Trying to install all my MP3s from new external drive back into iTunes

I'm hoping anyone can help me out here...
I had a major PC upset and have had to rebuild it from scratch (with the help of Dell Tech Support!).
I've now downloaded and installed latest version of iTunes and I'm trying to reload all of my (thankfully) saved MP3s, still in their relevant folders etc, from my external HD back into iTunes.
Despite all attempts, it isn't happening!
Short of having to 'open with' (Tunes) each and every single file, can anyone help with how I can do this?
Thanks in advance for all help offered!
Cheers, Robin
Dell Dimension 8250   Windows XP  

I just seen your post here, I'll reply the rest of what I was talking about here

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  • How do I Retrieve imovie projects from and external drive back into my mac internal drive

    How do I Retrieve imovie projects from and external drive back into my mac internal drive?
    Thank You

    Every working drive, Internal or External, should produce an Icon on your Desktop. If you cannot see those, click on the Desktop (to get Finder) and choose Preferences off the Finder Menu. The general pane has checkboxes for "Show these items on the Desktop:"
    Double click the Icon for your External Drive to open it. Open the folders on it until you find the Items you want to copy. Drag them to the Icon of your Internal Drive, or open the folder where you want them to land and drop them in there.
    A drive that does not appear on the desktop after you have asked it to may be damaged. But it would be smart to do a Restart to see if it is recognized again at next Startup.

  • How do I move a project from an external drive back into Imovie

    I recently bought an Iomega external hard drive to store documentary movies so that I wouldn't jam up my Imac's free space. However, after I moved an imovie/idvd project to it, and wanted to make changes, I could not move the project back into the Imac's drive. (It also would not burn from the external, giving me a multiplex error) When I tried to move the movie back into Imovie on the Imac it said Quicktime couldn't parse it. I saw various posts about parsing, but not about specifically about moving a project from an external drive. Can anyone offer any suggestions? It seems to me that I should be able to move a project back and forth without that much trouble.

    Sounds like you have a DVD format (MPEG-2) and not an iMovie Project file.
    The key phrases are "multiplex" and "parse". Both suggest MPEG-2 format when opened in QuickTime. It would also throw an error -2048 message if MPEG-2.
    But another issue could be the file format of the external drive. Most ship pre-formatted for the Windows OS's but a Mac user should format using HFS+ (and others). If you didn't format the drive before moving the large iMovie Project onto it it may have become severely fragmented if the external used FAT 16 or FAT 32 (very common) formats. They have a 2 or 4 GB file size limit, respectively and would have made your Project unreadable when moved back and forth.
    Use the Disk Utility app to find out the format of your external drive.

  • I cannot copy or transfer mp3 files stored on external drive back into itunes so i can listen to book again

    I mostly use itunes for listening to audiobooks which I have been collecting for years. Have hundreds of them. A few years ago when computer too full and my itunes library too big I carefully copied the books onto an external hard drive as mp3 files and then removed them from itunes. (At that stage I really wanted a non itunes library backup as I had already lost library a couple of I understand the itunes back up a bit more and can use it.)
    However I have lots of my favourite books on an external drive and I want to listen to them again. I cannot go to the folder holding a book, select all the the mp3 files that make up the book and drag them into my itunes music file as I can with a mp3 disc. There are 73 files on the first book i want to move!
    Itunes has been selected as the default player and will play the files but I cannot transfer them.
    Under details on a file it reads NOT PROTECTED
    I am  the administrator of my computer, indeed am its only user.
    Cannot think of anything else that might  be useful.
    hope you can help

    luckily that is also backed up on the external drive too so I'll try looking there, but do you have any thoughts on why I can't get the backed up files to stay on the PC correctly ? because until they are back on my PC I can't use it or get the rankings back right?

  • Can I transfer photos from old macbook to iMac and put all photos on a new external drive without losing any photos?

    Had to purchase new Macbook so all devices could sync with Yosemite.   I use iMAC and Macbook with iPhone, etc.  I have many photos over years and do scrapbooking.  I want to preserve my pix on an external hard drive and organize them.  I am currently using external drive on iMAC and a separate one on Macbook that is outdated.  I use them with TM for backup.  Can I transfer pix data only to the iMAC via a transfer cable and then send all photos to new external drive for access and safe storage?  I am confused about backup not preserving my photos.  Help please me transfer and save my pix and properly set up my external for access.  Thanks a bunch!

    I assume you are storing your photos in an iPhoto library, since you are asking in the iPhoto forum?
    if you want to store your iPhoto library on an external drive and keep them safe, you need two external drives.  One drive to store the working copy of the photo library, that you are using to work with your photos,  and one drive for time machine to make back copies of your iPhoto library.
    Can I transfer pix data only to the iMAC via a transfer cable and then send all photos to new external drive for access and safe storage?
    You could simply plug your new drive into the MacBook and copy the library from the old drive to the new. Then connect the new drive to your iMac and use the iPhoto library there.
    Make sure, your new drive has the correct file system - MacOS Extended (Journaled) .  See this link:  iPhoto: Issues with FAT32-formatted drives
    -- Léonie

  • I have a pc running vista and the hard drive crashed how can i transfer my songs from Ipod nano 5th gen to my new hard drive and into itunes

    I have a pc running vista and the hard drive crashed how can i transfer my songs from Ipod nano 5th gen to my new hard drive and into itunes

    Right click on your device in the device list and choose "transfer purchses" to copy all music bought in iTunes to your new iTunes library.
    For all other media you'll have to use 3rd party software, examples are mentioned in this thread:

  • How do I transfer music from my Clickwheel iPod back into iTunes

    I have recently had a problem with my PC Hard drive. In the process of trying to transfer my music library from my PC Hard drive to an External Hard drive, I have lost all the CD's that I had installed via the PC into iTunes. I have all the Album Artwork and Track Listing but when I click the CD to play the response is that it "cannot be found". Now the only place that has ALL my music is my iPod. Is it possible to find a way to transfer it back into iTunes. Have spoken to Apple and due to Copyright law they are not allowed to advise me how to do it. There's nearly 40+ years of wonderful music sitting on my iPod and I am frightened of losing it ALL.
    Can anyone help please ???

    iPhones are not backup devices.
    Restore the media and other important files from the backup of the computer.

  • How do I get all my music from new external hard drive into itunes????

    Just loaded all my music on my new external and need to put into itunes, how do I do that??

    There may be other ways but I think the easiest is to just reinstall iTunes. when you reinstall it gives you the option to search for all music, just make sure the external is pluged to the PC and on when u do it. An other thing is with your music on a external, anytime u turn it off or unplug it you will get abunch of ! beside all the songs in iTunes until u turn it on and plug it back in

  • Can't access my mp3s from my external drive. help please!

    So I've read most of the articles in Support but can't find an answer. I read this too :
    I'm running itunes 10.5.3 on my imac. I transferred my itunes music folder to an external drive because it was taking up too much space on my internal drive. Then I went into itunes preferences and changed the location of the folder to the external drive.
    But I can't access tons of my mp3s now. When I click on a song in my library that it can't access, I get that explanation mark, and a statement asking me if I would like to locate the file. I locate it, and then I can listen to it.
    And after I find that missing file for itunes, a window pops up and asks "Would you like itunes to use the location of "-----" to find other missing files in your library"? I select 'yes'. But then itunes can't find the missing files, even if they're in the same exact folder as the last one I found! It seems to me like this function is broken? And I have like 2,000 missing files! I even re-imported my itunes music folder back into my library. But that didn't work and now I have a ton of duplicates.
    Any suggestions?

    I read this too :
    I'm running itunes 10.5.3 on my imac. I transferred my itunes music folder to an external drive because it was taking up too much space on my internal drive. Then I went into itunes preferences and changed the location of the folder to the external drive.
    That's where you went wrong.
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    do not confuse moving your whole folder and library with moving just media files as in
    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder -
    Quick answer if you let iTunes manage your music:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Start iTunes with the option key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.

  • New MacBook pro how do I add external hard drive which has my entire iTunes library on it. Do I just drag external drive icon into iTunes preference box that shows where new itunes library is now located ie. On the MacBook pro.

    how do I add external hard drive which contains my entire iTunes library to new MacBook Pro. i want to keep iTunes library on external hard drive. But I want all my iTunes information:  artist, songs, albums, playlists on my new MacBook Pro.  I know about going to iTunes preferences- advanced-itunes media folder location.  At this point I don't know what to do   Do I drag external icon into iTunes media folder location box. I want to keep music files on external hard drive. I don't want to use macbook pro memory for my very large music files.

    I will request that your query be relocated to the iPhoto forum where knowledgeable iPhoto users will be able to assist you.

  • How do I sync music from an external drive to my itunes library?

    All my files (music, films etc) are stored on an external hard drive. I've set the drive as my iTunes Media Folder in preferences.
    How do you import all the files into my iTunes library?

    File > Add to library and select the folder on the external.

  • How do I consolidate backed up music from an external drive into itunes?

    I had to replace my ipod and am trying to consolidate my old music from an external drive with the itunes library on our home computer. My gf has music there already. I have tried consolidate library, edit/prefereces/change, copied my music in itunes folder BUT nothing works. iTunes just will NOT pick up/recognize my music. Any ideas will be much appreciated. cheers

    Consolidate takes what is in the iTunes library (what you see when you open iTunes) & copies it into the iTunes music folder as shown in iTunes prefs - > Advanced.
    If you cannot see the songs when you open iTunes, you need to File -> Add folder to library and select the folder with your music.

  • Trouble installing 10.4 on a new hard drive

    My hard drive died, so I'm trying to install 10.4 on a new hard drive. I'm using the same disk that came with my laptop. I get as far as "select a destination" and the hard drive doesn't show up to choose. I saw another post that suggested partitioning the hard drive first, so I did that, and still no luck. Can anyone help?

    Thanks for the welcome, and for the attempt to help. I'm starting to wonder if I got a bum replacement hard drive? I've just restarted twice, it now takes FOREVER for the apple and the little spinny thing to show up when I start up and hold down the C key, and now when I go to disk utility the hard drive doesn't show up in the list of choices at all. Do you think it's worth pulling out the hard drive and sticking it back in again? I have no idea if that will make any difference?

  • How do I import all my songs from my external hard drive?

    Earlier I backed up my iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive. I want to make sure that importing my library to my new computer is seamless.
    Thank you

    So it sounds like you want to copy your iTunes library from your external drive, back to an internal drive?
    Try this:
    In iTunes, click Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab > General tab
    Select the options to "Keep iTunes music folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library"
    Make sure the iTunes Music Folder location is directed to where on the internal drive you want to save your files
    Click OK
    Then, click Advanced > Consolidate Library
    This will copy the files to the internal drive, as well as make sure iTunes is reading your files from that internal drive, and not the external
    Hope this is helpful

  • How do i put the song from the hard drive back in the new itunes library?

    I had a laptop with music in the itunes library. I put the music from there in a hard drive. I bought a new laptop. How do i put the songs  from the hard drive back into the itunes library on my new laptop.

    A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

Maybe you are looking for

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