Unable to setup multiple email accounts

Please help me!!!
I don't know how this happened but I was unable to see my email icons (3) on my home page today. I tried to redo my email set uo but I kept getting the setup option for Blackberry Enterprise Server which I didn't have in the first place.
I just wanted to restore my personal accounts.after lots of searching up and down, I finally logged on to my provider's BIS site and managed to set up ONE account. on clicking the next option for adding an extra account, i got the @blackberry.com option which I don't want/need. Tried to set up a third one but was told I have set up the maximum number..
I rebooted my phone and my email icons did appear, thankfully.
My question is, how do I set up an additional email account now that I got my icons back? The email setup option is still asking about Black Enterprise Server.
Please help............

Mine did that and I just turnd my data on and it worked

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  • How to setup multiple email accounts on one apple device It syncs to the rest of my apple devices?

    I have a Macbook pro (10.8.2), iPad 4 (6.0.1), and iPhone 5 (6.0.1).
    I have multiple email accounts set up on my iPhone:
    3X Work
    1X personal
    1X School
    They use Gmail and Microsoft exchange.
    Is it possible to have all these accounts automatically created on my ipad and Macbook without typing in all info again?
    Heres a visual:
    I hope this makes it a little more clear.
    I'm sure in the time it took me to type this, I could've manually added all the accounts to the devices lol
    Oh, and iCloud > Mail is enabled on all devices.
    Thanks for any and all help!

    Your post is a bit open ended....
    First thing - You need to decide if you want to use virtual domains or not.
         [email protected]
         [email protected]
         [email protected]
    all should be separate mailboxes, then you need virtual domains.
    If those 3 addresses can all go to the same mailbox, then you don't.
    If you don't need virtual domains, then don't use them... things are simpler without that feature.
    If thats the case, in the domain name field in Mail service, enter your primary domain.
    You'll then need to enter your other domains via command line.
    First, check your mail domain setting with:
    sudo serveradmin settings mail:postfix:mydomain
    Here is how you enter more than one domain:
    - Quit the Server app
    - Issue this with your domains between the quotes
    sudo serveradmin settings mail:postfix:mydomain = "domain1.com, domain2.com"
    - Restart postfix to activate your change
    sudo postfix reload
    If you open the Server app, you will notice both domains are now listed.

  • How do I setup multiple emails accounts on mail for mac pro ?

    how do I setup multiple mails on mac pro

    Multiple mail accounts? With mail.app? It doesn't matter what mac it is?  Just set up accounts with Mail.app preferences --> Accounts --> '+', fill in the relevant info.

  • Multiple Email Accounts using MS Mail

    I want to setup multiple email accounts using MS mail.  My already has an account, but I want to add an account for my son.  I've added the account on verizon and in MS mail.  However, I want to have completly separate accounts so that when my son opens his email  he only see his email and when my wife opens her email, she only sees her email.  Right now, when MS mail is opened both their emails come up and when they send an email, they must select which email account they are sending from.
    Does anyone know how to do this?

    One option would be to not use MS Mail (I assume you really mean Windows Live Mail?).   You could create accounts for them and have them just use the Web mail interface to get to their mail.
    Another option would be to give each person their own "user account" on your machine instead of all logging into the computer as the same userid.   If you do this, any mail settings will remain with the individual account.

  • Can Multiple email accounts on Galaxy S4 sync with iCloud & non-iCloud email?

    Hello… has anyone successfully set up multiple email accounts (iCloud/Yahoo/AT&T/etc.) on their Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean 4.2? I searched the forums and it has been said that configuration settings depend on the combination of wireless service provider + device model + email providers + Android version.
    My S4 is from AT&T and if this scenario can't work, I have to cancel my contract in a few days (although that would be the last resort). From checking the forums, not everyone has been able to get the S4 to work with iCloud. In my case, I hope to sync up with iCloud and non-iCloud email which might be trickier.
    Here is one thread that helps with settings, but doesn't seem to address multiple or non-iCloud accounts: https://discussions.apple.com/message/22435596#22435596
    Some background info…
    Although Gmail just works on Android devices, I plan to primarily use Apple/Yahoo/AT&T email (at least initially).
    I don’t yet have Apple mail/iCloud, but plan to. I am partially switched to the Mac (Mtn Lion), but haven’t completed the jump from Windows.
    I don’t have an iPhone (so hopefully that makes the setup less complicated.)
    I mostly care about email on the S4 (I’m not concerned about syncing up contacts, calendar, music, etc.).
    Apologies for the long post, but hopefully I’ve included the necessary background info for the questions below:
    Is it possible to setup multiple (iCloud/Yahoo/AT&T) emails on the Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T so that they sync nicely?
    From the S4, if I reply to an email, will the Sender in the email reply be the same account which received the email? Or, (as I’ve read in the excerpt below) will the Sender for all email replies from the S4 be set from a fixed/primary account?
    Although the first two questions above are the most urgent for now, I'd appreciate pointers if you see something that should be changed in the configuration settings below.
    Thanks in advance!
    --------------------------------- start of excerpt ---------------------------------
    A post for setup on a previous model/OS version  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3636567?start=0&tstart=0
    After spending quite some time trying to get my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II setup with iCloud mail, this is what finally worked. Thanks to everyone for the various bits that helped lead me in the right direction. For those who need lots of detail, I hope the below helps. Please don't ask me about any other specific Android phones as I'm not expert but thought someone out there could benefit from my experience. 
    User Name: username (do not enter @me,com or @mac.com)
    Password: (enter your password)
    IMAP server: imap.mail.me.com
    Security type: SSL
    Port: 993
    IMAP path prefix: p##- (you can find this by checking your account settings on your Mac. Mine was p03- so that's what I entered here)
    Press NEXT
    SMTP server: smtp.mail.me.com
    Security type: TLS
    Port: 587
    check the box next to "Require sign-in" if it's not already checked
    User name: username  (do not enter @me.com or @mac.com)
    Password (enter your password)
    Press NEXT
    Your phone will check the server settings and you should be able to see your email now.
    And another poster provided these additional tips…
    Definitely select SSL/TLS and accept all certificates
    Now here's the zinger: Authentication should be LOGIN
    After figuring this out, I finally (after many hours of searching and testing) got to my outgoing server settings, which are: smtp.me.com
    NONE for security type
    Tic "Require Sign-in"
    Authentication is PLAIN
    And another poster's question about the Sender's email address for multiple accounts…
    Managed to get this all set up however, Android only seems to allow you to send from your primary address and only reply from your primary address even if a mail was sent to one of the other addresses.
    Any ideas how to get around this as I have three addresses beneath my primary which I need to both send from and reply from.
    --------------------------------- end of excerpt ---------------------------------

    > has anyone successfully set up multiple email accounts (iCloud/Yahoo/AT&T/etc.) on their Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean 4.2?
    You're unlikely to find many people with experience of configuring multiple email accounts on a specific Samsung device, here on the Apple forum for an Apple service. Try the Samsung forums for help setting up your Samsung phone.
    There are a few posts with general info relating to setting up an iCloud email account on Android here if you search though.

  • How to setup multiple Exchange accounts in Mail with the same username/password

    Okay didn't see a place to ask a Mail question so I am placing this here.
    I work for a helpdesk that requires me to monitor 4 different email accounts throughout the day. They are all Exchange accounts. The first one setups just fine but when I go to setup the others I get a message that states that the username and password are in use for the other account. Is there any way to setup multiple Exchange account when using the same LDAP creds for all the accounts?

    I need to add a second Exchange account to my MBP using Mail.  Both accounts are with Rackspace, but each email address is unique (i.e., two different domain names).  When I use Preferences to attempt to add the second account, it recognizes the new credentials, finds the server and autopopulates the necessary address information.  But, as soon as I click "Done" after setting which functions are active on the account (mail, cal, contacts, etc.), the screen shows only my original Exchange account.  The new one is not added, yet there is no error message saying that it can't be added.  Any idea what is going on?  Shouldn't Mail be able to have multiple Exchange accounts, even if they are hosted via the same Rackspace server (in this case: connect.emailsrvr.com)?
    Many thanks,
    MBPR with Mavericks, Exchange 2012, Mac Mail

  • How do I set a preference for opening one of multiple email accounts first?

    I have multiple email accounts and prefer to open one of them first when I open the email app.  After setup of all my email accounts the app is opening one of the accounts that is not my preference even though I setup my preferred account as the default.  I've deleted all accounts and started over thinking that the order of the setup made a difference but it has not helped.
    In particular I want an Exchange email account to open first and this account is not sync'ed with iTunes.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you,

    The only way that you can do something even close to what you are trying to do is to back out of whatever you are in while using the mail app in order to get back to the main mail window that shows all of your inboxes and all of the different email accounts under the accounts heading. Then you could choose to use the Exchange account first from there.
    You would have to do this every single time that you are done with mail and it isn't exactly what you are looking to do and it's hardly worth the time anyway.

  • I have multiple email accounts.  One is a google email and another aol.  I have the aol going into my google.  I Now Go Lead Generate! Am using outlook on my pc.  How can I get my outlook to share with my ipad?

    I have multiple email accounts.  One is a google email and another aol.  I have the aol going into my google.  I Now Go Lead Generate! Am using outlook on my pc.  How can I get my outlook to share with my ipad?

    In Mail Preferences/Accounts/each GMail account, set up the SMTP Outgoing Server for each account separately, going into SMTP name/edit/Advanced and specify the Username of each account.  The Outgoing servers must be two different servers, authenticated by the Username and Password of each.
    Otherwise, the GMail SMTP server will change the from address to that of the account where the SMTP server was setup.

  • I have multiple email accounts in my iPhone. Before the 6.0 update... I could select what account to send from. Now it's a default. Do I have to go change the email default everytime I want to send an email from a different account?

    I have multiple email accounts in my iPhone 4. Before the 6.0 update... I could select what account to send from each time. Now it's a default. Do I have to go change the email default setting everytime I want to send an email from a different account?

    In Mail Preferences/Accounts/each GMail account, set up the SMTP Outgoing Server for each account separately, going into SMTP name/edit/Advanced and specify the Username of each account.  The Outgoing servers must be two different servers, authenticated by the Username and Password of each.
    Otherwise, the GMail SMTP server will change the from address to that of the account where the SMTP server was setup.

  • Multiple email accounts with redirector BB software v4.3

    Can you set up redirector to work with multiple email accounts (work/home) from two differnet pc's? If so how?

    Redirector can only work with one email account per device. However, each BlackBerry data plan includes an additional 10 accounts that can be synched. Set those up from the Setup Wizard on your BlackBerry or by going to your carriers BIS website.

  • How do I access multiple email accounts

    I just got my Bionic a few days ago and have set up multiple email accounts (work, gmail, yahoo).  When I click the "email" icon only one account appears.  I can't seem to find the inbox, etc for any of the other accounts.  The only time I can find those messages is when a new message comes in and I get notified of it.  Then I can catch the other messages.
    How do I access the inboxes for all the accounts?  This must be obvious but i'm missing it.

    Questions are typically followed by a question mark. My answer answered your question.
    Firefox doesn't do email, so there are no "Firefox email accounts". If you are accessing "email" with Firefox, you are using web mail. Some web mail services don't allow for direct access, they want their users to access their email from a "portal" or "main" page and will re-direct any attempt to load an "internal" web site page back to the main page.
    As far as loading 3 different web mail accounts at the same time, if they are in the same domain it won't work on Firefox without a Firefox addon. http://br.mozdev.org/multifox/
    IOW, if those three email accounts all with Yahoo, without that add-on you would have to logon to each email account separately and log out of the first before logging into the 2nd. Then log out of the 2nd before logging into the 3rd. Firefox isn't capable of having multiple session cookies for simultaneous logon's to the same server. That add-on provides that "multiple sessions cookies" feature.

  • HT1692 Have recently installed itunes and outlook on a new computer.  Have multiple email accounts set up in Outlook tho only use contacts and calendar in relation to one of these. Cannot sync itunes with the correct contacts and calendars, Help!

    My new computer is 64-bit running Windows 7 pro, SP1 and Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus 32-bit
    My phone is a 4S runing iOS 6.1.3
    Very frustrated now that I have recently installed itunes and outlook on this new computer.  Everything worked perfectly ok on my laptop which was also 64-bit Windows 7 and running 32-bit Microsoft Office 2010 Pro.  I have multiple email accounts set up in Outlook tho only use contacts and calendar in relation to one of these. Cannot sync itunes with the correct contacts and calendars, when I sync the calendar and contacts are empty.  Not sure if there is any way to point itunes to particular address books and calendars.
    I have installed and uninstalled itunes 3 times and thank goodness have a backup
    Can anyone help please?
    thanks in anticipation

    I had my home computer set up to sync to work's Exchange server. It worked well, but I didn't like seeing work email messages and other programs trying to sync with my default Outlook folder, which was then the Exchange (& work related) .ost file. I know there are various ways to manage those problems using filters, view, subfolders, etc., but it was a hassle for me. I think it could work well for many other folks.
    For now, I have published my work calendar and subscribed to that calendar on my home computer. So I have view only access to my calendar on my home computer (and I can add/edit calendar items on my iPad (or Outlook Web Access) when away from work). This is not quite what I wanted, but it may work.
    It almost makes me long for the days when I used my Windows Mobile Treo to sync back and forth between exchange at work and outlook at home (but had many sync conflicts as a result).

  • If I have multiple email accounts, how can I prevent one of them from sending email?

    If set up multiple email accounts in Thunderbird, how can I prevent one of them from sending email, while allowing others to send?

    Simple answer:
    do not use the email address when sending or replying or forwarding emails. Sending is not automatic, you have to generate the email and click on a Send button.
    You could use an smtp server that will not allow sending using the incorrect server for the email address, so that it cannot send, but if you accidentally use the email address you may get an error message, but at least the email will not be sent. Do this here:
    Tools > Account Settings for the mail account.
    bottom right Outgoing Server - select one that will not accept sending using wrong email address
    in Outgoing Server(SMTP) select the server you are using for that account
    click on 'Edit'
    deliberately make an error in the server name - remove the port details etc.
    So the details are wrong and cannot send.

  • How can i read multiple email accounts?

    my program is to get emails from multiple email accounts, and grab the attachments, but it doesn't work properly.
    If there's only one email account, it works fine, but if there are more, it looks like that the program always goes into the first mail account to read the messages. i suspect that the 'Server' or the 'Session' are not reset before each connection, i printed out the connected 'Folder', it looks fine, but every time the 'Folder.getMessageCount()' returns the same number of messages as the first email account has.
    Here's my code:
    // this is to get the folder, mostly 'inbox'
    // serverString is like: "protocol://[email protected]/foldername"
    // all parameters are retrieved from the Database
    public static Folder getMailFolder(String serverString, String username, String password) throws Exception {
            // URLName server = new URLName("protocol://[email protected]/foldername");
            Folder folder = null;
            URLName server = new URLName(serverString);
            // the session is created by grabbing the authentication using the username and password
            // the MailAuthenticator is an inner class as shown at the bottom
            Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(new Properties(),
                    new MailAuthenticator(username, password));
            folder = session.getFolder(server);
            // this message always show the same number of messages
            System.out.println("folder retrieved for " + serverString + ", with " + folder.getMessageCount() + " messages");
            return folder;
    // this method is to get the messages from the folder
    public static void getEmailWithSubjectContaining(String emailUrl, String username, String password,
                  String regex, String filepath, boolean addPrefix, boolean delete)
             throws Exception {
             Folder folder = getMailFolder(emailUrl, username, password);
            if (folder == null)  return;
            Message[] msgs = folder.getMessages();
            // Here is my problem, the msgs.length always returns the same value
            // which is the number of messages that the first email account has
            System.out.println("Totally there are " + msgs.length);
            for (int i = 0; i < msgs.length; i++) {
                 String pathToSave = filepath;
                   String subject = msgs.getSubject();
                   System.out.println("Email subject: " + subject);
    // examine if the message should be dumped and deleted
                   if (!subject.matches(regex)) {
                        System.out.println("Email subject doesn't match regex: " + regex + ", this email is ignored.");
                   Part p = (Part) msgs[i];
    //               p.getFileName();
                   if (addPrefix) {
                        pathToSave = filepath + "/" + getFilenamePrefix(subject);
    // this method call is to save the attachment
                   dumpAttachment(p, pathToSave);
                   msgs[i].setFlag(Flags.Flag.DELETED, delete);
    // this method calls getEmailWithSubjectContaining using a loop
    public static void getEmailWithSubjectContaining(String dbUsername, String dbPassword, String dbUrl) throws Exception {
         Connection con = null;
         if (dbUrl == null || dbUrl.equals("")) dbUrl = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/email_util";
              try {
    // here is just simply get the Database connection
                   con = MySqlJDBCConnection.getConnection(dbUsername, dbPassword, dbUrl);
                   Statement s = con.createStatement();
                   String sql = "SELECT * FROM email_fetching_config WHERE active = 1";
                   ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery(sql);
                   while (rs.next()) {
                        String protocol = rs.getString("protocol");
                        String url = rs.getString("url");
                        String box = rs.getString("email_box");
                        String username = rs.getString("username");
                        String password = rs.getString("password");
                        String regex = rs.getString("sub_regex");
                        String path = rs.getString("save_to");
                        String prefix = rs.getString("append_prefix");
                        boolean delete = rs.getBoolean("delete");
                        String emailUrl = protocol + "://" + username + "@" + url + "/" + box;
                        boolean addPrefix = (!prefix.equals("") || prefix != null);
                        System.out.println("Ready to grab emails from " + emailUrl + ", path to save is: " + path);
                        try {
                             getEmailWithSubjectContaining(emailUrl, username, password, regex, path, addPrefix, delete);
                        } catch (Exception ex) {
              } catch (Exception ex) {
              } finally {
    ********* Authenticator *******
    class MailAuthenticator extends Authenticator {
    private String username;
    private String password;
    public MailAuthenticator() {
    public MailAuthenticator(String username, String password) {
    this.username = username;
    this.password = password;
    public PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() {
    return new PasswordAuthentication(this.username, this.password);
    This is all my program doing, anyone knows what the program is? thanks for your help!

    Assuming you're passing in the right URL, I don't see the problem.
    Still, try change session.getDefaultInstance to session.getInstance
    and see if that helps. If not, turn on session debugging and check the
    protocol trace for clues. If you still can't figure it out, post the protocol

  • Multiple email accounts in Thunderbird, but email always sent out from just one no matter which i use - how do I stop that?

    I have multiple email accounts on TB. however, whenever I send an email from any of the other accounts, when the email arrives it shows as having been sent from the email account I first set up on TB. even if i am replying to an email received, the reply shows from the original account instead of the one I actually send it from. I REALLY need to fix this fast!!

    You have to set the return address to a different one from the first one (since that will usually be the default) if that is what you want. You can set the identity information from Account Settings > [account name] > Manage Identities button.

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