The old Creative Audigy 2 audio conso

Just reformatted, downloaded the Audigy 2 ZS drivers from creative's website, but the audio console it installed is different from the old one I used to have... Before I used to have creative's volume icon in my system tray which would let me test the positional audio, test the hardware, access the equalizer, EAX console, etc... in that graphical menu that looked like this: [url"][/url]?Now i only have the default WIndows volume icon in my SYstem tray, and when I go to Start -> Creative -> Audio Console, it brings up a menu like this: [url"][/url]?No equalizer, no thing to test the positional sound of my speakers, harware tests, and a worse interface. What happened?

If you require those graphical software, you need to install them from the installation CD. What you downloaded is only the driver and it doesn't include those software.

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  • I have the old Creative suite CS, can I use it with my new IMAC?

    My new computer doesnt have a CD drive and I need to use my old Creative suite on it. How do I do so?

    If it's the original CS version of the Creative Suite then, no, it's too old. That ran on PPC-based Macs.
    Your new Mac is Intel-based and will not run PPC-based software.

  • The old Creative Cloud Administrator has left the City. How can I download the software without his information?

    The guy who used his credentials to download the CC applications is gone. How can I get these recently purchased applications downloaded?

    No that can not be done, you can cancel the CC under the old administrator & purchase new CC under the correct ID.

  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install probl

    Lets start off with the system owned:
    Acer Aspire 9920G, Windows Vista Home Premium x86 32bit, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.2GHz/FSB: 800MHz/4MB L2 cache), 4GB DDR II RAM (2x 2GB), 2x 250GB (5400rpm S-ATA), NVIDIA GeForce 8600M-GT 280MB TC.
    With a realtek onboard HD soundcard.
    Now here's the problem:
    I purchased the Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook last monday, went home and read the instructions.
    I made sure to disable and uninstall the onboard card before hand and then pushed the card into the PCMCIA slot and press cancel on the automatic driver search vista gives me, afterwards starting the installation of the vista drivers that i downloaded seeing a small sticker on the box notified me that the installation cd would only work on XP.
    Mind you, this is on a clean install, i reinstalled the whole system in the weekend and made a full backup that can be put back in less then 40 minutes in case something would go wrong.
    Anyway, next thing i know after starting the install the system freezes entirely at the point where the installation says: "Updating windows drivers".
    Hard reboot is the following action ofcourse, system freezes up and refuses to boot only giving me all the nifty blue lights and a black screen.
    I pull out the zs notebook and reboot, works fine, however the second i push in the zs notebook the whole system freezes and i have to pull the plug yet again to force it to reboot.
    Only action left is putting the backup back and everything works fine again and now i can actually push in the zs notebook card again without the system crashing.
    I have tried multiple things after that reinstall so far with multiple results:
    - Installing the drivers listed for vista in the drivers section: install freezes, have to reset by cutting the power, but i can reboot with the card still in the laptop, however its not installed at all nor are any programs installed.
    - Installing with daniel's drivers: install freezes, cut power to reset and laptop refuses to boot with the zs notebook card in the slot and when in windows the card is pushed in the laptop freezes up yet again.
    - Installing either of both drivers in safe mode results in a normal correct install: no freezing or crashing however the second i boot up in normal mode the laptop freezes before loading windows and the power has to be cut yet again.
    So far every time this is fixed by using the recovery backup i made to have everything to normal again.
    Probable cause that i was able to find:
    If i install in safe mode the onboard sound card doesnt get loaded at all, then the installation of the zs notebook runs correctly.
    However, in normal mode even if i disable and uninstall the drivers for the onboard card when the install runs it triesto install both the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" drivers for the audigy zs notebook, but it also tries to reinstall the realtek onboard, and i have no clue how to get rid of that since there is no option to disable the onboard soundcard through the bios at all.
    Either way, the only time the laptop actually freezes is when the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" gets installed.
    If that process doesnt manage to install itself the system doesnt crash, but doesnt see the ZS notebook card either.
    Any ideas of random throughts that might help me solve this problem
    Also, sorry for the long post, but i tried to make everything as complete and detailed as possible because i really want this fixed seeing i own both an older 5. creative sound set and a logitech z5500 with THX and would like to be able to run both on my laptop when i am at home.
    Either way if i end up not being able to fix this i might end up swapping in the audigy 2 zs notebook for the x-fi xtreme audio notebook, problem there is though that it does not have THX and that i'll aslo have to seperatly buy the docking cable.
    With regards,
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    Thank you for the reply split0,
    as for the informati've post, thank you for the compliment, i tend to not open a thread at all unless i have spent enough time on the problem and searched around enough for solutions, and after that i only post if it has enough info regarding everything in inside the thread.
    In regard to the known incompatibility list, unfortunatly this is one of the things i checked beforehand already.
    The PCMCIA adapter in my laptop is a Texas Instruments PCI-8x2/7x2/6x2 CardBus-controller.
    Which is one of the most common controllers and should normally not cause any troubles at all, also in another thread on this forum i found a differant driver for it, i even tried that with no result sadly.
    At the moment personally i am thinking the whole problem lies within not being able to uninstall the onboard sound card to full extent somehow, and while i posted here i also have all this info in a direct message sent to creative, and even acer for that matter.
    In hopes of some kind of solution for this so i can keep my hopes up for not having to return the card itself.
    What bugs me is that there is option at all to disable the onboard sound through the bios.
    Because right now whenever i install the ZS notebook card it checks hardware for the onboard first installing it again, then setting priority for the zs notebook.
    This is what seems to result in the crashes through a conflict in drivers in my idea, but thats just a hunch which i cant do anything about currently in regard to testing unless someone has an idea for me to try.
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  • New Creative Audigy cards

    Has anyone tried the new Creative Audigy cards, the specs on the PlatinumXL look good for the price, I really like the idea of the breakout box.
    Any input would be apreciated, the review I read did not say anything about W2K drivers or compatibility.
    The Seeker

    So you can make noise I can't hear? And that you can't record to any media available on the market today? Okay ... so what is your point? If you get near one, make it.
    If you are that deaf, then obviously I can't convince you. But plenty of us around here aren't. And you can record 24/96 on Tascam DA45HR's, Mackie HDR 24/96,
    any PC equipped with the right soundcard, DVD recorders (yes, they are available and this may be the cheapest option), and there are probably a few more as well.
    And since the Audigy does 96K 32bit internal processing, I'm still waiting for a point. The internal bandwidth for specialized effects processing is there.
    I was talking about the computer's internal 32 bit processing. Many soundcards handle 32 bit bitstreams, which prevents the need for bit unpacking, but the 32 bit floating point processing wouldn't be handled in the card anyway. Most people use FX processing in software, because this is far more flexible than anything on a soundcard, especially for multitrack recording, unless it has oodles of DSP available, as some do (
    not Creative Labs...).
    And then you compress it down to 16bit for actual recording...
    Well. it's downsampled, and the 32 bit float is outputted as 16 bit if you want to write to a CD, but not everybody wants to do that.
    Making statements about the unit doesn't define a problem with it. Real problems are defined by things that limit real musicians or engineers, not by the lack of some extra bits which aren't usable or audible to humans.
    Look, just because
    you can't hear the difference doesn't mean that others can't. And as a bald statement of fact, for
    recording, this card is NOT a 'significant' improvement over the Live!. It's a 16 bit 48K card with slightly more attention paid to the analog front end, which was certainly a problem with the original Live!. Oh, yes, 16 bit audio. It has been established for a long time that if you are going to output stuff at 16 bit 44.1K, then you should ideally digitise at a greater bit depth, especially if you intend to manipulate the data. This has even more significance when the A/D converter is on a soundcard in an electrically noisy environment, as you are unlikely to even reach your 16 bit resolution because of the noise. That's certainly the case with the Live! and the Audigy. The reviews claim that the Audigy will average about 90dB SNR when recording, which
    at best means that you will only manage to make a 15 bit original. If you lose it at this stage, you'll never get it back. Even most 18 bit cards have trouble with this, and the difference is clearly audible in the end results.
    As far as vinyl and recording goes, there seems to be a consensus view amongst the people that do a lot of it that there is significant detail at low levels on a lot of records, and on a higher bit rate and bit depth system, you will be able to capture this with suitable equipment. The argument is that it is then possible to make the best correctly dithered 16 bit recording possible, and still be able to audibly recover the low level signals. I'm not sure how far I personally agree with the dither argument, but if it is true, then you certainly need to be able to digitise at greater than 16 bit depth.
    Oh my god, a point. Too bad it has no relevance. Show me a single sound card with -90db noise level and clean recordings of high db music in both highs and lows (much more relevant to actual production work) _WITH_ an external patch bay that I can purchase for less than $210 (what I paid for the Platinum EX)
    Midiman Delta 44, if you shop around. It's a 24/96 card with a breakout box. Not only that, but you can upgrade the breakout box to an Omni I/O if you want. The spec beats the Audigy hands down for music apps, but not for games, I suspect. I'm sorry, I can't find one as bad as your SNR spec...
    Yes -- there are a LOT of much better cards, with more inputs, cleaner audio and better noise control. Last I checked they start at $650 and go up from there. Since the only point you even attempted to make was 'value' ... what are you trying to say? Is a pro card a better value for the money than the Audigy? Certainly. Is a pro card within the no-pro's budget? Unlikely.
    Well, if you don't mind compromising the breakout box slightly (breakout leads, expansion capabilities, etc.), in the same price bracket there's the Audiophile 2496, Terratec 24/96 card, Hoontech do a range of stuff with breakout and upgrade possibilities, Marian does the USB1 20 bit USB breakout box
    much cheaper than the Audigy (rather less facilities, admittedly) and there are any number of cards without breakouts but with improved audio specs at the same price point. Many of the standalone cards are
    significantly cheaper than the Audigy.
    I'm quite happy to concede that the Audigy's S/PDIF may be capable of accepting a 24/96 bitstream, if you can provide it, but the rest of the spec is pretty average when you compare it to other 24/96 cards. Creative have also continued to provide support for the soundfont system, which many people find useful as a sampler. But at heart, it's still a games card. Creative knows where their biggest market is likely to be.
    As far as insults are concerned, I said that you need to learn a bit more. I also read your other thread, where you said that you'd managed to get 'up to speed in a month', or whatever. I've seen
    no evidence that this is the case. Things have changed out of all recognition in the last ten years as far as the practical realisation of recording is concerned. The basic principles have not altered, but just about everything else has.
    And they say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. You should consider this carefully.
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  • How do I get control of my Audigy without loaging up all the old softwa

    I've moved my Audigy to a new PC, but I don't want to install all the old applications (Remote, Playcentre, etc, etc). All I really want is the Creative Mixer, but you can't install that on its own from the web - you seem to have to install all the other rubbish that goes with it!
    Anyone have any suggestions on how i can install the bare minimum to control my Audigy Platinum effecti'vely?

    If you poke around the Multimedia and Audio section of the Windows Control Panel, you can find an option that says "Display volume control in System Tray". Enable that and you should be able to control most of the basic functions of the Audigy. The Windows Mixer will have an options menu that will allow you to choose which settings are shown.

  • Creative Audigy and M-Audio Studiophile LX4 Prob

    I build computers but I hang my head in shame at my knowledge of sound cards in my computer I have an Creative Audigy sound card and I have just purchased the M-Audio Studiophile LX4 2. speaker system.
    I?m having a problem hooking it up as at the moment the sub is running of the left and right inputs. If I plug the sub input into the digital/audio out like I?m supposed to it doesn?t do any thing. I have CMSS enabled so I know it'ss not that.
    Can any one help me?

    ...just use the normal stereo output (green plug) for 2. speakers. Despite the name, there is no separate "sub" input on ANY 2. speakers on the market: they all work with a stereo signal, and the sub channel is separated by a low-pass filter inside the speaker's amp itself.

  • I have recently updated the new apps via creative cloud now photoshop and bridge no longer work, they open then say they have encountered a problem and close, I also tried opening the old version of photo shop but getting the same result

    I have recently updated the new apps via creative cloud now photoshop and bridge no longer work, they open then say they have encountered a problem and close, I also tried opening the old version of photo shop but getting the same result

    What OS version? What's the exact error? Exactly when does the error occur? What previous versions? What is on the screen when the error displays? Does Photoshop get fully open?
    Try opening Photoshop holding down Shift key immediately to turn off plug-ins. Lots of good suggestions here: Photoshop: Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix most issues

  • How can I install Creative Cloud on a new computer? Should I uninstall the old computer?

    How can I install Creative Cloud on a new computer? Should I uninstall the old computer?

    Hi Bussada,
    No, you dont have to uninstall Creative cloud from the other machine. You can use your Adobe ID to download and install the software on the other machine. Please ensure that you don't use both machine at the same time.
    Download creative cloud desktop app from this link.

  • I moved Creative Suite 5 to a new computer, deactivated on the old, activated on the new, but only Illustrator and Photoshop will open. The rest of the suite will not open. How do I fix this?

    I moved Creative Suite 5 from my old MacBook Pro to my new MacBook Air and followed the instructions for deactivating on the old and activating on the new but only Photoshop and Illustrator will work. I need to also access InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Is there a way to fix this? Problem with the MacBook Air is that is doesn't have a disc drive so I had to transfer via external hard drive.

    The problem is that you need to install CS5 from an installation file or installation disc. You can't just copy files because there are lots of supplementary files that don't get put in the right location.
    You'll need to use the Adobe Cleaner to remove all the stuff on your new computer:
    Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6
    Then download an installer for CS5:
    Other downloads

  • Just restore a backup on a new apple imac and get error message 43 when trying to update creative cloud ... is there something to do to suppress the old imac and identify the new one ??

    I just move to a new imac following a crash.
    Is there something to do to suppress any trace from the old one in order to be able to install creative cloud on the new one ?
    I got an error when trying to update CC.

    helps resolve installation problems for CS3 thru CS6 and for Creative Cloud

  • Preparing new PC.  Best way to migrate over Creative Cloud on new PC and decomission/uninstall on the old PC?

    I'm prepping a new motherboard, memory, SSD's and GPU.  I subscribe to Creative Cloud and want to install the apps on my new PC, while removing them from my older PC.
    I dont plan on running both systems with Creative Cloud concurrently as I am also migrating the CPU from one to the other.  I have a spare I can pop into the old one to do any cleanup if need be.
    Do I need to uninstall Creative Cloud on the existing PC and then reinstall it on the new one?

    You need to install on the new one (migration will not work).  What you do with the old one is your choice.  You are allowed to have two working installations, so if you would like to have a backup installation available just leave it as is.  Otherwise, the minimum you need to do is to sign out of the Cloud on the old machine.

  • Hello, had to move to mavericks lost quicktime Pro, Need the feature for looping audio sections repeatedly, I have the install Key from my old QT Pro version, any ideas?

    Hello, had to move to mavericks lost quicktime Pro, Need the feature for looping audio sections repeatedly, I have the install Key from my old QT Pro version, any ideas?

    If QuickTime Player 7 isn't in the Utilities folder automatically, you can install it separately. See:
    Instructions on how to register your QuickTime Pro key can be found in that same document.

  • Hello, I've got an Adobe Creative suite 5.5 Design Standard. It was on an old computer and it's now on a new one and the licence is not accepted !! I have cancelled the licence on the old one. somebody to help me ?

    My licence doesn't want to work on my new computer, even if I have cancelled it on my old computer !!
    Someone can help me ?

    Yes, I've migrated everything from the old to the new computer.
    We have Windows 7.
    Envoy? de mon iPad
    Le 25 sept. 2014 ? 19:12, "Jeff A Wright" <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>> a ?crit :
    Hello, I've got an Adobe Creative suite 5.5 Design Standard. It was on an old computer and it's now on a new one and the licence is not accepted !! I have cancelled the licence on the old one. somebody to help me ?
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  • How do I get a replacement disc of adobe creative suite 6 student teacher edition, as the old one is scratched, to re-install on my mac?

    How do I get a replacement disc of adobe creative suite 6 student teacher edition, as the old one is scratched, to re-install on my mac?

    If you purchased the software from Adobe directly, Contact Customer Care - they can tell you if there is a chance to get a replacement disk.  But most likely they will tell you to download the software.

Maybe you are looking for

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