Use of Maintain GRIR Clearing Account

One of the user told me that we have to use MR11 (Maintain GRIE Clearing Account) at the period end. Let me know the use of the same and what results it will give

MR11 is used to clear GR/IR clearing account for quantity and price differences between goods receipts and invoice receipts. Refer the link below for details. If you select delivery surplus then MR11 and check Prepare list in MR11 then it shows the documents related to Purchase orders where goods receipt has surplus in price or quantity compared to invoice receipt. If you click automatic clearance then system posts the document in system.
Refer the link below for details
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  • Error during MR11 - Maintain GRIR Clearing Account

    Dear Forum,
    The users are trying to do the clearing of the unmacthed items of GRIR  thru MR11. However, the system gives the error message -
    Msg Type 'E' Msg No. 013 - Error during reading of the material XXXXX  or material locked.
    Could you please help as to what could be wrong and what needs to be done to resolve the error.
    Thanks for the help.

    Close the other views pertaining to material transactions (Inventory) or master data if open prior to use MR11.

  • Tcode F.19 and program  RFWERE00 - Analyze GRIR Clearing accounts

    My client requirement is to include the field WBS Element in the report - Analyze GRIR Clearing accounts (F.19).
    Also how to capture the WBS Element assigned to a PO at the time of Goods receipt in the GRIR account.
    Please do the needful.

      I don't think that is possible using SAP Standard.
      You may try out with Enhancement concept if you are in Updated version in SAP standard or you can
      go for a Custom program if vendor designation and code is requried.

  • Cost center assignment of GRIR clearing account

    Hello Expert,
    There is a purchase order assigned to an asset.  the cost center K8071 is maintained in the asset. Later, the cost center is changed to K8410. Normally this cost center will always be determined from the asset. But in goods receipt (MIGO) and invoice verification (MIRO) , the wrong cost center K8071 is derived for GRIR clearing account. Can i get any help from you how to solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
    Best Regards,
    Ou Qin

    the cost center is really assigned to GRIR clearing item. It is standard system design.  if checking GRIR line item, the cost center is filled for invoice verification of asset PO.  Seems the function of derivation exists bug.  Can any one know how to  fix such error before? Thanks!
    Best Regards,
    Ou Qin

  • Grir clearing account

    may i know where in customizing to define the grir clearing account so that system will automatically post to the clearing account during Goods receipt and invoice verification?

    u can assign grir clearing account in OBYC in WRX transaction key,then system automatically pickup that gl
    assign points if useful

  • GRIR clearing accounts - PO & PO line items

    Hi gurus,
    In ECC 6.0 with new GL functionality being active in TCODE FAGLL03 for all GRIR clearing accounts we would like to see purchase order and p.o line item to appear in the report.

    Both the fields are available i.e. Purchasing Document and Item but they are not populated...........  Let's find the reason why it's not getting populated.  I'll search and get back to you when able to find it. 

  • Vendor number in FBL3N and FAGLb03 - GRIR clearing account

    I have added a special field BSEG-LIFNR and when i run above reports, it is showing vendor number only against doc type WE and not against any other document types.
    I wanted this facility to be available primarily to track GRIR account postings.
    Can any one help me on this why only a particular document type shows vendor number and not the others.

    If your Purchase Orders are set up to be a 3way match then it is at the time of the Goods Receipt (WE) that the items are expensed.  So if you are looking up the expense GL account then you will only see the vendor field populated on those line items where there was a GR done.  If you are looking up GR/IR clearing account GL Accounts (usually a liability account) then the vendor field is populated for both the GR and IR transactions on those GL Accounts.  That is at least my understanding of how that field populates.  I'm not sure if there are any user exits that would allow us to change that or not.

  • Analysing,clearing and Maintaining GRIR Accounts

    Hi All
    Can anyone share with me the start to end process of clearing the GRIR clearing account which incorporates inbound deliveries. Also what are the various transactions and reports that I can run.
    Also Inbound deliveries where the goods have been GRNed yet.
    also what report I can run to view goods that have not been delivered yet

    MB5S for pending GR/IR means GR or IR has not been posted and MR11or MR!!SHOW to process the GRIR account.

  • Account assignment deatils of PO in GRIR clearing line item

    Can we get the account assignment details from purchase order in line item of GRIR clearing account at the time of Goods receipt? We have created a purchase order with account assignment a WBS element. At the time of goods receipt the WBS element is appearing in P&L account but it’s not in GRIR clearing account but at the time of Invoice verification (MIRO) the WBS element updated in the line item of GRIR clearing account.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vinay Thakre

    I'm rather new but maybe my ideas can help you.
    Have you maintained a warehouse for this plant? (In my company some plants don't have) Is there a G/L account assigned?(I think this can be configured, because we have at least 3 different) Is maybe the material blocked for warehouse? (we have materials that are for direct consumption only).
    Just ideas.
    Regards, good luck. Paul

  • MR11 - GRIR clearing for account assigned PO.

    Hi Folks,
    I have a doubt on MR11 Account Maintenance for account assigned  C - Sales order PO and GR non Valuated.
    In this system is not allowing to Post AccM. document as the GR posting is not hitting GRIR clearing account and the same is happening after posting IR too.
    So please clarify whether my understanding is correct or not.  If possible please give the detailed explanation about the Accm for account assigned PO's.
    Thanks to you all
    Pratap J

    Please refer below link...

  • Separate GR/IR clearing account for non material

    In the business, already an account is being used as GR/IR clearing account (WRX) for non material receipts (Non material means there is no material code exists in the system but at the time of PO a description is updated manually).
    There are in all two plants and at present all the non material values are getting posted to the same GI/IR clearing account. The requirement is to have a separate GR/IR clearing account for both the plants.
    Please note that its related to non material only and there is no material code hence no valuation class can be defaulted. Also if valuation class is kept "blank", the system allows only one entry of account.
    Please let me know if any exist is available on this.
    Best Regards

    It can be done by defining different valuation grouping code for both the plants in OMWD. Then for the respective valuation grouping codes you can maintain different GL accounts in OBYC
    Thank You,

  • Difference in GR/IR freight clearing account

    Hello Experts,
    I am facing a problem, wherein i am doing multiple Goods receipt on a different dates for a scheduling agreement. Freight rate maintained in Scheduling agreement is Rs 2.50 per 1 kg, so when doing goods receipt ie DCGR, freight clearing account ie GR/IR freight account gets posted with different values, for eg 1st DCGR doc gets posted at Rs 2.50 per kg, while sometime other DCGR document gets posted at Rs 0.50 per kg.
    I wanted to know why there is difference in rates in GR/IR freight clearing account in every DCGR document, secondly what freight rate is taken in posting & how its gets updated?
    Pls provide solution ASAP.
    Thanks in Advance

    Below links will help you to solve the issue.
    GR/IR Freight Clearing Account - GR & Invoice Verification

  • Problem when change bank clearing account for payment posting.

    We recently changed the bank clearing account for payment posting (program PC00_M99_PPM). But I found out because the config can only be changed but not delimited on payroll side, the program errored out when it retro back for an employee to the old clearing account.  So what am I supposed to do to fix this problem?
    Have anyone ever handled this problem before and could please throw some light on it?
    Thanks in advance.

    check following
    1. Check in OMWD, whether Valuation grouping code "0001" ia ssigned to Ur plant
    2. OBYC - If you have assigned GR/IR Clearing A/c to WRX then check whether you have maintained it with combination of valuation class and GL A/c
    If yes then maintain only GL A/c w/o valuation class OR maintain one entry with valuation class empty and GL A/c
    check following
    Error in service entry sheet
    Re: Error in ML81N

  • GRIR clearing not happening

    I am facing the following problem. Please help me out
    While GR is made, vendor number is updated agaist each line item, i.e, 'inventory debit line item' and 'GRIR clearing line item' each has the vendor number.
    But while doing MIRO,
    only the line item for 'Vendor account debit' is having the vendor number against it . The 'GRIR clearing credit' line item is not having the vendor number against it. This is creating problem. We need to configure so that the vendor number is copied against this line item also.
    Beacause of this , the GRIR clearing account is not cleared automatically.
    Can anybody suggest what is to be done so that the vendor number is also updated in the accounting document generated while posting invoice (MIRO)

    the standard practice is just Assignment (ZUONR) which is in turn sort key 014 (PO + line). Re vendor, see my previous post. Re business area, that should not be a problem at all as the business area should be derived from the plant which is the same in the GR and in the IR documents, so if the PO line is the same, the BA cannot be different. Same is true for material, it is either empty (service PO's) or the same in GR and IR.
    There is one more thing to mention here: if you are using goods receipt based invioce verification (flag in he PO line, Delivery tab), then the matching of the GR/IR items should not be made on PO line level (= assignment), but also based on the goods receipt document number. I.e, an invoice must be assigned to a particular GR (and not to any GR). This is typical for scheduling agreements. Pls. refer to the F1-help on the checkbox "GR/IR account special process." on the selection screen of F.13, it should explain very well how it is working. No additional setup needed here, so the above are still valid: use only ZUONR and nothing else as the clearing criteria for GR/IR accounts.
    Hope that helps, points welcome

  • Bank Clearing Accounts

    Can someone please tell me which account group do the clearing accounts for bank in sap fall under.
    (For eg, from one bank account you do payroll and ap checks)
    Another question, do we need clearing accounts for wires, ach or only we need to have clearing accounts for checks? Please confirm.
    Third question, if there are no checks, wires or ach from a bank then do we need to maintain the clearing account. If not then what do we put in the in the bank determination for sub accounts. Or is it that we dont need to have anything set up bank determination?
    Looking to get the answers for all three

    Hello Lakshmi,
    1. Accountgroup clearing accounts bank
    Recommendable is Accountgroup CASH, but you can even choose i. e. BS for Balance sheet. Normally the accounting department decides which accountgroup is relevant.
    Very Important: activate open item management and line item display.
    2. Different clearing accounts
    I recommend min. one account for outgoing cheques and one for outgoing wires/banktransfers. Depending on the way you post incoming payments you need one account for incoming cheques and another for banktransfers/wires/direct debits.
    Cheques should always be managed with a separate subaccount, just to enable a clear presentation of the chequeregister. Other electronical payments can be posted to another account.
    3. outgoing automatical payments
    If automatical payments are not used (cheques, wires, ach....) you don't need subaccounts.
    If you use automatical payments: never allocate the GL-Bankaccount directly in the accountdetermination of the paymentprogram because the accountancy can not post the bankstatement correctly. Always use subaccounts in the customizing of the paymentprogram.
    Hope this makes the banksubaccounts a littler clearer for you.
    Best regards

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