Transfer Rule copy in BW  When client is changed ...Urgent please help

Dear Guru's
We have BI 7.0 System Connected with R/3 as  S.system Which has two clients(Client 90 and client 10) , Earlier the Source System connection was with Client 90 and Exists feel Transfer rules and Ipackages, Now the Connection is changed to Client 10, So is there any possibility or a process that i can copy all these Transfer Rules and I package from (client 90)to (Client10), But not creating it manually again.
Can any one please suggest me some idea.
Thanks in advance
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One small Qn.
The note is for changing the client or copying it from one S.system to another sys (Eg:- dev to production)
But in my case i have to change the client within Bw system , So that i can get all the transfer rule from one client to another
Thanks and Regards
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