There are hidden pages in the PDF form I have.  How can I see and print all without clicking on the

I have hidden pages in the PDF form I'm using (but didn't create).  How can I see and print all the pages at once without clicking on the "next page" button.  In the initial view, there are four pages, but if I click the "next page" button, there are a total of 12 pages in this document.  This is three budget years, each year being 4 pages long.

You're most likely dealing with a dynamic XFA form created in LiveCycle Designer. You can open it, click the button, and save it, and it will most likely be 12 pages when next opened, but it depends on how the form is set up. The ability to make edits to an XFA form in Acrobat is very limited, especially for dynamic forms, so things like flattening aren't possible.
If it's not an XFA form, you'd still need to click the button at least once and save. To say for sure what's possible, I'd need to see the document. Can you post it somewhere?

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