Transfering itunes library from one computer to another

Can you transfer / copy itunes and all songs in library from one PC to another PC (only one IPOD in use

I am having problems trasferring my itunes library from my PC to my laptop. I transferred all the downloaded music, "MY MUSIC" from one computer to the other, and the laptop's itunes picked those songs up. When I connected my ipod to my lap top, when selecting "transfer purchased music", itunes only imports the music that I have purchased at the itunes store. ** What I can't get imported to my laptop are the 500 CDs (5000 songs) that I downloaded onto my PC's itunes.

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  • Transferring iTunes library from one computer to another...

    Okay, so I finally purchased myself a PowerBook. Currently, I have all my music (on my iTunes) on my eMac (which I have been using the past 10 months). I would like to switch all my music over to my new PowerBook and do all my iTunes/iPod updating/synching via my new PowerBook from now on.
    Here's the question: How do I transfer my iTunes library (all my music) from the eMac to the PowerBook? Using my iPod as a hard disk is not an option. Can I connect my new PowerBook to my eMac and transfer the files that way? Do I have to burn like five DVD disks and load them manually onto the new PowerBook? Is there some other great solution? Anything else I need to know about this process? Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks all.

    Use target disk mode wich is explained in the following link. Follow directions carefully and good luck.

  • Transferring external iTune library from one computer to another

    I am having great difficulty in changing my external iTunes library from my old MBP laptop to my new iMac 5k.
    My entire iTunes library is stored on an external drive and can be accessed directly with my MBP. When I started up iTunes on my new iMac, it created a new empty library in the MUSIC folder. What I want to do is connect my new iMac to the external library directly. I can see it when I turn on HOME SHARING but only when iTunes is running on my MBP, which is useless since my MBP will now be seldom used. I have of course on the iMac, changed the library location in the advanced preferences to the external location, to no avail. I do not want to keep any media files on the iMac for capacity reasons.
    To compound the problem, I cannot seem to sync my new iPhone 6+ to the original external library, only the new empty one!
    Surely this ought to be a simple job, transferring an external iTunes library from one computer to another! Am I missing something obvious here?

    Wow, what a quick response! Thanks, Limnos. I guess it was bleeding' obvious, and I should have thought of it before. Such a simple solution!
    On a related matter, I also have just realised that the iTunes iOS backups are saved on the internal computer drive in a folder called MOBILESYNC rather than on an external drive, thus chewing up a lot of capacity on my SSD. Others reading this response may be interested to know that it is easy to have iTunes save the iOS backups to any external drive using a symbolic link in this directory. Go to ps-on-an-Alternate-Location
    for the details.
    However, note that iBooks will NOT let you use this work-around, pathetic app that it is.

  • I am in the process of trying to transfer my iTunes library from one computer to another. Some of the music/film info has been edited (by me) in my library (using get info). When put onto new computer the info has gone back to before i edited it.. Help!?

    I am in the process of trying to transfer my iTunes library from one computer to another. Some of the music/film info has been edited (by me) in my library (using get info). When put onto new computer (following apple's instructions- using an external hard drive) the info has gone back to how it was before i edited it.. Help!?

    I would recommend taking a look at the article below for more information about migrating your iTunes library.
    iTunes for Windows: Moving your iTunes Media folder
    -Griff W.

  • Getting iTunes Library from one computer to another

    I recently got s a new computer so my sister was given my old one. I'd like to know teh easiest way to transfer iTunes from one computer to another. I have to do this twice, once from my old to my new, and from her old to my old.
    thanks for the help

    WHat you need to do, so everything is easy, is first consolidate the library in iTunes. What this does is takes every song currently listed in iTunes and COPY"S it to the My Mucis/iTUnes/iTunes Music folder.
    Once this is done you will copy the "iTUnes" folder to an external harddrive. this folder contains the important
    "iTunes Library" file with the rating, playcount, playlist and the "iTunes Music" folder with your songs.
    This is all covered at this link using an iPod to transfer (You can still use this artical for an external drive)

  • HT203167 Moved iTunes library from one computer to another using external hard drive.  Cannot play many files.  Says they are missing but locates them in an archive file but still won't play them.  Are the files themselves part of the .itl files?

    Moved iTunes library from old computer (PC Windows 7) to new (PC Window 8) using external hard drive.  Library listing shows all music but can only play a fraction of it.  On the ones it cannot play it asks to locate, then refers to an archived version (an .itl file), and still cannot play them.  Do I just need to copy the archived .itl over, or is that not where the actual media are (do the actual media files even exist on the new computer?)?  Any advice or information on this would be helpful.

    * there any way I can filter out all the tracks with the ! so I can delete the unplaying copies as they're taking up room in my iTunes? I know how to find duplicates, but then I have to go and delete each one individually...*
    *Thank you!*

  • Transferring itunes Account from one computer to another????

    (I tried using the search feature but nothing came up..)
    Currently I have a laptop that is set up for itunes. What do I need to do to transfer the information from that laptop to another one? Is there any step by step instruction that I can find and use to help me with this process?

    You don’t transfer iTunes accounts.
    You can transfer your purchases from the store to another computer.
    Copy the /My music/*iTunes folder* from one computer to the other.

  • How do I put my iTunes library from one computer to another?

    My old computer is infected with spyware and is no longer usable. My question is: how do I get the iTunes library from that computer to my new computer that I have now? Is this even possible?

    Yes, connect them on a network (I use my home's wireless netowrk) and set up windows file sharing

  • Using Home Share, on the same account, can i transfer / download my iTunes library from one computer to another?

    I have a match account and i am not trying to share with another account, i am only trying to move from one computer to the other. I see my music on the new home laptop but i think they are only showing b/c they are in the cloud and i am worried that the moment i give up my other computer and and that library is blown away (its a work computer that my library will be gone, I know really poor planning).

    Decide which one will be the Master/primary Mac for your iTunes.
    If it is the new one then get a ext HD and drag/copy the iTunes folder to the HD then plug it in to the new Mac and drag the iTunes folder in to the Music folder or connect the 2 Macs via TB/FW/Ethernet and drag the iTunes folder to the new Mac.

  • How do i transfer my entire itunes library from one computer to another?

    I recently bought a new computer and i need to transfer my entire music library from one laptop to the next. how would i even begin to do this?

    See this migrate iTunes library post.

  • Transferring itunes downloads from one computer to another

    Does anyone know how to transfer songs from one itunes account on one computer to newer version of same account on another computer? I've tried using my ipod but my newer computer with the newer itunes won't allow for the syncing.... Need help

    Copy them to a cd, flash drive, dvd, external drive,etc, then copy them to the other computer.
    USe your backup copy to copy them to your other computer.
    E-mail them to yourself.

  • Transfer itunes library from one computer to another

    How do I transfer itunes library/playlists from one computer to another

    See this User Tip for a suggested technique for backing up the library. You can use the same tool to "restore" the library into a new computer and then maintain an ongoing backup.

  • Move itunes library from one computer to another while keeping data (e.g date added, play counts etc.)

    Hi guys,
    I'm really sorry if this question has been asked before but I just upgraded my computer and I want to move all of my itunes library from my old one while keeping all of my info.
    I tried copying the xml files but my new computer has a different location for the songs so they wont show up in the library.

    The following article(s) may help you.
    Moving your iTunes library to a new computer

  • How do you transfer your ITunes library from one computer to another?

    Is there any way I can tranfser my ITunes library from my old computer onto my new computer, or can I take it off my ipod and transfer it onto the computer?

    The best method actually combines the two:

  • Moving an iTunes library from one computer to another that isn't consolidated

    My iTunes library is made up of music from a variety of sources. This is due to the files being stored on a server and organised in folders in a particular way already.
    I want to transfer my iTunes library to a brand new computer, but am aware it may have trouble remembering where the files are if they aren't consolidated. Any clues as the best way to do this?
    The files are all stored on the server, but as said previously in various folders so the new computer will have access to all of them.
    I have the 'copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library' setting switched OFF.
    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    Actually I would rather use my iPod, because this shouldn't be that hard. We'll just say, I have everything on my iPod from my former itunes library on my other computer...but every time it tells me to drag out the itunes folder from this computer and put it on the desktop, it just goes right back into the My Music folder before I can put the itunes folder from my ipod into the music folder. And even when I do, it asks if i would like to merge the what does that entail if i do?
    This is between my new computer with vista and my old computer which has yeah.

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