Trouble with thumbnail, previews of photos

I'm using Photoshop Elements 12. When I save a photo to a folder in my hard drive I see a thumbnail of the photo in the folder. When I copy it to another folder or to a flash drive, I see a blank thumb nail, no preview of my photo, just a rectangle that says jpeg, with the name of the photo below it. How do I fix this?

I'm using Photoshop Elements 12. When I save a photo to a folder in my hard drive I see a thumbnail of the photo in the folder. When I copy it to another folder or to a flash drive, I see a blank thumb nail, no preview of my photo, just a rectangle that says jpeg, with the name of the photo below it. How do I fix this?

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    Close your iTunes,
    Go to command Prompt -
    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".
    (Win XP SP2 n above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt
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    I have used impvie for a long time, and I have never had any trouble with it. I am currently making an imovie with many photos. It seems that the higher quality photos don't play when I put them in the project. The previous photo simply replays but looks distorted. What should I do?

    What type of photos - jpgs, tiff files?
    And at what size?

  • Making a lightbox photo gallery with thumbnails for 100+ photos

    I have been trying to make the above (all is in an accordion). I started by merely using a thumbnail slide show, but that didn't work because I couldn't organise the thumbnails into multiple pages. So my solution was to first put a multiple page tooltip composition setup with position on lightbox, transition on horizontal and hide all intially unchecked. Then, within each tooltip slide I placed a lightbox slide show with 9 pictures. This way, there are multiple pages with 9 thumbnails on each, and clicking on one shows the enlarged picture. This presented 3 problems, which I need help to solve.
    1) Appearance in design mode doesn't reflect appearance in browser preview. In design, everything is aligned and looks good, while in preview in browser it doesn't:
    2) Upon clicking on thumbnail, the preview is behind the thumbnails:
    3) Intially (in preview in browser) one must click on a target to show the tool tip slides.
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S: Also, my slideshow on the home page doesn't show in preview in browser mode, if you help with this it would also be aprecciated.

    Please check if thumbnails are placed in target container , as if thumbnails are placed in container then image with lightbox will also show the triggers.
    If still same issue, please share the site url.

  • Photoshop CS5 Trouble with thumbnails obscured by mask or channel

    I can hardly believe there isn't a thread for this already. I've been having this problem since Photoshop 3.0. In the event my current version of Photoshop saved preview thumbnails, and my OS would display them, there would often be portions of the image missing. I noticed that there was usually a mask or channel matching the missing portion, and deduced that Photoshop was arbitrarily masking the preview, making them useless even in the cases where I could see them.
    Don't bother responding with "Adobe does not support thumbnails" or something similar. I suspect the only reason Adobe Developers ran into this problem and realized it would drive customers bug nuts. Ignoring it, however, does not prevent it. Other companies have attempted to address the users desire to see and identify their PSD files precisely the same way they can see most other graphic formats in Windows (the only platform I have personal experience with on this issue). It does not help, however, when Photoshop is not able to save a clear and accurate thumbnail, so after finding nothing on this topic online, I'm here to ask if anyone has run into this and found their own work around that does not involve deleting all masks and channels "just in case" one of them randomly spikes the thumbnail. As mentioned, it seems to occur randomly; I have hundreds of tiles with scores of masks and channels that produced clear thumbnails. Perhaps one in twenty graps a random alpha channel and obscures the preview. I'm getting tired of wasting HD space saving a PNG clone with every PSD to save myself the hassel of opening up dozens of PSD files to find the one I need to work on.

    I have had similar problems. I use iMac and this problem presents itself such that the thumbnail, as seen in the FINDER, is distorted.
    The distortion looks somewhat like a mask has been superimposed on the thumbnail. It has been suggested that there is a problem with the mac os and alpha channels (masks, not the standard 4 channels.) This seemed always to affect only images containing an alpha mask.
    This has not happened lately, but older thumbnails that had this problem remain distorted. The images when opened are good, however.
    I know you use windows and I believe I have others on windows complain about the problem.
    good luck,
    corrected text. I always want to say "corrected tupo"
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  • Trouble with flash preview of PDF documents, embedding.

    Yesterday, I noticed that the embedded PDF documents that I have posted on my blog weren't loading. The message in the embed window reads: 'Unable to Create Flash Preview. Please download to view in the native application.' In, when I try to open the file for viewing it has a message that says: 'This file cannot be previewed. Please download instead.'
    Thinking that there might be a problem with my PDF files, I uploaded a Word .doc, and used to create the PDF. That PDF wouldn't preview either. I signed into my wife's account, and had the same problem.
    Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Chris. I will attach a copy of the PDF I am trying to upload and embed, in case there are problems with the file itself (?)

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It's weird, eh? I tried the flash update, tried opening everything in FireFox... Same problems. I am attaching a few screencaps so that you can see what it is doing.
    #1 - This is what it looks like when I click on the file of -
    #2 - Here's a working PDF that I uploaded two days ago -
    #3 - Uploading a new PDF, displays this before going to #1 -
    #4 - Here is a PDF that I uploaded two days ago, embedded (and working) on my website
    #5 - Here's the failed embed in iWeb. (Looks the same on the page.) -
    I attached the PDF file to the previous post. It's strange. I also logged in to my wife's account and got the same problem.

  • Trouble with solution for A photo has been found in the iPhoto Library that

    I tried the solution offered by moving the "Import" folder to the desktop and iPhoto does open now without that pesky message. However, the next step of moving the "Import" folder from the desktop to the trash is troublesome because of the contents. I recently moved 5 years of photos from a backup external hard drive so that I could sync them with Apple TV. All of those photos are in that "Import" folder and I fear having to import them all over again if I move that folder to the Trash.
    I would appreciate ideas about safely getting rid of the folder and not losing the photos.

    If those photos are in your iPhoto library when you open iPhoto then just more the import(ing) folder to the trash - do not empty the trash and test iPhoto - if everything is still ok empty the trash

  • Trouble with HP Media Smart Photos

    My HP Media Smart Photos has suddenly stopped working.  When I try to open my photos, it stays on for a few seconds and then closes.  I am thinking that I need to re-install the Media Smart Photo software; however, I have to uninstall the old software before I can re-install.  Won't I lose the photos that I have previously imported into Media Smart? 
    Second question:  has anyone had this problem with Media Smart Photos closing after a few seconds?
    Windows 7 64-bit;    HP Pavilion dv6t-3100 Entertainment Notebook PC
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    It does sound like the existing installation of MediaSmart Photo is corrupt, however the software only indexes images that are present on your hard drive, so uninstalling then reinstalling this product will not result in the loss of any pictures.
    Note that when the reinstalling has completed, launch the software and let it re-index your media files - this can take a few minutes depending on the number of images.
    ****Click the White thumb to say thanks****
    ****Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****
    ****I don't work for HP****
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience

  • Having trouble with opening homesharing for photos with apple TV

    Everytime I open homesharing for apple TV in Itunes I just get the grey spinning wheel.  I have my photos on the wireless time capsule with wifi

    I've also noticed this started happening... Its something with iTunes, because both my old Apple TV's and my iPhone and iPad all show multiple events for the same event... Lots of them! So many its hard to tell what to sync now. When I click on any of my devices photos tab in iTunes they are all exactly the same. Not sure how to fix it...

  • Trouble with Image Previews (& raw vs dng)

    Im new to Lightroom after using Apple Aperture for the past few years.
    The install of Lightroom 5 was a brand new full install and has recently been updated with 5.3. The install was error free and i have only around 20 or so images in the catalogue. I have plenty of processing available on the iMac which is only 12 months old.
    I have a random annoyance when i open Lightroom. Once opened, i select a RAW file that has had some minor adjustments such Basic Highlights, Shadows, Colors, Tone Curve, Sharpening and light Noise Reduction. Now when i select the image and move to Develop, some of the adjustments do not load, the most obvious one that i can see is Sharpening. I have waited for 30 seconds and it doesnt seem to load so i toggle to another image and the toggle back and all the adjustments are applied to the RAW file. Its completly random when it does this but is annoying to say the least.. If i stay on the image that hasnt loaded the Sharpening and Turn Off the Noise Reduction and Sharpening adjustment and then turn back on, the Sharpeing is loaded.
    Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated as im not techinically minded.
    Many thanks

    Hi Matt,
    Not to muddy the water any but, with regards to DNG, it is actually the true open format. Now I am not a follow the herd, whatever "Adobe says" type of guy. DNG is actually the only RAW format that is open to all and to which any camera company or software program can, if they chose to, open, modify, save, and record.
    Now, it may seem like I am splitting hairs or like I am on the Adobe bandwagon. I assure you I am not and struggled for a very long time as to whether I should bother with the DNG format. What really got my attention, and converted my thinking, was about 2 years ago when reading an interview with the renown photographer Frans Lanting. He indicated that even while still in the field (likely on an assignment for National Geographic), his workflow is to first copy his .NEF files to a hard drive and second to convert all of those .NEF files to DNG. I thought to myself "Wow, if he views it as that important as to perform this seemingly extra step, while still in the field, then maybe I should consider it too...."
    That article got me thinking, 20+ years ago no one saw what a complete dominance of the medium digital photography would have today. Once "descent" digital cameras started coming out, I think we all saw that the future would be digital but no one predicted the shift would be so fast. So, as I sit here today, can I afford to assume that Nikon/Canon will continue to support the propritary files from my D100/10D forever? Can I afford to assume that other software vendors will continue to read the file format once Nikon/Canon discontinues this support? I could end up in the same boat I will be in now if my slide scanner breaks, only one or two vendors with quality products.
    Anyway, that is my view on the matter. I, like Frans Lanting, keep both but only work from the DNG files because of the performance benefits. Well, that and to ensure that my original RAW file never gets corrupted or altered in any way but mostly, I do it for the DNG performance benefits.
    Welcome to Lightroom. I hope you have a good experience!

  • Importing photos from Iphone to computer and there is a message it is having trouble with this part way through on a phot and then stops

    I am having trouble importing photos onto my Mac book Pro from my the middle of the import I get a message stating that they are having trouble with one of my photos and then stops importing...want to save photos and clear the phone storage

    Hello cindysc
    Try importing the photos using Image Capture and see if that changes things. If it still gets stuck, try and email the photo to your self and download it that way.
    iOS: Unable to import photos to computer
    -Norm G.

  • Thumbnail/ Preview Question

    I have used Aperture since the start.... but i am getting a strange behaviour with thumbnails/previews.... imported raw files from a Canon 1DS MK2 in to a new project. Activity monitor shows the processing of the files (1,146) i am then getting previews that look faded.... until i turn off 'Quick Preview' and it will load the properly saturated preview. I have rebuilt the thumbnails and reprocessed a few times..... and when this has finished there are still a mixture of good previews and faded previews. Makes it very hard to edit properly.
    I am using a referenced project with the images stored on an external FW800 drive.
    Any ideas ?

    Maybe it isn't the smartest way, but this should work:<br /><br />... call info.Parse (host, stream) etc here - the usual stuff<br />{<br />     // find biggest jpeg image for preview<br />     unsigned int subMaxW=0;<br />     int subMaxI=-1;<br />     for(unsigned int i=0;i<info.fIFDCount;i++)<br />     {<br />          dng_ifd* pIFD=info.fIFD[i].Get();<br />          if (ccJPEG==pIFD->fCompression && 1==pIFD->fNewSubFileType)<br />          {<br />               if (pIFD->fImageWidth>subMaxW)<br />               {<br />                    subMaxW=pIFD->fImageWidth;<br />                    subMaxI=i;<br />               }<br />          }<br />     }<br />     if (subMaxI>=0) // load desired jpeg preview<br />     {<br />          unsigned int i=subMaxI;<br /><br />          dng_ifd* pIFD=info.fIFD[i].Get();<br />          if (ccJPEG==pIFD->fCompression && 1==pIFD->fNewSubFileType)<br />          {<br />               // seek to pIFD->fTileOffset[0] and load jpeg<br />          }               <br />     }<br />}

  • Thumbnail previews in OSX

    Hey guys
    I'm having alot of issues with thumbnail previews in Finder ever since I updated to Mavericks. Basically, any TIF-files that include layer masks won't show a preview at all in Finder. I just get the static TIF-file graphics, but no actual preview. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have enabled to maximise compatability in Photoshop CC, and all the files are either 16 or 18 bit files.

    I'm getting the exact same issue since upgrading. They seem to come and go occasionally though which doesnt make sense. These files are 8 and 16 bit. Its really starting to impact on productivity too, not good.

  • Has anyone had trouble with photo albums after downloading a newer version of iPhoto?

    Has anyone had trouble with photo albums and viewing photos after downloading a newer version of iPhoto?

    I downloaded mountain lion and then iPhoto '11 in order to tap into iCloud capabilities with all of my devices. (My Mac was outdated in regards to operating platform to do this). After installing iPhoto 11, I had to repair and rebuild my library of photos.  However, after doing this, all of my albums were jumbled and, while I can see the image thumbnail, when I click on the thumbnail, and error that looks like a black triangle and gray exclamation pops up as opposed to the larger hi def image I want to view.

  • Trouble with my Thumbnails since 2.1.4 update

    My Thumbnails have been acting crazy will show the wrong picture for the thumbnail, I have to go up to the toolbar and generate thumbnail, then it is fixed, until I come across the next one, which seems to be happening all the time now.
    Anyone else experiencing this?
    I have not bought Snow Leopard yet, but I did update Aperture.

    Aperture 2.1.4
    Professional wedding shoot. 1,500 photos. 8 CFs. Imported each into separate projects to easily vfy card and project counts matched. Edited 90%. Everything seemed to work fine including thumbnails/previews. While editing last 10%, decided to move all 8 projects into 1. Went to each project, Select All, drag, repeat. When images were all filed under one project, suddenly half the images have a blank thumbnail/preview in the browser pane. Each missing preview is bordered by a roundtangle with a dashed white stroke.
    Tried the following with no luck:
    Quit/Restart Aperture
    Restart Mac
    Create new project, drag photos to it (same thumbs are missing)
    Drag back
    Create new project, drag 10 photos to it (same thumbs missing)
    Ctrl-option > Generate previews
    Ctrl-option > Delete previews
    Ctrl-option > Update previews
    Same without option
    Toggle in and out of Quick Preview mode
    Resize previews via slider
    Enter/Exit Full screen
    Cycle thru all Viewer/Browser modes (V)
    Quit Aperture, open Aperture Library package, drag thumbs file to desktop, Open Aperture
    repeat with other 2 files that appear to hold previews (e.g., ...minis...)
    Now attempting to export project with 1,500 photos, copy entire Aperture Library to 2 TB drive, open backup library there, rename project, re-import exported project.
    There appears to be some reas
    Hunch: when it asks something like "In the process of generating previews... Quit, Cancel?" it could be that selecting Quit leaves the database in an inconsistent state. Although I have clicked Quit once or twice (successfully) before and the wedding photos are from September and should have had valid thumbs generated in 2 months of daily use, somehow they still went missing. I don't quite see how this is possible since moving photos to a different project shouldn't require new thumb creation. Furthermore, it appears that Apple has seen this problem during development and took the time to add options to delete, update and regenerate and force the generation of previews so there appears to be several uncaught bugs here related potentially to Quitting while generating, losing track of previews during drags between projects, deleting and re-generating, and even moving the internal thumbs files can't trick Aperture into regenerating them from scratch. The Canon 5D MarkII could be an issue but thumbs get generated for half the RAWs fine so that doesn't seem to be the root cause. From the clues it seems like thumbs/previews and pointers to them from the full size images are getting corrupted. I assume it's recreatable and therefore fixable based on (others reporting these same problems/symptoms). To do so, create 8 projects with 200 photos and drag into one project. Quit Aperture during the process and select the Quit (while generating previews) option when offered that choice. When blank previews appear, try the delete, update and generate previews options and watch them fail. Clues suggest that the SQL lite database or some other mechanism is holding preview or preview pointer information and these are getting balled up by the above process due to multiple Aperture software defects and glaring omissions in the Aperture test plans (for a premium software package targeted at professional photographers with 100,000+ photos who can't spend days trying to regenerate blank photos).
    A potentially related issue is the false "Unsupported image format" error message displayed on a maroon background where the photographer expects to see his image. I have tens of thousands of images from the same camera, of the same image format and images that display properly 10 times can suddenly flip into an unsupported format? This appears to be another example of poor programming, poor error handling, poor testing and taking shortcuts. For example, why doesn't the error give some actual actionable information such as the format encountered, the size (e.g., zero?), data that, if sent in a screen shot to Apple, could help solve a problem with reports online dating back almost 5 years or more (2005).
    A temporary workaround is to click a blank preview and force it to regenerate a thumb for the now tilted image. There may be a way to CMD-click all the missing thumbs and stamp a slight straightening onto them and regenerate all your thumbs. Depending on how severe this corruption is, it's possible that the new previews and pointers have no choice but to be updated and stored in all the places that Aperture has to keep track of them. Take care not to obliterate and stamp over any prior straightening or enhancements with this workaround to regen your previews.
    My fear is that this band-aid could mask a bigger corruption. If so, you could wind up with all your Vaults and Time Machine backups harboring the same corruptions and restores that take hours, days, weeks only to return you to a state with blank previews and potentially deeper corruptions. One post on the web documents the potential for previews to not only go blank but to also turn to squares and lose all knowledge of the master and, apparently because the size and aspect ratio get forgotten and revert to 0 KB and 0x0, the master, even if relocated, can never reconnect with the blank icon. Hunch: this may have something to do with poor programming and error handling in the area of referenced masters and reconnecting with offline projects, libraries or folders. I've used these but do not in any of the projects in the Aperture library suffering these problems reported here.
    Hopefully these details help apple and others get to the root cause of this potentially severe problem.
    Note that this is NOT a snow leopard problem as I chose not to risk installing that (given past upgrades in iPhoto and Aperture where photos were lost forever and upgrading previews/projects took my business offline for 1 to 2 days solid while Aperture churned on its database) until after completing this project.
    I will post the results of the re-import once it completes...potentially another temporary workaround that may hopefully save others a day of lost work actually enhancing photos for customers instead of being wasted trying to see the photos in your library--the minimal feature of a premium photo library package! -Sam

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