Time Machine Corrupts Backup Drive ...

Well, maybe I was a little facetious with the title ....... that was just to attract you to click
I have a 500gb LaCie Desktop Hard Drive. I use FW 800 to my Mac. I use the hard drive as a TM drive only, no other data is on it.
I've had this problem several times recently.
I erase the hard drive through disk utility. It is 100% empty. I go into TM, set it as the TM Drive, and it backs up my 250gb (50gb free) internal hard drive fully.
It will TM properly about 7-10 times. After that, randomly, with nothing invoking it, i'll get a "this drive is read-only" error when TM is going about its business, and won't be able to further back up to the drive.
There is plenty of extra space to back up. Doing an information (command + i) on the hard drive, expensing the privileges drop-down and unlocking the menu does not let me change the "read-only" drop down for any of the users.
My thought was to go into Root and change it there, but I know when you start screwing around with root when something doesn't want to be done, things usually get messed up somewhere further down the line.
Right now is not a busy time for me, so the TM backup isn't crucial, but I'd like to get it up and running again ASAP.
Further Information: I am able to copy files to and from the hard drive. It is fully operational and connects to other computers as well.
Repaired / verified disk permission on both internal and external already.

sounds like it could be a problem with the drive itself. you should reformat it completely using the partition tab (NOT the erase tab) in DU. then back up again and see what happens. if the problem keeps coming back after that i would suspect a faulty drive.

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  • Time machine multiple backup drives question

    Time machine to backup to my 2TB MyBook drive.  I wanted a second backup on a portable 1TB, so in time machine settings, I selected the 1TB drive, and then clicked the "Replace" button, instead of the "Use both" button.  Currently the 1TB drive is backing up from scratch.
    So will I be able to select my 2TB MyBook drive after the 1TB is backed up and disconnected?  I mean, can I resume time machine backups where I left off?
    Most of what I've read (after the fact) seems to suggest that I should have clicked the "Use both" button, then just removed the 1TB drive.

    I find tm doesn't remember the drives anyway. I have a dedicated drive for lion and mountain lion as I have both lion and mountain lion installed on  my mac. When I'm in either os and connect the appropriate drive and start tm I still have to go in and select the drive. Tm says there are no older backups, but there are, until the new partial backup completes. Then it lists al the backups on that drive.
    Now maybe if you leave tm on all the time it might work differently but I don't care for it creating local snapshots and I only connect the externals when I want to do a backup.
    So bottom line is you shouldn't have any problem when you connect the other drive. At that time, when you have to select that original tm backup drive, you can click the option to use both.

  • My Time Machine says backup drive is too small

    After upgrading to Lion I created a new backup. My Time Capsule had 400Gb free, and the full backup is 270gb. However after a day or so time machine cant perform a backup because there isnt enough space on the drive. It says it needs another 270gb. The size of the backup hasnt changed since snow leopard so im not sure why this has happened. I feel it could be to do with File vault 2 which I enabled after upgrading to Lion. Also after I did the full backup it said on the TC that it was only 22mb in size, but this has now changed.
    Many thanks

    gooober wrote:
    What is strange is that I had the exact same problem with Time machine after I moved my Time machine drive from being directly connected to my Macbook Pro to connecting it to our Airport Extreme.
    After I moved the drive, I got an error message stating the same - yet there was plenty space left on the drive!
    That's a different problem.  Time Machine stores backups differently when done over a network.  See the blue box in #E2 of Time Machine - Troubleshooting.
    And I hate to have to tell you this, but backing-up that way is unreliable and not supported by Apple. See  Using Time Machine with an Airport Extreme Air Disk.

  • My Time Machine and backup drive are not recognized and do not work after this update...is there a way to fix this?

    After I upgraded to Yosemite, my MAC Time Machine backup drive is no longer recognized and the process freezes when I try to re-install the drive from the drive's software.  Is there a way to fix this?

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It’s unlikely to solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    The purpose of the test is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party software that loads automatically at startup or login, by a peripheral device, by a font conflict, or by corruption of the file system or of certain system caches.
    Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards, if applicable. Start up in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. You must hold down the shift key twice: once when you turn on the computer, and again when you log in.
    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or earlier, or if a firmware password is set, or if the startup volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to start up and run than normal, with limited graphics performance, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and Wi-Fi on certain models. The next normal startup may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually login automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Test while in safe mode. Same problem?
    After testing, restart as usual (not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of the test.

  • Time Machine USB Backup Drive fails to eject

    Time Machine is freezing my iMac at logoff/shutdown. I noticed that in the log files for Time Machine backups that other folks posted that the the Time Machine target volume ejected and unmounted at the end of the backup. That isn't happening. I can turn Time Machine off and logoff, but if I leave it running everything freezes. Any ideas on how why Time Machine isn't ejecting the disk? I used the same disk with Snow Leopard (just upgraded lately) without issue. I've reformatted and re-set up the target volume with Lion so some kind of SL thing shouldn't be the issure.

    with2ays wrote:
    Yes, it is a portable drive. I've tried other cables and another Mac (on campus), but nothin' doin'. I bought it locally but I'd have to find the receipt. I installed a Scorpio Black 320GB HD on Saturday. Would that have anything to do with it?
    It shouldn't, but the timing makes me wonder if it's not a coincidence.
    Some things can go wrong with TM when you add/replace an internal, but if your Mac doesn't even see it, we can't begin to diagnose, much less fix it.
    Still, if another Mac doesn't even see it, it's pretty likely dead. Might be fixable, but you need to take it back.

  • Time Machine error - backup drive not mounted

    Our family has 3 iMacs now running 10.5. One has a hard drive connected to it. The others are networed via a couple of Airport Extremes. The network is fine (all have internet). Time Machine is running fine on the iMac connected to the hard drive and on one of the others via the network.
    But on the 3rd I keep getting an error that the backup drive is not mounted. It can mount it manually and see it (and its files) fine. The hard drive is configured so that everyone has read & write access. I've tried restarting it and resetting prams. I've tried connecting to the hard drive as a guest and as an authorized user. I still get the same error.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

    It seems to be working now. I trashed the old sparsebundle file and let it start from scratch. Wish I thought of that earlier .......
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  • Can I use Time Machine to backup ONLY an external drive?

    I am having problems with the internal HD on my iMac and Disk Utility is telling me I need to reformat the drive and restore from backup. Only problem is that my 3TB Lacie Thunderbolt drive I was using for Time Machine recently failed (think it may have happened during an electrical storm brownout). Yep, I know, ***** to be me
    The issues with the internal HD are preventing the iMac from booting and I would prefer not to have to purchase various repair software to find one that really works such as Disk Warrior or similar ((despite it getting very good reviews). I suspect it make be HFS corruption but no way to really tell that I am aware of.
    I have setup an external drive with Yosemite and booted from that so now my old internal drive is seen as an "external drive".
    I am using Disk Utility to make an image copy to a new 3TB external drive I purchased. Writing the DMG is going to take some time.
    What I would like to do is to set up Time Machine to backup to a separate external 3TB hard drive (the second one I purchased) and have TM create a backup of ONLY the old internal drive - not the new system as well as the old internal unit.
    Is this possible and if so can anyone advise how to do this. Does not seem I can exclude the system drive I am now booted from so that it is not backed up. (This makes sense that TM would be designed this way given its primary purpose is to backup a system).
    If TM cannot be configured in this way, is there another option I can use?

    Thanks for that advice. I have heard of it but a friend who does IT support at a University nearby suggested using Disk Utility to save an image - hence this is currently underway at present. Once this is finished I will try Carbon Copy Cloner.
    I have another friend who has an older version of CCC - do you know if an old version will work ok or if only the latest supports Yosemite?
    Also once I have the clone completed from CCC, is the process then to reformat the old internal drive and then clone from the CCC external drive back to the internal and then reboot and trust all is well?
    Appreciate your help Csound1.

  • On imac 10.6.8 using current version of Aperture.  How can I access the Aperture Library  on my external hard drive that I use with time machine for backup?  I can only access the application but not the library..

    On imac 10.6.8 using current version of Aperture.  How can I access the Aperture Library  on my external hard drive that I use with time machine for backup?  I can only access the application but not the library..

    Go into Time Machine (the program not the bundle on the extrnal disk) and using Time Machine's browser go to the Folder where the library lives. You could look in the library bundle in Time Machine but that won't really tell you much,
    If you want to make sure it truely has backed up your library you will need to restore it and open the restored library with Aperture.
    If all this still has you confused you need to read up on Time Machine in order to get a feel for how it works, for what it is doing and for how to restore files from it.

  • How do I use time machine to backup to an external hard drive plugged into my airport extreme

    How do I use time machine to backup to an external hard drive plugged into my airport extreme?  I used to be able to but now time machine will not recognize my hard drive to select as a backup when plugged into my airport extreme.  I'm not sure what happened or changed.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    First thing to do is go to the Pondini tips page, then follow the link to his full TM site for all the details.

  • HT201250 I have two external hard drives. One is my Time Machine backup drive.  The other I use for external storage of files (documents, photos, movies, etc).  Can I set Time Machine to backup BOTH my Mac hard drive and my other external hard drive?

    I have two external hard drives. One is my Time Machine backup drive.  The other I use for external storage of files (documents, photos, movies, etc).  Can I set Time Machine to backup BOTH my Mac hard drive and my other external hard drive?

    Yes you can make multiple backups on one hard drive, for example if you’ve 1TB hard drive installed in your PC and you’ve two Mac Machines with 500GB drive each then you just make two backup images with size of 500GB each.

  • HT3275 Since updating OS to Mountain Lion from leopard, I get the following error message when trying to backup with time machine on external drive.  Could not complete backup to media share.  The network backup disk does not support the required AFP feat

    Since updating OS to Mountain Lion from leopard, I get the following error message when trying to backup with time machine on external drive.  "Could not complete backup to media share.  The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features."  What are AFP features and how do I get Time Machine to backup to my current external backup?

    This means that your NAS does not support the required encryption. Update your NAS to the latest firmware or ditch it and buy a Time Capsule (they are the most reliable when using TM).

  • Can I set Time Machine to backup both my hard drive and an external hard drive?

    Hi. I've been working with a lot of family video lately and my internal hard drive has filled up significantly. iMovie doesn't seem to have a good archiving facility like Adobe InDesign which I use at work were all the relevant files are gathered together into one folder. Apple advised me to relocate my movie files to an external hard drive and herein lies my query.
    Is there a way for me to set Time Machine to backup both my iMac's internal drive and the external hard drive that would contain my movie files? I've been using Time Machine for my backups for a few years now, but backing up the external as well has me stumped. If Time Machine could be used then all the necessary file accociations etc would be safely backed up as well - that's why I don't want to have to manually backup the external.
    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

    7string48 wrote:
    Thanks so much Pondini!!  You just quickly answered a question that none of the Mac people in 3 stores or Apple Care have been able to answer.If you can format it HFS+ (any variation of Mac OS Extended), it will work.  If not, it won't.  
    I'm not too surprised about the Apple Stores, as they don't get much training on Time Machine.  But AppleCare sure ought to know. 
    Oh...what about if the external drive is an array...like a Drobo with it's own proprietary formatting...I guess that would not work...??
    I've never used a Drobo.  A number of folks here have used them as their Time Machine drives, but I don't recall seeing anyone try to back one up with TM, so can't say for sure.  But if you can format it as HFS+ (any variation of Mac OS Extended), it will work.  If not, it won't.
    At least part of the reason is, Time Machine uses the File System Event Store, a hidden log of changes that OSX keeps on each Mac-formatted disk/partition, to figure out what's changed and needs to be backed-up.  See How Time Machine works its Magic for details.
    See Time Machine - Frequently Asked Question #32 for details and considerations of backing-up multiple volumes with Time Machine.
    However, even if it will work, that may not be your best strategy, depending on your circumstances:
    Since Time Machine keeps copies of things you've changed or deleted, the destination needs to be considerably larger than the data being backed-up.  How much larger varies widely depending on how you use your Mac, but a general "rule of thumb" is, it needs at least twice the space to be able to keep a reasonable "depth" of backups for you.
    If you have a large internal HD, fairly full, plus a large external HD, and the files on the external don't change frequently, you might want to use Time Machine for the internal, and a different app to a different disk or partition, on a different schedule, for the external.  Especially if space is a consideration, you might not need to keep previous versions of files on the externals.  See Time Machine - Frequently Asked Question #27 for some alternatives.

  • Can I use a 2tb external drive with Time Machine to backup my Mac Mini (256gbSSD + 2tbHDD)?

    Can I use a 2tb external drive with Time Machine to backup what I have on my Mac Mini?
    My Mac Mini has one 256 SSD and one 2tb HDD. I want to use Time Machine to do a backup of everything.
    Would an external 2tb My Passport Drive by Western Digital work for the backup?
    It seems like it would not work because the total storage on the Mac Mini is 2304 gigabytes (SSD + HDD).
    And the external Western Digital drive is only 2048 in gigabytes versus 2304 gigabytes the Mac Mini has.

    No. A Time Machine backup drive should have at least twice the capacity of the drive it backs up. You would need at least a 4 TB backup drive for Time Machine.
    Might I suggest as an alternative that you not use Time Machine but a third-party backup utility that simply overwrites older files with new ones such that the backup drive can be the same capacity as the drive backed up.
    Suggested Backup Software
      1. Carbon Copy Cloner
      2. Get Backup
      3. Deja Vu
      4. SuperDuper!
      5. Synk Pro
      6. Tri-Backup
    Others may be found at MacUpdate.
    Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on backup and restore.  Also read How to Back Up and Restore Your Files.

  • HT201250 How to retrieve external drive backups from time machine on hard drive without external drive connected

    I am keeping my work files on an external drive which are backed up using Time Machine onto my computer's hard drive. I set it up this way so I can take my actual work drive with me if I need it. However, I just noticed that I can't see any of those files in time machine if the drive itself isn't plugged in, which makes this method useless. Is there any way to get to those, or do I need to reconfigure my backup system? I always thought if something happened to my hard drive I'd have a backup, but that won't work if I can't get to the files.

    See Pondini's TM FAQs, for starters.

  • Is there a way to use Time Machine to backup my Macbook Pro to an external drive connected to my iMac?

    I recently purchased a Seagate Goflex Desk 2TB and I've already used Time Machine to backup my iMac running 10.5.8 to the drive. Is there a way to backup my Macbook Pro running 10.6.8 to the drive using Time Machine while the drive is still connected to my iMac? Any help is appreciated!

    Choose Connect to Server from the Finder's Go menu, provide the first computer's IP address, log in, and set it up in the Time Machine pane of System Preferences.

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