TS3276 how do I save changes in mail accounts preferences?

how do I save changes in mail accounts preferences? I add and delete mail accounts but when I close and then reopen mail, my changes are not saved, despite messages within the mail window saying that my changes are saved.

You can use an add-on to set the zoom level for all sites. For example, [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nosquint/ NoSquint] and [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/default-fullzoom-level/ Default FullZoom Level].

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    I am thinking about erasing my HD and installing Snow Leopard.
    This will destroy all my Mail accounts and it takes ages to reinstall them as each one has to send off and receive info back from my ISP which can take 5 or more minutes.
    Is there something I can save to put back in SL that will allow me to continue using all my accounts instantly with no reconfiguring?

    Thank you. I had completely forgotten about TM ....... even though I only started using it 3 days ago!
    However, I have a friend with an early Intel iMac who is running Tiger and intends to upgrade to Snow Leopard.
    I assume he may be using an older version of Mail and of course he hasn't got TM.
    What precautions should he take or will he just have to reconfigure his accounts?

  • How can I add/change e-mail account password? How can I test the account?

    For several days I have been unable to send or receive messages using Thunderbird. Works OK with another mail client. This problem started right after installing a security update 24.4.0 (20140316131045). I went to Options/Security/Passwords and deleted all the saved passwords. When I try to download messages, however, the system is not asking me to enter a new password. Thunderbird regrettably lacks a "Test" button to test access to the accounts.
    Any suggestions?

    If you're not being prompted for the password Thunderbird is unable to reach the server.
    Verify your firewall settings and make sure Thunderbird isn't blocked.
    You can easily verify your password using webmail.

  • How do I save changes to a PDF with AxAcroPDFLib.AxAcroPDF?

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    This works fine. But, just like the browser, I cannot save changes to the PDF. I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed, Standard 8.0. I also have the Pro. version 7.1.0 on another PC. When I click save I just get prompted to save it locally, just like I was in the browser.
    If I edit these normally, just via Adobe Acrobat Standard, I can save my changes. I cannot do it via the AxAcroPDFLib library.
    How do I save changes to my adobe acrobat pdf file in my program? Thank you for any help. please.

    I did this after I wrote this. I have looked at the documentation but I can't find what I am looking for. Is there another way to open a file for viewing that has the full capabilities or using the normal program...one that uses something besides AxAcroPDFLib.AxAcroPDF. The sample that did have a view used AxAcroPDFLib.AxAcroPDF so it wasn't helpful. All I need is normal program functionality of adobe standard or profession within the application. The users have a full version installed on their PC.
    Thanks again.

  • How can I save an e-mail to documents on our macbook Air?

    How can I save an e-mail to documents on our macbook Air?

    It's pretty impossible to figure out what you're really trying to do ...
    If you're literally trying to save an e-mail to your documents folder (which I doubt), then you can open the e-mail, do a File > Save As ... from Mail's menu and do it from there.
    Good luck.

  • HT4859 After the i-cloud server issue Nov 26, 2012, I had to change some mail account settings to get my i-cloud mail to work again.  However, all of my received e-mails are gone.  How do I retrieve my e-mails from the server?

    After the i-cloud server issue yesterday, November 26, 2012, my i-cloud mail account on my Macbook Pro stopped receiving mail.  I changed some mail account settings to fix the issue, and was able to start receiving e-mails.  However, all of my historical e-mails are gone.  How do I retrieve all of my old e-mails from the server?

    What settings did you change, what were the changes, have you visited www.icloud.com to see what mail is actually there? and do you have a backup?

  • HT4759 I now have my daughters iPad can you please tell me why I can't set up iCloud.in settings the iCloud is greyed out also how do I change her mail account to mine?

    I now have my daughters iPad can you please tell me why I can't set up iCloud.in settings the iCloud is greyed out also how do I change her mail account to mine?

    To change your iCloud ID or password you have to go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, then sign back in with your other ID.  If you need to migrate any of your daughter's iCloud data to your account, choose Keep on My iPad when prompted, then choose Merge to upload it to the new account.  If not, choose Delete from My iPad.

  • How do I save images in mail to photos on iPhone iOS 7

    How do I save images in Mail to Photos on iPhone using iOS 7?

    Thanks.  It worked this time.  I tried the same earlier when it did not.
    Thanks. AJ

  • How do I save changes to about:config?

    I change the keyword url in about:config but don't know how to save this change. If just close the tab or the browser, the old settings reappear.
    How do I save changes to about:config?

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    See also:

  • How do i save all my mail in my inbox and sent box?

    i am going to upgrade my OSX to Snow Leopard
    how do i save all my mail in my inbox and sent box then restore it when my new OSX is installed?
    thanks in advance

    It's always good to have a backup, but Snow Leopard should leave all your data intact, just install new OS components & updated Apple Apps.
    If you don't have room to back everything up...
    On Mail...
    First Quit Mail, then I'd backup these two Mail folders, by right clicking on them in the Finder, then choose Archive/Compress.
    Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail Downloads
    (Could be a different folder here if you chose such in Mail Prefs)
    Right click on that Mail folder, choose archive, you'll get everything in the folder, and the folder itself in a file called Mail.zip, move it to a safe place, same for the Mail Downloads folder... only the plist is separate.
    For Address Book, quit AB...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/
    If you do have room to back everything up...
    Get carbon copy cloner to make an exact copy of your old HD to the New one...
    Or SuperDuper...

  • How do I save all my mail in icloud?

    how do I save all my mail in icloud?

    Your iCloud mail is already stored on the iCloud mail server and uses your iCloud storage space.  Mail from other services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. cannot be stored in iCloud.

  • How do you save changes made in iPhoto, and export the changed file.  It keeps reverting back to the original.

    How do you save changes made in iPhote, and export the changed picture file? When I select export, current format, it reverts to the original, wiping out all my work.

    Try trash the com.apple.iPhoto.plist file from the HD/Users/ Your Name / library / preferences folder.
    (On 10.7 or later: Hold the option (or alt) key while clicking on the Go menu in Finder to access the User Library)
    (Remember you'll need to reset your User options afterwards. These include minor settings like the window colour and so on. Note: If you've moved your library you'll need to point iPhoto at it again.)
    What's the plist file?
    For new users: Every application on your Mac has an accompanying plist file. It records certain User choices. For instance, in your favourite Word Processor it remembers your choice of Default Font, on your Web Browser is remembers things like your choice of Home Page. It even recalls what windows you had open last if your app allows you to pick up from where you left off last. The iPhoto plist file remembers things like the location of the Library, your choice of background colour, whether you are running a Referenced or Managed Library, what preferences you have for autosplitting events and so on. Trashing the plist file forces the app to generate a new one on the next launch, and this restores things to the Factory Defaults. Hence, if you've changed any of these things you'll need to reset them. If you haven't, then no bother. Trashing the plist file is Mac troubleshooting 101.

  • If the MS Exchange ActiveSync port had been changed, how to set up the iPad Mail account?

    Hi all,
    The default MS Exchange ActiveSync port is 443 but due to security reason it had been changed.
    Under this situation how to set up the iPad Mail account?
    I could not find out the port modification area in iPad account settings.
    Or any other apps are suitable for multiple accounts within 1 domain?
    That means i can use this app for more than 1 email accounts within 1 exchange server.
    I had tried eMailGanizer. It could allow you to modify the port number but if you need to send email you still need to set up the account in Apple mail first.
    I tried Outlook Mail but could not allow multiple accounts within 1 domain.
    I tried Mail Access 2010 but it could not display the emails in the server.
    Please help!
    Thanks a lot!

    Next test
      using Outlook.com I just deleted an email
        by clicking the Trash icon that appears
          when hovering near an email subject
            in the list of emails.
    Then I clicked the Send/Receive button
      in Apple Mail.
    The email disappeared from the Inbox listing
      in Apple Mail.
    The email is listed in the Deleted Folder
      within Apple Mail.
    The email also appears in Outlook.com
      within the Deleted Folder
    I'm not seeing an equivalent operation in Outlook.com
      to perform the Erase Deleted items
        such as Apple Mail provides..
    There was momentarily a "Sweep to Delete"
      animation that appeared and is now gone..
    Pomme is correct.. by selecting "Erase Deleted Items"
      within Apple Mail does not clear the Deleted Folder
        when the email was first deleted using Outlook.com
    Now I'm seeing further synch problems in that deleting in Outlook.com
      The emails disappear from Apple Mail Inbox,
        but do not appear within the Apple Mail Deleted Folder..
          (as it did with the first message I deleted using Outlook.com)
    Yes.. there is some synchronizing problems..
    I just exited Apple Mail, and restarted it, synched
      and now all messages deleted from Outlook.com
        appear within Apple Mail Deleted Folder..
    For Outlook.com the equivalent operation to Erase Deleted Items
      Is to click the Trash icon next to the emails
        within the Deleted Folder..
    Moral of the story is for Apple Mail
      periodically select Erase Deleted Items
      and for Outlook.com
        periodically look in the Deleted Folder
          and delete those emails (that you already deleted)
            a second time..

  • How do I save my e-mails to get them back later?

    How do I save my e-mails to get them back later?

    put them in local folders, archive them or export them.

  • How do I synchronize my e-mail accounts and folders

    Hi everybody on this line...
    I am using a Powerbook + a Mini mac and I would very much like to read/delete/save all my incoming e-mail on both machines without doing the work twice (on each machine). So how do I synchronize my e-mail accounts and folders (when I delete on e-mail on one of the mac it will also be deleted on the other machine or if I move an e-mail to a folder, it would also me moved to the same folder on the other machine).
    I am award of the possibilities that .mac give me but as far as I know I can only use .mac for my mac e-mail account ([email protected]) and not for my other accounts that I have from my internet provider ([email protected]) which is a pop account.
    I hope you understand my question.
    Thanks in advance
    Best Lars Kudsk, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Phone: DK +45 2095 8283
    Minimac + Powerbook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    You're welcome.
    Could you please make a totally run down (step by step) of
    how to synchronize one mail account between to machines.
    There is nothing else to say, really. Locally stored mailboxes cannot be synchronized, period. Mailboxes stored on the server are synchronized automatically without you having to do anything else. If there is something you don't understand, you'll have to ask specific questions.
    The only way to have an exact copy of all your mail in both computers for locally stored mailboxes is to copy the entire ~/Library/Mail folder between them every time. Mail shouldn't be running on either computer while you do this, and it would be a good idea to copy ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist as well.
    right now the inbox of my Imap account is showed
    together with my other e-mail accounts inboxex
    As it should be. Mail organizes the standard mailboxes by type instead of by account, so that you can look at them both individually and combined as if you had just one of each type.
    ut it is also showed futher down in my "menu" wtihin
    the mail program, with a logo as a black ball,
    together with two folders that I have made (Prut
    mappe) and (choir OF young believers).
    This is also normal. I assume the "menu" you're talking about is the mailboxes list. Since Mail organizes standard mailboxes by type, the rest of mailboxes must be shown separately. In Mail 2.x, local custom "On My Mac" mailboxes are shown ungrouped at the root level of the mailboxes list, and an account group is displayed for each IMAP account to organize custom mailboxes stored on the server.

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