Trying to get ios4.3 downloaded  it wont work

need help getting 4.3 to download

Install the latest iTunes on your computer, connect the iPhone, the click the "check for updates" button on the iPhone Summary page in iTunes.
iTunes will then tell you if there is an available update for your phone. Note that different phones have different current versions; for example the 3G the last version was 4.2.1, for Verizon iPhones it is 4.2.10.

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  • I just purchased an iPad trying to get audio book downloaded. I downloaded 2 different apps and 2 books that said they were audio but nothing works. So frustrations.

    I just purchased an iPad trying to get audio book downloaded. I downloaded 2 different apps and 2 books that said they were audio but nothing works. So frustrations. Can anyone help me? Leaving on a trip Friday would really like to have it  :)

    You can purchase Audio books in the iTunes Store App and they will be downloaded for playing in the Music App.
    What two Apps are you talking about?

  • Hi , i have a 4th gen ipod touch and it runs on 4.3.5 but it wont let me update it to 5.1.1! everytime i try to install says "sorry your network timed out" and wont let me! i tried so many times and it still wont work.. what to do?

    hi , i have a 4th gen ipod touch and it runs on 4.3.5 but it wont let me update it to 5.1.1! everytime i try to install says "sorry your network timed out" and wont let me! i tried so many times and it still wont work.. what to do?

    Disabling the computer's security software (firewall and antivirus) usually resolves that error.

  • Flashplayer seems to download but wont work ! How can I fix this ?

    Flashplayer seems to download but wont work ! How can I fix this ?

    Moved to Installing Flash Player.
    Recommended Links to Windows Installers
    Please try installing from the appropriate stand alone Windows installers located here:
    Installation Problems - Flash Player - Windows n-pars_header
    Direct Links to Windows Installers
    Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)
    Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)

  • I am trying to get my Xbox 360 controller to work on my Mac.

    I am trying to get my Xbox 360 controller to work on my Mac. I have installed the suggested driver and the program ControllerMate. The Mac sees the controller because it shows up and responds. The program ControllerMate also sees the controller and responds appropriately, but the game (Minecraft) doesn't. HAs anyone else cracked this nut or have advice?

    Try using the resetting SMC procedure
    You may have done something similar already, but do it precisely as described.  You should disconnect ALL peripheral devices, except for Apple keyboard and mouse.
    Also, when you plug it back in, if the iMac is currently plugged into an old (or overcrowded) power strip (surge suppressor), try connecting it directly to a wall outlet by itself. 

  • My macbook pro switched off and wont turn back on. i tried to charge it but it still wont work. how can i get it to turn back on??

    My macbook pro randomly switched off and wont turn back on. I have tried to charge it but it wont work. How can I get it to turn back on??

    It's more than likely broken, a part has failed. You need to take it to a Apple store Genius Bar to be checked out and fixed. Or just buy a new Mac as to fix the one you have might be cost prohibitive. Especially if your warranty has expired.

  • Trying to get Win 7 64 installed, not working

    I am trying to get Win 7 64 installed. I have my dvd (downloaded a authorized version from Microsoft partners group, legal copy, we use it for other installs all the time). I imaged it to a dvd, should be all set.
    Both Mac and Win side see the DVD. I go to my bootcamp utility, and go through that process. I am setting it up on my solid state drive that I just put into my CD slot. The DVD drive is now in an external housing hooked up VIA USB.
    I then tell it to continue to format my new HD, and start the instal. It restarts, my DVD drive spins up and starts running. Then a gray screen comes up with the Apple in the middle. It then flashes, every now and then.
    Can any of you give me some ideas? I have spent hours on this so far.

    If you use Apple Disk Utility to burn the ISO, it won't work properly unless burned at reduced slowest speed 2x. Common and what I would consider "well known" but not documented, not put in the PDF guide in writing.
    Sometimes it even boots and installs but bad install and fails. So in a way you were lucky it wouldn't start.

  • HT1212 i have forgotten my passcode and i have tried the restore option but it just wont work

    I tried restoring it but it wont work it just keeps coming up with the sign saying "you cant use itunes with this device until you put in passcode". And its getting really fustrating please help

    If you forgot (or don't know) your passcode, restore the device from backup on the last computer it was synced with when the passcode was turned on... this will remove the passcode. If you do not have access to the last computer it was synced with, you will have to force it into recovery mode & restore as a new device.

  • Downloaded app wont work

    AFTER PAYING for an app i get an error message stating the app wont work on the ipod touch because it needs a newer version of ipod software.   
    I downloaded the slingbox app for my ipod, of which there is no newer software available.
    Says it needs 3rd gen or later model.  How can i tell what "generation" my ipod is?  The ipod info screen only says sw ver = 4.2.1
    ser num = 1C928ASN201  6.83 gb  mac os =10.6.8
    If the generation of the device is something important to know then why wouldn't they list that detail where its easy to find?
    They could have been clear about this detail before accepting my money.   This is my first time buying anything from apple and hope this experience doesn't mar any future relationship.  

    Use this to determine the model. Key in your serial no.

  • Trying to get a Trigger and Alert to work

    So im trying to get a trigger to work with an alert and the Alert seems to be right and the trigger complies which seems right to me, however the instruction that I have in my book does not produce the same output that I get from my Update.
    Here is the deal. I am to log into sql * with a default account as well as login as "SYSTEM"
    the trigger should invoke the Alert and output a message to re-order some more product and the status should = 0 since there is no wait time. However I don't get a "Message" from the Alert and the status = 1 which indicates timeout. So if you can take a look at my code and let me know what I did wrong or how to "Connect" the two that would be great.
    Trigger I created.
    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER order_replace_trg
    AFtER UPDATE OF stock on bb_product
    WHEN (OLD.stock = 24 AND NEW.stock = -2)
    stock NUMBER(5,1);
    idproduct NUMBER(2);
    lv_msg_txt VARCHAR2(25);
    lv_status_num NUMBER(1);
    reorder NUMBER(3);
    IF stock <> 24 AND reorder = 25 THEN
    lv_msg_txt := 'Product 4 Reorder Time!';
    lv_status_num := 0;
    END IF;
    The Alert:
    lv_msg_txt VARCHAR2(25);
    lv_status_num NUMBER(1);
    DBMS_ALERT.WAITONE('reorder', lv_msg_txt, lv_status_num, 120);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Alert: ' ||lv_msg_txt);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Status: ' ||lv_status_num);
    Here is the block I need to run to test the trigger and alert.
    UPDATE bb_product
    SET stock = stock -2
    WHERE idproduct = 4;
    The message I should get is:
    Alert: Product 4 Reorder Time!
    Status: 0
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    This is what I get.
    SQL> /
    Status: 1
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    Thanks for your help!

    Right. Register says "I'm interested in getting alerted to some particular event", Waitone says "I'm waiting until some event happens". Signal is the key thing that indicates that a particular event happened.
    As for your trigger, a couple of issues
    - I don't know why you're calling DBMS_OUTPUT. I'm guessing that you probably want to send a message along with your alert that the receiver gets and displays, not that you want to print a message to the window from inside the trigger.
    - You're using the local variables stock and reorder in your IF statement but you never initialize them. I'm guessing that you would want to eliminate those local variables and just use :new.stock and :new.reorder (assuming that REORDER is a column in the table).
    - Your WHEN clause doesn't seem to make sense. It's telling the trigger to fire only if you update stock from 24 to -2, which doesn't make sense. I'm not sure you would even need a WHEN clause here.

  • HT1349 me..i cant unlock my ipad2...i tried to slide the screen but it wont work

    please help....i cant unlock my ipad2...i tried to slide the screen but it wont work

    Likely Apple problem
    iTunes Store - 20% of users are affected
    Users are unable to make purchases.

  • Firefox will not open. I have tried to uninstall and this wont work. I have laded beta version but I still can't uninstall earlier version. I would prefer the earlier version working. I have tried to update this version and that wont work either

    I can't open firefox. I have tried to update, repair and uninstall and nothing works. I have checked that it is not already running. I have restored my pc to an earlier date, completed scans but it will still not work. I have loaded the beta version ok but I am not keen on it and would prefer the earlier version.
    Can you help please
    Got to this site and there you can find older versions of firefox

  • So I just got my iphone, and i was trying to get it to download songs on my phone, when the phone suddenly died, and even though im charging it right now, it still won't turn on, been going on about 30 min to an hour now

    So i just bought my Iphone, and i was trying to put songs on it from Itunes, when it suddenly turned off, and even though i have been charging it for the last hour, can not get it to even work, any suggestions?

    Try a Reset... press the home and sleep/lock buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.

  • I am just a simpleton trying to get my Flash download to my MAC 10.6

    Can someone in simple terms help me figure out how to get the Flash to work on my MAC.  I am not a computer person and have spent the afternoon trying to figure it out.  Can anyone out there help me?????

    What version is your Mac running?

  • I cannot get firefox to download -- a box comes up about firefox being a binary file (?) and do I want to save it or cancel -- I was told to save it, which I did but, after saving, I tried to get it to download again and this same box came back up

    Cannot get firefox 4.0 to download - saved binary code download - download still doesn't work - cannot use computer until this is resolved

    For Flash, could you try downloading the "full" installers from this page:
    In the first table, there are two rows for Windows: one for the ActiveX control for IE, and one for the plugin for Firefox. You might want to grab both. And try the .msi files instead of the .exe files to see whether those work better.
    Will either of those install?
    It's odd that on a newly rebuilt system your More System Details shows that you have a user.js file, which is an optional settings files used to override your previous session settings. This is not part of the standard Firefox installation, so if you did not create that file yourself, you may want to investigate or delete it. This article has more information on that: [[How to fix preferences that won't save]].

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