Trying to install CS 5.5 on a newer computer (Windows 7) and I am told to "please restart computer." Restarting doesn't resolve anything

I am trying to install CS 5.5 on a newer computer and every time I go through setup the serial number comes back good (green check mark, etc.) but then when I proceed with install, I am told to "please restart computer." No error number just "please restart." After restarting 5 or 6 times I realized there must be a deeper issue. I first made a basic mistake (forgot to deactivate the serial#) so I went back on to the original device and, interestingly, when I re-installed InD CS5.5 on the old computer, there was no incident. It then proceeded to function normally and opened just fine, I deactivated the serial#, and went back to the new computer. After installing and trying again, I got the same message "please restart computer."
This was a license that allowed for multiple installs and I have put this program on a Win7 (pro) laptop before using the same serial number and had no issue. Now I am on an Asus Desktop running Win7 (home) and and am having this please restart problem. Could it be an OS issue? Any ideas of what to try?
Thank you all, I hope someone can help.

I think you need to clean this machine before trying again, so run the cleaner tool (CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3), then run MSconfig and turn off all non-essential startup programs before you try to install again.
Also, be sure javascript is enabled. From the Start menu choose Run, then in the command field type regsvr32 jscript.dll and press Enter. You should get a confirmation.

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