The FIRST user exit/badi for VF01

I need to know the first user exit/badi/etc... for VF01 (the pricing procedure).  We need to change field values BEFORE the first pass through the pricing routine (hits the condition types).  We are having an issue where we need to change field values and use those new values in a pricing condition.  What happens is the pricing condition is hit before our user exit is hit and so then it fails when it hits the condition a second time.  It fails this time because the values are different.  I need to change these values before the first pass.

  what values are changing???
  are you changing the pricing condition values??
  are you changing the value that will have an effect the pricing condition value..

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  • User Exit/Badi for VF01

    Hi all,
    I'm trying do find a user-exit/badi for t-code VF01, that allows me to change at the same time,some fields, of the header structure VBRK and items structure VBRP (all the items available). Until now, all the user-exits i've tried dont allow me to change both structures at the same time, neither badi (SD_CIN_LV60AU02). Regards,

    may be you are trying to chage the some other BADI. to find the exact BADI, follow this procedure.
    1) Goto se24 (Display class cl_exithandler)
    2) Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.
    3) Put a break point at Line no.25 (CASE sy-subrc).
    4) Execute SAP standard transaction
    5) Press the required button for which you need to write an exit logic, the execution will stop at the break point.
    6) Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.
    7) This way you will find all the BADIs called on click of any button in any transaction
    if you follow this 7 steps, you will find a suitable BADI.
    pl reward if it helps.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

  • Need a user-exit/BADI for VF01

        am looking for an user exit or a badi that would restrict creating proforma invoice (VF01) if PGI is not done for the delivery...Even if PGI is not done, we are able to raise invoice for the delivery now..i have tried all the exits that one would get in smod, but nothing seems to work..any help would be appreciated
    Sathish. R

    Pls use the exits :
    These can be used for trigerring your logic in VF01.

  • User exit/BADI for Deleting the Empty Handling unit

    Hi All,
    Can anyone give me the suitable User exit/BADI for the below scenario.
    While creating the TO (Transfer order) for a delivery using the transaction code LT12, the system will automatically generate HU (Handling unit) number. If the materials are not found in the storage bin for the selected HU, we have to delete the Handling Unit from the delivery document.
    Thanks in advance.

    Find below couple of  User Exits for Transfer Order.
    MWMTO001 - EXIT_SAPLL03T_001 (Enhancements for end of transfer order generation)
    MWMTO002 - EXIT_SAPLL03T_002 (User Exit at End of TO Confirmation (in Update Task))
    The Exits gives you access to LTAK and LTAP.....
    Hope this is helpful to you.
    Vinodh Balakrishnan

  • User Exit/ BADI in vf01 after save

    Dear Experts,
    My requirement is to send the mail alert to customer when the billing document is created( VF01 ). Request you to suggest
    the relevant user exit/ badi for the same which is triggered when the save button is pressed.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Farha.
    Go to Ouptut type and the Driver Program related to VF01 output type ..
    Go to se16>tnapr>enter output type already available-->see the Output type and form name.
    Next go to se38> enter the Program name aatachned to Form> and at the end of the Pront privew write  the code
    to capture the spool Number and convert the spool data into internal table ( By using Function Module CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF) and next call the Funtion module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1  SAPoffice: Send new document with attachments using RFC.
    if you have problem go to se37-->enter CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF) and see where used list and find the Driver program how they are converting and sending the mail

  • User exit/ badi for fb02 transaction

    what are the appropriate user exit/ badi for fb02 transaction for a disabling(graying out) a
    payment block field for particular users..?

    Following are the exits available for FB02
    F050S001            FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-defined IDoc segment
    F050S002            FIDCC1: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S003            FIDCC2: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S004            FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Change outbound IDoc/do not send
    F050S005            FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Change FI document
    F050S006            FI Outgoing IDoc: Reset Clearing in FI Document
    F050S007            FIDCCH Outbound: Influence on IDoc for Document Change
    F180A001            Balance Sheet Adjustment
    FARC0002            Additional Checks for Archiving MM Vendor Master Data
    FEDI0001            Function Exits for EDI in FI
    RFAVIS01            Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text
    RFEPOS00            Line item display: Checking of selection conditions
    RFKORIEX            Automatic correspondence
    SAPLF051            Workflow for FI (pre-capture, release for payment)

  • User Exit & BADI for controling the END user in co06

    1.  I  need a user exit /  BADI  for controlling the user to edit a specific document type in co06 (BACKORDER PROCESSING) .
    the control should be actve for specfic order type for specfic users

    Answer cannot be Provided properly , so has to Post more questions . i am jus closing my ques??

  • User Exit/Badi for G/L account assignment in ME21n/ME22n

    Hi All,
    I need user exit/badi for account assignment in item details for following requirement.
    If user changes G/L account of the first line item then I have to copy same G/L account to all line items.
    Please suggest me suitable user exit for this.

    follow the steps.......
    For User Exit's
    goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that,
    then goto to-> attribute take the package name and
    Goto SMOD tcode ->Utilities->give the package name and F8
    then a list of exits will display for that tcode as well as that package.
    u can check the table MODSAP
    For BADI's,
    1)goto to tcode SE24 give the CL_EXITHANDLER and display and then double click on the GET_INSTANCE
    keep Break point at this location 'call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface'
    then the tcode it will trigger there and we can debugg there we can find badi'for that tcode and then remove the break point.
    2)Goto to tcode->status->program name->double click on that program will display's
    then  press crtl+F then cl_exithandler
    Thank u,

  • User Exit / BADI for Transaction IW31 to create a POP-UP.

    I need to have a POP-UP Message in transaction IW31 on the press of ENTER. Could you give me the name of the EXIT or BADI which can be used for this purpose.

    In IW31/IW32, there is no user-exit/badi for pressing Enter. User-exits are attached to well determined event (enabling, closing, saving the order and so on).
    If you wanted to solve it, it seems, you have to modify the standard COIH function group. Use SE80 transaction for it. The first dynpro is 3000.

  • Request for info. on USER EXIT/BADI for FB60

    This is with reference to FB60 user exit/badi for with holding tax.I want to use the customized table for withholding tax.
    ]Please guide some alternative solution rather than user exit and badi.
    I dont think the following user exit and badi are used for withholding tax.
    I done some analysies.I didnt find any user exit/badi related to withholding tax.I found the following
    F050S001 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-defined IDoc segment
    F050S002 FIDCC1: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S003 FIDCC2: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S004 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Change outbound IDoc/do not send
    F050S005 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Change FI document
    F050S006 FI Outgoing IDoc: Reset Clearing in FI Document
    F050S007 FIDCCH Outbound: Influence on IDoc for Document Change
    F180A001 Balance Sheet Adjustment
    FARC0002 Additional Checks for Archiving MM Vendor Master Data
    FEDI0001 Function Exits for EDI in FI
    RFAVIS01 Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text
    RFEPOS00 Line item display: Checking of selection conditions
    RFKORIEX Automatic correspondence
    SAPLF051 Workflow for FI (pre-capture, release for payment)
    FQST_CALC_COUNTRY,FQST_CIN_WITHITEM are related with withholding tax and they are for country specific such as India.
    Every expert answer will be rewarded.
    Thanks in advance

    Try Business Transaction Events. Transaction code BERP.

  • User Exit / BADI for  F-02 during SAVE to update BSEG Line Items.

    Hi Experts,
    I need a User Exit / BADI for Transaction code F-02 which triggers during save to update  BSEG-SGTXT with Vendor / Customer 
    name in the Tax Line Item.This is to update table BSEG .
    Thanks in Advance,

    Do it with the BTE 00001120 (tcode FIBF).
    I hope this helps you
    PD: I forgot, check this link. It will tell you how to do it
    Edited by: Eduardo Hinojosa on Jul 15, 2009 6:38 PM

  • In ME21N,User Exit/BADI for  Defaulting  Vendor number at item level.

    Hi Experts.
    In ME21N, for every purchase order, we have condtion tab for each line item.
    Many condition typesot taxes  are listed based on the config for the materials.
    My requirements is, When we go inside by selecting a condition type we find vendor number displayed.
    I need a user exit/BADI for defaulting the Vendor number.
    Balaji R

    check with below link,
    fo this one you will find both user exit and badis

  • User exit / BADI for billing block in VL01n

    Hello Techies,
    Through custom transaction we are creating delivery notes. We run a background job to pick up these delivery notes & create return deliveries using BDC call transaction method calling VL01N (We also create order of type return for same). Though i can not see any place where billing block is filled in custom program but still there are some deliveries with billing block. Could you please let me know if there is any User exit / BADI for billing block or any configuration setting for same?

    Just to add more details:
    Our program sets memory id field.
    We call transaction VL01N.
    program clears memory id field value.
    all this happens in loop for number of deliveries.
    In VL01 user exit overwrites LIKP-FAKSK value to 05. However we have written code here which imports value from memory id. by this we come to know that we have created this delivery using custom transaction & billing block should not be set.
    From this we can conclude that only when sy-subrc for import memory id is not equal to 0 then billing block is set.
    what could be the reason for sy-subrc for import memory id is not equal to 0 ?
    can it be because of number of deliveries created at a time where memory id export / import is causing problem?
    we are not able to replicate this issue in Dev/Quality systems.
    Thanks & Regards,


    Hello Gurus,
    My requirement is that I need to change an Invoice Line Item data before the actual posting in Background via Program RMBABG00.
    It would be great if somebody could please tell me, is there any USER-EXIT / BADI for doing the above mentioned task.
    I will be really helpful as it is very urgent!!!!!
    Thanks in advance

    these user exits avialable for Tcode MIRA...
    LMR1M001            User exits in Logistics Invoice Verification
    LMR1M002            Account grouping for GR/IR account maintenance
    LMR1M003            Number assignment in Logistics Invoice Verification
    LMR1M004            Logistics Invoice Verification: item text for follow-on docs
    LMR1M005            Logistics Inv. Verification: Release Parked Doc. for Posting
    LMR1M006            Logistics Invoice Verification: Process XML Invoice
    MRMH0001            Logistics Invoice Verification: ERS procedure
    MRMH0002            Logistics Invoice Verification: EDI inbound
    MRMH0003            Logistics Invoice Verification: Revaluation/RAP
    MRMN0001            Message output and creation: Logistics Invoice Verification

  • User exit / BADI for CO01

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement to display Requirement. Plan number: (PLAF-PBDNR) in Co01/02/03. Anyone knows user exit / badi for the same ?
    Thanks and regards

    Exit Name           Description
    CCOWB001            Customer exit for modifying menu entries
    COIB0001            Customer Exit for As-Built Assignment Tool
    COZF0001            Change purchase req. for externally processed operation
    COZF0002            Change purchase req. for externally procured component
    PPCO0001            Application development: PP orders
    PPCO0002            Check exit for setting delete mark / deletion indicator
    PPCO0003            Check exit for order changes from sales order
    PPCO0004            Sort and processing exit: Mass processing orders
    PPCO0005            Storage location/backflushing when order is created
    PPCO0006            Enhancement to specify defaults for fields in order header
    PPCO0007            Exit when saving production order
    PPCO0008            Enhancement in the adding and changing of components
    PPCO0009            Enhancement in goods movements for prod. process order
    PPCO0010            Enhancement in make-to-order production - Unit of measure
    PPCO0012            Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data
    PPCO0013            Change priorities of selection crit. for batch determination
    PPCO0015            Additional check for document links from BOMs
    PPCO0016            Additional check for document links from master data
    PPCO0017            Additional check for online processing of document links
    PPCO0018            Check for changes to production order header
    PPCO0019            Checks for changes to order operations
    PPCO0021            Release Control for Automatic Batch Determination
    PPCO0022            Determination of Production Memo
    PPCO0023            Checks Changes to Order Components
    STATTEXT            Modification exit for formatting status text lines

Maybe you are looking for

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