Tools for marking documents are disabled

The common markup tools are not activated for use and when I click the box for those tools, they do not work.
This note shows up at the bottom, "Only available when document rights are enabled"
I understand what this means and the spirit behind it makes some sense. I assume that an author would prefer that thier document was not edited and published easily by a second party.
The part of this that makes little sense is if I am a student and, the document is a textbook. Why shouldn't I be able to use it just like a paper text book? You remember, highlight, tab, make notes, etc..
Seems to me that these type tools would be quite harmless to most authors and publishers and I would think they would like students to use them in this way. I would think that is how they used their books when they were in school. I would also go so far as to say that not having these tools active could have a negative impact on Adobe if another company did have these tools available. With that in mind, it is hard for me to believe there isn't some simple button, or change in preferences that would allow me to use these tools.
I can say that I have had one book that did have these available and the tools were very useful and made the class and the textbook much more userfriendly in the end.
Is there somway these tools can be made available other than approaching every single text book company for 2 to 6 books every class?

I actually can't believe I was being that stupid.
Thank you very much! This solves the issue.
Many Thanks,

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    - how often has the documents been accessed?
    The purpose is, to identify documents, which may be obsolete...

    Hi Dominik,
       There is not tool but you can develop it.
    You can develop a filter, each time that you access a document, this statistic information should be saved in a database and then you can report.
    Here you have an example about how to create a report:
    On the other hand,
    Using taxonomies, you can classify document by rating.
    Also in Content Management->Report->Resource Statistics (
    This report calculates statistic information on the content of KM repositories
    ). I know that this report it is not that you are looking for but ....

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    Dear Experts,
    We are existing user of SAP 4.6 C , are facing probelm while posting accounting document , the accounting document number ranges are not getting updated.
    When I post first document it got alloted first number from the interval when i post another document the system showing message Document Number XXXXXXX is already assigned to other document.
    And we have checked through T.C FBN1 and checked the number ranges where first document didn't showing in the alloted number range status.
    Early reply can be highly appreciated.
    thanking you.
    Y.Kiran Babu.

    hi Rajesh,
    check if any document exists with that number in table BKPF. Also check: the number (current number) you see in FBN1 should be the highest existing document number in BKPF (inside the range).

  • A tool for marking tracks to cut off pieces at once?

    It is hard to describe for me with text, so I made a video when I'm showing in PrP what I mean.
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    Before I put in a bug report, can someone please duplicate the problem and report back?
    I just tried it with DV in a brand new project with a brand new sequence and it only lifts from track one. Very odd. I have tried several ways to select all of the tracks including holding shift while using the track select key and using Ctrl-a to select it all.

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    Thanks in advance!

    Welcome to the club.
    It seems that you missed something:
    Pages is NOT Word so it is quite normal that some features are different and even than some available in W are missing in Pages as some missing in W are available in Pages.
    About your question, you may search for the keyword "highlight" in the help or in the PDF User's guide as I did.
    I got the responce but it's not too late to learn how to search by yourself
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE samedi 29 décembre 2007 19:38:43)

  • Microsoft for Mac documents are not compatible with PC versions

    I love Apple computers, but I may not be able to get one for my next laptop because of compatibility problems with Microsoft for Mac. Whenever I work on something for school on my Mac using word or PowerPoint, I'll bring it to school on a USB the next day, and the font, layout (and in PowerPoints, the timing) will all have changed. It annoys me so much!!! My Microsoft for Mac is completely updated so why isn't the latest version for Mac compatible with the latest version for PC?? It doesn't make SENSE!
    If someone could help that would be really great.
    - Madstamoo

    You might try looking/posting here.
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  • Hyperlinks in my WORD document are disabled once converted to ADOBE. How can I fix?

    Problem just started once I had to reload ADOBE to a new laptop. Suggestions?

    AFAIK, no version of the PDF Maker plugin is compatible with Office 365. See: Compatible web browsers and PDFMaker applications

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    Hi all,
    I'm currently developing a tool for XML Document analysis using XQuery. We have a need to analyse the content of a large CMS dump, so I am adding all documents to a berkeley DB xml to be able to run xqueries against it.
    In my last run I've been running to indexing speed problems, with single documents (typically 10-20 K in size) taking around 20 sec to be added to the database after 6000 documents (I've got around 20000 in total). The time needed for adding docs to the database drops with the number of documents.
    I suspect my index configuration to be the reason for this performance drop. Indeed, I've been very generous with indexes, as we have to analyse the data and don't know the structure in advance.
    Currently my index configuration includes:
    - 2 default indicess: edge-element-presence-none and edge-attribute-presence-none to be able to speed up every possible xquery to analyse data patterns: ex. collection()//table//p[contains(.,'help')]
    - 8 edge-attribute-substring-string indices on attributes we use often (id, value, name, ...)
    - 1 edge-element-substring-string index on the root element of the xml documents to be able to speed up document searches: ex. collection()//page[contains(.,'help')]
    So here my questions:
    - Are there any possible performance optimisations in Database config (not index config)? I only set the following:
    - How can I test various index configuration on the fly? Are there any db tools that allow to set/remove indexes?
    - Is my index config suspect? ;-)

    Hi Nils,
    The edge-element-substring-string index on the document element is almost certainly the cause of the slow document inserts - that's really not a good idea. Substring indexes are used to optimize "=", contains(), starts-with() and ends-with() when they are applied to the named element that has the substring index, so I don't think that index will do what you want it to.

  • Configuring Viewer for IPM documents in BPEL

    I am trying to integrate IPM with UCM and BPEL. The tasks i need to perform is
    1) Upload documents through IPM
    2) Add annotations to the document in IPM
    3) Push the documents into BPEL workflow
    4) View the documents from BPEL workflow along with annotations.
    While I am able to upload the document in IPM , add annotations and push it into BPEL workflow, I am not able to configure the viewer tool for the document in BPEL.
    The tasks i performed to setup the viewer are
    Created a view in BPEL workflow system
    Entries in IPM- AXF tables using the scripts similar to invoice processing with the view name like
    values (‘DocumentApprovalWorkflow’,'StartDocumentApprovalWorkflowProcessing','oracle.imaging.axf.web.backing.TaskList','VIEW_LIST','youeviewname');
    Updated my BPEL connection as
    values ('AttachInvoiceImageOnly','BPEL_CONNECTION','yourbpelconnection');
    Run all the scripts with changes i mentioned above.
    And when i try to run http://localhost:16000/imaging/faces/Driver.jspx page with the required parameters, it throws the following exception
    ConversationId     e052ff72-283a-4c35-a822-b64580393e30
    Error Message     java.lang.NullPointerException
    Error Code     TCM-91000
    and for the command : OPEN_BROWSER
    i get the following URL
    Does anybody know how exactly we need to configure this? my IPM and UCM runs on my local machine where as BPEL runs on a seperate machine in the network
    Really appreciate any kind of help !!!!

    I have followed all the steps to check whether AXF installed properly or not.It's working fine.
    But In CommandAuthenticatorFacade.jsp when i click the link button(*ViewTask*) for a task generated from BPEL,i got a message as*There are no documents present in document viewer*.
    Can u tell me how to proceed.
    With Regards

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