Turning off external hard drive

I just connected a Seagate external 300gb hard drive to my 12 inch Powerbook G4. I am wondering if there is an "order of operations" as far as turning the external hard drive off with the laptop?
The manual is not exactly clear to my understanding. It does mention dragging the external hard drive icon to the trash icon in my dock area but I think that is if I would like to DISCONNECT it from my laptop?
I am GUESSING that I would turn off the hard drive first THEN the laptop? Does anyone know if it matters, I do not want to damage the drive or any info on it.
Any info woul be appreciated, thanks in advance people!

wow, thanks so much for the all the comprehensive info! I appreciate the fact that you guys didn't leave anything out didn't assume anything! It makes things much more clear.
So it sounds like the jist is make sure that if I AM turning the external HD off to make sure I drag the external HD icon on my desktop to the dock FIRST in order to avoid potentially damaging or loosing files.
But what about turning the external HD and laptop ON? Is there also an order? I am assuming the external HD should be turned on first?
It would be nice if the external HD could turn on and off whenever I turn on/off my laptop but I doubt that is a possibility.
thanks again, looking forward to learning more!!!
Powerbook 12 Mac OS X (10.2.x)

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    I installed Yosemite 2 days ago, and something when wrong right away: when I turned off my LaCie external hard drive, my 27 inches iMac immediately shuts down (I tried a couple of times), to restart a few seconds later. A message lets me know if I want to send a notice of the problem to Apple (which I did), and then everything is fine. Except its not, and whenever I turn off that hard drive (that is connected through thunderbolt), same thing happens. It never happened with the previous OS, so I hate myself right now for moving onto Yosemite.
    Does anyone when through the same thing, and possibly has a fix ? Thanks.

    Hmmm. Did you ever install any external software (i.e. some LaCie installer disk) or something? That's my guess, that you have 3rd party software (which is totally not necessary) which is incompatible with Yosemite and is causing a kernel panic. The solution would be to uninstall the software - it is never necessary to use 3rd party software to use a hard disk, and it can cause system instability and data loss.
    If you don't know how find this out, you could download and run a program called 'etrecheck' (just Google it) and post the output here.

  • Running Disk Utility off External Hard drive

    To run "repair disk" in disk utility on my internal hard drive I'm supposed to insert my Install DVD, restart my mac and run disk utility - however running this program off the disk is much slower than running it off my 800firewire external hard drive. I've tried a few different ways of going about this:
    1) Partitioning my hard drive in two (both HFS+) with more than enough room for the DVD, I've tried both making a Disk Image of the Install DVD and dragging it into the source field in the "restore" tab and dragged my Install partition into the destination field, after that was complete, I restarted my computer while holding the "alt" key I wasn't even offered the option to boot to my external hard drive
    2) I've also tried after partitioning the external drive, in the restore tab just dragging the Install DVD (not the disk image) from the left of the disk utility window into the "source field" and again the partition into the destination field, and when restarting both with the "alt" key and by going to system preferences -> start up disk and choosing my external drive to boot from, I was still unable to boot off my drive.
    Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions! This would be such a big help for me since I'm constantly helping people with diagnostic issues with their macs and this would save me so much time. Thanks in advance

    I'm not sure why you can't make a bootable copy of the installer DVD using Disk Utility but as Niel suggests, it is much better to install the OS on a partition on the external drive using the DVD & then use that instead of a 'clone' of the DVD as a boot source to run utilities. There are several reasons for this:
    1. You can update the installed version of the OS on the external to take advantage of any improvements, including to Disk Utility, that may be released in the future.
    2. The version of Snow Leopard that runs from the DVD is a special one that among other things is optimized for read-only media. For instance, it doesn't write log files to the startup disk since it doesn't expect that to be possible.
    3. You can include other utilities on the external & easily customize it to your liking. For instance, configure it for automatic login to an admin user account, drop Disk Utility into that account's login items & it will automatically launch at the end of the boot process. You can do the same with shell scripts or Applescript applications for just about as much automation as your scripting skills & imagination can dream up.
    However, one thing to keep in mind: since a HD is not read-only but a DVD is, you can never be as certain that your external is as reliable as the DVD, since it is possible for something to change or corrupt files on the HD but short of physical damage the DVD is immutable.

  • Run itunes off external hard drive and keep settings

    I have an imac which has my consolidated music library on it. I also have a macbook which i use while traveling. My itunes is about 130 gigs, which is fine on my imac, but too big for my macbook. in the past what i have done is just put everything on my 80 gig ipod, and then do the manual setting in itunes so that, if i get new music while traveling, i can put it on the ipod. anyway, that ipod was stolen and now i have a nano. So what i want to do is somehow copy my itunes from my imac onto an external hard drive, and then run itunes off that from my macbook. the point being to have my whole music collection there. The problem is that i cant seem to keep all my ratings, play counts and settings and stuff, the macbook doesnt recognize the setting file when its on the hard drive. Is there a way to do this? I tried changing the iTunes music folder location to the folder on the hard drive, but that did not make the songs appear in itunes on the macbook.
    In addition, what id like to be able to do is, when i come back, copy the itunes from the external back onto my imac with all the new ratings, play counts, and music.
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    See this article, iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Music folder, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1449
    "If you just want to move all those music and media files to another hard drive on your system, here's a way to make the move while retaining all your playlists, ratings, and play history."

  • White Prohibitory Sign When Trying To Move Files Off External Hard Drive

    Why am I getting the white prohibitory sign when trying to add a new file to an external hard drive? I have run Disk Utility and permissions repair.

    See Mac OS X: "Broken folder" icon, prohibitory sign, or kernel panic when computer starts
     Cheers, Tom

  • Deleting time machine files off external hard drive

    Can someone please help me?? I stored my time machine backups on an external hard drive which is now full because of time machine! I just want to delete the time machine files so I have space again on my external drive. Can anyone please explain how to delete this? Nothing seems to be working.

    Can someone please help me?? I stored my time machine backups on an external hard drive which is now full because of time machine! I just want to delete the time machine files so I have space again on my external drive. Can anyone please explain how to delete this? Nothing seems to be working.

  • Booting off external hard drive

    I am trying to boot off an external Seagate 160GB USB hard drive. I used SuperDuper to create a full system backup to my drive. When I reboot, I should hold option, right? When I hold option, the grey screen comes up when booting after the chime and then the system reboots again with the chime. It doesn't give me the bootable drive option. Can someone help? Thanks.

    hello i have a similar problem with my mac mini i aquired a 160GB western digital drive and cloned my current 40GB seagate drive into it using a software called carbon copy cloner but after replacing the drive the flashing ? appears iv tried almost everything possible i have zapped the pram,reset the nvram and nothing seems to work but i see the drive when i connect to my mac via usb as an external harddrive i guess my question is how do i make my new hard drive bootable since its going to replace my old one in the mac please help.

  • What is the best option for working live off external hard drive?

    I have 3 iMacs all networked together and working off 1TB of files stored on an old MacPro. I'm wondering what my best option would be for upgrading moving forward. I need more space (preferable 2TB or more) and I'd like the connection to be as fast as possible. A server seems like overkill ...
    I have an external 3TB WD Cloud backing up all of the files, but it's far too slow to work off of live as it needs to 'wake up' every time I ping it.
    Would running a 'headless' Mini directly off my router work? Or perhaps attached to one of the iMacs?
    Other options?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi there,
    Ive always followed the idea that journalling is turned off, so I would follow the advice given and turn journalling off.
    In addition I would also make that drive "private" to spotlight so it doesn't search or catalogue there.
    If its of interest, I've always formatted my drives in the following way
    make 2 partitions,
    partition 1 - make this about 10% of the drives capacity and label DO NOT USE
    partition 2 - make this the remainder of the capacity
    the reason being (So Im told by the drive gurus) is that the first sector contains the volumes boot block - this can get corrupted/damaged so having it partitioned like this means you can erase it safely whilst keeping your media.
    Ive followed this for years and it has worked on the few occasions a drive has misbehaved.

  • Working off External Hard Drive

    This is a curious question from me. I will be traveling for a few days to my folks home. My dad has an imac (glossy screen version with leopard so same operating system). I'm wondering if I make a carbon copy clone my system and programs to a hard drive, can I just work from the hard drive while I'm there?

    Should be able to do that. Just verify that your clone boots before you depart.
    How to Clone Using Restore Option of Disk Utility
    1. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder.
    2. Select the backup or destination volume from the left side list.
    3. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (journaled, if available) and click on the Erase button. This step can be skipped if the destination has already been freshly erased.
    4. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.
    5. Select the backup or destination volume from the left side list and drag it to the Destination entry field.
    6. Select the startup or source volume from the left side list and drag it to the Source entry field.
    7. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.
    You can substitute Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! if you wish. Both will be somewhat faster than DU's Restore option.

  • I have an alias of one of my external hard drives in my trash. When I click on "show original" all my external H D 's and my Mac hard drive show up. How do I delete this icon from the trash without loosing all my files?

    I have an alias of one of my external hard drives in my trash. When I tried to delete it, it showed that I was deleting 80,000 files and counting. I stopped the delete process and when I clicked on "show original" all my external H.D.'s and my Mac hard drive show up. How do I delete this alias from the trash without loosing all my files? When I tried to drag it back to the desk top, it just made a duplicate and remained in the trash. When I turned off the external H.D., the trash was then empty. Tried rebooting the computer and then turning the external hard drive back on and the alias shows up in the trash again. Much help appreciated.

    In Finder's Menu, select Go menu>Go to Folder, and go to "/volumes". (no quotes)
    Volumes is where an alias to your hard drive ("/" at boot) is placed at startup, and where all the "mount points" for auxiliary drives are created for you to access them. This folder is normally hidden from view.
    Drives with an extra 1 on the end have a side-effect of mounting a drive with the same name as the system already think exists. Try trashing the duplicates with a 1 or 2 if there are no real files in them, and reboot.
    If it does contain data...

  • External Hard Drive No longer Appearing on Macbook Pro

    Hello, I have a Iomega ldhd-up 1TB external hard drive which I have owned for about 3-4 years. The enclosure case of the hard drive is very poorly designed and the port for the USB cable does not fit the cable tightly. Over the years I often would have to turn off the hard drive and adjust the cord so it would appear on my computer. (yes i know its a bad idea to turn it off without unmounting, but i didn't have much choice)
    However, as of today, it is no longer appearing at all no matter what I do. (not on the desktop, or disk utility, or anywhere). It is making the same sounds and the light on the external is showing up as if should be working though.
    Does anyone have a fix for this or suggestions to make my hard drive appear and function again. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.

    Since you have had a history of connection problems with the Iomega, get a new enclosure for the HDD.  That of course assumes that the HDD is functional.

  • External hard drive issue - PC to Mac (weird problem...)

    Hi everyone,
    this is my first post and new to Macs, so apologies if this may have been covered elsewhere (though I can't find an answer!), but I'm getting seriously frustrated with this issue!
    I've just recently been given an iMac and I'm trying to access my files and use my previously PC-mounted external hard drive as my iTunes library and general storage for everything else. However, I'm having permission issues in that it will only allow me read-only status. I followed instructions from other forums and google searches that said I should install macFUSE and NTFS-3G drivers and this would solve the issue, which it did. Then my girlfriend turned off the hard drive accidently at the wall socket and once I remounted it, it has returned to read-only once again and even re-installing the drivers makes no difference!!!
    I'm running an iMac PowerMac G4, Mac OS X 10.5.6 if that has any relevance?
    Any help????

    Hi Adam;
    Personally instead of attempting to use NTFS, I would suggest that you reformat to HFS+.
    Using NTFS on a Mac is always a kluge at best. It will always give you problems. If you reformat to HFS+ then you are using the native format and everything should work much better for you.

  • Mac won't boot up if external hard drive is on

    I just purchased an external hard drive to use for my Time Machine backups. The "installation" instructions said that with the computer off, to power up the e.h.d., then power up the computer. Well, the computer is evidently trying to boot up from the e.h.d. - the white screen/apple logo sits there for 5 minutes, then it restarts but cycles through the same thing over & over. Called Apple Care & we simply turned the e.h.d. off and booted up just fine. Then turned the e.h.d. back on & my first Time Machine backup went fine.
    Shut down for the night. Turned the computer on this a.m. (external drive still on) and the same rigamarole - no successful start - happened again.
    My question: should I just turn the external hard drive off when I turn the computer off (I use it only for Time Machine backups) or should I stress & sweat over finding a solution or, last resort, return it?

    I would contact the manufacturer of the hard drive for a firmware update.
    It is strange that this drive in particular should have a problem, as it was one of the ones demoed at the Stevenote, and shown on the Time Machine initial advertising. If a firmware update doesn't solve the problem, return the drive, and get a better rated drive that is known to be compatible with your version of the operating system.

  • Error message when trying to eject external hard drive

    I'm trying to eject an external hard drive (I've tried all of the prompts multiple times) and continue to get the error message, "The volume can’t be ejected because it’s currently in use.".  Has anybody run into this?

    Well... I did it the "wrong" way and turned off the hard drive before ejecting it.  Of course my Mac "yelled" at me.  When I tested to make sure the HD was working properly it seemed to and then ejected easily.  Who knows???

  • HELP!! Problems using external hard drive

    I have moved my iTunes music library from my internal hard drive on my laptop to a new external hard drive in order to free up space on my laptop. The problem I now experience is that when my external hard drive is conected and turned on, my computer will not recognize my iPod. When I turn the external hard drive off, my computer will then recognize my iPod. I can use one or the other but I can't use both at the same time. Because of this problem I can't access my iTunes music library with my iPod in order to update my iPod with new music that has been added to the music library on the external hard drive.
    Is it that I need a Firewire conection possibly? If so, is there any way around that? Any help would be appreciated!
    MY COMPUTER (purchased new in 2006)
    Gateway Laptop running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    70 gig hard drive
    1.83GHz - 480 MB Ram
    MY IPOD (purchased new in 2006)
    80 gig - video enabled
    MY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (purchased new in 2007)
    Western Digital "My Book" Essential Edition (USB)
    250 gig (NTFS)

    Change the drive letter for the external drive.

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