User Exit or BADI for Material,BOM,Customer,Vendor

Dear All,
I have requirement where if User A changes a Material X .It should go for approval by workflow.
When the Material X is waiting for approval no other User should be able to change the material .It should give him a message
and restrict him from changing the Material.
Is there any User Exit or BADI to restrict him from changing the material. The exit or BADI should be called as soon as the Material is entered in MM02.
I need exit or BADI for BOM, Vendor and Customer also.
Thank you.

You can go to Transaction SE80 and check in Function Group MATF. There have been two User Exits which are called during MM02 Transaction execution (via Analysis Transaction SE30) - MATERIAL_FIELD_SELECTION_NEW and MATERIAL_FIELD_SELECTION_COMB.
Thanks and Regards,
Prabhakar Dharmala

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  • User Exit or BADI for Material master

    When save in MM1 or MM02,  we need a user exit or Badi to <u><b>get ECM data</b></u> (which is saved in AENR or AEOI table). Please help for this.

    Hi Krishna,
    Enhancement/ Business Add-in            Description
    MGA00001                                Material Master (Industry): Checks and Enhancements
    MGA00002                                Material Master (Industry): Number Assignment
    MGA00003                                Material Master (Industry and Retail): Number Display
    Business Add-in
    MG_MASS_NEWSEG                          User-Specific Fields & Segments in Mass Maintenance
    CDT_CHECK_MATERIAL                      Checks for Existence of a Material in a CDT
    BADI_MAT_F_SPEC_SEL                     BAdI for Material Special Field Selection
    BADI_MATERIAL_REF                       Addition of customer-defined default data for material
    BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK                     Enhanced checks for material master table
    o.of Exits:          3
    o.of BADis:         11
    These ar ethe avilable exits and badis.
    P.Naganjana Reddy

  • User Exit OR Badi for MK01 transaction (used for saving vendor amster data)

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where I have to call my workflow, when we create the Vendor using my custom transaction (ZMK01, which is a copy of standard transaction MK01).
    For Workflow triggering I am using FM 'SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT' in the user exit  'EXIT_SAPMF02K_001' but this is only for checking the data on saving Vendor Master.
    So I want to use FM 'SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT' at right place. For that , I need User-Exit or BADI which is used for saving vendor master data.
    Could anyone please help me to find out the user exit or BADI for save event of vendor master data using transaction MK01.
    Looking forward to your advise and thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

    Hi ,
    I forgot to activiate the project linked with User exit 'EXIT_SAPMF02K_001' .
    so problem is solved now

  • User exit or badi for this functionality

    hi to all experts ,
                          i need user exit or badi for implementing a customized check to ensure appropriate incoterms is being maintained in PO document . they are maintaining two different incoterms maintained for the same vendor depending on the plant.
    thanks in advance

    please give the information about
    which transaction??
    which field??
    i think u need only validation, if check is not present u need to throw error or info mess, right..

  • User Exit or BAdI for MM01/MM02

    Hi all,
    i need an user exit or badi for material master after data are saved.
    any suggestioon?

    Here are some exits
    MGA00001            Material Master (Industry): Checks and Enhancements 
    MGA00002            Material Master (Industry): Number Assignment       
    MGA00003            Material Master (Industry and Retail): Number Display

  • User Exit or BADI For Customer Hierarchy Maintainence- VDH1N

    Hi All,
    I need User Exit or BADI for the Customer Hierarchy Maintainence VDH1N Tansaction.
    I need to Capture all the Changes done to the Customer Hierarchy by the User in ECC.

    Follow these steps to find BADI...
    1. Go to the TCode SE24 and enter CL_EXITHANDLER as object type.
    2. In 'Display' mode, go to 'Methods' tab.
    3. Double click the method 'Get Instance' to display it source code.
    4. Set a breakpoint on 'CALL METHOD cl_exithandler => get_class_name_by_interface'.
    5. Then run your transaction.
    6. The screen will stop at this method.
    7. Check the value of parameter 'EXIT_NAME'. It will show you the BADI for that transaction.

  • User exit or badi for me52n transaction.

    Hi all,
           i have a requirement to write a user exit or badi for me52n transaction. the requirement is in header section, only one plant should be accepted. that is in the first row one plant will be inserted. in the second row if we are inserting another plant other the first row plant, it should not accept it and it should raise an error.
    that is from the second row onwards, every plant should match with the first row plant.
    if any part of this issue is unclear, plz let me know so that i can explain it clearly
    this is urgent requirement.
    please let me know the solution as soon as possible.
    points will be awarded.
    thanking u in advance.

    In this version exit EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_005 should exists (look at OSS <a href="">Note 843446 - MEREQ001: Cannot call up external service data in user exit</a> this note refers to the exit and is applicable in  4.70. Look also at OSS <a href="">Note 310154 - ME21N/ME51N: Customer-specific check, generating error log</a>

  • User exit or BADI for recruitment

    I am new to HCM, can you give me user exit or badi for recruitment.
    Requirement - i have developed an infotype which i am updating through BSP, while the custom infotype is updated it should simultaneously update some of my Z tables. Hoping for positve replies earliest.
    Thanks in advance:-

    <b>Infotype</b>The data fields of HR master data, time management and recruitment are grouped logically into information types or infotypes for short.
    Examples of infotypes are "Family/Related Person", "Organizational Assignment, "Basic Pay".
    The following naming conventions apply to infotypes:
    Infotypes 0000 to 0999 are used for HR master data
    and sometimes for applicant data
    Infotypes 1000 - 1999 for organizational management
    Infotypes 2000 - 2999 for time data
    Infotypes 4000 - 4999 for applicant data
    Infotypes 9000 - 9999 for customers
    <b>Function character of step</b>
    This controls for which types of processing (create, change and/or delete a data record) a dynamic action should be carried out.
    The processing type is indicated by a two-digit numeric value. These values can be added up; in other words, you can enter several processing types for each infotype, subtype or field. A dynamic action can also be carried out independent of the current processing type.
    00 for Independent of the current function carried out
    02 for Change
    04 for Create
    06 for Change and create
    08 for Delete
    10 for Change and delete
    12 for Create and delete
    If you enter 06, an action is carried out if the specified infotype was created or changed.
    If you enter 00, an action is carried out irrespective of whether the specified infotype was created, changed or deleted.
    <b>Variable function part</b>
    The variable function part, which depends on the indicator for step, can have the following meaning:
    <b>P - Plausibility checks</b>
    You can enter values for specific infotype fields. Field names must be entered in full. Literals and constants can serve as comparison values. These must be enclosed by inverted commas. Variables can also be used.
    The old value of a field can be used for comparison; the field name must be preceded by PSAVE-.
    If fields of other infotypes are used for comparison, these must be stored in the module pool of the current infotype.
    The following comparison operators are supported:
    = equal to,
    < less than,
    <= less than or equal to,
    > greater than
    >= greater than or equal to and
    <> not equal to.
    Consecutive checks must be linked by a logical AND. Logical OR links must also be indicated by a /X.
    Note that all checks with OR links must have a /X.
    If the result of the comparison operation is not "true", then the following commands (I, F, W etc.) are skipped over until a field is reached or a new comparison operation takes place.
    Infotype  Field ..... Ind.   Variable function part
    0007      STAT3       P      P0007-STAT3='0'
    0007      STAT3       P      PSAVE-STAT3='1'
    The step is taken if the value in the P0007-STAT3 field changes from 1 to 0.
    0007                     P      P0013-KLKZ1<>'0'/X
    0007                     P      P0013-ALVKZ<>'0'/X
    0007                     P      P0013-RVKZ1<>'0'/X
    0007                    P      P0013-RVNUM=SPACE
    The first three conditions are linked by an OR; at least one of these conditions must be met. Condition 4 must always be met.
    The step is taken if the following holds true:
    P0013-KVKZ1 not equal to 0 or P0013-ALVKZ not equal to 0 or P0013-RVKZ1 not equal to 0, and P0013-RVNUM empty.
    <b>I - Maintain infotype record</b>
    Enter the step, infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end dates of the record and an indicator which defines whether the step is to be run in the background. The possible actions are INS, COP, MOD, and DEL.
    Use commas to separate selection criteria just like the separator in the matchcode. If an entry is missing, the system inserts a comma.
    Separate the indicator for suppressing dialog from other entries by a slash D (/D).
    Constants, such as those for subtypes, are not enclosed in inverted commas.
    Variable entries are also permitted. Fields containing such values must be put in brackets.
    Infotype  Field ....  Ind.  Variable function part
          ....             I    INS,19,01/D
    Step: Create a Dates record, subtype 01, run in the background
          ....             I    DEL,14,M559
    Step: Delete Rec. Payments/Deds. record with subtype (wage type) M559.
    0007 ....                I    INS,8,,,(P0007-BEGDA),(P0007-ENDDA)
    Step: Create a Basic Pay record (0008) without subtype and object ID. The start and end dates are the same as those in the current Planned Working Time record (0007); specify these two fields only if they are filled because the dynamic action was triggered by this infotype.
    <b>W - Default values for new record</b>
    Literals or variables are used as default values.
    Set the defaults for the infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end dates using an I step and not a W step.
    Do not set defaults for Q fields of an infotype because the values for these fields are derived from the corresponding P fields.
    Infotype  Subtype  ..... FC  Ind.  Variable function part
    0021       2              04  I     INS,0015,M430
    0021        2              04  W     P0015-BETRG='10000'
    When a Family/Related Person record (0021) record with subtype 2 (child) is created, an Additional Payments record (0015) with a default amount of 100.00 is created.
    <b>V - Cross-reference to another step</b>
    Here, you can combine fields to groups. The variable function part contains the value in the field which follows the "field" column. Steps which are specified only for the following field are also triggered for each of the other fields.
    Infotype  Field  ..... FC  Ind.  Variable function part
    0016       PRBZH        06  V     PRBZT
    0016       PRBZT        06  I     DEL,0019,01/D
    Infotype 0019, subtype 01 is deleted in the background when the field PRBZT or PRBZH in infotype 0016 is changed or created (function code 06).
    The following entries are equivalent:
    0016       PRBZH        06  I     DEL,0019,01/D
    0016       PRBZT        06  I     DEL,0019,01/D
    <b>F - Call a routine</b>
    You can call internal (module pool) as well as external routines.
    If you call external routines, type the program name in brackets after the routine name. Do not specify 'using' parameters. When calling an external routine, all data must be declared in a common part. You can use the fields of structure RP50D to return values from the routine. These are not used in the standard system and can only be populated via the routine and then can be used for defaults (W-Commands).
    This allows customer-specific routines to be formulated with all the above steps.
    Example 1:
    Infotype  Field  .....  Ind.   Var.function part
    0016      PRBZT         F      PROBATION
    0016      PRBZT         I      INS,19,01
    0016      PRBZT         W      P0019-VTRMN=PRBEND
    Module pool MP001600 contains the PROBATION routine. This routine uses the entries in the fields P0016-PRBZT and P0016-PRBEH to determine the end of the probation period which it stores in the field PRBEND.
    The system creates a new 'Dates' record with the reminder date = PRBEND.
    Example 2:
    Infotyp ..... Ind. Var. function part
    0001           F      GET_DATE(ZPUDYN01)
    0001          I      INS,19,01
    0001           W      P0019-VTRMN=RP50D-DATE1
    The GET_DATE routine in program ZPUDYN01 calculates a date and enters this date in the RP50D-DATE1 field via "TABLES RP50D" in ZPUDYN01. This date can be user-defined in GET_DATE: if necessary, user-defined infotypes can be read afterwards.
    <b>M - Send a mail</b>
    Enter the name of the feature which defines the characteristics of the mail.
    Infotype  Field  .....  Ind.    Var.function part
    0001     SACHP         M       M0001
    A mail is sent when the field SACHP is changed. The characteristics of the mail are defined in feature M0001.
    In the standard system, feature M0001 is provided as a model. The documentation on feature M0001 explains how to define the characteristics of a mail.
    If you use a date as a constant, enter it as YYYYMMDD (YYYY=year, MM=month, DD=day).
    The table strings T001P, T503 and PSPAR are filled with the values which are valid on the record start date.
    The old values of the infotype are stored in the field string PSAVE. The structure of this string is the same as the Pnnnn structure (nnnn=infotype). The structure is filled with (valid) values only when the delete, change and create functions are used.
    Please read Create dynamic actions in the Implementation Guide.

  • User Exit or BADI for COR1/COR2

    Dear Experts,
    Can you please tell me if we have any user-exit or BADI for chaning the value of the technical completion date field
    i.e. AUFK-IDAT2 while saving the Process Order in COR1 or COR2?

    Hi Praveen,
    Implement the customer exit EXIT_SAPLCOKO_006 in enhancement
    PPCO0020  Process order: Display/change order header data
    This is only importing one field I_AUFNR.
    but try the logic below.
    data: lv_fnam type char16 value '(SAPLCOKO)caufvd'.
    field-symbols : <fs_caufvd> type caufvd.
    your checks for changing the field IDAT2 (Technical completion date).
    Try to change <fs_caufvd>-IDAT2 field value.

  • Need user exit or BADI for FB60

    Hi Guys!!,
    I am working on one object which   belongs to FB60 transaction. I have to give error message when user enter the ZTERM Value above 45 days for particular vendor group(MSMED).please help out.

    Foloowing are available user exits and BADIs for FB60.
    F050S001                                               FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-defined IDoc segment
    F050S002                                               FIDCC1: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S003                                               FIDCC2: Change IDoc/do not send
    F050S004                                               FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Change outbound IDoc/do not send
    F050S005                                               FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Change FI document
    F050S006                                               FI Outgoing IDoc: Reset Clearing in FI Document
    F050S007                                               FIDCCH Outbound: Influence on IDoc for Document Change
    F180A001                                               Balance Sheet Adjustment
    FARC0002                                              Additional Checks for Archiving MM Vendor Master Data
    RFAVIS01                                               Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text
    RFEPOS00                                              Line item display: Checking of selection conditions
    RFKORIEX                                              Automatic correspondence
    SAPLF051                                              Workflow for FI (pre-capture, release for payment)
    Please find the one suitable to your need.
    Hope it will help you.
    Natasha Garg

  • Need User exit or BAdi for VF01

    I need User exit or Badi for VF01.
    Condtion: After Successful Save of document number in database.
    Please help me.
    To be reward all helpfull answers.

    The follwing user exits and badis available:
    User Exits for Printing Billing Docs. using POR Procedure       
    User exits for billing index                                    
    Userexit for the komkcv- and kompcv-structures                  
      User exit item table for the customer lines                     
    Billing doc. processing KIDONO (payment reference number)       
    User exit: Processing of transfer structures SD-FI              
    User exit: Billing plan during transfer to Accounting           
    Customer enhancement: Pricing                                   
    Data provision for additional fields for display in lists       
    Customer functions in the billing document                                                                               
    Business Add-in                                                                                SD_CIN_LV60AU02                       
    BADI for billing                                                
    Billing before Goods Issue                                                                               
    If it is helpful rewards points.

  • User Exits or BADI for RMWB

    Hello Experts,
                        I want to put a check on material code while forming the composition for recipe in transaction RMWB. I am entering the material uner the input and output tab. Can anyone please tell the available user exits or BADI for this. I checked few, however, the material no. is not getting captured.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Sonal,
    You can make use of field symbol to read the value of a variable in BADI.Press F1 on field and read the program name and screen field name of a variable and the use below things in the BADI code.
    Field-symbol <fs> type any.
    ASSIGN ('(program name)variable name') TO <fs>.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0 AND <fs> IS ASSIGNED. will get the variable value here in <fs>

  • User exit or BADI for standard change Log ?

    Is there user exit or BADI for standard change log update ?
    I want to update a customer fields into standard change log table.
    Could someone tell me about it?

    Could anbody tell me ?

  • User Exit or BADI FOR ME59N

    Hi All,
       My requirement is in ME59N if Document Type is ZCD or ZSD it should not consider the Rounding Value (MARC-BSTRF) which is coming from Materrial Master (MRP1 View) and Purchase Info Record (EINE-RDPRF) which is coming from Purchase Info Record(ME12 or ME13), Can any one suggest me the right User Exit or BADI for this, Please go through the requirement.
    Sudhakar .A
    Edited by: Sudhakar Allam on Feb 5, 2010 4:31 AM

    HI Sudhakar ,
                              These are the list of enhancements and Badi's available for ME59N ,
    MEVME001                                WE default quantity calc. and over/ underdelivery tolerance
    MM06E001                                User exits for EDI inbound and outbound purchasing documents
    MM06E003                                Number range and document number
    MM06E004                                Control import data screens in purchase order
    MM06E005                                Customer fields in purchasing document
    MM06E007                                Change document for requisitions upon conversion into PO
    MM06E008                                Monitoring of contr. target value in case of release orders
    MM06E009                                Relevant texts for "Texts exist" indicator
    MM06E010                                Field selection for vendor address
    MM06E011                                Activate PReq Block
    MMAL0001                                ALE source list distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0002                                ALE source list distribution: Inbound processing
    MMAL0003                                ALE purcasing info record distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0004                                ALE purchasing info record distribution: Inbound processing
    MMDA0001                                Default delivery addresses
    MMFAB001                                User exit for generation of release order
    AMPL0001                                User subscreen for additional data on AMPL
    MRFLB001                                Control Items for Contract Release Order
    LMEDR001                                Enhancements to print program
    LMELA002                                Adopt batch no. from shipping notification when posting a GR
    LMELA010                                Inbound shipping notification: Transfer item data from IDOC
    LMEQR001                                User exit for source determination
    LMEXF001                                Conditions in Purchasing Documents Without Invoice Receipt
    LWSUS001                                Customer-Specific Source Determination in Retail
    M06B0001                                Role determination for purchase requisition release
    M06B0002                                Changes to comm. structure for purchase requisition release
    M06B0003                                Number range and document number
    MEQUERY1                                Enhancement to Document Overview ME21N/ME51N
    MELAB001                                Gen. forecast delivery schedules: Transfer schedule implem.
    MEFLD004                                Determine earliest delivery date f. check w. GR (only PO)
    MEETA001                                Define schedule line type (backlog, immed. req., preview)
    ME590001                                Grouping of requsitions for PO split in ME59
    M06E0005                                Role determination for release of purchasing documents
    M06E0004                                Changes to communication structure for release purch. doc.
    M06B0005                                Changes to comm. structure for overall release of requisn.
    M06B0004                                Number range and document number
    The list of Badi are
    ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST                     Enhancements for Processing Enjoy PReqs: Customer
    ME_PROCESS_REQ                          Enhancements for Processing Enjoy PReqs: Internal
    ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST                      Enhancements for Processing Enjoy Purchase Order: Customer
    ME_PROCESS_PO                           Enhancements for Processing Enjoy Purchase Order: Intern.
    ME_PROCESS_COMP                         Processing of Component Default Data at Time of GR: Customer
    ME_PO_SC_SRV                            BAdI: Service Tab Page for Subcontracting
    ME_PO_PRICING_CUST                      Enhancements to Price Determination: Customer
    ME_PO_PRICING                           Enhancements to Price Determination: Internal
    ME_INFOREC_SEND                         Capture/Send Purchase Info Record Changes - Internal Use
    ME_HOLD_PO                              Hold Enjoy Purchase Orders: Activation/Deactivation
    ME_GUI_PO_CUST                          Customer's Own Screens in Enjoy Purchase Order
    ME_FIELDSTATUS_STOCK                    FM Account Assignment Behavior for Stock PR/PO
    ME_DP_CLEARING                          Clearing (Offsetting) of Down Payments and Payment Requests
    ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED                      Purchasing Document Posted
    SMOD_MRFLB001                           Control Items for Contract Release Order
    EXTENSION_US_TAXES                      Extended Tax Calculation with Additional Data
    ARC_MM_EKKO_WRITE                       BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EKKO)
    ARC_MM_EKKO_CHECK                       BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EKKO)
    MM_EDI_DESADV_IN                        Supplementation of Delivery Interface from Purchase Order
    MM_DELIVERY_ADDR_SAP                    Determination of Delivery Address
    ME_WRF_STD_DNG                          PO Controlling Reminder: Extension to Standard Reminder
    ME_TRIGGER_ATP                          Triggers New ATP for Changes in EKKO, EKPO, EKPV
    ME_TRF_RULE_CUST_OFF                    BADI for Deactivation of Field T161V-REVFE
    ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS                     Tax jurisdiction code taken from address
    ME_REQ_POSTED                           Purchase Requisition Posted
    ME_REQ_OI_EXT                           Commitment Update in the Case of External Requisitions
    ME_RELEASE_CREATE                       BAdI: Release Creation for Sched.Agrmts with Release Docu.
    ME_DEFINE_CALCTYPE                      Control of Pricing Type: Additional Fields
    ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB                        Enrich ALV Output Table in Purchasing
    ME_CHANGE_CHARACTER                     Customer-Specific Characteristics for Product Allocation
    ME_CCP_DEL_DURATION                     Calc. of Delivery Duration in CCP Process (Not in Standard)
    ME_CCP_BESWK_AUTH_CH                    BAdI for authorization checks for procuring plant
    ME_CCP_ACTIVE_CHECK                     BAdI to check whether CCP process is active
    ME_BSART_DET                            Change document type for automatically generated POs
    ME_BADI_DISPLAY_DOC                     BAdI for Internal Control of Transaction to be Invoked
    ME_ACTV_CANCEL_PO                       BAdI for Activating the Cancel Function at Header Leve
    MEGUI_LAYOUT                            BAdI for Enjoy Purchasing GUI
    ME_CHECK_ALL_ITEMS                      Run Through Items Again in the Event of Changes in EKK
    ME_COMMTMNT_REQ_RE_C                    Check of Commitment Relevance of Purchase Requisitions
    ME_COMMTMNT_REQ_RELE                    Check of Commitment Relevance of Purchase Requisitions
    ME_COMMTMNT_PO_REL_C                    Check for Commitment-Relevance of Purchase Orders
    ME_COMMTMNT_PO_RELEV                    Check for Commitment-Relevance of Purchase Orders
    ME_COMMITMENT_STO_CH                    BadI for checking if commitments for STOs are active
    ME_COMMITMENT_RETURN                    Commitment for return item
    ME_CIP_REF_CHAR                         Enables Reference Characteristics in Purchasing
    ME_CIP_ALLOW_CHANGE                     Configuration in Purchasing: Changeability Control
    ME_CIN_MM06EFKO                         Copy PO data for use by Country version India
    ME_CIN_LEINRF2V                         BADI for LEINRF03 excise_invoice_details
    ME_CIN_LEINRF2R                         BADI for CIN India - Delivery charges
    ME_CHECK_SOURCES                        Additional Checks in Source Determination/Checking
    ME_CHECK_OA                             Check BAdI for Contracts

  • User exit or BADI for Tcode ME51N

    Hi All,
    My requirement is i need to check available quantity at the time of Purchase req creation. If PR quantity is available in stock then it should not allow to create new PR.
    Is there any user exit or Badi for this requirement. Kindly send me.

    User Exit:  MEREQ001
    Function exit             EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001  
    Screen exit               SAPLMEGUI           
    Include tables           CI_EBANDB           

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