Trouble setting up WRE54G range expander

I'm trying to set up a WRE54G range expander.  Its power is on, and it is connected to a new Cisco E3200 dual band router via Cat5.  When I try to access the WRE54G via, the web page hangs and then times out.  I never had this problem when I used the extender with my old Linksys router; I was able to set it up without a problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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So you’re still not able to access the setup page of the range extender even if you are directly connected to the computer and you’ve already setup a static IP address on the computer itself? Try resetting the range extender by pushing and hold down the reset button using a pin or a paper clip for 30 seconds then power it off for another 30 seconds. Once the power light goes solid, try re-accessing the setup page of the range extender and configure the settings with the same wireless settings of the router.
Please take note that your router is a wireless N router so using the WRE54G to extend your network may not work for you. It’s better that your extender is running the same technology as your router. You may check this link for information on which device to use to extend your network: Different devices you can use to extend your network.

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  • 1 laptop in the house not using wre54g range expander - help!

    I have a Linksys wireless router that works great when in range, but was weaker in certain parts of the house, so I recently picked up the wre54g range expander and life is good for 2 out of 3 computers.  I have 2 laptops running Windows XP, latest service pack (1 IBM, the other Dell) and both of these laptops utilize the range expander.  My Sony Vaio laptop is running Windows Vista 64bit with latest service pack and it does not seem to connect using the range expander, but rather the weaker wireless router connection.  Additionally, the connection drops frequently to the router, not sure if it is because the signal is weak or some other issue.  The Sony has a built in wireless card by Atheros model AR928x, latest driver version  I also updated the wre54g firmware to the latest version yesterday, but it didn't make a difference.  All 3 laptops connect using the same WEP key, although I have tried different keys and there was no difference.  This is really frustrating and am not sure what to try next.  Some questions:
    1)When I search or connect to wireless networks, I only see the one netwok (not one for the router and another for the extender), so I cannot manually connect to the extender.  Is this the way it is supposed to be?  I'm guessing yes since my other 2 laptops on XP are the same.
    2)Is there a way to force a connection through the extender?
    3)Are there any compatibility issues with Vista?  i searched the forum and read lots of threads, but nothing found on this.
    Any help is appreciated, would really like to get this fixed!
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    Whats the Model number of your Linksys Router? 
    Whats the wireless settings you have setup on your Router? 
    A: Not sure what settings you are referring to.  Am using WEP security.
    First of all whats the Distance between the Range Expander and the Router? When you try to Connect to your wireless network on your Vista computer are you getting any kind of error message? 
    A: Distance is about 25 feet.  Don't get any errors, just get poor signa and frequent signal drops/disconnects.  As I stated, it works fine for my other 2 laptops, so I don't see how it is a configuration problem between the router and the extender, but am open to suggestions.  Is it possible that the wireless network setting is cached with the wireless router connection and therefore not picking up the extender connection?  Not sure how it differentiates between the 2.
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  • Linksys Wre54G range expander

    Can I use a Linksys WRE54G range expander with a Linksys E 3000 router using WPA2/WPA shared ?

    Linksys only Has Wre54g Range expander only compatible with G&B Standard Devices(B Standard -Selected Devices) E3000 is a N Standard Device and can broadcast up to a good Range.No Compatible Linksys Range expanders yet for N standard Devices

  • WRE54G Range Expander, appears to be connected but...

    I have auto configured the range expander.
    I have 2 blue lights, on the link and the activity
    when I try to ping the expander, results are: timed out
    How can I tell if its connected to MY unsecured SSID or my neighbors?

    As you have mentioned that you see 2 Blue lights on your WRE, but when you try to ping your WRE it gives your RTO. So this indicates that your WRE is not configured Properly...
    To Configure your WRE, first you need to be sure then wireless network which you are try to connect is unsecured... AS you are trying to configure your WRE with your Neighbours wireless network, Well in this case you can try to configure your WRE Manually.. 
    Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your Expander, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...
    1. Connect your Expander to a computer, click on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>> Network Connections - Right click on the icon for Local area connection and go to properties- On the 'General' tab select 'Internet Protocol TCP/IP' and click on the Properties button- Select 'Use the following IP address'- Provide IP Address -, Subnet Mask - on Ok button to Save and Click on "Close" on main Properties window...
    2. Now open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type - Leave the Username blank & in Password use admin in lower case...It should open your Expander set-up...
    3. Once you get to the set-up page you can follow this link to change the Expander Settings...
    NOTE : The link also explains to check the Wireless Settings on your Router...
    4. While changing the Expander settings you have to make sure that the Wireless Settings(SSID/Network Name and WEP/WPA Key) are identical on both the devices(Router and Expander)...Also make sure to change the Expander's default IP to match your network and Gateway Address should be your Router's address...ex.Expander's IP Address : your router's default IP Address is,Subnet Mask :, Default Gateway :
    5. After configuring the Expander you should disconnect it from the Computer and go into Local Area Connection TCP/IP Properties and set it back to Obtain IP Address Automatically...Disconnect the Expander from the computer and power cycle both the devices(Expander and Router) ...Your Expander should be configured...
    In case if you don't get the Expander set-up just leave it connected to your computer and reset it for 30 seconds and follow Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 & Step 5...
    Hope this helps.



    Will the range extender work with a cable modem gateway (netgear cg814wg)?  If so, how do I configure the two devices so that they communicate with each other?  I set up the linksys range extender and I now have two networks...thanks for your help.

  • Setting up a WRE54G Range Expander

    Using the Set Up Wizard, the first step is to search for a wireless network. I get a small grey pop-up that reads, "Site Survey Fail. Please try again" and not the Wireless Network Not Found message that it shows in the manual. But my laptop is sitting right next to me and is connected to my wireless network. What's the deal? I'm not using the Auto Config b/c my router has WEP enabled. Help.

    You can do one thing ..... disable the wireless security on the router first ....
    Hit the Auto config button for few seconds .... on Range Extender .....once the two lights are BLUE ..... connect the Laptop to the unsecure network .... it will show connected under status .....
    Turn off the Router .... leave the range extender plugged in .....
    Assign static Ip to the wireless connection on the Laptop ...
    Ip -
    Subnet -
    Gateway -
    Once assigned the static Ip ..... you can access the setup page of Range Extender .... configure the wireless security settings same as in the wireless router .... click save settings ....
    Now the range extender is fully secured. ...
    Turn on the wireless router .... enable the wireless security again ...
    Power cycle the router & the range extender ....
    Remove the static Ip from the Laptop ....
    See if it connects to the secure network or not .....

  • WRE54G Range Expander Setup Issues

    I am having multiple difficulties, and having tried many of the strategies on the forums here, I am still not having any luck.
    If I have the RE plugged in with no ethernet cable, I don't get far before I hit that "Site Survey Failed" message. Per manu commenters on here, I switched to trying connecting with a wire.
    When I try and connect that way, I can get past the site survey failed message, but just when things look promising, I get hit with "WRE54G can not associate with this AP in repeater mode".
    I have tried resetting RE to factory defaults
    I have tried with and without the wire
    I can see the LinksysRxxxxx wireless device in my connection list with Excllent Signal Strength
    I have tried connecting to that and then connecting to ... but the browser cannot find that page
    I have tried connecting to through my wireless connection, and through my wired connection ... nothing there either.
    I have tried changing the Gateway to match the IP address for my router ( - nope (also tried setting it to my internet ip address -- nope)
    I think if I could get the browser to find that page, things would work better, but I can't get that no matter what I try.
    Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

    Well, I got to the actual "setup page" on My particular issue was that my default gateway on my Router was (note the 2.1 as opposed to the 1.1) Once I changed my default router setting, I was able to access the setup page where I followed the instructions from this post:
    The bad news for me, now, is that once I unplug the RE from the ethernet cable, I can no longer access the page. The LINK light blinks between Red and Blue. I am not quite sure where to go on this one, but this has been a very frustrating experience to say the least :-/
    I tried upgrading the firmware. I needed to get online support for the upgrade file, and each time I tried I got upgrade failed. /sigh hopefully that is just a red herring for now.
    I might try the entire process again, after I reset my RE to factory default. I'll let you know if anything changes, but I am not suspecting it will, as I was pretty careful with all the steps and settings in the great instructions from the above noted post.

  • WRE54G Range Expander -- Not very powerful

    Here is the situation.
    I have a house that is laid out from north to south at about 60 feet, with two walls between one bedroom on the opposite end from the access point, and the same with the other bedroom except it is not in direct line with the access point.  Without an expander there is no signal to these two rooms, except in the doorways.  Placing a wireless laptop in the doorways gives me 2 out of 5 bars according to one Vista laptop, and a weak signal on an XP SP2 desktop no higher than 11Mbps.  But for practical reasons they cannot reside in the doorways.
    The expander, if placed at an outlet in the hallway near the doorways, gives no boost at all.  If mounted on either doorway, it boosts the signal significantly to the workstations no matter where they are in the room, but ONLY for the room in which the expander is placed.  I've upgraded the wireless card on the XP PC to the "Speedbooster" version that touts 35% extra power, and it hasn't helped at all.  So in this situation I would need TWO expanders unless someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.
    I have the expander working steadily now.  This was helped greatly by the fact that I trashed the install disk that came with it and did it manually. (In fact, all LinkSys wireless cards in the house operate more efficiently when installed manually, using the Windows interface.)
    Any suggestions are welcome.
    Thank you.

    That expander was pure junk.  I traded it in for a WAP54G and attached it to an existing CAT-5 connection in the rear of the house.  After I got it properly positioned, it covers 100% of the house and even on the back porch.  A much better solution, and a slightly less expensive one.

  • WRE54G range expander or jammer???

    Someone gave me a WRE54G version 3, it worked for a while it was easy to configure  until several days later it jammed my home network no body can login wirelessly until WRE54G power is unplug.
    Now I know if wanna piss my neighbor just plug it, put the SSID with dummy security key and switch to channel used by main router it will jam specific SSID.  

    I have an experience to share with you guys. Once I was in a remote place, my signal in my phone got jammed, i thought the problem would be with my service provider. After coming back home i gave black and blues to my customer care highlighting my issue. They pleaded me saying that the problem is not with them. Then i browsed through the search engine regarding my issue, i got a remedy for my cell phone, there i came to know the problem called signal jamming that is experienced in most cell phones. They have a product called cell phone jammer could be very useful to get rid of these problems. Check out the details here cell phone jammer and hope this information would be beneficial. Hope that u would pass this information to all your friends, so that they too would benefited, Stay safe, Cheers

  • Where can I buy the WRE54G Version 3 Range Expander???

    What retailer (online or physical storefront) sells the WRE54G Range Expander Version 3?  After looking on ebay and, the pics that show up on those two sites appear to be version 1 (without the ethernet port).
    Can someone give me a list of stores that sells the latest version or where you bought your version 3?  Also, who has the best price?  Lastly, will I be able to tell the version on the retail box?  I'm sure the version is noted on the expander but will the retail box give some clue without opening it???
    Thanks for any help in advance...

    I got my WRE54G Ver.3 from Circuit City. I couldn't find any way to check the version without opening the box though. It costs $99.99 Here is the link:
    Good luck!
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  • Safari won't connect to Linksys Range Expander

    Hope some one can end my sleepless nights...
    I have read the posts on this forum for this type of problem and have followed the advice given but still can't get my neighbours Mac laptop to connect to my wireless network
    I have a Desktop PC running windows XP and two laptops running xp and vista. The network is a Belkin ADSL+2 modum and Netgear Wireless Rangemax router WPN824 which is wired by Ethernet to the PC while the Laptops hook into the network wirelessly. I am running WEP encryption on the router.
    I hooked up the Linksys WRE54G Range Expander and finally got it confugured on my network and placed it on the edge of my signal but my neighbour has a Mac and can't piggy back. The airport say it is connected to my network but we can't open a page and get on the web. Interestingly she is able to hook up to my router when in my unit with the Airport using the WEP password and I can take my laptop in her unit and connect automatically to my network thru the RE as the signal is excellent.
    After searching various threads here and forums elsewhere I configured the Mac's IPv4 to "Use DHCP with manual address" I assigned an IP address of (as advised in the posts) , applied and rebooted - no luck! I have searched all types of sites for any information as I am only a novice
    My router is the DHCP Server and has an IP of and subnet Mask of It's starting IP address is and ends with The Ip address of the Range expander is and the subnet mask is the same while the gateway is (router IP) It has WEP encryption enabled using the same keys as the router. Didn't know how to ping using the Mac so no info there sorry.
    When we assigned an IP address in the ethernet settings on the mac we configured IPv4 "Using DHCP with manual address" as per advice from other posts. We then only had the option to set an IP address and nothing else.
    When we go to "Network" we have a green light next to AirPort and it says "Airport is connected to the network JLay (my SSID). You are connected to the internet via AirPort".
    We tried various other types of configurations with IPv4 but nothing works
    Any advice is appreciated as I've now hit a brick wall

    Seems that I needed to type in the DNS server address ( when I configured IPv4 manually. I used an IP address for the MAC (as suggested) and same subnet mask as the router and used the IP address for the router in the router box.
    What a relief!

  • Wireless - G Range Expander. I really need help.

    I am completely computer illiterate and nobody I seem to ask knows anything about computers. So, please, use layman's terms because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
    I currently have a Belkin router that says "Belkin Wireless G 2.4 Ghz-802.11g" downstairs. I play video games in my room (upstairs). Most of the time, my latency is really, really high in my room and it's at times unbearable. When I bring my laptop downstairs to play closer to the router, it works great. I can't ALWAYS play in downstairs and for those of you addicted to MMORGs, you know how bad it is when you're trying to do something with a group and you keep disconnecting. Anyway, somebody told me to buy a range expander and I have without even reading about what kind to get or anything like that. I've bought the Linksys Wireless - G Range Expander. I did the auto-configuration thing and it recognized my router's name and all that but wouldn't connect to it. On the Linksys FAQ it says:
    9. Can I modify the wireless standard that the WRE54G Range Expander will use? * Yes, you can choose from 3 different modes. These are: “Mixed”, “G-only”, and “B-only”. Choose “Mixed” for a network that consists of 802.11b and 802.11g-compliant devices. Choose “G-only” if wireless clients and access points that are making use of the Range Expander are comprised of all 802.11g-compliant devices. Choose “B-only” if wireless clients and access points that are using the Range Expander are all 802.11b devices.
    I think that's what I need to do. HOW do I modify the wireless standard? Or what am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Get a computer and connect it to the range expander, make sure you press the reset button on it before anything else.... then set a static IP on your computer...
    the reason behind this is you would need to change the IP address of your range expander to follow the IP segment of your existing netgear router.... after setting the static IP 192.168.1.x subnet and gateway on the PC, launch a browser and type then use admin as your password... if you are on the setup page of the range expander, look for the IP address and set it to same subnet and gateway if the settings and it should normally just expire on you... after changing that, get the range expander and press the auto config button while beside your netgear router... wait for the lights to blink, then release and wait for it to turn blue.... if you have wireless security, connect the range expander instead on the router wired first (as if it was a PC) then go to a computer connected to the router and access admin as password then change your wireless security to the same one as your router... save the settings then turn the range expander off... detach it then turn it on again... try checking the lights if both turn can place that on the least range you get from the router and it will repeat the signal for you....goodluck and try to get someone tech savvy fo help you just in case..
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  • Airport router not seeing Linksys range expander

    I have the Linksys WRE54G range expander. I have everything setup on the device. I can't figure out how to tie it into my Apple Airport Extreme router. any suggestions, comments?
    John Gerard

    The AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) cannot extend or be extended by a non-AirPort router. There is only a very few cases where this has been true back with the 802.11g AirPort Express and the Linksys WRT-54GL model ... and a few others as well, but not the Linksys that you have currently.

  • How to reset the Range Expander WRE54G v2?

    Does anyone know a way reset the Range Expander WRE54G v2 other than the little hole on the side that says reset? I tried using the tip of a pen to push this little hole for 30 seconds to a minute and it still is not reseting. What other ways can I reset this device? I'm out of ideas.
    Any help is much appreciated.

    If you can access the setup page of the range expander which is by default, you can click on the password tab and there is an option there to reset it to factory default settings.
    Best regards.
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  • Wre54g ver. 3 range expander won't turn on?

    I unplugged the range expander to move it to another room, (which I 've done a number of times before) but no it won't turn on. None of the lights will turn on and I've tried pressing the auto configuration button and reset button but still nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

    I have the same problem as mentioned earlier. Moved the Expander and the lights wont go on. The router is working fine with other computers, is just the expender the one that doesn't work. What can I can do? 
    Anybody knows?

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