendor invoice , the system will calculate the net amount considering the Cash discount if you are paying with in the specified days.
    Thanks & Regards
    Edited by: Kishore Kumar Chiluka on Jul 21, 2008 1:44 PM

  • Terms of payment in PO from Pinfo record

    Dear All,
    Can we copy the terms of payment from Purchasing info record in PO instade of Vendor master?
    My requirement is that client want to maintain terms of payment as per Vendor - Material combination in Purchasing info record and same should be appeared while creation of PO.
    I am able to maintain the terms of payment in Pinfo record but same is not getting copied while purchase order thats the issue now.
    I had maintain the terms of payment in condition tab-- addtional data tab but still system is taking the payment terms from vendor master.
    so please tell me if there is anything we have to do to update the terms of payment from info record not from vendor master.
    its urgent if u have any solution please help.

    if u are purely going for the terms of payment from info record then do not assign the terms of payement in vendor master in purchasing data view and in accounting view
    but i am not sure of this solution as the terms of payment in accounting view of vendor are used in miro and they are not there it may cause some problem but anyways u can try that one out in sand box

  • Terms of Payments

    Hi Folks
    I am trying to create Terms of payment through SPRO>Financial Accounting>Accounts receivable & Payable>Business transactions>Outgoing invoices /credit memos/maintain payment terms.
    However whenever I am saving the changes the system does not prompt for Customising request to be inputted.
    The message is prompted whenever the changes included in Request as "Entry flagged for inclusion in task".
    But the transport request is not updated with the changes.
    Your help is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Go into "Maintain Terms of Payment". From menu, choose Table view, Transport.
    Now pick the TOP you want transported (within your transport request), and choose "Include in request".
    After performing this, when you go check in your Trans. req. your IMG activity should be recorded.

  • BaseLine date different from Terms Of Payment Date

    My client posted 3 documents dated 23.12.2009,17.12.2009,14.12.2009  respectively. The terms of payment has been set to accept document date as default for the baseline date. This means that the baseline dates for the  documents should be same as 23.12.2009,17.12.2009,14.12.2009  respectively. However, the system has set 31.12.2009 as baseline dates for all MIRO documents. I have already checked Terms Of Payment  ,Vendor Master and the posted documents.
    Can anyone please provide any clues to this problem?
    Thanks In Advance
    Payal Saxena

    Hi Payal
    Request you to check settings for PT in OBB8
    Also, refer to this thread - Baseline date in payment terms_reply the question for FI experts
    If the problem still persists, you will require a user exit.

  • Discounts on Terms of payment

    Hello all
    I configured a Term of payment in order to the system gives discounts if the invoice is paid in the following 15 days.
    Everything is running ok, but, does anyone know if I can configure the system for the automatic generation of a credit note because of this discount?
    Thank you in advance

    There is no such process
    while making payment posting system will automatically determine the cash as per the assigned Terms payment in customer Master.
    Entry will be like
    Cash/ Bank  a/c ........... Dr.
    Discount Allowed A/c....Dr
      To Customer
    Praveen PC

  • Question about terms of payment of company code tab of customer master data

    As I know there are two places to be maintained terms of payment of customer master data, one is in billing documents of sales area data tab and I understood it will default to the one in sales order when you create, another is in company code tab and I don't know what does it be used for? Could you advise?

    Along with the payment terms, the reconciliation account number and the dunning procedure is set specifically for the customer to the particular company code.
    This would be the default data for all transactions specific to the customer in specific company code.
    If you extend the customer to another company code, you can have different recon, payment terms etc.
    All FI transactions are relative to these settings.
    In SD when you process, any changes to the particular customer can be modified and it will supercede the default settings of PT

  • Changing terms of payment on an order

    Hello Everyone,
    There is a big issue at my company and I am hoping someone can help me out with this. There are occasions when a customer will come into one of our branches and place an order on their account that has the terms of payment set to cash. The order will flow through our system and not hit VKM1 for credit check. Once the customer gets the product they will say they don't have the cash and they want it to go open account terms. Our branch employee will then go into VA02 and change the terms of payment on the order after post goods issue so the order will not get credit checked in VKM1 and the amount will go open account. We will end up not getting paid for this merchandise. Is there any way to put a block on this change after post goods issue in VA02? I was told that no credit checking can be done once the order gets to that point. Please help.

    Item Payment terms is not available in SAP E-Commerce without enhancements.
    Since the item update event doesn't include this field in the backend interface, the best approach is to use "Extension data" fields at item level to add this feature. The update of the backend "model" needs to be done using ABAP in the item extension BAdI. ( I am assuming crmstandard scenario).
    You can use the "same" JSP code with little modification to read the item payment terms field. The valuehelp used in the header can be used for item too. From JSP, you can add the field value to extension data of Items in the SalesDocumentParser's customer exit for item.
    This new custom field has to be read in the item BAdI and later added to the Item payment term in the backend order object (Order_maintain).
    In the response cycle in the same item BAdI, the value then has to be read from the order object (Order_read) and added to the extension data tab.

  • Link between Credit Risk Category and Terms of Payment

    Is there a link between the Credit risk category and the terms of payment. Where can we maintain this.
    For instance, if risk category is x, the top is a, risk category is y, top is b.
    Please suggest.

    There is no link between credit risk category and Terms of Payment. The Risk Category is assigned to credit limit of the customer which determines if it will be blocked at certain level for sales transactions or just a warning message that the customer is over the limit. For the terms of payment, it just determines when it's due or whether it's overdue or not.

  • Change terms of payment and credit limit

    Hello, i need to change the terms of payment of a customer as well as  his credit limit.
    CUSTOMER - terms of payment
    CUSTOMER - credit limit
    any idea of how to do this (bapi or FM) besides of doing a BDC

    First look at it seems to show that it might work.  It calls function "SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_KNKA_K":
        (iv) insert the credit control data
      AND SY-SUBRC = 0.
                PI_CUSTOMER       = I_BAPIKNA103-CUSTOMER
                KNKA_INSERT_ERROR = 23
                KNKK_INSERT_ERROR = 24.
    Would still require some investigation.  But seems like it might be a good starting point for you.

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