Usb mouse doesnt work

yesterday my mouse was working fine and i was just struggling with some updates on my compuiter then last night before i went to bed i needed to restart my computer after installing new drivers for my m-audio thing and after startup my mouse wont work! i tried all other available USB ports as well as another mouse and nothing worked. so then i launched my disk utility from the original (Power Mac G4) disk and used the disk utility repaired it and then restarted. it still doesnt work. any help?

Might try this...
Does it boot into Open Firmware with CMDOption+of ?
reset-nvram (press Enter)
set-defaults (press Enter)
reset-all (press Enter)
Reset firmware...
Or possibly this...

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    Suddenly scrolling and rightclicking with magic mouse doesnt work any more. Left clicking and cursor moving works normal. I have checked the system preferences for the mouse and find nothing strange or unchecked. Any ideas?

    Also tried the universal access thing. Doesnt work.

  • I synced my phone lastnight and now it says my phone cant connect to computer the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver doesnt work?!? i deleted itunes and reloaded still not working.... Does anyone know how to fix??? i just want to upgrade to IOS6

    Does anyone know why my Iphone will not connect to my computer all of a sudden? I backed it up lastnight. Now it wont even register with my computer.... It says Apple Mobile Device USB driver doesnt work all of a sudden???? i tryed deleting and reloading and nothing is working!!! someone please help =)

    Have you done:
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    What results do you get when you run this:
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    Do both the Home button and Power button work OK normally?

  • USB mouse not working in Windows 8

    I have Win8 64-bit OS. A couple of days back the USB mouse stopped working without any reason. The mouse works on other systems and there is nothing wrong with the hardware.
    I found a couple of posts suggesting uninstalling the drivers or doing a system restore to get it to work again.
    None of these work. I recently upgraded to Win 8.1 thinking that maybe the upgrade will help. It had no effect.
    Can someone suggest any other known method ?

    The USB device issue can be always caused by driver or BIOS XHCI mode.
    Besides above suggestions, you can also try to roll back the USB driver to an older version to see if we can get this issue fixed.
    Please feel free to try it and let me know the result. If the reply is helpful, please remember to mark it as answer which can benefit our Community members.
    Otherwise, please unpropose them and provide detailed information about current status.
    We will wait for several days, if there is no response on this thread we consider that you got what you want or your issue has been resolved, then mark this case as answered. Thanks for your understanding.
    Kate Li
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  • Trackpad USB Mouse not working in windows xp safe mode

    I can't access my windows side, after fixing a series of problems with the windows recovery console. I can only access my windows login screen through safe mode. However, now my trackpad and USB(corded) mouse won't work, to login and finish fixing my windows xp pro side. The only advise I have been finding is to use a ps/2 connector for the mouse to work (don,t have one) or access the bios to enable the USB port (don't have bios). So I'm kind of stumped. Is there a way to enable a USB mouse to work in safe mode with windows recovery console or on the mac side or somehow enable the trackpad? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    bluerain37 wrote:
    Ok, will get a USB mouse and keyboard, and try again.
    I do have Kaspersky installed, but it's a very annoying spyware by Baidu (the search engine in China) where the registry keys just couldn't be deleted under the Normal mode ....
    Ok then, no offence.
    In any case, thanks for the advice!
    Hope it helps and good luck

  • USB Mouse not work with Mac OS 10.6

    I have a USB mouse can work with Mac OS 10.4 but cannot with Mac OS 10.6. Noticed the different is the USB mouse motion reporting is 12-bit instead of 8-bit. It can definitely work on Windows with standard USB HID driver. I wonder if the OS 10.6 is having a different USB HID driver specification which is not posted in USB-IF.

    Ask the Vendor.

  • My Macbook Pro keyboard AND USB keyboard will not work.  However, the trackpad and USB mouse will work.  Any help?

    My Macbook Pro keyboard and USB keyboard will not work.  However, the trackpad and USB mouse will work.  Any help?
    This is quite frustrating, since it randomly occured as I was browsing the web.  It seemed to happen out of nowhere.  I cannot login to my user account because I cannot type my password. 
    Any help will be appreciated.

    If you have another Mac, boot the non-working one into Target Disk Mode (holding down "T" at startup). Hook up the two Macs via a Firewire cable. The non-working one will mount on the other Mac as an external Firewire HD.
    Next, download the 10.5.6 Combo update from here: .html
    Run it. When it asks you for a destination, choose the other Mac that was mounted via Firewire. When it's done, unmount the computer and restart it. The keyboard and mouse should work now.

  • MBP-Retina / USB:  150mA mouse doesnt work

    I am on Lion 10.7.4, USB3 drives dont seem to work. Applied 7/18 patch doesnt help.
    Razer Abyssus USB mouse, 150mA
    * Utilities --> Mouse doesn't find it
    * System report shows Hi-Speed hubs only (Super Speed hub is missing from the list....) Mouse doesnt show up there
    * Mouse lights up fine
    * Mouse works fine on 2008 MBP
    Just to check the USB port, plugged in an old Logitech  100mA USB mouse:
    * Mouse works, System report finds it in Hi-Speed hub

    robodelfy wrote:
    My mouse doesnt show up in teh device manager, its plug and play and seems to have no drivers.  I can see that the USB busses in device manager have it set to allow computer to turn off device to save power.
    You have to switch off the feature, not allow it 
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  • Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse doesnt work with mac os x 10.4.5?

    I just bought a Logitech® Cordless Optical Mouse in japan to use with my powerbook running os x 10.4.5...the mouse doesnt seem to work with the native bluetooth system. so I plugged in the supplied reciever and could get the mouse to move the cursor, but only that. buttons dont work. I down loaded some kind of device manager from the logitech web site but just as the apple bluetooth manager it does not "discover" the mouse.
    I noticed that the system requirements for the logitech device manager is osx 10.3 - 10.4.2 so im wondering if my system is to new for this product.
    all this i found out after i bought the mouse, and it is a little said it was mac compatible on the box...
    should I be waiting for an update from logitech or apple concerning this problem.
    or is there an easy fix/ anyone else have this problem?

    Hi, © !       — or do you prefer Ulfur?
    What model?   "A Logitech® Cordless Optical Mouse" covers a lot of territory. For example, I have a CordlessOptical11 mouse that's several years old — and IrDA, not Bluetooth. This Logitech page contains a chart defining the name and "device model string" for each product, based on the M/N stamped into the bottom of your mouse. Better safe than sorry: Logitech's support — particularly for Mac folk — can be somewhat challenging. [1] 
    From there, you might try to confirm that you have the correct driver from Logitech's Support »» Downloads »» Mice page —
                         — but, Oops! — unfortunately, it may only link to Windows-compatible drivers.
    Logitech has used their own patented RF technology for years — and some of their "Bluetooth" products "may not" actually provide Bluetooth functionality in Macs. (OK, that was tongue-in-cheek: I really mean "do not.") The mice usually work, though.
    AFAIK, Logitech Control Center 1.6.2 is their latest driver for USB mice. (They have other mouse drivers, too.)
    However, as this page explains, their V270 Bluetooth mouse supposedly doesn't require a driver separate from what's provided by Apple.
    You may want to search this forum for differing views on this. Also, go to this Logitech user forums page and click to select the Macintosh forum. I won't deny you the (dis-?)pleasure of reading about others' experiences...
    [1]  Sorry, I don't mean to be as discouraging as I've probably made things sound. Most Mac folks have actually had pretty good experience with Logitech USB and Bluetooth mice — but Logitech Support's attitude toward Mac users could be improved. Please check things to confirm what's what — then post back, and I — or someone else who's using an MX900 or MX1000 or V270 or whatever Logitech mouse — will try to help further.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    [2]  The links I've provided all work within Logitech's US website (I just tested). If appropriate, you may want to start fresh from the Logitech home page and find comparable international pages.
    [2,059 ⊥ 3,455]

  • USB Mouse stops working

    I only just started getting this weird problem with my USB Mouse. It will work for awhile - maybe a couple of minutes and then it freezes. It seems to be getting worse and if I unplug it and plug it back in then it will work for a few minutes if I'm lucky until it feezes again. I have tried using another USB Mouse and the exact same thing happens. I have also tried 5-7 USB slots and still the same. It's getting very anoying and I even unintalled the driver from device manager & reboooted but no progress. I have not added or touched any hardware or software at all so this is very strange.

    The only USB device I have connected was the Printer but that was turned off. I turned it back on - rebooted but still the same. I also have a network card installed that I use to connect to my laptop so I took this out in case it had something to do with it but it made no difference. As mentioned originaly, I have never had any problems before with any of my hardware etc. I have included a screenshot of my IRQ's & devices (again these haven't changed) - your also see the error that occurs when this happens at the dialog box in bottom right.
    I'm going to try a few things now including disbaling some hardware and see if I can find a conflict etc.

  • Can't get any USB mouse to work!!!!!

    I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. Everything was fine with my Microsoft USB mouse until 2 days ago when it stopped responding. I put it down to my son having dropped it and bought a Logitech M505 USB mouse today. This is not recognized either and won't work. I've tried plugging the unifying device into both USB ports but it simply won't work and I'm told there is no Logitech device plugged in. Can anyone help me? Please!?!

    I used my USB scanner last night and that worked fine and also when I plug in the receiver for the Microsoft mouse the light comes on so I figure everything is ok with the actual USB port? In system profiler/USB I can't see anything that would indicate a problem. Where would I have to look exactly? Is there some kind of test I can run to see if there is a problem?

  • Trackpad or USB mouse wont work

    I am struggling with my Macbook pro. Its an early 2010 model. Just in the past couple days the mouse wont work. It just decides it does not want to click at all. Sometimes i can get the right click to work. If i restart with keyboard commands it is fine for about 10 min then does it again.  I thought it was the trackpad but it is performing fine.  I can feel and hear it depress and clilck properly but no action on the screen when it clicks. If i plugin a USB mouse i get the same problem.  I have reset PRAM, repaired permissions, done a hard drive verify and run the hardware test from install disk both easy and extended hardware test. And everything comes up as fine and the permissions repaired fine.
    A couple months ago this computer was acting really weird and i decided to reformat with a fresh system since it had been over a year since i got it. It was a struggle to do even that. It would not install the system after a basic HD erase (which has never happened to me).  I had to zero out the HD to get the system to install.  It worked fine after i finally got it reinstalled and setup until now this mouse thing is happening
    I am just wondering if this seems more like system corruption or a hardware issue like bad HD or bad board.  I am about to reformat again but I hate to go through all that setup again if it is hardware. Anyone have any thoughts on what to try next. Thanks

    The regression reported here did not solve the problem as i installed the patch found here
    Still the same message shown in the xorg log.
    Also, after being connected the mouse connects as a keyboard, but the actuall mouse functionality dosnt work.
    Last edited by Foxboron (2013-08-12 09:08:39)

  • Mightty Mouse doesnt work

    After installed XP on my Mac using boot camp, my wireless mighty mouse couldnt be recognised. Pls anyone can help me?
    Thanks = )

    WRONG. Where did you come up with that idea?
    Yes the Wireless mighty mouse works perfectly under windows, you see i know that because im using one under windows now, and no im not using any extra or modified software (Not making stuff up on subjects that i dont know about)
    Mate, all i know is that it should work, you say it doesnt work... in both operating systems?

  • Magic mouse doesnt work with new macbook air

    Hey guys,
    Just bought the magic mouse and it pairs just fine to my new 13" macbook air. But it only moves around and clicks and nothing else. Does not scroll or do any multitouch functions. I have checked all software is up to date and all settings are correct.
    Thanks in advance.

    I was having the same issues as Cawlin and called up AppleCare. They suggested resetting the PRAM, and then a SMC reset. That didn't work, so they had me do a re-install of the OS and system updates. None of that worked, and then it suddenly occurred to me that I had installed USB Overdrive a little while back and turns out that it was the culprit. A quick uninstall and everything's back to normal. The mouse preference panel is now displaying the correct options for the magic mouse. So if you have any 3rd party software for a mouse or keyboard installed, I would suggest uninstalling or disabling it and see if that does the trick.

  • USB Mouse not working in Leopard

    I have a USB mini optical mouse by SEL which worked great in Tiger but isn't recognized at all by Leopard.

    The USB device issue can be always caused by driver or BIOS XHCI mode.
    Besides above suggestions, you can also try to roll back the USB driver to an older version to see if we can get this issue fixed.
    Please feel free to try it and let me know the result. If the reply is helpful, please remember to mark it as answer which can benefit our Community members.
    Otherwise, please unpropose them and provide detailed information about current status.
    We will wait for several days, if there is no response on this thread we consider that you got what you want or your issue has been resolved, then mark this case as answered. Thanks for your understanding.
    Kate Li
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