Use abap report program to print bar code instead of smartforms

Do anyone know how to use abap report program to print bar code?

Hi Celina,,289483,sid21_gci839063,00.html
I hope this will help, also it depends on the barcode type like ARTNR-code 128...

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  • Print Bar code for inspection report

    Dear all,
    I have a requirement for printing bar code in the inspection report. Normally, we use QGA3 print inspection report which based on the script form. Now as I would like to add bar code, as I know, I have to use smart form to realize. but it can just enter Form in the standard way. So could anyone give me some useful suggestion to realize this requirement?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,

    Identify corresponding form.In the character format we have to define the bar code and assign that one infornt of which we need the bar code.
    SE71 screen if you go the character
    there below you will get the bar code
    specify one character for that bar code and
    in place of which u want to print place it.
    for eg u have character specified as bb,
    and in place of Inspection lot (w_lot) you want to have bar code
    the just type.
    <bb>w_lot</>, this will print the bar code for instead of inspection lot
    Krishna Mohan
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  • How to schedule an abap report program to run every day, weekend etc..

    I want to schedule an abap report program to run every day, week, fortnight or month and the output to be redirected to the printer. How to achieve this ?

    go to t.code sm36 there give the name of the program which u want to eecute in background if u want u can give periodic that depends upon ur requirement from there in sm37 u can check the stauts and directly print from there
    hope i am clear to u
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  • How to print BAR code in SMART Form

    Hi All,
    I have the requirement to print BAR CODE in Smartforms.
    For this, I create a character format with Bar code in style forms and create a text element in Smart form and associate bar code character format with this text element.
    Now when I look the print preview for the data, then it shows me data in bar code format but not in right format i.e. its shows me all the similar block in bar code.
    If you look the bar code in SAP script, its always show you bar code with similar block, but in SMART FORM it will show you exact bar code; as in SAP Script, bar code is generated at printer end and in SMARTFORM bar code is generated as graphic in SAP and then sent to printer for print.
    PLease let me know, why in SMARTFORM its not showing BAR CODE in correct format in print preview.
    Piyush Mathur

    To Create a Bar code prefix:
    1) Go to T-code - SPAD -> Full Administration -> Click on Device Type -> Double click the device for which you wish to create the print control -> Click on Print Control tab ->Click on change mode -> Click the plus sign to add a row or prefix say SBP99 (Prefix must start with SBP) -> save you changes , it will ask for request -> create request and save
    2) Now when you go to SE73 if you enter SBP00 for you device it will add the newly created Prefix
    Create a character format C1.Assign a barcode to the character format.Check the check box for the barcode.
    The place where you are using the field value use like this
    <C1> &itab-field& </C1>.
    You will get the field value in the form of barcode.
    Which barcode printer are you using ? Can you download this file and see.
    It will give an idea about barcode commands.
    Check this link:
    Detailed information about SAP Barcodes
    A barcode solution consists of the following:
    - a barcode printer
    - a barcode reader
    - a mobile data collection application/program
    A barcode label is a special symbology to represent human readable information such as a material number or batch number
    in machine readable format.
    There are different symbologies for different applications and different industries. Luckily, you need not worry to much about that as the logistics supply chain has mostly standardized on 3 of 9 and 128 barcode symbologies - which all barcode readers support and which SAP support natively in it's printing protocols.
    You can print barcodes from SAP by modifying an existing output form.
    Behind every output form is a print program that collects all the data and then pass it to the form. The form contains the layout as well as the font, line and paragraph formats. These forms are designed using SAPScript (a very easy but frustratingly simplistic form format language) or SmartForms that is more of a graphical form design tool.
    Barcodes are nothing more than a font definition and is part of the style sheet associated with a particular SAPScript form. The most important aspect is to place a parameter in the line of the form that points to the data element that you want to represent as barcode on the form, i.e. material number. Next you need to set the font for that parameter value to one of the supported barcode symbologies.
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  • To print bar code in smartforms.

             I want to print bar code in smartforms. how to do that one.
      Thanks ,

    There's another way of doing it. Here we go... You can generate an ITF file for your data from any third party softwares.
    Once you have the ITF file, this is what you have got to do.
    <b>Uploading label file to SAPscript</b>
    1. Use the standard text editor (Transaction SO10) to upload the print file to SAPscript.
    2. Create a new standard text with any name. In the text editor load the created print file
    (.ITF file) with the function "Text->Upload" and select "ASCII" as a format. Store the ITF
    print file as a standard text.
    3. Include the standard text in your SAPScript.
    4. <b>Set up Device Type </b>Generally, a special device type (a variant of the device type ASCIIPRI) must be used for the correct printout of the layout set on a label printer. SAP supplies these device types on the ftp server sapservX and delivers them in the standard SAP system. The device type ASCIIPRI can normally be used for the basic test of procedure with other label printers.
    5. <b>Define your output Device</b> As the last step, an output device (printer) must be set up in the R/3 with Transaction SPAD. The special device type or ASCIIPRI is assigned to this output device (printer). The application program must now use this output device to print the labels. The label printer connects itself to the R/3 via one of the standard available connection types in SAP R/3 (local print on the application server/removed print via lpd server/removed print via Windows PC and SAPlpd/frontend print). Your thermal printer must be connected to one of the available output channels for print output.
    6. What is the Barcode Symbology you are using? Upload method doesn't support EAN.UCC 128. But still there is workaround.
    Feel free to revert back.

  • Hp officejet pro 8100 and it does not print bar codes from UPS or USPS

    have an hp officejet pro 8100 and it does not print bar codes from UPS or USPS.  Can you please please help? i have used my ipad, by HP G62-355DX Notebook and neither will give me printed bar codes.  The balance of the mailing label do print, just not the bar code.  It may be my imagination, by I believe it used to print thebar codes.

    Try adding an alternate driver and try to print.
    To use an alternate print driver for HP printers in Windows 7:
    1. Click on the Start menu.
    2. Click on Devices and Printers.
    3. Click Add a Printer
    4. Add a local Printer
    5. Select Create a New Port
    6. Select Standard TCP\IP port
    7. Enter Printer IP address (Printer IP address can be found by printing network config page from printer
    8. Under Manufacturer select HP and under printer select HP Officejet 8000 pirinter or Officejet 7410
    9. Click apply and try printing
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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  • How to Print Bar codes in SAP script.

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please tell me how to print bar codes through sapscript (the steps basically)?
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    Thanks in advance,
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    check these.

  • My HP 309a all in one printer will not print bar codes like airline boarding passes or tickets.

    I use Windows 7 with XP Pro I have received no error messages and have plenty of free disc space. I have not a clue as to what has happened. I see the ticket with a bar code on my computer screen but when I  try to print it the bad code will not print. Any suggestions?

    my hp6980 printer won't print bar codes using windows 7 on computer

  • Save a attachment file in the shared folder of receiver using ABAP report

    Hi all
    Is it possible to save an attachment file in the folder of receiver's desktop using ABAP report?
    I am using the standard mail sending code to mail the excel file as an attachment.
    Consumer wants that file to be stored automatically in the folder of a shared drive he is using.
    Is it possible?

    You can do that via class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES method gui_download. But this is not working in background. Reports running in background cant reach presentation servers.
    If you have XI/PI in place you can set up a scenario for that.

  • Print Bar code

    Hi All,
    I am trying to print BarCode from SAP Script, but failed. I have tried it with SE73 and it printing successfully. But font which i created in SAP script with same barcode name as i am using in SE73. Kindly help me out how can i print bar code thru SAP script.
    Syed Tayab shah

    Go to SE73 and Create a character format C1.Give barcode to the character format.
    Use this character format against the value which you have to print as barcode.Use same font that you created in Se73.
    Kasiraman R

  • Print Bar code in Smart form

      Can you pls tell me how to print bar code in smart form?

    You create a bar code or change a bar code in the font maintenance transaction (transaction SE73). To do this, proceed as follows:
    &#9675; Start transaction SE73, and choose System Bar Codes ® Change.
    &#9675; If you create a bar code, the system asks whether you want to use the new bar code technology or traditional system bar codes. Choose New.
    You can enter a name and a description for the bar code. Note that the name must begin with a Zto avoid conflict between your bar codes and the standard bar codes.
    2. If you have created a new bar code, you must now add this to a Smart Style as a character format. For information about this, see the section Maintenance of Styles with the Style Builder and its subsections in the Smart Forms documentation.
    If you have only changed the bar code, continue with the next step.
    3. You can now select text in Smart Forms and choose the corresponding style with the bar code as the character format for this text.
    4. You can then print the bar code.
    Check the pdf below..
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  • Can't print bar codes on Laserjet 2840, please help?

    Having installed a bar code font on to my PC I thought it would be easy  to print bar code labels for my retail shop but what prints out is just the bar code number instead.  Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? 

    I don't have an answer but can suggest a couple of things. I use an old HP Laserjet 2100 with built-in ethnernet. I don't use Appletalk to print but IP printing. Your bridge must have a TCP/IP address. You might be able to use IP printing to send directly to that. Another idea is maybe you need to enable Appletalk on the MBP. By default it's disabled you can turn it on in the networking panel. You might already have that so I'm not sure if that would help. One last thing might if you have the firewall on in the sharing preferences that could be blocking it also.

  • Problem while fetching more records in SAP ABAP report program

    Hello Frinds,
    I have SAP ABAP report program which fetches data from usr02 table
    Now, program is working fine with less number of records, bot in production there are more than 200000 records and either report gets timed out or there is run time error like buffer area not available.
    Below is the fetch statement
    SELECT bname FROM usr02 INTO TABLE lt_user
    So, do I need to take records in small chunks, I do not think it is needed as I have worked on number of othere databases where there are number of records in single fetch statement and database itself take care of this.
    Please provide me some approach to resolve this problem.

    This will be very difficult for you.....
    Since you are getting a time out looks like, you are runnning this report in foreground....................
    Try running it in background it will work... have to fetch in small chunks....but the question is how will you do it. Since the USR02 only has BNAME as primary key...
    Either put the BNAME as part of selection screen and fetch the will solve your problem....
    Only fetch for those BNAME which is entered in the selection screen...
    Hope it helps!

  • How to use standard report program [RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN]

    hi all,
    how to use RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN report program for checking my program. when i run it its asking me the report name and i gav it but, its showing me the error message as  'ENTER SEARCH STRING' .
    thanks in advance,
    suresh babu aluri.

    hi suresh,
    i hav tried that, its working
    enter like this,
    <b>program name : zpy_text</b>
    under search criteria.
    <b>Find string : select</b> 
    "******enter any string that is in that program, usually select will be there, then execute.
    With Regards,

  • How to get list of custom objects used in abap report program?

    Hi friends,
    I have a requirement in which I have to scan the entire abap report and retrieve list of custom objects used in it for example custom tables, data elements, structures, table types etc,. Is there any provision in SAP like fuction modules to do this functionality?  As of now I am coding everything manually where so many possibilities are there for all kinds of objects. Provide your answers and suggestions...

    The best way to do this is environment analysis. Follow the steps:
    1. Open se38, type in the program name (don't click on on display/change or create button, stay on first screen only)
    2. Click on environment analysis button (hot key SHIFT+F4)
    3. It will throw a pop-up, which will ask for type of object you want to see, which are linked /used by this program. select all (or may be if you are only interested in Tables, then select table only)
    4. Hit 'Enter'
    You will get the full list of all objects used in this report program. Just note down the one which starts with Z or Y and that's it.

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