Using a dial-up modem

I guess I'm posting this out of sheer desperation, although it sounds like there isn't anything that can be done.  I moved to the DC area last November and before signing an 18-month lease, I contacted Verizon directly, and my building also contacted their local Verizon rep to ensure that I would have no problems using a dial-up modem connection.  I was very upfront about what I needed the line for and was given every assurance that everything would be fine.  
Unfortunately, my fax modem is prone to constant disconnects, and I've been told by Verizon tech support that they can't run copper to the premesis.  I need the line to perform closed captioning for television.  Closed captioning still uses antequated technology which involves the text of what's being said on the program to be transmitted from my home to the TV station via the phone lines.  The modem regularly disconnects at 32 and 37 past the hour -- that's almost guaranteed -- as well as other times.
So long story short, Verizon tells me everything is fine until I sign a lease and sign up for service and tech support basically tells me there's nothing that can be done.  It's my livlihood that's on the line and there's nothing I can do about it. If by some miracle someone knows of something I can do to make a data transmission connection stable on fiberoptic lines, I'd be very grateful.  I've tried just about every fix I possibly can.

Some people find by changing the error correction settings or speed on the modems, you can improve the reliability of a modem over FiOS voice. Realistically it shouldn't be causing a problem. Have you tried tinkering with the modem's settings if at all possible?
The first to bring me 1Gbps Fiber for $30/m wins!

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  • Airport Extreme using internal dial up modem

    Last weekend I bought my mom a new macbook. This is her first computer ever and her first time ever even seeing the internet.
    Unfortualtely she lives way out in the boonies and only has access to a dial-up ISP (unless she wants to spend an obscene amount of $$$). I bought her an airport extreme specifically because it has a built-in modem.
    The problem I am running into is that I have no idea how to set up her airport connection to use the internal modem in the airport extreme. So far I have sucessfully set a network and connected to it. However when I want to connect to the internet it simply does not dial up. I have looked at the instructions and on the internet and cannot find any info to make the internal modem active. Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions to do this.
    What really stinks is that I live in Chicago and my mom lives in the outskirts of Dallas. So I will need to get her fixed up next time I see her. Right now I have her working on a usb modem which is working fine, but I want her to have the freedom of wireless. (Plus I spent 200 bucks to get it for her). Thanks for any help!
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    The AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) does not support initial dial-up with wired clients. (ref: So, if, per chance, you attempted a dial-up connection while connected to the AEBS with a wired client that would be the reason.
    Setup of the AEBS for dial-up Internet access:
    PPP FAQs:

  • Dial up modem and iCloud

    I use a dial up modem in a remote location.  Will my dial up modem functionality be affected if I turn on iCloud?

    Hi Orpheus,
    Welcome to the discussion boards. I'm not quite clear what you're saying here.. are you saying:
    1) The plugs physically don't fit in at the same time? or
    2) When you plug in the Power, the dialup session disconnects?
    If you mean 1), I suggest you get a new phone cable, as I have never had any problems like that. If you mean 2), again, I'd suggest a new phone cable. There may be some electromagnetic interferance.

  • What sort of dial-up modems does one use with a "Bionic Desk Lamp" iMac?

    Yes, I still use dial-up (and indeed, my aging Performa 5215 is still on its factory 14.4 modem).
    I'm planning on buying a used G4 iMac on eBay (see my posting in the OS 9 forum for related questions), but what sort of dial-up modem do I use, that will work in both OS 9 and OS X?

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    The ALPS MicroDry printer line flopped in the marketplace for two reasons. First, they didn't offer PCL or PostScript, even as an option, and (especially in dyesub mode) host-based RIPping is a long, slow, memory-intensive process (that's been known to crash my long-suffering Performa 5215). Second, ALPS has absolutely no name recognition in the United States except among engineers and technicians. This meant that they were fighting an uphill battle just to get anybody to look at their products.
    Moreover, the few attempts ALPS made at strategic alliances (to overcome the lack of name recognition) were with a company (Citizen) that isn't known for much beyond digital watches and (maybe) hand calculators, and a company (Epson) that had strong financial reasons to suppress MicroDry, color laser, and anything else that competed with inkjet.
    On that last note, may I point out that when a color laser printer small enough, cheap enough, and quiet enough to be classified as an "inkjet-killer" finally hit the market last year, it came from Samsung, a company that had name recognition, but absolutely no inkjet assets whatsoever.

  • Dial Up Connection With My Recon HP7800 Windows 7 Using An Internal 5600K Modem

    Just purchased a refurbed HP7800 with Windows 7. They installed an internal 5600K modem but it will not connect to the Internet using AOL as my connection.
    I'm not real savy about this newer technology but the modem doesn't seem to be operating.

    Hello Shoboy,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    I understand you have recently purchased a refurbished HP Compaq dc7800 Business PC with a 56k dial-up modem installed and the dial-up modem is not working. I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure, I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums, since this is a commercial product. You can do this at Business PCs - Compaq, Elite, Pro.
    I hope this helps. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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  • How to use Graphite Airport dial-up modem in Lion?

    I'm helping my father in law troubleshoot an issue with his Graphite Base Station.  He connects to the net via the built-in dialup modem and has recently updated to Lion.  He's used to a pop-out menu that says "dial modem" or something when selecting his base station from the airport menu.  Apparently, there is no such menu in 10.7 Lion.  How can he dial his modem to connect in Lion?  I've walked him through Airport Utility and all the settings say to use the built in modem. 
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    I am having the same issue. I have the white base station. Airport does work and works well without incident for my wireless printing. I only get the "disconnect" in the drop down menu. What I did for now is to go into the airport utility, select manual setup, select internet, select modem, and check the box that says automatically dial. While this seems to work for me, I do notice that while it will automatically dial, when you disconnect, it will automatically dial again. So, technically the airport will reconnect always. One way around this I suppose, as I do not care because I use my land line mostly for Internet access, is to go into the utility and uncheck the box when you do not want to connect or unplug the airport. Hope this helps. Otherwise, I am still trying to find a solution or go back to snow leopard.

  • I get the following error message when I connect a usb ethernet adapter to my new MacBook Pro: Unsupported - You cannot use an Apple USB Modem with this computer. I live were we only have dial-up and the Apple Store said this is what I need.

    I get the following error message when I connect a usb ethernet adapter to my new MacBook Pro: Unsupported - You cannot use an Apple USB Modem with this computer. I live where we only have dial-up and the Apple Store said this is what I need. In addition, when I connect the phone to the connecter it falls out, it will not click in.

    Why are you using a usb ethernet adaptor? Just plug the modem into the usb port.

  • Using a Bluetooth phone as a dial up modem.

    When setting up my phone with my MacBook I'm given two options: Connect to the internet using GPRS, or use it as a phone to dial in to a provider.
    In Canada data access is very expensive, but would using my phone as a dial-up modem count on my bill as data access or would it show up as a regular call?
    P.S. My wireless provider is Rogers, if that matters.

    I think SIG has the answer, but I tried to find out on their various sites... seems that until you take the Hook, they won't tell you what the Line costs, then the cost of the Sinker will only be revealed once you get the Bill!
    I think if they've picked up any traits from down here in GW land, that whatever YOU want to do will cost more than expected, and use the worst option for you!

  • Using E52 as a dial-up modem to connect to other a...

    Gidday, I use to have a nokia 6300 and was able to use it as an anolouge modem to dial other modems using the default string AT&F. I now have an E52, the modem initialises ok but comes up with modem error when starting to dial. I have the factory modem strings from both phones. Does anyone know how to change the strings?. Or what strings should I use to initialise my phone modem. Thanks

    I have follow your instruction to connect to my ISP as it shows the following message:
    Serial connection established.
    using interface sppp0
    connect: sppp0 <--> /dev/ttya
    local IP address xxxxxxxx
    remote IP address
    But when I ping, it shows: unknown.
    I start Mozilla and it said not found etc...
    What has gone wrong?
    Do I have to configure some files such as:
    /etc/hostname ?
    or any other steps that can help me to connect to the internet?

  • File sharing with Leopard through dial up modem on Performa 6400

    There are some really important files that i need to get off my Macintosh Performa 6400 (running 8.6) but the only connection that my iMac G5 (running 10.5.4) and the performa share is the dial up modem. I can't get an internet connection on the performa since we have broadband and it does not have an ethernet port, so that's out of the question. Some of the files are too big to fit on a floppy and my iMac doesn't have a floppy drive anyways.
    I turned on file sharing on both computers, but they don't see each other being as they're connected through the dial up modems. After having searched up and down Google with no answer, my question is: is there anyway i can file share through the dial up modem using the aforementioned configuration?
    Since I'll only need to do this once, I don't want to have go out and buy something in order to get this to work.
    Thank you for any and all help you guys may provide.

    I realise that you didn't, originally, intend to spend anything but, if you have a spare PCI slot left in your 6400. I wonder if maybe installing a Keyspan USB PCI card would help. That way the 6400 could communicate direct with the G5 and save the hassle of removing its HD.
    The manufacturer's part number is UPCI-2.
    I installed one of these in my PowerMac 6500/300. Turned to be one of my better decisions as I was then able then to import photos direct from my digital camera and all sorts.
    Or there's this which is better still-
    Check compatibility with your 6400 though as I don't have one of these so I don't know if it works or not. Don't see why it shouldn't though.

  • Need a dial up modem for G3 Beige Tower

    I have an ethernet card for my G3 Beige Tower but I need a dial up modem so I can hook it up for my mom. Anyone know where I can get one? Milwaukee

    The internal 56K Apple/GV modem card that was a Build-to-Order option for the beige G3s offers the convenience of no additional desktop clutter, no extra power supply to bother with, and nothing to turn ON/OFF. It plugs into the brown slot on the audio or A/V personality card. You can see one listed on this page, but the $99.77 price tag is absurd, in spite of its scarcity now. When I stopped buying them a few years ago, used ones could be purchased for about $35. The internal 56K modem card functioned identically as its external Global Village 56K counterpart. If you have the time to keep checking eBay, you may find an internal Apple/GV 56K card eventually show up for auction. Just be sure that it matches the photo shown on the page I linked. Some sellers (mistakenly or not) identify the software-based "Apple GeoPort" modem card as the 56K modem card - which it definitely isn't. For a reliable 56K external modem, the US Robotics 56K v.90/x2 (model 5689-03) was always my choice for the internet and downloads. The Global Village TelePort 56K v.90 external modems with attached modem cable are also a good choice for the beige G3s. These modems are discontinued, but you can find them showing up at eBay or thrift stores. The current US Robotics v.92 external modem (black color and marketed for PCs) can be used with your beige, but (as Jan wrote) you'll need to find a Mac modem cable (DB-25 to mini-DIN8) for it. Additionally, a custom INIT string must be used to disable a couple of unsupported v.92 features, in order for it to function properly. After much trial and error, I arrived at one that did the trick.

  • Using C6 as a modem via USB in MacBook Pro

    I'm having trouble connecting my MacBook Pro to Internet via C6.
    I would like to use it via USB. My system in Mac is 10.5.8
    Can someone tell me what to do?

    Do you have an IBM / Lenovo Laptop?
    I do and I checked the event logs and noticed failure 680 which indicated that no dial tone could be obtained (cable not plugged it) or similar symptom.
    I used to receive the error "one touch access failed to establish a network connection" using the Nokia PC Suite. I checked under start | settings | network connections and selected properties on the valid dial-up device. Then I noticed that the device was using the Internal Thinkpad modem instead of the Nokia. This explained the error 680 as the Thinkpad modem was not cabled to the phone line. After changing the connect using device from thinkpad to Nokia all worked well.
    Let me know if this helps.

  • Using N95 as a Modem Via USB on O2UK Network

    Hi I am trying to connect to the internet with my laptop using the N95 as a modem via USB. I have tried a couple of different ways to do this. I've tried using the one touch access in Nokia PC suite and it gets up to the part where it says "verifying username and password" then says unable to establish a connection. I have also tried connecting from the "connect to" tab in the start menu on xp (also tried vista) and selecting my mobile as the modem through which to connect. I am an O2UK Customer and i have been told the user name and pass to use to connect is user=mobileweb and password=password. Im sure this is true because it does get past the verifying username and password bit when i do it this way. But when it gets to the "Registering your computer on the network" part it fails.
    What am i doing wrong. I have tried this in both GSM and UMTS mode.
    are there any other O2UK Customers who have managed to use their N95 as a modem? If so please can you post here and explain how i do it.
    Any help is greatly appreciatedMessage Edited by n95nooby on 29-Oct-200703:05 AM
    Message Edited by n95nooby on 29-Oct-200703:05 AM
    Message Edited by n95nooby on 29-Oct-200703:06 AM

    Do you have an IBM / Lenovo Laptop?
    I do and I checked the event logs and noticed failure 680 which indicated that no dial tone could be obtained (cable not plugged it) or similar symptom.
    I used to receive the error "one touch access failed to establish a network connection" using the Nokia PC Suite. I checked under start | settings | network connections and selected properties on the valid dial-up device. Then I noticed that the device was using the Internal Thinkpad modem instead of the Nokia. This explained the error 680 as the Thinkpad modem was not cabled to the phone line. After changing the connect using device from thinkpad to Nokia all worked well.
    Let me know if this helps.

  • Dial-up modem with an iMac

    I am running OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) on an iMac (2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 800 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM).
    I have had a DSL connection since purchasing this computer, but when I moved my current phone line is only rated for 768 Kbps download speed, which is dial-up speed. My internet provider has finally gotten the phone company to admit to this and has recommended I downgrade to dial-up since I am in fact operating at a maximum of 610Kbps anyhow. 
    They would provide me with an external modem which would connect to the computer using a telephone line with phone-style plug on the modem side and a USB2 at the computer, a specialty product they state that Apple would sell me.  Currently, I use an Ethernet line from the DSL modem to the computer. 
    My question is:  Can my iMac even use a dial-up connection with an external modem?  If so, does Apple in fact sell such a specialty line or does the connection have to be made through an Ethernet line due to hardware/software constraints? 
    There is no wireless or satellite option where I live due to building interference.  The building itself is wired for cable, which I do not care to have.  I am willing to simply downgrade to the lowest speed DSL if dial-up is not possible with my iMac.
    Thanks for information relevant to making my decision. 

    @Lanny, you are correct; the maximum speed of 768k was cited by a support tech and may refer to the phone line's native capacity due to distance.  I have decided to downgrade to the lowest DSL option available to me (1.5 Mbps instead of 3.0 Mbps) and retain the capability of having simultaneous phone and internet access, which is not available with dial-up.  My maximum download speed at my current location hovers around 600K. 
    The source of the difficulty, I suspect, is that the phone company is converting to optical fibers from copper fibers and is pushing their own "blazingly fast" internet product based on fiber optics, rather than DSL with its expensive paired copper lines.  I don't know if the phone company has an additional a means of limiting transmission speeds to thwart their competition, although if I can conceive of this possibility, someone else smarter than me had probably figured out a way to accomplish this 5-10 years ago.  My ISP is gradually building their own fiber optic network to gain independence from the dominant telephone line owner. 
    Thanks for your reply.  It confirmed my intuition to stick with DSL but at the lowest available speed option.

  • Can't create a dial up modem connection

    need help here.
    i have lenovo 3000 notebook V200 series with build in conexant modem, i have installed the modem driver correctly, i have query the modem and it shows the result successfully. but why does vista doesn't detect the modem when i'm trying to create a dial up modem connection ?. i also use the wireless 3G modem provided by AT&T. can anyone help me ? thank you...

    what do you mean? you can't create dial connection or you dont heard dial tone when you try to connect? Did you see under hardware devices. Does it show moderm at all? Try to hook up phone line to it and listen to dial tone? if It does. It would work fine. or you can upgrade moderm driver to see if you can create connection again.
    Good luck to you

Maybe you are looking for

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