Third party integrating with PeopleSoft

I know this is a rather generic question but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I work for a company that has many customers who utilize PeopleSoft. Over the years we've built integrations with each of our customers individually. We're now looking at trying to bring some standardization to those integrations.
In looking into this, it seems that the communication protocols offered are pretty standard (FTP, AS2, etc.). My question revolves more around the message format and content. We typically exchange vendor, invoice and payment information with our customers.
Is there a base message schema/definition of these entities in PeopleSoft that we could utilize?
I understand that every customer has customization done to meet their needs. Right now we're sending XML/positional/CSV/etc. formatted messages with various sets of attributes. If there is some base format of these messages, we're hoping that we could reduce some custom integration work for both ourselves and our customers.

Depending on the PS version you use, you can have a look at the following link.
Its a good place to start with. This will give you a list of all the EIPs that PS delivers OOB.

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    Hi friends,
    I have a dot net application and I would like to integrate that with oracle applications(specifically HR module). Can I do that? Does oracle apps provide any APIs to provide this third party integration with 3rd party software we have?
    can you please post any links if there is one which helps me in this direction

    I am new on this forum and I have difficulty in beginning.
    I'm working in a similar project, indeed I need an example or a document which can help me for using the HRMS api's of oracle e-business suite via a dotNet plateform or SharePoint application.
    I have to work on a middelware allowing retreiving and persisting data from oracle e-business suite database using oracle HRMS api's like hr_appraisals_api. So haw can i call these api's from .NET application how can i use a .NET code to call these api's ?
    Can you help me please ? i'm waiting for your answers if possible and this is my e-mail address if necessary "[email protected]" .
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    Hello bindi,
    You can refer below links for enrichment adapter:
    Setup and use of MDM enrichment controller (Good one)
    How to use the test environment of the MDM Enrichment Controller
    How to use the test environment of the MDM Enrichment Controller
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    Introducing the MDM Enrichment Controller Admin UI
    i hope this will help you.

  • Is there Java API available for third-party integrations with SCCM 2012? I went through the "Developer's Survival Guide", and it seems that SCCM 2012 SDKs only support C# and PowerShell

    Hi All,<o:p></o:p>
    My team and I are developing a software using java that works closely with IT management software such as SCCM. Our software will be highly dependent on data stored in SCCM. Basically
    our software will talk to SCCM to get information about a system managed by SCCM. To be able to do that, our software needs to use a java API that talks to SCCM. Is there a java API for SCCM 2012 that we can use? If there is not, what is the work around to
    this issue (integrate a java project with SCCM SDKs)? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!<o:p></o:p>

    As you mentioned, it seems that there is no available Java API for SCCM .
    Just curious, what's information you want to get from SCCM.
    Based on my experience, you could query the SCCM site database to get almost all the information.
    Otherwise, your question seems to be related to SCCM 2012. You may also choose to post there to get more effictive help.
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Integrating third party recruitment with SAP

    Hi folks,
    I had a question regarding intergrating the third party system with SAP HR masterdata. I am basically looking at transferring the applicant data from the Recruiting (third party tool ) system into SAP HR Masterdata. I found using the feature PAPLI something like integration could be done. I do not know how ???
    Right now, at the click of button something like Data transfer (entering the applicant id) can be manually imported into SAP Masterdata from the SAP recruiting module on the same system.
    Can such a process be achieived using  a third party tool? Is direct transfer process from the thrid party tool into SAP Employee Masterdata possible? Is the feature PAPLI (found from IMG) something like this can be accomplished?
    The version we are using is SAP 4.6C
    Any thoughts or leads in this area will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    I am not sure of any standard integration programs specific to recruitment, but through customization we can integrate third party rectt systems like People click, HRP etc.
    Develop inbound programs with ALE-IDOC system to transfer the data to Rectt tables.
    The switch will control activation of integration between the systems.
    If this helps, pl do reward.

  • Third Party Integration and OID Accounts

    I'm planning on using OID with a sync with another LDAP such as AD or Novell. I am also going to integrate SSO with a third party SSO engine.
    How do I log into Oracle SSO with a user neither defined in AD or my third party SSO engine? I am basically worried about accounts like PORTAL and ORCLADMIN. Is it possible to bypass the third party integration for these accounts or am I forced to create these accounts in AD and my third party SSO engine?

    you can either authenticate locally e.g. cn=orcladmin or externally.
    You have various option s (depending on the OID version) and how you organize the user base in OID. On a high level the authentication is based on objectclasses for an entry.
    E.g. user being synchronized from AD to OID (using the Directory Integration Plaform) contain an objectclass "aduser" to distinguish them as external AD users within OID. So the external authentication plugin will "know" who is an AD user and try to authenticate this user externally with AD not OID. You can also configure the external authentication plugin to filter user who should not be externally authenticated.
    If you store all external users in a dedictated subtree e.g. cn=AD_USERS or cn=EDIR_USER you can configure the external authentication plugin to authenticate those user to the respective external directories.
    with OID you could also make use of the server chaining authentication.
    So there are a couple of options you have. See the documentation
    Oracle Identity Management Integration Guide
    Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide

  • Third Party Integration for Template Based Hire in PS 9.1

    Hi All,
    I am implementing template based hire on PS 9.1.
    I am receiving the applicant details from a third party vendor in a xml message.
    Requirement is to insert the applicant details into template based hire records (HR_TBH_HDR and HR_TBH_DATA).
    I am able to subscribe the field values from xml message. But facing the problem while inserting the values into base records.
    I am trying to use Component Interface on HR_TBH_JOB component. The pages on this component are dynamically build and so the records.
    If anyone has worked on the third party integration for Template Based Hire in PS 9.1, please let me know your suggestion for insertion into template based hire records.

    Hi Michel,
    I am not getting any error message as I haven't completed the coding yet.
    I will go more on the technical stuff so that the issue will be more clear.
    I am using the Integration Broker setup to receive the xml message from third party.
    I have written the app package and added that as handler into the service operation. as of now I am able to subscribe the xml message. I am having the field values into the variables.
    For insertion of those values into template based hire (TBH) records (HR_THB_HDR and HR_TBH_DATA) I created a new CI on HR_TBH_JOB component.
    But when I analysed this component I came to know that Pages, Sections on the Pages and the fields of the sections are dynamically build based on the Template.
    On HR_TBH_DATA page PeopleSoft is using derived record (HR_TBH_SCR_WRK). Field values are assigned to this record fields bsaed on the section of the template.
    Here is issue I am facing while coding. As there is only one record (HR_TBH_SCR_WRK) to store the all the values from the template, I am not able to understand that how to assign the variables to CI variable. I am looking for the logic, so that the CI will work normally.
    If you have any sugestion to insert the data into TBH records other than using CI, will be appriciated.

  • Third party intergration with FICO

    Hi All,
    Do anyone have the link or the document(steps) related to intergration of the third party tool with SAP FICO.Please help me.

    Depending on the business processes of your client  the third party tools can be put into use and integrated with SAP. What is your client requirement exactly?
    Satish Muvva.

  • Third Party SSO to Peoplesoft

    What are steps in setting up Third Party SSO to Peoplesoft? A user is to click a link on an external website and he will be automatically logged on to Peoplesoft (provided that some encryption/decryption method is performed, which I have already done on the SignOn Peoplecode)
    I do have some documents to read but got mixed up with different approaches. I know I did one thing right, that is, to create a SignOn Peoplecode.
    Are nodes needed to be setup? Do we need a redirect html? What are the other configurations needed?
    Thank you,

    SSO is a commonly requested 'issue' with multiple solutions, which mostly depends on the third party systems abilities.
    I would say start by reading thid doc
    E-SEC: PT 8.x How to Setup External Single Signon Solutions with PeopleSoft [ID 617999.1]
    Also pay attention the to links provided at the bottom of this doc with muliple solutions.

  • Problem in Partial Billing for Third Party Sales with Shipping Notification

    Hello Guys,
    There is one issue related to a scenario of Third party Sales with shipping notification. Here the basic process that runs
    are : Sales order --- > PR -- > PO --> MIGO --> Billing document --> Vendor Invoice Verification.
    In this specific scenario, partial billing is not happening and the billing relevance for item category "B" and in copying control data
    from sales order to billing doccument, the biling quantity field is "A".
    Could anyone throw some light on the configuration part so that partial invoicing can happen ??? Please make a note of the fact
    that billing documents are generated after MIGO is done.

    Finally resolved

  • Integration with PeopleSoft Applications Using Oracle SOA Suite 11g BPEL

    I'm integrating BPEL with Peoplesoft FSCM 9.0 Application on tools 8.49 using Oracle SOA Suite 11g. The BPEL invokes the web service method generated from Peoplesoft Component Interface in a synchronuos manner.
    I have deployed the BPEL in Oracle SOA Suite 11g using Jdeveloper successfully but I have problem in configuring the BPEL node in Peoplesoft side using Oracle SOA Suite 11g(FMW) . I had done the integration of BPEL with Peoplesoft FSCM 9.0 on tools 8.49 using Oracle SOA Suite 10g earlier successfully by configuring BPEL node properties as follows:
    BPEL CONSOLE : http://Host Name:8888/BPELConsole (System with Oracle SOA Suite 10g server for deployment)
    BPEL DOMAIN : default
    Using this BPEL node configuration, I was able to ping the BPEL console of Oracle SOA Suite 10g from peoplesoft and hence complete the integration successfully.
    Now in order to acomplish Business rules and other functionality, the BPEL application has been developed in Oracle SOA Suite 11g using Jdeveloper 11g. This time I'm not able to configure the BPEL node in Peoplesoft for this integration as I'm assuming there is no separate BPEL console in Oracle SOA Suite 11g. All the BPEL deployments are administered in console (11g console used for deployment of BEPL)
    http://Host Name:7001/em (System with Oracle SOA Suite 11g server - Fusion Middleware).
    So when I Configured the BPEL node property in Peoplesoft as :
    BPEL CONSOLE : http://Host Name:7001/em (System with Oracle SOA Suite 11g server for deployment)
    BPEL DOMAIN : default
    I'm not able to ping the Peoplesoft BPEL node to the Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Hence I'm not able to proceed with my integration.
    When I searched the OTN discussion forum on BPEL console for Oracle SOA Suite 11g, all threads point that there is no separate BPEL console unlike Oracle SOA Suite 10g. Also most of the articles for Integration with Peoplesoft Application using SOA 11g do not state any specific configuration setting for property of Peoplesoft BPEL node in order to integrate with BPEL 11g. The examples published in OTN still point towards screen shots of integration using SOA Suite 10g.
    So I'm not able to proceed in this regard.
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Edited by: user11214154 on Nov 23, 2009 8:12 PM
    typo error

    I found this document from the Oracle Open World 2009 (maybe you have found it too) :
    "Integration with PeopleSoft applications using oracle soa suite 11g BPEL" --> []
    And this could be a little more simple, but have a good step-by-step tutorial.
    I think you must read this docs by now, but never come amiss.
    Hope this can help you,
    By the way, if you can help me with this I'll appreciate it a lot.
    Unable to access the following endpoint(s)

  • Third Party Order With Shipping Notification

    Hi SD folks,
    What is the Movement type we need to enter to do a dummy GR for third party order with shipping notification.


  • Need connectivity of SAP Oracle with Third Party tool with dsn

    Hi Friends,
    We need to access SAP's Oracle database with third party tool with the help of dsn creation. For that we need to create 2 staging tables and need a new segment for these tables. Our data will move from SAP transactions to these 2 tables and we want to fetch this data via dsn into another third party S/W.
    I am unaware of such kind of working, can you please help me how to create new segment and how to create dsn for accessing tables in this segment.
    Our requirement is as follow.
    The staging tables are required in the SAP database with user name and password. The user should have all access to the staging table only.
    Requesting your kind help on this issue. Please suggest for further processing of activity.
    Rgds, Krishan Raheja.

    Common way to integrate SAP (database) with third party Application is to use and implement SAP Connector (Java or .Net).
    Using this, you can fetch the data from SAP database to use it in Third party application.
    As per my understanding the method you mentioned, will void the SAP database license term.
    So Please check before doing such configuraiton. Also that method is NOT recommended..
    Rajesh Narkhede

  • How to link third party software with labview program ?

    I have designed a labview  
    program to analyse and make  
    graph and save the datas  
    from the photon counter using  
    ni USB DAQ 6008. And the  
    photon counter is controlled  
    by the third party software with  
    itself. both programs are  
    executing successfully. But  
    my task is run both the  
    program at the same time. i.e.  
    link the third party software  
    with my labview program.  
    How to i do this?

    Your question is too vague since you give no information as to this third party application. Is it an application you wrote? Is it an application that you cannot change? Does it have a programming interface? Can you eliminate this third-party application and control the photon counter yourself? Have you tried to do a search, as this question has come up before many times. For example:

  • Problem: Deploy a SSO Third Party Integration Adapter in Portal

    A user want to deploy a SSO third party integration adapter (Novell Access Gateway) in Portal (AS v10. And used method in Note 430877.1. They can login through Novell Access Gateway and login Portal, but when click search user button, there always show a blank IE. And no error log. How to resolve? Thanks.

    I have found out that in SAP Portal it must be possible to create a new system from a par-file which is uploaded to portal before.
    I have such a par-file. It is deployed and uploaded to the portal server. And the application which is contained by this PAR is running in SAP Portal.  But when I go to
    System Administration --> System Configuration --> Portal Content --> right mouse click to folder --> new System from par
    then this PAR can not find there.
    I have also tried to upload this PAR manually to portal. But the result is the same. This PAR does not exist in the radiobutton-options to create a new System.
    Please can anybody tell me how to create a system (or a system-template) from an uploaded PAR-file?

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