The three finger swipe left and right does not seem to work

I have been trying to do the left and right three finger swipe that allows you to move between applications to no avail.  It just keeps switching between dashboard and one app even if I have 5 apps open at the same time. Snow Leopard has this feature where all the apps opened are shown when you do the swipe and you can choose the one you want.  I think this is better but it doesn't work.
Any help will be appreciated.

Such spaces actually use very little extra memory relative to the apps you have open to occupy those spaces. I would go out on a limb and say it doesn't matter whether you have one space for every application or all on the same desktop.
The limitation will come from the applications and the data you are crunching on them.
(But that's just a personal view, haven't run into any limits on my ow 4GB Macbook Pro so far)

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    I would use Quicktime Pro.
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  • DBMS_TYPES with timestamp and interval does not seem to work.

    I have a PL/SQL script that seems to work for char,varchar,numerics, dates, but not for intervals. I basically took example code out of the Oracle manuals and stitched it together.
    The code in question is the function colTypeString. Apparently, interval is not being recognized as a type, so the function is returning back unknown. The documentation seems a bit spartan, so I thought perhaps you can help me out.
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    create table interval_test( intym interval year(4) to month, intdm interval day(3) to second(4) );
    execute oraforum_pkg.desc_query( 'select * from interval_test' );
    col_type     =     182, UNKNOWN_TYPE
    col_maxlen     =     5
    col_name     =     INTYM
    col_name_len     =     5
    col_schema_name =
    col_schema_name_len =     0
    col_precision     =     4
    col_scale     =     0
    col_null_ok     =     true
    col_type     =     183, UNKNOWN_TYPE
    col_maxlen     =     11
    col_name     =     INTDM
    col_name_len     =     5
    col_schema_name =
    col_schema_name_len =     0
    col_precision     =     3
    col_scale     =     4
    col_null_ok     =     true
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    Here's the package:
    -- Define the ref cursor types and function
    FUNCTION colTypeString( typeId in integer) return varchar2; -- typeId from dbms_types
    PROCEDURE print_rec(rec in DBMS_SQL.DESC_REC);
    PROCEDURE desc_query( selectSql in varchar2 );
    END oraforum_pkg;
    FUNCTION colTypeString( typeId in integer)
    return varchar2 -- typeId from dbms_types
    rval varchar2(40) := 'Unknown';
    case typeId
    when DBMS_TYPES.NO_DATA then rval := 'NO_DATA' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.SUCCESS          then rval := 'SUCCESS' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_BDOUBLE     then rval := 'BDOUBLE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_BFILE     then rval := 'BFILE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_BFLOAT     then rval := 'BFLOAT' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_BLOB     then rval := 'BLOB' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_CFILE     then rval := 'CFILE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_CHAR     then rval := 'CHAR' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_CLOB     then rval := 'CLOB' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_DATE     then rval := 'DATE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_MLSLABEL     then rval := 'MLSLABEL' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_NUMBER     then rval := 'NUMBER' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_OBJECT     then rval := 'OBJECT' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_OPAQUE     then rval := 'OPAQUE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_RAW          then rval := 'RAW' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_REF          then rval := 'REF' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_TABLE     then rval := 'TABLE' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_VARCHAR2     then rval := 'VARCHAR2' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_VARCHAR     then rval := 'VARCHAR' ;
    when DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_VARRAY then rval := 'VARRAY' ;
    else rval := 'UNKNOWN_TYPE';
    end case;
    return rval;
    PROCEDURE print_rec(rec in DBMS_SQL.DESC_REC) IS
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_type = '
    || rec.col_type || ', ' || colTypeString(rec.col_type) );
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_maxlen = '
    || rec.col_max_len);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_name = '
    || rec.col_name);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_name_len = '
    || rec.col_name_len);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_schema_name = '
    || rec.col_schema_name);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_schema_name_len = '
    || rec.col_schema_name_len);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_precision = '
    || rec.col_precision);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('col_scale = '
    || rec.col_scale);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT('col_null_ok = ');
    IF (rec.col_null_ok) THEN
    END IF;
    PROCEDURE desc_query( selectSql in varchar2 ) IS
    c NUMBER;
    d NUMBER;
    col_cnt INTEGER;
    f BOOLEAN;
    rec_tab DBMS_SQL.DESC_TAB;
    col_num NUMBER;
    c := DBMS_SQL.OPEN_CURSOR; -- Is this needed for parsing? Yes, as argument to PARSE
    -- d := DBMS_SQL.EXECUTE(c); -- Doesn't look necessary.
    DBMS_SQL.DESCRIBE_COLUMNS(c, col_cnt, rec_tab);
    * Following loop could simply be for j in 1..col_cnt loop.
    * Here we are simply illustrating some of the PL/SQL table
    * features.
    col_num := rec_tab.first;
    IF (col_num IS NOT NULL) THEN
    col_num :=;
    EXIT WHEN (col_num IS NULL);
    END IF;
    END oraforum_pkg;
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    The issue is that DBMS_SQL and DBMS_TYPES have different typecodes. Which means you can't interrogate the DBMS_SQL.DESC_REC using DBMS_TYPES constants. You could create yourself a package of DBMS_SQL_TYPES.
    SQL> create table t ( ts timestamp, iv interval day to second );
    Table created.
    SQL> insert into t values ( systimestamp, interval '1' second );
    1 row created.
    SQL> declare
      2     c         integer           := dbms_sql.open_cursor ();
      3     rec_tab   dbms_sql.desc_tab;
      4     col_cnt   integer;
      5  begin
      6     dbms_sql.parse (c, 'select * from t', dbms_sql.native);
      7     dbms_sql.describe_columns (c, col_cnt, rec_tab);
      9     for i in 1 .. col_cnt
    10     loop
    11        dbms_output.put_line ('Name: ' || rec_tab (i).col_name || '; Type: ' || rec_tab (i).col_type);
    12     end loop;
    14     dbms_sql.close_cursor (c);
    16     dbms_output.put_line ('DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_TIMESTAMP; Type: ' || DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_TIMESTAMP);
    17     dbms_output.put_line ('DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_INTERVAL_DS; Type: ' || DBMS_TYPES.TYPECODE_INTERVAL_DS);
    19  end;
    20  /
    Name: TS; Type: 180
    Name: IV; Type: 183
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.Regards

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    topic says it all. cant do that anymore since i got lion

    >>System Preference>Trackpad>>More gestures
    Make changes here:

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    I tried it in Safari to make sure it wasn't a computer problem, but it works in Safari and in iPhoto.

    Which functions do you want to perform with those gestures?
    You can assign function to the related browser.gesture prefs on the <b>about:config</b> page.
    To open the <i>about:config</i> page, type <b>about:config</b> in the location (address) bar and press the "<i>Enter</i>" key, just like you type the url of a website to open a website.<br />
    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access that page.<br />
    See "Gesture changes":

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    Sorry, but the response just takes you to the HP site which is of  all possible assistance short of actual help!!
    HP (and Apple?) need to fess up and tell all the people who have HP printers when they will "just work" with their machines and OS X Lion.... because for many of us, they just don't! It isn't rocket science guys.... blithely telling us that downloading S/W updates from Apple doesn't help.... because they don't solve the problems!

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    go to
    control panel
    internet connections
    click on icloud
    check boxes wanted to update and go

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    having trouble downloading and launching trial version of captivate.  Using a Windows 32bit system.  When I try to launch -- get error message that says "the procedure entry point NormalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

    Troubleshoot with install logs | CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC

  • %rowtype and %type does not seem to work for 8i

    I have tried to define a package and in the package
    specification I have defined
    type abc is ref cursor return qq%rowtype;
    The table qq exists and I can see it, insert into it.
    I have got an error, when I declare a procedure with
    formal parameters using %type inside a package specification.
    After changing %type to number I can compile.
    When I declare an anonymous block with %rowtype definition I am fine.
    According to the documentation %rowtype and %row are allowed in packages. Is it a well known bug?

    Do you have direct grant on the QQ table or is it role based?
    Role based access is not recognized in PL/SQL stored procedures.

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    Now when i swipe left and right with my magic mouse, it doesn't go to the previous pages anymore. But the wierd thing is it still works with my magic trackpad.
    And even wierder the swipe left and right of my magic mouse still works in other programs.
    So can anyone help me with this?
    Thanks in advance!

    Check Gestures in System Preferences > Trackpad
    It's working here on Safari 7  /  v10.9 Mavericks

  • How do I enable the three finger swipe gesture to go forward / backwards using Windows 8 for an elantech touchpad?

    The three finger swipe gesture works fine within Windows and in other browsers, but in Firefox (which is my primary browser) it doesn't seem to work.
    Laptop: Asus N56VZ
    OS: Windows 8

    Hello Dylmar,
    There are a few Firefox add-ons that may work for you. Give these a try:
    [ All in One Gestures]
    [ Fire Gestures]
    Let us know if this solves your issue.
    Cheers, Patrick

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