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Hi, I'm doing animatics for an animated show, working with storyboards. When the show goes to online it will be in HD. Do I need to set Easy Setup to an HD format for the animatics?

You shouldn't be getting the render line so you must be doing something wrong.
You are shooting at 30fps and not 60fps?
In Streamclip do this:-
File>Export to QuickTime and select Apple Intermediate Codec.
Do not alter any other settings.
Simply click Make Movie.

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  • Easy Setup - Format used for importing MPEG-4 clip

    I am trying to import a movie to FCE and wonder which format should be set in the Easy Setup. Thx
    Used MPEG Streamclip to check the info:
    Video Tracks:
    Generic MPEG-4, 640 × 480, 29.97 fps, 997 kbps
    Audio Tracks:
    MPEG Layer-3 Audio stereo, 48 kHz, 64 kbps
    Used QuickTime Player Inspecter to check the info:
    DivX 6.0, 640x480, Unknown
    MPEG Layer3, Stereo, 48.000 kHz

    You'd better first convert the movie (using MPEG Streamclip you already have) to the standard NTSC format: open your file in MPEG Streamclip, then Export to QuickTime (cmd-E - NOT Export to DV!) with Compression: Apple DV-DVCPRO/NTSC, Quality: 100%, fps: 29,97, Audio: uncompressed, Stereo, 48 KHz.
    Then in FCE select the DV-NTSC Easy Setup before creating the sequence you'll use for editing.
    Finally import the converted .mov file into FCE and drag it into the new sequence in the timeline.
    That should do it, and the resulting .mov will not require video nor audio rendering.

  • I have converted m2ts files to .mov to edit in FCE (4.0.1) When I drag the clips into the timeline they need rendering, as much as a minute for a 30 sec. clip. Is this normal? I am using OS 10 . My easy setup is apple intermediate codec, 720p30. Any help

    I have converted m2ts files to .mov in streamclip,  for editing in fce 4.0.1. When I drag them into the fce timeline the clips need rendering, as much as a minute for a 30 second clip. Is this normal? My OS is 10.6.8. My easy setup in fce is apple intermediate codec 720p30. Any advice to avoid the rendereng would be helpful. Ann

    To what codec, frame size & frame rate did you convert the files in Streamclip?
    If it isn't AIC 720p30, you'll need to render.

  • Which format to choose on Easy Setup?

    Which one should I choose at Easy Setup?
    Any video I try to work with, it says on a blue background "Unrendered" and I only hear the audio.
    The only video I can work with properly is when I import videos from my camera to iMovie, then Export the XML and import that XML in Final Cut Express.
    Otherwise, ANY video I import from my computer to the FCE or even any video I import from my computer to iMovie, then export to XML and import with XML in FCE, doesn't work...
    What is the format I should work with on FCE? .avi files don't work, .mov files don't work.. nothing works..

    The only video format FCE4 will work with natively is DV. HDV from TAPE based cameras together with AVCHD are converted into Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC).
    All other formats will need converting to either DV or Apple Intermediate Codec using something like MPEG Streamclip http://www.squared5.com/


    OK, this falls under the heading: Just plain stupid. Nevertheless, now I am looking for a fix. I'm new to HD. I shot a short film with a Panasonic HVX-200. I was not going to have to do the post-production and would periodically load the footage into FCP as it was shot just to see how it looked. Then it turned out, I was asked to edit it under a tight deadline. However, when I ingested the footage into FCP I never changed the easy setup. The editing is now done and I wish to output to Digi Beta. But I now see the sequence settings are set for CCIR 601 NTSC! Is there a way to "undo" this and put in the proper setting? Or is the only way to re-ingest and re-edit? This is embarassing. But, hey, we all have to learn. Maybe publishing my error will save someone else down the road! Thanks for any help.

    That's very interesting to learn that 601 NTSC is the proper setting for Digibeta. I didn't know that. Here are the exact current sequence settings:
    Frame Size: 720 x 486. Aspect Ratio: CCIR 601 (40:27)
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: NTSC - CCIR 601 / DV 720 x 480
    Field Dominance: Lower (Even)
    Editing Timebase 29.97
    QuickTime Video Settings:
    Compressor: Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2
    Quality: 100%
    Audio: 48Khz, 24-bit
    Config: default
    I shot in DVCPRO HD 720p60
    Gosh, I'm trying to remember if I had to render the footage as I dropped it into the timeline. I didn't think so. But now I can't swear to it.
    I guess I have (at least) 2 questions: (1) Is there a way to "revert" to the HD format for this sequence now that it's edited? (2) Do I even want to do that if I want to output to digibeta print? What's the best thing to do to obtain a maximum quality digibeta print?
    By the way, I just heard this week that the film was accepted into a film festival, so I'm under a dead line to deliver a print, preferrably in digibeta or beta sp format.
    Would greatly appreciate any help. And thanks for the welcome to the forums!

  • FCP 7.0.3 Easy Setup audio setting issues

    I have created two custom Easy Setups.
    SD:     DVCPro50 PAL with audio set @ 48.000 kHz, 16-bit, 16 chan
    HD:     DVCProHD 1080i 25fps with audio set @ 48.000kHz, 24-bit, 16 chan
    I open FCP, load the SD easy setup.  I then click on Audio/Video settings.
    Select "Audio/Video Settings" and view "Capture Presets Summary"
         - Audio format is listed as 48.000 kHz 16-bit 16-chan
    Select"Edit" and "Capture Preset Editor" comes up.
         - UnderQuicktime Audio Settings:
              - Device:  AJA Kona 3
              - Format:  48.000 kHz 16-bit 16-chan
    If I then select the HD Easy Setup, and then "Audio/Video Settings"
    Select"Edit" and "Capture Preset Editor" comes up.
         - UnderQuicktime Audio Settings:
              - Device:  AJA Kona 3
              - Format:  48.000 kHz 16-bit 16-chan (THIS SHOULD BE 24-bit)
    Select the "A\V Device" tab:
    The audio device has defaulted to the 16 bit setting as well.
    It appears that FCP or AJA is keeping the audio bitrate from the previous Easy Setup.
    Even if we close FCP completely, and reopen into a new project, load the HD Easy Setup, the bit rate still shows as 16.
    I have tried deleting the following:
    Final Cut User Data Folder

    The camera definitely recorded in SP, that icon was visible on the viewfinder...
    What settings should i be using in FCP to capture the video? From attempted research i found most comments suggesting to use a basic Firewire settings. i have used this in PAL format but the results are poor.
    One thing I am confused about is the 32khz or 48khz settings. Which should i be using? I have an older version of FCE 4 where there are many settings for both 32khz and 48khz for DV FireWire but in FCP7 there are only options for 48khz.
    Any advice would be welcomed at the moment.
    I am also willing to upload clips of what I have to demonstrate visually the poor quality video I am capturing from the Canon

  • "Easy Setup" Question:   best setting?

    Howdy. I'm creating video with my HD Kodak Zi6 and the output looks a bit squished. (I'm fatter than usual.)
    I've had this trouble before and suspect that I have the wrong setting checked in Easy Set Up.
    What do you folks recommend?
    Brad in Denver

    Hey Tom, I've been reading a lot of your posts on this forum advising not to get the Zi6 if you want to edit in FCE, but I bought the camera before I found them. I was meaning to ask why this is a bad camera to use, because I've been able to open and edit footage in FCE as well. By going to File > import. I used the easy setup:
    Format - HD, Rate - 29.97, Use -HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec 720p30
    Here is a link to a few clips thrown together with some transitions. I don't really know what I'm doing, so, it's terrible. (You've been warned)
    I'm really thinking about returning this camera though if it is terrible to pair with FCE, because the only reason I got it was to start learning FCE. I only have 2 days left to return it though. So I need to figure it out real quick. Do you think I should pay the restocking fee and get a cheap used DV camera off amazon/ebay etc?
    Appreciate all your help and posts.

  • Easy Setup

    I'm trying to figure out which easy setup format to choose. I initially had a dvd with vhs footage. Via Toast I converted it to an mpeg-4 format(640x480). 29.97 fps. In the drop down list I don't see mpeg as an option. I've been constantly rendering the clips. Fun!
    Thanks for your help

    Hello, and welcome to the Apple Discussion forums.
    You need to convert the DVD video to QuickTime using either +Apple DV/DVCPRO NTSC+ or +Apple Intermediate Codec+ compression. I do not believe Toast can do that. And in any event MPEG4 is not the right kind of video to edit in FCE.
    Most people in this forum use MPEG Streamclip (free) to convert DVD video for editing in FCE. (Note: you will also need the QuickTime MPEG2 Component if you do not already have it on your Mac. $20, downloadable from the Apple Online Store.)
    With footage that was originally VHS, you probably have standard 4:3 aspect ratio video (ie, not widescreen), in which case +QuickTime - Apple DV/DVCPRO NTSC+ would be the proper conversion in MPEG Streamclip. In FCE you would use the +DV NTSC+ easy setup for this video.

  • Easy Setup for 24p Question

    I have footage shot in standard 24p (F5 on the DVX camera)
    I will be editing on a 23.98 timeline
    I am also working with some 24pA material, so we're planning to use Cinema Tools to convert the standard 24p material for use in the timeline.
    In Easy Setup there is one choice for DV-NTSC
    And another DV-NTSC 24p (23.98)
    Confusing! Especially since I'm going to be editing in a 23.98 timeline. I know that the material on the tape, whether shot in 24p or 24pADV is 29.98; I'm just confused about which of these capture presets to choose
    I knew this information at one point but it has decided to either go to sleep or exit my brain entirely.
    thanks for any clarification you can offer

    Double posted: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1714491&tstart=0

  • Easy setup 1280x720

    I just got a new camera, with wich i record in 1280x720, 4MBps, 25p.
    Is this HD?
    And, more important, what "easy setup" should i choose for my final cut pro sequence, in order to make the importation on my time line easy and quick, and render the effects with efficiency as well...?
    Oh, and if you know, what export format do you recommand for a big screen public projection?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    I think you may want to rethink this. Normally, you want to capture in the highest quality possible, edit in as lossless a format as possible, and then deliver the presentation version in the format required for projection.
    This is is even more important when
    CMarinette wrote:
    At the end, i will make a standard DVD (for a public projection on a big screen),
    But this is all up to you.
    If you are sticking with MP4, download (free) MPEG Streamclip from
    and convert your source files to ProRes LT. Your files sizes will increase many times over during the conversion, as the video will be "unpacked" from the highly compressed MP4 format into a format suitable for editing.

  • Easy setup for Panasonic AG-HMC40P

    I have the camera settings to capture at 1080/60i.  I burn to regular DVD, not blueray.  Can you please tell me what the easy setup should be in FCP? Once I'm finished editing in FCP, I output to QT movie and then into iDVD.  

    Click on one of the ingest camera files in the FCP Browser. Once it is selected, type Command + 9 to see the properties for the clip. Either report those properties here or take a screen shot of the item properties and post that here.
    Next, click anywhere in your timeline, then type Command + 0 {zero} to see your Sequence Settings. Either report those settings here or take a screen shot of your Sequence Settings and post that screen shot here.

  • FCE + Sony HDR-SR12E - Easy Setup ??

    Using FCE 4.0.1 with a Sony HDR-SR12E and I understand I need to set the camera from 1920x1080 to 1440x1080 so that FCE is happy. But my question is which settings should I choose on the Easy Setup panel...
    Format - Apple Intermediate Codec
    Use - HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i50 or AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i50 ??
    Or even something else ?
    Help please - Thanks Billy

    From the Apple's website:
    Added AVCHD Easy Setups
    Final Cut Express now includes AVCHD Easy Setups to support ingesting AVCHD footage using the Apple Intermediate Codec. The Easy Setups are:
    AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i60
    AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1920x1080i60
    AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i50
    AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1920x1080i50
    You no longer need to use the HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec Easy Setups when ingesting AVCHD footage.
    Now, if you live in an area where is in use PAL, choose AVCHD 1920x1080i50.

  • What's the best FCP6 easy setup for HD shot on Canon XHA1?

    Hi, I'm sorry to ask such a novice question, but I want to make sure I'm starting correctly. Anyone have advice on the best easy setup to use for a project that will be predominantly footage shot in HD at 30P on the Canon XH-A1? It will also include a little bit of HD footage shot through a Canon 5D markii, but I think I understand how to bring those clips in later using log and transfer and the appropriate Canon EOS codec deal.
    I'm just still not sure of the difference between HDV, DVCPRO HD, and all those other easy presets that are listed out...
    thanks much!

    I tried to search through other threads before posting my question, but I guess I didn't come across yours.
    It was in response to your other question on the forums... So it was an answer directly to you.
    As for your other question, that I also answered...use the camera if you want to shoot 30F or 24F, or shoot 60i and use the deck. Those are your choices. There is no deck that deals with Canon's F format...and they don't make decks. Silly stupid.

  • Streamclip/easy setup settings for purchased clips

    I have some purchased clips that I would like to edit in FCE. The settings from the QT inspector are:
    Format: photo JPEG, 1920 x 1080, millions
    FPS: 30
    Data Size: 321.4 MB
    Data Rate: 171.37 Mbit/s
    Current Size: 478 x 269 pixels
    If I convert in streamclip to QT for editing in FCE, which compression should I used, and what other settings should I use?
    Also, which easy setup in FCE would be correct?
    I will eventually be exporting this to QT so that I can run the video through a mac to a projector.

    What version of FCE are you using?
    Is there any other media, or just the stock footage?
    Most likely you want to convert to QuickTime using the Apple Intermediate Codec at 1920x1080 at 29.97fps.

  • Changing Sub Second Timeline Format In AE CS5.5?

    Is it possible to change the timeline format in AE CS5.5 so that the sub second granularity is in tenths or hundredths of a second instead of frames?
    If I zoom in to the timeline then it initially shows it as whole seconds but then continued zooming results in the sub second intervals being in frames wheres I would like that to be in decimals of a second, is this possible?

    Dang, LaRonde, we missed the boat again. It wasn't about accuracy at all, it was about editing and faking it.
    Here's the string of events:
    > Is it possible to change the timeline format in AE CS5.5 so that the sub second granularity is in tenths or hundredths of a second instead of frames?
    > If I zoom in to the timeline then it initially shows it as whole seconds but then continued zooming results in the sub second intervals being in frames wheres I would like that to be in decimals of a
    > second, is this possible?
    (Yes and no. Video is video, the fame rates are firmly established. You can create a 100 frame per second timeline but you can't show it on anything. Easier to just stretch 25fps out to 400%.)
    > I wish to insert a stopwatch type of timer into some sports event videos where sub second timing is important. To do this I select the precise point for the commencement of the timer and it is
    > easier if I have a timeline of tenths/hundredths of a second rather than frames.
    > I realise that for a 25fps video I will have an accuracy level of 0.04 seconds rather than 0.01 seconds but 0.04 seconds is OK for me.
    > I can manage with frames for sub second intervals but if decimal sub seconds was available it would have been nice.
    (your accuracy is not going to be 0.04, it's going to be no better than 0.08.)
    > What I wish to do is to edit a three hour recording of 6 horse races to cut out all of the audio/video between the races and just have the 6 races plus about 30 seconds lead in before the race begins
    > and 30 seconds after the race completes for each race. In addition, on the precise frame that the starting gates open for each race I want a stopwatch timer to start from 0.00 seconds and count
    > upwards in hundredths of a second. The timer should then run on until the nose of the last horse to finish hits the finishing line. The timer then stops
    . and the whole process is repeated for the next
    > race until all 6 races are completed. All 6 races and their timers would then be rendered into one file such as mp4 or flv or wmv.
    (You won't to try to edit the footage in AE, do that in Premiere)
    Time remap the footage in a longer comp, stretch it out to 400% to get your level of granularity. Set your stopwatch thingy. Did you ever firgure out how to do that? Timers are available in several different ways. Not sure which one you're going to want as minutes/seconds is about as granular as you can get. You can do another timer as a self-contained movie at a higher frame rate or time stretched and then bring it back in and set it alongside the onthe one doing minutes/seconds. You then change the speed of the improted movie to move at one hundred frames/second. This takes a bit of tweaking, again diminishing your possible accuracy.
    Then nest this comp back into a 25fps comp. You will render out of AE to a frame-based codec and then take that movie to Adobe Media Encoder for the transcode to your release media format. Do not try to export the movie out of AE; it's possible but it's not reliable. You will need to know the difference between exporting and rendering and encoding.
    Real world timers are odd requests in AE. The easiest thing I've found is to create a movie of an incrementing counter and import it. Set up multiple copies and position them carefully between colons. Run each one as a loop at whatever speed is necessary to create the illusion of a real world burned in timer. So I could have a movie that counts from 00 to 99, a new numeral on each frame. Upon import I set it to loop 1000 times then I can speed that up or slow it down to fit whatever rate of change I need. Then I create a movie that counts from 00 to 59 and do roughly the same thing.
    If you don't want to build one in AE, you can get a bright LED stopwatch and shoot that using a good macro lens. Key it over the movies.
    There are numerous onscreen counters and timers that you can shoot off of a Mac or iPad screen. The temporal resolution of your video format is still going to be an issue since, at 25fps, there will be many frames where the hundreds and tenths digits will be off , incorrect, or cthe shutter will capture more than one numeral.
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