Text entry boxes in CP6 - Enter key to validate input does not work in Safari?

I'm using Captivate 6 to create a step by step walkthrough of some different processes that are commonly completed in my workplace. Some of the example processes have portions where text is entered to simulate a process the end user might need.  I have text entry boxes in these slides that require validation of the input to move along, with Enter used as a shortcut key. This works great in Firefox, Chrome and IE all the way down to 8....but if the course is run in Safari, the enter key does nothing.  Is this a known issue?
Additional info: For many of these text entry boxes, the point is that it is a search field that has a little binoculars icon next to it that executes the search in the actual software we are simulating. For these slides I actually have the submit button associated with the text box made invisible (no fill, no stroke) and placed on top of the binoculars icon. This is an acceptable method of doing the task we're demonstrating, and just so happens to be a workaround for the enter key not working in Safari. However, a few places we have text entry that doesn't have the search/binocular icon next to it because there is a different goal on that section of the software we're visualizing. In those cases, there is no place for me to put an invisible submit button, and I can't make the submit button visible because that's not how the software we're demonstrating would work (thus defeating the purpose of the training).

Sorry, this is a known bug with no fix available yet, but the makers of SwiftKey are aware of it and we will work with them to fix it: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=617298
For now, the only solution is to use a different keyboard when using Firefox.

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    If not, since it's so new, take the keyboard back for a replacement.

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    What I have seen on another thread: "We are still working with Microsoft to make the Lenovo Settings app generally available to all users from the Windows Store.  It's not quite ready yet.  When it is, I'll post here." posted by someotherguy.
    If your machine was Windows 8 OEM, you may need to go into the Windows Metro App Store and download the Lenovo Settings App to your machine. I hope this helps.
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    Please don't take offense, you can't believe what some people post and then realize later that they have had a "duh" moment.
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    I work half of my weekly hours at this client office and I only have this problem on their pc and adobe software (version 9 pro). When I am home, my laptop and the adobe software (version 10 pro) is fine. I can create the text boxes and refine the format at will with no issues. Could it be a software version and/or update issue? Thanks for any assistance.

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    Ok, the problem is in your original User account's Library folder. It could be a preference file. Drag the preferences folder from that Library to the Desktop and reboot into that account. You can always drag the folder back when you are done testing.
    Dave M.
    MacOSG Founder/Ambassador  An Apple User Group  iTunes: MacOSG Podcast
    Creator of 'Mac611 - Mobile Mac Support' (designed exclusively for an iPhone/iPod touch)

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    MS Office Standard is a Volume Licensing product - VL products do NOT prompt for a product key.
    You can't download VL products from the public internet - only download via the VL customer logon portal (VLSC).
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    You will need to obtain the installation source files/media/disc, from the licensing contact/controller in your organisation. (who will obtain it from the VLSC)
    If you are the VLSC licensing contact/controller for your organisation, you have downloaded the wrong product.
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