Transferring all data from one computer to another

I have an iMac and a Macbook Pro - I would like to completely switch the data on the two computers.  In other words, I'd like to put everything that is on my macbook on the iMac, and vise versa.  I have backed both computers up using Time Machine, but I'm not sure what the best way is to do the swapover.  Any ideas?  I want to do more than just add the data from one to another, I want to completely wipe out the imac and install the macbook data on it, and completely wipe out the macbook and install the iMac data.  Any ideas?

What I would do is to move all the apps music and other media to the new cmputer.  Make sure the computer is authorized for the iTunes account(s) and iTunes logged into the progler account. Then connect the iPod to the computer and make a backup by right clicking on the iPod under Devices in iTunes and select Back Up.  Restore the iPod from that backup.

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  • I bought a new laptop and used Windows Easy Transfer cable and moved all files from one computer to another. I installed iTunes and found my iTunes music Library.  However, when I plug in my iPod it says it is already synced with another iTunes Library.

    I bought a new laptop and used Windows Easy Transfer cable and moved all files from one computer to another. I installed iTunes and found my iTunes music Library.  However, when I plug in my iPod it says it is already synced with another iTunes Library. 
    I don't see anything in Help that shows when you already have transfered all the files over.  Why would it want to erase and sync when I already have all the music folder copied over?  I didn't have an issue when I had another technician copy from one laptop to another.  Home sharing is also on but not being recognized.

    I suspect you only migrated the media folder instead of the complete working library. Either review the transfer process and copy over the entire iTunes folder from your old profile's music folder or see Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Transferring the data from one system to another system.

    Hi All,
       I need to transfer the material master data from one system(e.g - dev1)
    to another system (e.g - dev2).
      front end application is BSP.
      if the user enters the material number 1 to 20 and if he presses the submit
      button, the entire data should be transferred to another system.
      This transferring of data should be done in background.
      1. which method we should opt for this ? either ALE or any other method like XI.
      2. Is there any standard bapi function module to transfer the material master from one system to another system.
      3.  whether this above transferring can be done thru XI and which will be best approach for doing this?
    Points will be awarded.

    Hi amole,
       Thanks for the reply.
        How to use lsmw for transferring fo data from one system to another system.?
       whether to download the data from one system in excel or notepad and again to upload into other system?
       can u explain me.

  • Question about moving all iTunes data from one computer to another.

    I have a Windows XP. Now I have a windows 7. All of the songs from the XP are available on the new computer via a Z drive. But when I plug my iPod into the new computer it says that it is registered with a different library and asks me if I want to delete all the songs and apps and replace them from the ones on the new library. I don't want that to happen. And all of the apps on the old computer aren't available on the new one. How do I get the apps from one computer to another, and how do I sync my iPod on the new computer without erasing all high scores, app data, songs, and other information? And how do I get a song fro the new computer back to the old one?

    This is the way I would normally recommend that you migrate your library from one computer to another.
    Backup the library with this User Tip.
    Restore the backup to your new computer using the same tool used to back it up.
    Deauthorize the old computer if you no longer want to access protected content on it.
    Keep your backup up-to-date in future.
    If you have content on the new computer that you want to add to the library on the old one then copy that across via network/memory stick etc. before attempting to migrate the library again.

  • Moving iWeb data from one computer to another

    I have an iWeb site on my old mac lap top. I can not get the data to transfer to the new laptop. How do I move all iweb entries from one computer to another?

    I would say that if you created pages in iWeb, your ability to do this originated from a basic Domain file, and it is there, in your computer, somewhere. I have seen cases where it appeared as though work that was published to a folder and not 'saved' in the application didn't make it into the Domain file, but I haven't been able to replicate this situation.
    Spotlight "Domain", and see what comes up. Also, make sure you are looking in your Home Folder location, not your main HD library.

  • Transferring home movies from one computer to another

    What is the best way to do this? I have about 500 video clips that I want to move from one computer to another. I've tried using the export function in iPhoto but all I get upon transfer is a single frame of the movie. I keep the files on an external HD but I can't find where they are stored. I see the iPhoto app to open but not the original files. Additionally, whenever I do locate these files, how can I get them transferred with the keywords assigned to them? TIA! Going from a MBP running 10.6.8 to a MBA running 10.8.2

    I'm not sure you can assign keywords to a movie on export, as these are written to the exif metadata of a photo and most video has no such metadata.
    You say you've tried the export function in iPhoto, but what settings have you used? Exporting with the Kind set to Original should yield the videos.

  • Transferring "My Rating" from one computer to another

    Anyone know how to transfer previously established ratings from one computer to another? Is there a file that contains this data? Thx.

    Yeah there is a file that contants this data. It is located in the iTunes Music folder. There is a file that have an exension of .xml. Transfer that to your new computer on the desktop. Go to iTunes and File>Import. Locate that file in your desktop and select it.

  • How do you get all downloads from one computer to another

    How do I get everything on iTunes from one computer to another?

    You've posted to the iTunes Match forum, which your question isn't really related to. However this KB article will help:<>.

  • Transfering itunes library from one computer to another

    Can you transfer / copy itunes and all songs in library from one PC to another PC (only one IPOD in use

    I am having problems trasferring my itunes library from my PC to my laptop. I transferred all the downloaded music, "MY MUSIC" from one computer to the other, and the laptop's itunes picked those songs up. When I connected my ipod to my lap top, when selecting "transfer purchased music", itunes only imports the music that I have purchased at the itunes store. ** What I can't get imported to my laptop are the 500 CDs (5000 songs) that I downloaded onto my PC's itunes.

  • Transfering ipod info from one computer to another

    I am moving and currently all my ipod information and itunes is on a room mates computer. How do I transfer all my information from their computer to another computer? Please Help.
    dell   Windows XP  

    take a look at this.. its one option

  • Transferring itunes Account from one computer to another????

    (I tried using the search feature but nothing came up..)
    Currently I have a laptop that is set up for itunes. What do I need to do to transfer the information from that laptop to another one? Is there any step by step instruction that I can find and use to help me with this process?

    You don’t transfer iTunes accounts.
    You can transfer your purchases from the store to another computer.
    Copy the /My music/*iTunes folder* from one computer to the other.

  • Help transferring data from one computer to another

    My aunt uses Palm Desktop as her calendar but does not have a palm pda or phone.
    Her computer at home recently died but she was able to get the palm installation folder from the old hard drive.
    She has Palm Desktop installed at work but the information in it is totally different than what she had at home.  She wants to import the data from her home installation into the installation she has at work.
    It used to be really easy to transfer settings from one Palm installation to another.  Side note: My wife has a Palm Treo 650 and I recently formatted her computer and tried to copy her old installation folder from a backup to the new install directory.  Well, it didn't work like it used to.  I don't know if the software has changed or what.  But, she didn't get everything.  It's been a while, I can't remember if she didn't get ANY of it, or just some.  I remember at one point it only showed her contacts for A-M...N-Z were just plain gone.  Really strange.
    But, back on topic, I tried creating a new user in Palm Desktop and then copy the files under her old username folder to the new username folder in the Palm install directory.  But, Palm Desktop doesn't show anything for the new username.
    How should I go about doing this for her?
    Post relates to: Treo 650 (Alltel)

    The user on her home install was also Trisha.  So, I created a new user on the work computer, "Trisha2".  Then I closed Palm and copied the contents of her backed-up Trisha user folder from home into the new Trisha2 folder on the work install.  Then I started Palm and flipped to the Trisha2 user.  Nothing showed up.  So, I've pretty much done the exact process from the link already.  Which is exactly the way I thought it should work and have had it work in the past.
    I'll try it again without using numbers in the username and see what happens.
    Post relates to: Treo 650 (Alltel)

  • How can I transfer my iTunes data from one computer to another? PS. My old computer won't turn on

    I Recently bought a new computer and I need to transfer all my iTunes data from my old computer to the new one, how can I do that? And by the way, my old computer won't turn on

    Hello Nousernamebrah
    Well get get your music from your old computer to your new computer, the old computer would have to work and turn on to access the files to be copied over. You also can access any previous purchased music and download it to your new computer as well. Check out the articles below for more information. 
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    Download past purchases
    -Norm G.

  • Transferring all data from a mac to another

    I'm purchasing a new macbook soon, and i wish to move all of my current data on my macbook to the new one. Is it as simple as copying to an external, then moving it into the new macbook, or is there some weird complex process required?

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I have the same issue.
    Got an old iBook (10.4) with FW and getting a new MacBook with USB, WiFi and Eithernet. Which is the easiest way to Migrate the files and setting to the new Mac? I thought Migrate only worked FW to FW as I used it years ago to go from a G4 PowerMac to a G5.
    OT - I remember many years ago using the Apple ADB port to transfer files from one LC630 to a 6400... it took all night!

  • Transferring itunes downloads from one computer to another

    Does anyone know how to transfer songs from one itunes account on one computer to newer version of same account on another computer? I've tried using my ipod but my newer computer with the newer itunes won't allow for the syncing.... Need help

    Copy them to a cd, flash drive, dvd, external drive,etc, then copy them to the other computer.
    USe your backup copy to copy them to your other computer.
    E-mail them to yourself.

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