Transferring the data from one system to another system.

Hi All,
   I need to transfer the material master data from one system(e.g - dev1)
to another system (e.g - dev2).
  front end application is BSP.
  if the user enters the material number 1 to 20 and if he presses the submit
  button, the entire data should be transferred to another system.
  This transferring of data should be done in background.
  1. which method we should opt for this ? either ALE or any other method like XI.
  2. Is there any standard bapi function module to transfer the material master from one system to another system.
  3.  whether this above transferring can be done thru XI and which will be best approach for doing this?
Points will be awarded.

Hi amole,
   Thanks for the reply.
    How to use lsmw for transferring fo data from one system to another system.?
   whether to download the data from one system in excel or notepad and again to upload into other system?
   can u explain me.

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    The best way IMO is to sync each iPad with your computer. Having all your stuff backed up on a computer is a good idea anyway. Just read how many folks here are trying to recover lost stuff that could easily be copied back from either backup or iTunes on the computer.
    Sync both iPads to the computer. Transfer all photos to the same computer. Then sync again selecting which items you want on each iPad.

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    Hi Vinoth,
    For SQL Bulk inserts you can always use SQL Bulk Load
    However, even though a SQL Bulk Load adapter can efficiently insert a large amount of data into SQL you are still stuck with the issues of transmitting the
    MessageBox database and the memory issues of dealing with really large messages.
    I would personally suggest you to use SSIS, as you have mentioned that records have to be processed in specific time of day as opposed to when the
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    You could use SQL*Plus' COPY command
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    What I would do is to move all the apps music and other media to the new cmputer.  Make sure the computer is authorized for the iTunes account(s) and iTunes logged into the progler account. Then connect the iPod to the computer and make a backup by right clicking on the iPod under Devices in iTunes and select Back Up.  Restore the iPod from that backup.

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    OK use following procedure to grant select access on all tables of another schema.
    CURSOR ut_cur IS
    SELECT table_name
    FROM user_tables;
    RetVal NUMBER;
    sCursor INT;
    sqlstr VARCHAR2(250);
    FOR ut_rec IN user_tabs_cur;
    sqlstr := 'GRANT SELECT ON '|| ut_rec.table_name
    || ' TO jwc7675';
    sCursor := dbms_sql.open_cursor;
    dbms_sql.parse(sCursor,sqlstr, dbms_sql.native);
    RetVal := dbms_sql.execute(sCursor);
    END grant_select;

  • Copy the data from one column to another column using @

    I have two columns here - A and B.
    Column A has a complicated formula that will generate results. I wanted the results in Column A to be reflected in Column B without pasting the A's formula in B. This will save me the trouble of editing formulas in more than 1 column if there is a need.
    I saw somewhere that you can use "@" in column B but I have no idea how to use it.
    Assumingly column A is the first column. I tried to insert '@1' in B's formula and change B's column properties' Data Format as "Treat Text as HTML". It does not work.
    Please advise how I can do that.

    So is there any way to copy the data in Column A into Column B without putting the same formula? something like in Excel where we put "=C1". Its not possible in BI as it comes in excel.....The only way is to create a duplicate column in RPD or Answers screen and incorporate the formula and giving different name to it.
    whats the problem if you duplicate the column with same formula?....Ok still if you dont want to see identical just write some pseudo logic say
    Duplicated column f(x) case when 1=0 then column_name else formula it appears different to see but it outputs same.
    Dont create in RPD,you can create a dummy column in that report request and change the f(x) to the above case i mentioned by taking the column from columns button in edit formula screen so when ever you edit the actual column formula that would reflect in the dummy column also as it is replicating from original one.Try and see
    hope helps you.
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  • Need to pull the data from one server to another server in SSMS using linked server

    Hi, I have store proc which will take the parameters passed to it and store it in a table in that server. Now, this table data has to be pulled to another server table which is of same structure. But I need to do that in the same store proc which is in
    first server. I have searched in online but could not figure it how to link connection between these two servers and pull data from the first sever to the second. Can anyone please help

    You can setup a linked server from Server A to Server B. Then you will be able to query server B from Server A.
    eg: Assume you have a database test in Server B which has a table sample. From server A you could run this query to pull details.
    Select * from ServerB.test.dbo.sample.
    You also have other options like distributed queries (openquery), check this blog
    Regards, Ashwin Menon My Blog - http:\\

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    Sorry for the confusion. I had a iMac G5 with iCal 2.0.5 running on Tiger 10.4.11. I bought a Mac mini with iCal 4.0.3 running on Snow Leopard 10.6.4.
    I migrated all my data from the G5 over to the Mac mini. When I opened iCal, all of my calendars were there, but the events in each calendar did not show up.
    I did try some workarounds, bottom line, none of them worked. I think it's an issue with the G5 using the PPC processor and the mini using the Intel processor.
    The point I was making was that there was a lot of info. in iCal still on my iMac that I needed on my mini and the only way to get it there was to retype it all back in or copy/paste to a file, etc. I was unable to shelve the iMac because of that.
    I'm sorry but I'm not clear on what you mean by "Can I set my old machine back to the non-beta version and keep the beta version on my new machine?"

  • Transferring backup data from one blackberry to another

    I had 2 blackberries, both were registered on my blackberry desktop and backed up. I lost one of them. I am now trying to transfer the data on the lost phone onto the second phone but I can't access the backed up data as the desktop software keeps asking me to plug in the lost phone in order to access it. 
    How can I access the data on the lost phone when I can't plug in the handset to access it and transfer it onto my second phone?
    Thanks very much
    Go to Solution.

    With the new device plugged in, run the Desktop Software.
    Choose Device > Restore.
    You can find the specific backup you with to restore and can choose restore all or specific "Select Data" to restore.
    1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you.
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    3. Install free BlackBerry Protect today for backups of contacts and data.
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  • Transfering Table data from one page to another page in OAF

    Hi All,
    Could you please help me with the following requirement. I am trying to transfer the first page selected records to second page, but running into issue.
    I have 2 custom OAF pages:
    1st Page is Invoice Search page and upon searching for an invoice, user can select 'multi records' (its table region with multi-select) and click on upload button.
    The button internally calls setForwardUrl method and calls 2nd page, where second page contains Advacned Table region to show the selected records from 1st page.
    Since user can select more than 1 record in Search region on first page, I would like to hold all rows in an array of Hashmap with Integer index and transfer it to 2nd page. Following is the hashmap syntax I am using:
    java.util.HashMap<Integer,InvoiceRow> map=new <Integer,InvoiceRow>(); // Here InvoiceRow is a custom CLASS structure with InvoiceNumber and Customer Number as variables inside.
    But if I pass the above HashMap to setForwardURL method, the JDeveloper throwing an exception saying that "setForwardURL cannot invoke" message.
    Could you please help me how can I transfer the first page multiselected records to second page?
    Appreciate your time.
    -- Venkat

    Venket, the approach i told you can try in below way:
    public String getSelectedData()
            String whereclause = "(";
           // String whereclause1 = "(";
          //OAViewObject vo=(OAViewObject)getXXDPECONTAINLINESVO1();
          // System.out.println("debTEST"+punload);
           Row[] sumVoRow =vo.getFilteredRows("Select1", "Y");
            System.out.println("deb multi select test"+sumVoRow.length);
        if (sumVoRow != null && sumVoRow.length > 0)
         for (int i = 0; i < sumVoRow.length; i++) {
                  String wipEntityId =
                  whereclause = whereclause+sumVoRow[i].getAttribute("LineId").toString()+",";
                System.out.println("deb multi select test"+whereclause);
            if (whereclause.length() > 0 && whereclause.charAt(whereclause.length()-1)==',')
                 StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder(whereclause);
                 b.replace(whereclause.lastIndexOf(","), whereclause.lastIndexOf(",") + 1, ")" );
                 whereclause = b.toString();
               //  return whereclause;          
            System.out.println("deb where clause test"+whereclause);
        return whereclause;
    so this method will return the value as like : whereclause=(111,222,333) then put this in one session varibale and pass to the below method from CO
        public void processPOData (String wherclause)
            String query = getXXDPECONTAINDATAVO1().getQuery();//Old queryStringBuffer stringbuffer = new StringBuffer();
                      String newwhereclause ="LINE.LINE_ID IN "+wherclause;
                        System.out.println("DEB NEW where clause:"+newwhereclause);
                         StringBuffer stringbuffer = new StringBuffer();  
                       // stringbuffer.append("SELECT rownum LINE_NUM,A.* FROM (");
                        stringbuffer.append("  where ");
                        ViewDefImpl viewdefimpl = getXXDPECONTAINDATAVO1().getViewDefinition();
                        System.out.println("DEB NEW QUERY TEST:"+stringbuffer.toString());
    Let me know if stil r u facing isssue

  • Transferring game data from one Touch to another

    I have player data for an MLB game on my 8 GB Touch 2G.
    I want to transfer that player data to the same game on my 32 GB Touch 3G.
    How do I do that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Make sure to back up your iPod manually before you replace it, and use the manual backup to restore the new one from. To back up manually, right click on it in the device list and choose "backup". This does not involve a sync process. Also make sure to transfer your purchases.
    See more details about the content of a backup here: iTunes: About iOS backups

  • REG:How to move the data from one screen to another

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is .....
    in the view1 we have the communication data
        with fileds pernr voice extension, and
        the display button ...
    when the display button is pressed we have to get the fields
      pernr ,voice extension,mail, fields on the screen as pop up window for the  selected pernr on the view1 , the pop up window contains a update button ,once pressed changing the field value ,it should be updated in the infotype 0105 with the same updated details
    Thanks Regards

    Hi Suman,
    Try going through this [tutorial |http://****************/Tutorials/WebDynproABAP/Modalbox/page1.htm]if you have any doubts regarding sharing your context data among different views. This tutorial also explains with step-by-step snapshots about how you can pass data in between your MAIN view & a popup window.

  • Move data from one fs to another from a particular position.

    Hi all,
    i have a requirement where i want to move data from one field symbol to another from a particular
    I have a work area which contains string values. i have converted this string to hexadecimal value .
    in this hex string m lukin for a position where '0A' occurs. Now i have to pick the string till dis '0A' value and move it to some other field symbol. Can anybody tell me how to do that.
    The code i have written is as follows:
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs> TYPE x.
                 data: temp1 type string,
                       p_word type string,
                       temp2 TYPE string,
                       w_len TYPE i.
                       temp1 = wa_value-value. "this wa containd the value
                       w_len = strlen( temp1 ).
             if temp1 cp '"*'.
               ASSIGN wa_value-value TO <fs> CASTING TYPE x.  " converting wa to hex value
                  DATA: VAR TYPE i,
                        COUNTER TYPE i,
                        line_feed_count type i,
                        temp_count type i.
             VAR = strlen( wa_value-value ).
             CLEAR: COUNTER, temp_count, line_feed_count.
               WHILE COUNTER LE VAR.
                IF <fs>+counter(1) = '0A'.
                line_feed_count = line_feed_count + 1.
                COUNTer = COUNTer + 1.
                COUNTER = COUNTER + 1.
    Now , i want to pick data from starting till the position it gets '0A' and then again till it finds another '0A'.
    Thanks in advance.

    As everyone has rightly pointed out, there is no direct way of transferring the data from one appset to another. However, there are definitely few ways of doing it:
    1. Run export package. Export the data in flat file. Import the data using import DM package.
    2. Export the data from the cube of your application in excel file. Then run the import DM package to load the data.
    3. Run UJBR transaction in SAP. Take the backup of the transactional data. You will get few flat files. Run the import DM package.
    All the above steps will work only if the structure of the applications in both the appsets is the same. Otherwise, you will have to modify the flat file before uploading the file.
    Hope this helps.

  • Replicate data from one client to another in a production system

    I have two client in production system. Whenever a equipment is created in one client it should be replicated in another client and whenever a equipment is changed in one client the changes should be replicated to another client.
    Data should be immediatly replicated to the another client.
    Can basis do some setting so that the two client will always have the same data for equipments.
    or i have to get the data from one system and send it to another system through idoc and update that data in another system. This will take a lot of time.
    or is there any easy way

    Hi Sachin,
    You need custom program to achieve this requirement. Either you can use ALE+IDoc or direct BAPI function module call.
    This should happen within seconds if designed properly.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, We have two LMS servers 3.0.1 deployed in Master/Slave mode. And are working properly. But we are unable to add Cisco rtr2900 series router for its configuration managemnet.Current RME version is 4.1.1. I want to go for a device update online or