Two apple ids, two computers, one phone#-how to sync messages on on both computers

Okay apple world, I'm a bit stumped with this one: I have two macbooks, one for work (a 2009 15" macbook pro) and a personal one (2014 13" macbook air) and two apple ids, one for work and one personal one. I also have a 5S iPhone, which I use for both work and personal use. The iPhone has been set up with my personal apple id and my iMessages sync perfectly with my personal macbook air. Now what I would like to do is sync my iMessages through my phone number with my work macbook pro. But when I try to add an additional account, I am only given the option to add a google account or I am told that my (personal) apple id is already in use. Has anyone encountered this issue and do you have any tips on how to trouble shoot through this?

Sync is about synchronisation to Lightroom Mobile, the iPad/iPhone app, not about synchronising from one computer to another. There isn't really a way to sync two computers automatically, but you can use methods such as File>Export/import as Catalog, Dropbox, or copying through the operating system.

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  • 13 apple ids connected with one phone number

    I've been bumping into this problem for several years now and it 's just getting worse. When Apple started Voice Pass I had to delete 69 registered products to get down to the 7 I currently own. I have always had only one email address, one password, and since 1997 one phone number. Yet somehow Apple has created multiple ids for me and there seems to be no way to get rid of them. I was in my Voice Pass today and tried to add my home phone number only to have the system kick out my registered number saying it was already registered to different customers. When I spoke to a senior advisor he had no idea where in Apple, Inc. he could find Voice Pass or Apple id's. He did, however, say I was registered 13 times. Needless to say, I have only registered once and the question is, "now what"?

    I forgot to mention. This is 13 of the same account and I can only access one account. The others are in the system and are causing much confusion including now allowing me to use my main number in Voice Pass. They cannot be accessed by tech support and I can't change my phone number just to create a 14th account and what's to say Apple won't give me 13 ids on the new number?

  • Two iPhones, One Mac, how to Sync Both to same Mac

    We (wife and I) have two iPhones. I want to put the same data from the Apple Address Book into both iPhones.
    Any advice appreciated.

    Plug it in and set it to sync whatever you like.

  • I have two iphones and I want to use two different apple IDs on the same computer without any syncing of the two phones?

    I have two iPhones. How do I have two seperate apple ID's on one computer without them syncing.

    You can either do as sberman suggested - create separate User logons on the computer
    You can make sure that you are syncing Contacts, Calendars, and Mail via the individual iCloud accounts.
    Then, for Apps, Music, Movies, Books, Photos, etc. you would set up each individual iPhone's options to only sync what you want to have loaded to each of the phones from the iTunes and Photo libraries. You do this by setting up the individual Device Profile pages to have only what is selected for that particular device. When you hook the device up via a USB cord, you will see the device Profile pages to the right of the sidebar. Select each Profile page and set it up as desired for the particular device.
    Also, turn off Automatic downloads in Settings>iTunes & Apps Store>Automatic Downloads on each device.

  • Can Apple TV play content purchased with two different Apple IDs (but on one computer)?

    I have one iMac with content in my iTunes from two different Apple IDs. All of this content is perfectly accessible on my computer. Before I ran the most recent software upgrade on my Apple TV 2, I was able to access all of this content (from both Apple IDs) through Home Sharing. Now it shows me all of the content, but skips over any of the songs that were purchased with one of the Apple IDs. It doesn't show an error message--it just won't play the songs. Is there any way around this? I haven't seen a thread that directly relates to this--most threads I have seen discuss two separate computers, each with different Apple IDs. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I've tried everything..unplugging and re-setting the Apple TV, restoring to factory settings and starting over...nothing seems to work. I'm not sure why the software upgrade would have affected it, but that's what triggered this problem. It doesn't seem right that if it's accessible on my computer and it's all music purchased by me, that it's not all accessible on my Apple TV!

  • I have 2 iphones, one for personal and one for business.  I need my phones not to sync otherwise they will both ring all the time.  How can I log out of my icloud and unsync my phones?

    I have 2 iphones, one for personal and one for business.  I need my phones not to sync otherwise they will both ring all the time.  How can I log out of my icloud and unsync my phones?

    Syncing your phones to the same iCloud account won't cause them to both ring all the time, it only puts the same contacts, calendars, and other synced data on the phone.  The phones will only ring with someone calls the number associated with the phone.
    If you want to stop using iCloud on one or both of the phones, go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, then choose Keep On My iPhone when prompted.  This will disconnect them from iCloud and keep a copy of the synced data on the phone.

  • HT204053 Can you have multiple apple ids that access one itune account??

    I need to know if I can have multiple Apple Ids attached to one itunes account.  Trying to set facetime up on these separate devices and it keeps failing.  Any help would be appreciated.  I tried to add additional emails, but I all I get is verifying and it never verifies it.

    yes you can still sync all the devices on itunes using one master itunes/appleID account.
    If you want to select specific playlists for your kids, DON'T enable iTunes Match on their devices, otherwise they will get ALL the playlists on their devices (learned that the hard way)
    If you have wi-fi synced enabled that should still work.
    I manually select which apps they get on their devices using itunes. It only changes when they re-sync.
    Don't enable AUTO downloads on their devices for Apps or Music purchases.
    Since I also have young kids using these devices:
    I have restrictions setup on their devices. I don't allow them to install/delete apps, nor do I allow them to make any account changes on their devices. This way their devices stay in order and get backed up to icloud. I can easily restore their devices if I needed too.
    Once in a while I will disable the restrictions so I can update all their apps.
    Hope this helps!

  • I have a iphone4s and an ipod 4th gen, they both share same itunes acc, the ipod has its own email but when people try to FT it also rings on my phone, how do i stop it ringing both devices

    i have a iphone4s and an ipod 4th gen, they both share same itunes acc, the ipod has its own email but when people try to FT it also rings on my phone, how do i stop it ringing both devices

    That's because you're using the same Apple ID on both devices. On your phone: Settings>FaceTime>You Can Be Reached at>Remove your Apple ID.

  • Any one know how to sync 2 iphones without having everything shared on both?

    Any one know how to sync 2 iphones without having everything shared on both?

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • I have two Apple IDs, and this is causing problems with syncing via iCloud. How do I move everything to one ID? All advice is for setting up, not for after it's already set up.

    My problem is that I have been a Mobile Me user for the past couple of years, and because of that a second Apple ID was generated in addition to the one I've been using for years. When iCloud was introduced last fall I did everything I was supposed to in setting it up, but it is evident that the syncing is not working as it should. In checking, I am certain this is because I now have two active Apple IDs. I would assume this is a common issue with all who were/are Mobile Me users.
    The online help says you can't merge two IDs. Okay. What I want to do is to get rid of the Moble Me ID and only use my regular Apple ID. But the help on that issue seems to only give instructions for setting up the iCloud account. It seems that when I go into my iCloud accounts, both on my iPhone and my Mac, I can view the ID but there is no way to change them to another ID or to eliminate the account.
    Please help. I am a long-time Apple user and this really should be a fairly simple matter to take care of, but this is one issue where the normally user-friendly Apple way of life is giving me fits. Thanks.

    I am logged into the same things on both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro, except for mail. I use a gmail IMAP account and everything there already works on both machines. The iCloud account on my iPhone uses one Apple ID and the one on the Mac uses the second Apple ID.

  • Two Apple IDs from two countries, one Mac: how to deal with MAS?

    I have two Apple IDs, one associated with the US store, and another associated with the Italy store. I have iOS apps on both accounts. I used to have to switch back and forth between accounts to get them all to update, but iOS 7 seems to finally be able to update them all transparently (correct me if I'm wrong).
    I also have some Mac App Store apps (including Mavericks itself, obviously), and so far all of these are associated with my Italian ID. However, I would like to purchase some new apps from the US store, because the prices are much better. I live in the US and I have an American credit card, so that should not be a problem.
    However, from what I've read on this forum, the Mac App Store still gives an iOS 6-level experience with multiple Apple IDs: you have to log out and back in to perform the updates, which seems like a pain. So, if I buy the apps using my American account, I will be forever doomed to juggle accounts back and forth. I wonder if I would even be able to see OS X software updates while I am logged into the American account.
    On the other hand, if I change the country of my Italian Apple ID to the US, I will use access to all of my previously purchased apps. Apparently there is a way to get the Mac apps purchased with the same Apple ID transferred to a different country store. However, I am not aware of any such workaround for iOS apps or iTMS music, so I would permanently lose the ability to update or redownload those apps.
    Is my understanding correct? It seems that buying Mac apps with the US Apple ID is the lesser of two evils, but I'd be forever stuck switching accounts back and forth on OS X to make sure everything stays up to date. Is there a better solution?

    Plug it in and set it to sync whatever you like.

  • Is it possible to merge or sync two apple IDs that belong to me so I can access purchases from both in my iCloud?

    When I got my iPad and was prompted to change my apple ID to an email address format one, I discovered I already had another apple ID using my email address - must have set it up years ago and not realised I had two apple IDs (I know - oops).
    I am now trying to find a way to merge the two as they obviously both belong to me - so I can get all my purchases aligned to the one iCloud that is registered to my email ID.
    Apple support can't help - has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution??

    carolinecl wrote:
    I am now trying to find a way to merge the two ... Apple support can't help -
    As you have already discovered... what you want is not possible.
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.
    From Here

  • How do I create separate playlists for two ipods/one library and them sync them?

    I have an older classic ipod, my daughter has an older nano.  I got new laptop and have managed to sync my ipod and ipad with success, as well as move my library from old pc to new laptop.  Now I am trying to update and sync my daughter's ipod.  It says that it is synced but nothing changes.  I believe I had set up two different libraries on the old pc, and so certain cds had been copied into her library.  I can't find them in the earlier mentioned transfered library.  That's not a big deal, as I can just use those cds to add them back in later (more work though).  I've read older community posts on my issue, but any article links on how-to are too old, I guess.  I like the idea of using just one library and creating playlists for each ipod to sync to, but cannot figure out how to do this.  Also, do I need to restore my daughter's ipod to get the ball rolling?  She's taken a couple of videos she likes and I'm not sure I want to lose it in the restore.  Any advice greatly appreciated. 

    Hey puckaluck8,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    The following article provides different methods for managing multiple devices with one computer:
    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer
    You mentioned syncing separate playlists, which is definitely a good method. The other option you may want to consider is called "Manually Syncing", which you can read about here:
    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer
    Matt M.

  • Two iPods, one computer--How to do it?

    I have an iPod, and now my husband wants do I set up our ONE computer so that both iTunes libraries can be on here? We don't want to share a library. Thanks!

    Create separate XP user accounts and each will have your own library.

  • My husband and I share the same e-mail address, and computer. We both have iPhones now and want to have our own individual Apple ids, but have one iTunes account is it possible?

    My husband and I share a computer, have the same e-mail address, and have one iTunes account. Can we have different Apple ids on our individual iPhones or do we have to use the same one?

    For purchasing from the iTunes and App stores, you will probably want to share the same Apple ID.  But for other services such as iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud, you should use separate IDs.  For example, if you use the same ID for iMessage you'll start getting each other's text messages.  If you use the same ID for FaceTime you may get each other's FaceTime calls.  If you set up the same iCloud account with the same ID, and data you sync with the account will be merged and the merged data will appear on all devices (i.e., you'll end up with each other's contacts and calendar events).  You would also be sharing the same 5GB of free iCloud storage rather than each having your own 5GB of space.
    This article may be of interest in this regard:  Also, see this video: l.

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