Using Automator with the Apple Mail app

I want to do something that I think should be easy! I have the text of an e-mail message that I want to send to a specific mailing list. The list is in an Address Book group. I want to personalize each e-mail so that it goes to just one person and is addressed to "Dr. <last name>" at "<e-mail address>," where both are in a separate Address Book entry.
I've tried a couple of scripts using the actions provided by Apple but they fall down because I can't get Automator to reference my e-mail message. I get the error, "There is no outgoing Mail message. (-2700)) occurred in Group Mailer."
Anyone know how to properly present Automator with my mail message?

That depends on the type of email account and the settings. You can leave mail on the server or remove it.

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    You do not need have cell service for the GPS to work.
    If the iphone is new, then you would have to activate it with a carrier in order for it to work at all.
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    If your computer does not automatically setup up your iCloud email app then you will have to set it up manually using these mail server settings:
    It worked on my MacBook Running OS X 10.6.8
    (You may have to copy and paste the link instead of clicking on the link)

    Plug it in, and if desired, set it up in the Displays pane of System Preferences.

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    Any clue, how i can add a mail account to apple mail app, but with separate password / pin to open it.
    Years ago there was a program called mail switcher which added this functionality, but thats gone.

    They would have to be logged in as separate users in order not to see your account in Mail. Whatever accounts put in Mail under your account will show up. All mail accounts usually have there own user and password. The only thing you can do is to remove the password from Keychain and take the account offline so you don't keep getting prompts for passwords each time it checks for mail.
    Not a great solution.
    Best way is to give the other user their own user account with their own mail and enable fast user swithcing to log between the different users if all access the computer frequently.

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    Try using Mail as the email client for iPhoto and see if that will fix the problem:

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    The Apple Mail app will occasionally throw out an error about being unable to use the SMTP server (GMail hosted).  When this happens, mail is essentially useless.  The 'Quit' option is grayed out in the menu and I have to go in via the terminal to get the PID and kill the app.  This didn't happen when we were on Verizon email.  I created GMail accounts for my family about a year back and it's been happening ever since - not often, but about once a month.
    One theory I have:  when I'm at work, I'll check our home GMail from the web interface.  If my wife is at home checking email with the Apple app, I wonder if we are running into some kind of contention issue.
    Anyone else seen this?
    Thanks for your help.
    Bob Ess
    Sachse, Texas

    Hi there Bobby,
    You may want to keep this article handy for the next time you are experiencing issues with your mail
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages
    - Griff W.

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    Hi Robk573,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    I'd suggest the steps in our iPad troubleshooting assistant:

  • Can you use IMAP with the ipads mail feature?

    Can you use IMAP with the ipads mail feature?

    Yes, our domain and email accounts are on a server that does accept IMAP. Also, our mac mini and imacs are all set up for IMAP. Buying an ipad will enable me to work from home during this winter.
    Another ?: do you know if you can use text edit with the iPads mail feature? Reason being we have about 100 generic emails that all we have to do is change a few fields before sending out. Can this be integrated in without having to recreate all these messages?

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    My iPhone 5 suddenly stopped opening the Apple Mail app.  It had worked flawlessly for years, but just stopped.  It worked on my iPad, and of course on the computer.  What's going on, and how do I fix it?  I've turned the phone on and off several times, soft reset several times.  There was no change in any settings when this happened, nor any new apps were added.  Thank you for any help you can give.

    Does it not work either way? Sending and receiving? Did you check the settings and make sure that nothing has changed? If you can receive email, but not send it, check the outgoing mail server setting. Make sure that your username and password are in there.
    Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Your email account>Account>Outgoing mail server - tap the server name next to SMTP and check in the primary server and make sure your username and password are entered and correct - even if it says that the password is optional.

  • Has anyone had issues with the Yahoo Mail app?

    A couple of months ago, I noticed my battery draining quickly while I was at work (data, not wifi) and not long after that I received a notice that I had used 75% of my data in less than 2 weeks!  My daughter and I share 10GB data and we rarely use more than 4GB total.
    Called tech support, realized it was YAHOO MAIL draining my juice and data,  Support suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the app thinking maybe there was a glitch in updates causing it to constantly sync everything,.  I uninstalled the app, waited until my billing cycle had ended and  reinstalled it.
    Same thing happened within days.

    We definitely want you to be worry free when it comes to your data usage. The great thing is that we have narrowed it down to the Yahoo Mail application. Your device comes with a native email application. I would recommend removing the Yahoo Mail app and making use of the native email app to pull your emails. Click here for steps
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  • We reading an email in the Apple mail app., what is the button at the bottom and in the middle for?  Where is the button to delete an email?

    How do I delete an email that I am reading while using the Apple email app?  The is a icon at the bottom in the middle of the email, but I don't think it is a delete button.

    Tap the trash can icon.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 6 Software)
    Page 53.

  • HT4539 Is there any way to auto-start the Apple mail app?

    Our company offers a 7/24 service where a user can leave a voice mail in our system and our mail server will send an urgent mail message to the iPhone of the employee on duty so it can be handled in a timely manner. The problem we are having is that if someone turns off their phone and starts it again (or if the user opens the running apps window and shuts down the mail app), the users are not getting those urgent emails.
    While I understand having an auto-starting app would be undesirable, since every developer might start activating that feature, does Apple iOS6 have any way to tell the mail app to restart on iPhone boot? We have a few people using other smartphones with a competing O/S that sounds similar to "asteroid" ;-) and the mail appears to be always operational, even if you shut down the app.

    And be sure to set up Notifications for mail so the phone will beep, buzz, flash, whatever when a message comes in.
    One issue though (discussed elsewhere): the phone will only Notify once. If you didn't hear or see it, there won't be any further warning (unlike, say, Blackberry's flashing LED). You're gonna have to grab the phone and at least bring up the lock screen to see if there are any notifications queued up.

  • HT201335 Can i use airplay with the apple tv and airport express without an internet connection? Basically Set it up as a closed network?

    I was told I could set a local network with the airport express, apple Tv, and my iPad to stream videos or pictures to a TV for a presentation.
    No internet connection is available at the location.
    Is that possible? Or do I need to access itunes homeshare with an internet connection to make this work?
    I've set it up at home where I have an internet connection and it works fine but I want to move the setup to my church for a class. The data I'm using is stored on my ipad.
    I know I can do this wired with the HDMI adapter but would like to do it wireless.
    Thanks for any help!

    Ok so we now have a solution to the problem.   A friend of mine came round to work this out with me last night and we were able to get it working, but it is not as easy as I had hoped.  Fisrtly we plugged the airport express into my router using the ethernet cable  (for this I am using an Airport Express Base Station") and in airport utilities selected the airport express.  In edit, we then gave the airport express a new range of IP address which did not conflict with any of the other applications that I have already assigned.  We also named the Airport Express with a distinguishable name.  We then waited for the changes to be registered then unplugged the Airport Express from the router.  I then plugged my AppleTV via HDMI into a tv to test it and selected the new wifi network with the new Airport Express distinguishable name.  I was able to watch a video that I have on my ipad directly on my tv without being connected to the internet, and was able to play Airplay presentations.
    No the easiest solution, and certainly not something that anyone at Apple has talked me through in my lengthy conversations with them at Applecare. 
    Hope this helps.

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    I went to settings and clicked on the IOS 8.2 update and when it restarted the apple watch which on the update discription said would be there wasn't there

    The Apple Watch app is only on the iPhone. You can't pair a watch with a iPad even though it was included in the update.

  • Marking "Junk Mail" on the Apple mail app.

    I have my Yahoo! mail synced with the Mail app on my iPhone.  I have filters set but, every so often I'll get a few spam email. The app does not allow me to mark it as spam or move it to the "junk" folder. The only way of doing this is by going on the Yahoo! Mail app and marking it on there. Is there another way to mark spam emails? I really don't want to have an extra app just to mark spam emails.

    I have emails coming in from two services. has an effective automatic filter, so does my iMAC. but when mail arrives from MobileMe it does not appear to be filtered. How do I get the host server to weed out junk?
    advice welcomed,

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