Unable to reset or add new email addresses on HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-one N911n

Unable to reset or add new email addresses on my HP Office jet J4680

Hi johndavis196,
Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I see that you are trying to add new email addresses to your Officejet J4680 printer.
To better assist you, would you please provide some additional information:
How is the printer connected (USB cable, ethernet, or wireless)? The Officejet J4680 supports all three methods.
What operating system are you using on your computer (Windows 7, Mac 10.8, or Windows 8, etc)?
Where are you trying to update the email addresses?
Are you encountering any error messages? If yes, what is the error message and where is it displayed (printer or computer)?
What steps are you taking before you are stopped?
Thank you.
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I work on behalf of HP

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  • How do I reset to default or change static IP address on HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium printer?

    How do I reset setting to default or change static IP address on HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium printer?

    Hi,Tap the right arrow and then tap the Setup icon.Tap the Network option and select Restore Network Defaults.Confirm any prompt to restore the default network settings, it will remove any manual IP configuration. If you are wirelessly connected to the network, select Wireless Setup Wizard and select your network to reconnect the printer wirelessly. Regards,Shlomi

  • Re: how do i find my eprint email address for a officejet pro 8600 plus?

    I need step by step instructions to locate my eprint email address for eprint services for my HP 8600 Pro N911a

    Check out the link below....
    Getting Started with ePrint
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
    Twitter: @Ciara_B_HP

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    I am having serious issues trying to alter my old iCloud account with an old non-functioning email to my new apple id with a new email address. The message keeps coming up on all my apple products with my old email (which is not available anymore).

    I have the same problem - it is maddening. I rely on this iPad for work so this is not just an annoyance! The above solutions of changing the appleid on the device or on the website do not work.
    The old email address no longer exists - I haven't used it in a year probably and I no longer have the account.  I logged into the appleid website and there is no trace of the old email address so there is nothing that can be deleted or changed there.  On the iPad there is no trace of the old email address so nothing can be deleted there either. I have updated the iPad software and the same problem comes right back.  Every 2 seconds I am asked to log in using the old non-existent email.  The device is currently useless.
    The only recent change to anything was the addition of an Apple TV device, which was set up using the correct login and password.
    Does anyone have any ideas? The iPad has been backed up to the iCloud so presumably it now won't recognize the current iCloud account? So restoring may notbe an option?

  • HT2731 I had to set up a new email address for my ipad, but the old one is still coming up when i have to update my apps, how do i reset to the new email address?

    I recently had to reset my apple id to a new email address, but when i try to update my apps, the old one is still showing up, how do i change it?

    Apps will always be tied to the account from which they were purchased and will always need to be updated using that account.

  • Add new email address question

    I want to add a new email address to my .mac account. When I tried to do that, a week ago, I was informed that I would have to delete one of the addresses I have already, so I did that. Then I was told I would have to wait until January 8th before I could add another address. OK, so I've waited. Not a huge problem at all.
    But today is January 8th (almost 6am PST) and I'm not being allowed to add the name. I suppose I can wait longer if need be, but does anyone know why this is happening? Will I have to wait until January 8th has gone by?

    Not answered but the question is no longer relevant

  • Add new email address for alarm

    How do I add a new email address for alarms to be sent to?
    Thank you!

    Ming Ming Su-Brown,
    Read: iCal 3.0 Help: Inviting guests to an event. Post back if you have any questions on that help article.

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Premium - Unable to Enable Scan to Email

    I was out the country for the past two weeks, and just returned to find that I can no longer scan to email (or the computer) from the printer. I have verified the email settings many times over, yet I continue to receive the message that "Connection failed -- Click "OK" to go back."
    This worked just fine before I left on my trip, but now I can't get anything to scan. I have no issues printing over our network.
    Any recommendations? Have been using an email account on our gmail for business account, but also tried switching to my personal .mac account.. Same results on both :/

    Hey there
    Try connecting to the network again by running the wireless setup wizard:
    On the printer display:
    Select the right arrow, select Setup, Network, Wireless Setup Wizard
    The printer will search for networks in your area, select yours
    Input your network/router (WEP/WPA) password and the printer will tell you when it's connected
    Now try and run the firmware update again once the printer is connected to the network.
    Your other option for updating firmware is via USB connection to your computer if you are running a Windows OS: HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911g_n Firmware
    I hope that helps!
    Enjoy your weekend
    R a i n b o w 7000I work on behalf of HP
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  • Need more options to add new email address

    Most of my setup works perfectly.
    However, one of my email accounts requireds the [email protected] as a username for login rather than simply name. The result is that I get the error: "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." when I try to add the email account.
    The workaround I use at the moment is to use an incorrect domain.com part for the original email address. The setup process then allows me to enter the mail server names and ports specifically. I can now receive pushed email on my phone.
    However, when I try to send email from that account, the mail is rejected by the mail server since the "from" email address doesn't exist (since the domain.com I used is invalid.)
    I REALLY would like to be able to specify all settings manually right from the start of the setup process in an "advanced setup" step. Give me the control to enter what I want, and leave the simple automatic works-most-of-the-time-for-most-people approach for those who don't need to flexibility.
    Go to Solution.

    I enter in my correct details on the "add new account" page.  I get the same error "Could not connet. Please try later".  Then enter this address into the browser  https://email.nokia.com/account/addEmailMoreInfoNoCorpSupport.action
    (note, the first part of this link should be the same as the address in the bar BEFORE you type this.  If your address doesn't start with email.nokia.com then replace that with whatever you have)
    This takes you to the manual settings screen where you can enter all the settings, but with the correct email address in the annoying read-only field!
    Dear Nokia - can this have been so hard to allow in the first place? 
    Message Edited by dazz19 on 29-Aug-2009 08:44 AM

  • I found an old Apple id on a computer I use infreqently with an old Ipod.  I have the the Applie ID, but I do not have the password.  In addition,my email account has changed since I created this Applie ID. How can I get reset info to new email address?

    I found an old Applie ID on a computer I use infreqently with an old IPod.  I do not have the password for this AppleID.  When I use the procedure to reset the password, I cannot receive the email as my email address has changed from the original used with the Apple ID.  How can I get the reset information sent to my current email addres so I can establish a new passwod for this Applie ID? 

    FR Tecmobility is wrong, sure he means well but what he suggests will not work - signing out of iTunes Store and back in will have no effect on iCloud. Try the steps at iOS 7: If you're asked for the password to your previous Apple ID when signing out of iCloud
    You may need to contact apple tech support if none of the password change methods work for you. Ask for Account Security. They will need to verify identity, to ensure you are who you claim to be. If that goes well, they can send a password rest e-mail to any e-mail you desigate, so make sure it is one you can access.  Then reset the password. Then you can delete the iCloud account (needs the password to turn off find My Phone/Activation lock)
    keep data on phone, then sign in with your desired apple ID. Good luck. hope you get this sorted out.

  • Add new email address button and tool bar no longer appears.

    Was adding email addresses and for some reason the address tool bar and add new address button disappeared. Without them I can not add any more email addresses.

    Thanks for the help. F-10 got the menu up so I could turn on the address book tool bar.

  • Exchange 2010 add new email address space and additional smtp address to all recipients

    Our company is being bought and we need to change the email address for every recipient within the business group/user.
    I have added the new domain to the Accepted Domains and have confirmed that if I manually change a users smtp address that mail flow works and the postmaster account receives email.
    looking in the E-mail address policies section within the EMC we currently have 2 polices one for the current company policy call company.co.uk with a priority 1 and one called Default policy.
    when I try to edit these I get a warning message which states that this policy was created with an earlier version of exchange I have looked on our exchange 2003 environment and have found the polices and can edit them.
    Now my questions are 
    1. should I create the policy on the exchange 2003 environment or 2010
    2. if I create a new policy on the exchange 2010 environment what will happen to the old addresses?
    3. I must be able to preserve the old addresses and must make the new address space the primary address?
    if anyone could help with the steps required or if there are any gotcha to avoid.

     1. should I create the policy on the exchange 2003 environment or 2010
     You have to create in Exchange2010
    2. if I create a new policy on the exchange 2010 environment what will happen to the old addresses?
    Email address policy will change the email address if applied immediately except for the users which has "Automatically update email addresses based on e-mail address policy" option turned on
    You will get the list of users with "Automatically update email addresses based on e-mail address policy" option turned off by the below command.
    Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Where {$_.EmailAddressPolicyEnabled -eq $False}
    3. I must be able to preserve the old addresses and must make the new address space the primary address?
    Yes but you can keep only one as replying address.
    Please keep both address in the email address policy to preserve old email address to the users.
    If you want an autoreply, then use a hub transport rule in Exchange an Outlook rule and allow auto-replies to the internet. (auto-replies to the outside network is not a good idea)
    Here is a similar case
    Thanks, MAS
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  • Cant add new email addresses

    I add anew email it stays there until I exit out of thunderbird

    The inability to make changes to an address book can indicate that the address book data file is corrupt.
    You can use '''Tools|Export''' to export the affected address book file (use the LDIF option) and then '''Tools|Import''' to re-import it. Give the file you export to a distinctive name, as it's all too easy to end up with two address books with the same name, such as "Personal Address Book".
    Two address books, '''Personal Address Book''' and '''Collected Addresses''' are hard-coded into Thunderbird and you're not allowed to delete them from inside Thunderbird. So, if the affected book is one of these,
    * Export it
    * Close Thunderbird, locate its profile, and delete ''abook.mab'' (for Personal Address Book) or ''history.mab'' (for Collected Addresses).
    * Restart Thunderbird, whereupon it will re-create the deleted address book
    * Use '''Tools|Import''' to import your LDIF file
    * Open the imported address book, select all (ctrl+a) and drag its Contacts to where you really want them.
    Other, that is, user-defined, address books can be freely deleted from within the Address Book window.

  • I changed email address and had to delete my account and create a new one with the new email address. When I did this i lost all of the information in my calendar. How can I recover this vital information?

    My email address changed and I had to delete my account and create a new one with the new address. After I did this all of the data in my iPhone calendar is gone. How can I recover this vital data?

    It is my understanding that if you delete the account per the instructions below, you will be able recreate, but you will NOT have access to the prior BBM contacts.
    Read this for full information and suggestions to regain access to your BBID >> http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-World/How-to-regain-access-to-your-BBID/td-p/25467...
    You have to remember either the BlackBerryID password, or the secret question answer. Without either, you're stuck.
    Your choices are:
    --Use another email account to create an entirely new BlackBerryID (with which you will lose access to any purchased apps using the "forgotten" first BlackBerryID, or
    --Find the initial email you were sent to confirm the initial BlackBerryID, and in it is a link to click to cancel and delete the account. Click on that, delete the account and then you can use that same email to create an entirely new account.
    Good luck.
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  • HP officejet pro 8600 plus need to reset, but no screen access due to head error

    I had some HP's 8600 but one of them it is dead as printer and it was replaced.
    I need to use it only as scanner (no printing since its problem are the printing heads). The problem I cannot access to the menu through the screen since it is stock with the message mentioning the fail on printing head. The next option it is to watch a demo about heads.
    Im trying to access in order to fix a new static ip for the scan.
    Is there a way to reset so the printing gets an dhcp ip add? So far the scanner works fine through USB connection.
    Thanks in advance

    Hello @Rodrigo_cl,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums!
    I understand that your HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer has encountered a hardware Printhead failure and is not allowing you to scan using a static IP because of this. I would like to assist you today with resolving this issue.
    Now, due to the error on the front panel of the printer, you will not be able to perform any resets on your machine. But, if your printer is currently on the network with an automatic IP we can utilize the embedded web server to configure a static IP.
    Is your printer currently on your wireless or wired network?
    Once I know if your printer is currently on the network, I can guide you towards configuring the static IP through the computer. I look forward to hearing from you!
    I work on behalf of HP
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