Time machine and iPhoto '08

I asked a similar question on the iPhoto discussion list earlier today, and have had no luck, so now I will try the Time Machine discussion list.
I want to know why Time Machine "allowed" iPhoto '08 to migrate my backed up photo files and directory structures to the new "package" structure without my knowledge or permission?
I want to know why, when I go to the folder in Time Machine that contains my archived/backed up photos, the package directory backed up on, say, June 29th 2008 points to pictures that I uploaded LAST WEEKEND?
Does this mean that Time Machine's back ups of iPhoto are moot, b/c once corruption occurs, the fact that there is "one package to rule them all" will also mean that if a corrupted iPhoto db is backed up, then I will no longer have an uncorrupted file, even if my back ups go back months?
I understand iPhoto '08 updating my current photos in the Unix directory into the new "package" structure. I understand that the new "package" structure is supposed to save us from ourselves. I have read Devlin's advice on how to access the package files. I don't want advice on any of that.
I simply want to know WHY Apple has designed a software package that migrates BACKED UP DATA to the new, "approved" structure? That is like Microsoft designing software to seek out every .doc file I have and changing it to .docx.
I didn't want or expect my archives to be updated, and please save me the speech on how the package structure will save me from corrupting my iPhoto files, and how I "shouldn't" access my files through Finder, in the first place. I'm not interested in lectures on how I use my own computer.
I simply want to know why Time Machine allowed a software program to migrate the structure of my "archival" files without my knowledge or permission.
I also want to know if there is a way I can "undo" the iPhoto '08 migration in my back up files or if I am just stuck with this now. I plan to uninstall iLife '08, as after one weekend I am rather disgusted with iPhoto; I'll leave out my opinion of "Mobile Me".
I discovered this (the migration of my photo files to the iPhoto '08 package) when I went to Time Machine to reinstall my system to where it was prior to the install of iLife '08. I work in digital preservation (as much as there is such a field) and the entire idea that Apple has designed software to search around and migrate someone's archival data without the permission or knowledge of the owner is pretty stupid from a legal perspective.

I'll take the question to the Apple Genius Bar.

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  • How can I use one external hard drive for both Time Machine and iPhoto Library?

    I have been using a 1 TG LaCie external hard drive for Time Machine backups.  My (older) Mac has 160 GB and is almost full.  I would like to move my iPhoto Library to the external hard drive, but I've heard Time Machine doesn't share one space well.  Should I
    1.  create another partition (but will this erase what I've already saved) with Disk Utility?  *I am running Snow Leopard*
    2.  create another volume to use for iPhoto, and if so, should the two volumes be of equal size?
    3.  leave it with one partition and move the iPhoto Library to the same partition with Time Machine back ups?
    I know I don't need the entire 1 TG for back up of 160 GBs.  Please advise the best path to take.  Thank you!

    You are getting incorrect information from your ASP. If you look at drive specifications the heat generated is no different for high vs low capacity drives.
    I have upgraded the internal drive in my iMac 2007 with a 3TB Hitachi drive without any heat issues or other problems.
    Larger hard drives have higher density platters so to access any given amount data the drives travel a shorter distance. Higher capacity drives should therefore run cooler than lower density drives because the drive spends less time spinning to access data.

  • Hard drive to airport extreme for time machine and iPhoto library

    Can I buy an external hard drive and connect to my airport extreme to be used to host my iPhoto library. Meaning that no mater what Mac I upload an image to iPhoto in, it is referencing the same library on an external drive.

    While you can do this as Kappy points out, there a few details that you might want to consider before you make the move.
    1) Time Machine backups to a drive at the USB port of the AirPort Extreme are not supported by Apple. While this does seem to work for some users, others (like me) have difficulty with corruption issues. The bottom line is that this is not a reliable method to back up your important data....and, no support or help from Apple if you do have difficulties.
    Reference this Apple Support Document to confirm:
    "Time Machine can’t back up to an external disk connected to an AirPort Extreme......"
    2) If you move the iPhoto library to the hard drive attached to the AirPort Extreme....your original or master library now resides on that disk.....and you have no backup for the library.....when, not if.....the drive has a problem.
    3) You might want to post in the iPhoto forum to ask if it is still an iPhoto requirement that only one user at a time can have iPhoto open with the shared library arrangement.

  • Time Machine and iPhoto library move

    I've been mulling over moving my iPhoto library (85gb) to an external drive for a while now to save some space on my iMac's internal drive. I wondered what affect this might have on my Time Machine backup as my TM drive has only 8gb available. Now, I know TM will delete old backups to free up space but I wondered if TM would even see this as new data because I will be pointing iPhoto to the new library, so will TM backup the entire 87gb, or will it see it as the same library and only backup new, or changed data from now on?
    I haven't been able to find an answer to this so I just decided to go ahead and do it, and, I'm confused. I now have an old iPhoto library on my internal drive which is no longer used and will be deleted in due course, and a new, current library on my external drive. I included the volume in the TM prefs and started a backup.
    TM came up with this: 29/10/2013 16:08:06.573 com.apple.backupd: 192.08 GB required (including padding), 8.14 GB available
    Why does it require 192gb? it then preceeded to (slowly) delete older backups, freeing up a small amount of space with each one. After deleting about 15 backups, I stopped it cos I didn't like where it was going.
    Then, I decided to exclude the new volume just to see what would happen. This time it said: 29/10/2013 18:16:48.085 com.apple.backupd: 101.39 GB required (including padding), 31.81 GB available
    Where has this 100gb come from?
    Edit: I have just noticed that I renamed the old library to differentiate it from the new one. Would that have triggered TM to backup the whole library again? Even if that's the case, that's 85gb, plus the new volume, another 85gb, totalling 170gb. So why did it need 192gb for both and 100gb for one?
    Not sure what to do now as I don't really want to lose too many more old backups.
    Can anybody help me work this out? And, once worked out, will TM allow me to 'go back' in iPhoto to restore from previous backups?

    Yes I'm aware of the Pondini site and its extremely helpful, but in this case it doesn't answer my question.
    To update the original post, I renamed my old library back to 'iPhoto Library' and, I guess, because it hadn't completed a backup of the library with the 'iPhoto Library - Old' name, it the potential 100gb backup reverted back down to around 7gb.
    So, lesson learned; do not rename the iPhoto library.
    My question that remains is will the iPhoto library on the external drive offer the incremental backups in time that the original library did? Or will I effectively lose all those backups?

  • Time Machine and Iphoto

    I'm sure I'm being stupid, but now Apple have changed the way photos and stored within Iphoto, how would you restore a single picture that you have lost through timemachine if you cannot get to your pics without going through the Iphoto application (or by showing package contents-which you cant do within TimeMachine) ?
    Any comments would be welcome.

    First launch iPhoto, then enter Time Machine. You can go back through any number of iPhoto windows from within Time Machine to retrieve your photos.

  • Hallo ,why is it that when I delete a photo ,which is backed up by time machine and western digital external hard drive , that I am able to restore the photo okay but not the titles and descriptions . I have  a Macbook 4.1, mac osx 10.5.8 . Iphoto 7.1.5 ,

    Hallo , my question is ;whenever I delete a photo and restore it through Time machine and Western digital external hard drive , I am able to restore the photo but not the titles and descriptions . Western Digital inform me that it isn't their external hard drive problem and suggest that it is an Apple software problem ?
    I am using  a Macbook 4.1 , with Mac OSX 10.5.8 . I photo 7.1.5 , last modifie4d 01/05/2010 -universal . Should I be upgrading  Iphoto ?
    I hope that someone is able to help in this matter , as i have to restore 12000 photos !
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Alan from Wigton

    Hallo  Kieth ,
    I am not quite ready to restore the full iphoto library , as I have days of work re - imputting titles,descriptions and enhancement . I hope that your suggestion works , as I use my Macbook basically to work with digital photography. Through time , I will need to delete my library to recover more disc space and I would hate to have to spend more time re - imputting titles and descriptions all over again .
    Thanks for your interest and advice.
    regards  - Alan

  • My iPhoto app was  digressed back to 9.5, not sure how I did it.  I then went to time machine and restored it.  Now when i try to open it, I get a message that iPhoto is on a disk and locked tells me that I don't have permisson to unlock it.  Help ?

    My iPhoto app was digressed back to 9.5, not sure how I did it.  I went to time machine and restored. Now it wont accept my password.  tells me it is locked.  Can anyone help me?

    Run Repair Permissions in Disk Utility and see if that helps.
    If not, you can select the iPhoto Library in your Pictures folder, go File > Get Info (or Command-i), go to the bottom of the info window and set your permissions to Read & Write. On the Action menu at the bottom (the one with the gear) choose Apply to enclosed items...

  • Can I use Time Capsule for Time Machine and a place to put my iPhoto Library

    Can I use Time Capsule for Time Machine and a place to put my iPhoto Library?

    Only if you partition the Time Capsure into two partitions, one for TM and one for the iPhoto LIbrary.  But you won't be able to backup that library as it will be on the same drive as the TM backups.
    It's not recommended.  An alternative solution is to get another EHD, move the library to it and run it from there. Then TM can backup both your boot drive and the working EHD drive.

  • I backed up my macbook pro using time machine and now my iphoto and itunes are empty. how do I reset the computer to an earlier date?

    I backed up my macbook pro using time machine and now my iphoto and itunes are empty. how do I reset the computer to an earlier date? and why would this have happened?

    Without more information, I can't tell you why it happened. As to how to restore to an earlier date, please check out the article below. Should help you to restore form a time machine backup.

  • Many events and photos are missing from my iphoto.  I have time machine and would like to restore without creating duplicates. The issue is although my photos are presently blank time machine/iphoto does see the file so importing them will create duplicat

    For some unknown reason, events and photos in my Iphoto are appearing blank. The photos have a title / placeholder but no picture. I use time machine and have back ups, my goal is to restore the photos without creating duplicates. Unfortunately iphoto sees the blank photos as if the picture exists?  Help

    If you want to use your back up you need to restore then entire Library from Time Machine, and then replace the damaged Library with it.

  • How do I view the photos ? I backed up with iPhoto closed as is recommended , when I enter time machine and click on iPhoto library is calculates there is 11gb so photos are there when I click on view using iPhoto nothing happens ????

    how do I view the photos ? I backed up with iPhoto closed as recommended but when I enter the Time Machine and click on iPhoto library it calculates there is 11gb in there so files must be present but when i click on open with iPhoto nothing happens ? any help welcome please !!??

    The external hard drive must connect to your Mac using a USB or FireWire connection.
    Note that the hard drive must be formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to work correctly with the iPhoto Library and be backed up to the Time Capsule and with the backups of your Mac.
    We are really talking about iPhoto uses here, so you should post in the iPhoto Support area for more details about this. The link is just below.
    iPhoto for Mac

  • Can i uninstall iPhoto 9.4 and reinstall iphoto 9.3 from time machine and will my photos still be there?

    can i uninstall iPhoto 9.4 and reinstall iphoto 9.3 from time machine and will my photos still be there?

    Did you try to repair your library after the update to 9.4?  Here's what you can try:  make a temporary, backup copy of your library if you don't already have one (Control-click on the library and select Duplicate from the contextual menu) and  apply the two fixes below in order as needed:
    Fix #1
    Launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.
    Since only one option can be run at a time start with Option #3, followed by #4 and then #1 as needed.
    Fix #2
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    1 - download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    2 - click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
    3 - Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File ➙ Rebuild Library menu option.
    4 - In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    5 - Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments.  However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.
    If the above does'nt work and you want to go back to iPhoto 9.3 read this tutorial from  iPhoto Library Manager's website:  Fat Cat Software - iPhoto Library Manager Help - Downgrading a library to an earlier version of iPhoto

  • TIme Machine and iTunes

    When I perform a back up using the time machine and my external hard drive, will the music in my itunes and the photos in iphoto be backed up as well? Thanks!

    Everything is included unless you exclude it. How you do that is:
    1. Open System Prefrences and click on Time Machine
    2. Then click on Options. If you want to exclude something click the + sign and use Finder to locate it and then add it. On your next TM backup that item willl be excluded.

  • I have an older macbook pro and the hard drive is starting to go (making loud noises). i tried to back up to an external hard drive (my passport essential se) using time machine and the computer keeps shutting down. suggestions to complete backup please?

    I have an older macbook pro and the hard drive is starting to go (making loud noises). i tried to back up to an external hard drive (my passport essential se) using time machine and the computer keeps shutting down. the same thing happens when just trying to save my pictures from iphoto to a flash drive. suggestions to complete backup please?

    Sounds like you'll need to access that drive while it is not booted. You need to replace it anyway, so do that, then one way or another (ext enclusure, et), access it and copy files.
    If you keep trying to boot it, you might kill it for good and not get your files, so just swap it out first.

  • Have made a rebbot from Time Machine, and now I lack a lot of pictures. Can see icons, but not enlarge them. Especially pictures where 2009 is included in the date is missing? When I set up my desktop, I can find some of the pictures. Where do They hide,

    Missing Pictures.
    Have made a rebbot from Time Machine, and now I lack a lot of pictures. Can see icons, but not enlarge them. Especially pictures where 2009 is included in the date is missing?
    When I set up my desktop, I can find some of the pictures. Where do They hide, and what shall I do.
    Have made back up, but unfortunately a little too late. What to do?
    MacBook Pro 15 "late 2008, Processor 2.53 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, Software Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion (11E53).

    1. You did not get an error message telling you that your iPhoto library was getting full. You got a message telling you that your HD was getting full, right?
    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on.
    Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially.
    Your first priority is to make more space on that HD. Nothing else can be done until you do.
    Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.
    Your Library has been damaged from being run on an overfull disk.
    How much free space on it now?

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