Updating from trial to Full version, can't get rid of Trial Overlay on the Video.

Hey guys,
I just bought the Premier Elements 11 full version and installed it. I had made a video on the trial, and was hoping that when I opened that in the full version, the overlay that says "Created with Adobe Premiere Elements" that hangs out there for the whole video would disappear. Is that not the case?? Is there anything I can do to the file what will get rid of that...or do I simply have to re-make my video??
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the follow up information on what you observed trying to get rid of the Premiere Elements 10 tryout watermark in the project.prel from that 10 version in the purchased Premiere Elements 11. You say that the watermark was not removed automatically by the purchased Premiere Elements 11. I had never heard "automatic" to be the case until I tried this myself with Premiere Elements 11, not 10, tryout and then the purchased Premiere Elements 11. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the Premiere Elements 10 tryout to make a comparative test between
Premiere Elements 10 tryout
Premiere Elements 11 purchased
Premiere Elements 11 tryout
Premiere Elements 11 purchased
But I have seen my observation verified independantly by at least one other.
But there are a lots of things here that SG and Adobe need to help us clarify.
a. Can you really remove the watermark from the Timeline once exported as a file (.mov, .avi, etc) from the tryout or is he and Adobe referring to removing the watermark on files still within the project.prel file.
b. Classically SG has said to go Timeline Menu/Deleted All Rendered Files as the route in the project.prel of a purchased version to get rid of the watermarked video still within the project.prel from the tryout. The Rendered files are .avi files for SD project and .mpeg for HD project. It is my understanding that there is a fundamental difference between "Rendered Files" and "Conformed Video" files, the latter typically having the file extension of .mcdb. So, when SG says
"You delete the Media Cache by going to the Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and, on the Media page, clicking the Clean button.
That should get rid of all of your render files -- and the watermarked video along with them."
I would ask him to revisit that statement. If you are doing anything with that directive, you are deleting conformed video files that are found in Local Disk C\Users\owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Database Folder. That information is clearly available in the Media Cache Database dialog in that Common Folder. The "Rendered Files" are still alive and well with their companion .xmp files in the Adobe Folder (default Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements). This is true for Premiere Elements 11 and 10 Windows 7 64 bit.
I do not see where the question that started this thread has really been answered. And the latest SG comment forces to ask for a clarification on that.
We will be watching for your results.

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