Using External Hard Drive as storage for iTunes Library - Problems

I currently use an external hard drive to store my iTunes music, does anyone know why when I copy folders to iTunes library, duplicates appear - sometimes 2 or 3 copies of same song, same artist, album everything. A trud copy. Also, when you are setting up your music folder on the External Hard drive, would you copy from C: the entire iTunes tree - ie. iTunes/iTunes music/iTunes library or just have one folder called iTunes library? Also, when specifying location for finding music in preferences, again would you use entire tree of just iTunes music library.

See Dave Sawyer's post here - it's the easiest way
Also, make sure Windows assigns a drive letter that won't change

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  • External hard drive as storage for itunes??

    I wish to use my external hard drive as storage for itunes as the main computer I have has limited space. Can this be done and if so how???? Thanks for reading this and I look forward to any replies. Ian

    I followed the instructions from the link you offered. All my files/music,games etc. showed up on my new external hard drive, however there is no iTunes itself, just the files. Can you offer more assistance? Thanks.

  • Can I create a "new" iTunes library on an external hard drive and transfer my iTune library to save space on my laptop

    Can I create a "new" iTunes library on an external hard drive and transfer my iTune library to save space on my laptop hard drive

    Yes. Just copy all your music to a folder on your external. Then delete the music on your computers hard drive.
    It is not quite that simple. If you do that you will end up with many broken links and will have to re-create your library from scratch .  iTunes does not like it when you move or rename files or folders and doing so between drives is guaranteed to result in exclamation marks indicating you have broken the links to all your media files.
    If you are content with moving the whole library to an external drive (usually the best thing for most people), try:
    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    Quick answer if you use iTunes' default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Open iTunes and immediately hold down the Option (alt) key (shift on Windows), then guide it to the new location of the library.

  • I dropped my external hard drive which contained my iTunes library and it is no longer readable. I attempted to upload my library from iPod and while all the songs appear to be in iTunes I get a message telling me that the original file can't be located.

    I dropped my external hard drive that contained my iTues library and the disk is no longer readable. I figured I would simply transfer my music back from my iPod to my MacBook Pro and it loks like it worked. All the songs are there, but I receive a message that the original file can't be found when I try to play anything. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

    A Couple of questions..
    Is the location shown under preferences/Advanced/General still showing the correct location?
    Is the check boxes under this checked or unchecked?

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    I would like to purchase new external hard drives and am also looking into online storage websites. I am wondering if some external hard drives are better than others when it comes to storing photos. And would also like recommendation for online storage.
    Are there certain photo saving "rituals" or systems that you would recommend for keeping your photos safe and backed up.
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    Thank you

    I have two 4TB Drobo's that are my primary storage of my digital files. My Aperture libraries reside on my Alu iMac internal drive (more on this later). My 2008 Aperture library contains about 35,000 images, all referenced to image files stored on a 2nd Gen Drobo. I don't think it is the fastest solution out there, and surprisingly it seems slower than a USB 2.0 transfer. Having said that, when I am actively working in Aperture on a project, I rarely notice a delay. From this I have concluded that I am very slow or at least the speed of the 2nd Gen Drobo keeps up with me.
    As a bit of warning on Drobo. In December, I was keeping my library on the Drobo and it was taking forever to open (5-20 minutes) and eventually the library became corrupted. I rebuilt it and a few days later it become corrupted again. This is the only time I have ever had problems with my libraries. After the second time, I repaired the library and moved it to my internal drive and it has been fine ever since. Also, I noticed that on occasion Aperture would tell me that an image was an unsupported format and NO program would open the RAW file. If I replaced the RAW file from a back up copy, then Aperture was fine and could open the file. I also noticed that there would be stretches of files (5-20) sequentially named, that became corrupted so no program could open them. ( I was operating the Drobo's with Firmware 1.2.2, I think. After considerable discussion with Drobo I upgraded the Firmware to 1.3 and they also replaced the offending case with a new one. After the upgrade to 1.3, I have not had any new events of corruption since upgrading to 1.3. I could readily copy the corrupted file to another drive without evidence that the file was sick.
    But contained in this story is an interesting puzzle. Historically, I was managing backup of my image files by using SuperDuper copying from one WD 2 TB drive to another WD 2 TB drive. In this scenario, the corrupted files would have been copied and my image files effected would have been lost forever. I really don't know how the vault would work in this situation.
    With this thought, I have changed my strategy for backup. I work on the project with the image files residing on the Drobo. Once done, I export the pictures usually to a JPEG format for the client. IF the initial RAW is corrupted, I am warned as to which files could not be exported. If everything goes fine, then I know my primary image files are ok. I then export the project to an another external drive (I all it xxxxxx ARCHIVE) where I keep a separate library and I then import the project into that ARCHIVE library; Once imported I relocate my masters out of the library into my finder based folder system.
    I also generate a temporary project file as soon as I import into Aperture and store that temporary project file on my ARCHIVE drive.
    Hope this provides some insight.
    Regard, steven

  • How do I use an external hard drive as my primary itunes library?

    I am trying to move my primary itunes folder to an external hard drive to free up space on my C drive.  I moved all applicable folders and made the appropriate changes so that all the music and movies would play from their new location.  But, when I shut down and then restart itunes, it recreates the folders on the C drive and makes me reestablish the links all over again.  Can't I make it start up using the external drive folder as its primary location?

    The most effective way to do this is to copy the entire iTunes folder from the <User's Music> on the C: drive to the root of your external drive, without making any changes to the iTunes Media folder. You would then press and hold down shift while launching iTunes so that you get a prompt to choose or create a library. You click choose and browse to the new copy of the library on the external drive.
    If you have ny iOS devices their backup still get stored within your profile folder on the C: drive.
    You should also consider backing up the library to another drive.

  • Using an external hard drive to house my iTunes library

    I have a Western Digital external hard drive plugged into my black macbook and had it set up to have my itunes default library to be on the hard drive. I select it when it is plugged in and have had to transfer all of my music over to it and went through the process of keeping the files organized as iTunes prompts, however I am working on a laptop and unplug the external to go to class or take it somewhere that I wont be needing music. I plugged it back in after and added music to it as I would buy a cd and rip it and unknown to me it hadn't been adding it to the hard drive's iTunes library but it recreated the iTunes folder on my computer that I had trashed when I moved everything over. And when I plugged the external in, it made me redo everything and said a bunch of the files couldn't be found.
    Is this even a possibility? Or do I need to keep it plugged in constantly for something like this to work :/

    From here:
    If you move your library to an external drive, you'll need to power up and connect the drive *before starting iTunes*. If you don't, iTunes will prompt you to either locate the library or to create a new library (which will result in an empty library).

  • External hard drives, media folders and iTunes Library folder

    Hello All,
    I have an external hard drive with all of my iTunes media files and am wondering if I should also have the iTunes Library folder and related iTunes files on this same drive. Is this the preferred arrangement? It seems that backups would be greatly simplified.
    If it is a preferred solution that all these files reside on one drive location, how do I set these files to the external drive?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance?

    Warren Willows wrote:
    you specifically back up the "iTunes Library" to your thumb drive on an hourly basis
    no, i back up my iTunes folder (which is devoid of media content as my music files etc. are on the external).
    the +apple of my eye+ is the +*iTunes library file+*
    which is the heart (database) of the iTunes library (which is the whole thing: media files, support files, artwork folder)
    while your media files are on an external drive which you mirror to a second drive.
    Do you use Chronosync to mirror your externals?
    Have you consider a NAS?
    well, i have a test library on an external USB drive hanging off my TC. it's not a NAS exactly but pretty similar.
    i found that a firewire 800 external HD @ 7200 rpm provides superior speed to any networked library which is important (to me) if you e.g. stream HD movies to an TV and don't want to experience a lot of buffering.

  • How do I combine an iTunes library on an external hard drive (laptop) with an iTunes library on an external hard drive on my PC?

    How can I combine the iTunes library on an external hard drive (hooked to laptop) with  the iTunes library on an external hard drive (hooked to PC) so that both external HD's and both laptop and PC have all the music on each one?

    no need to create a secondary library - too troublesome, IMHO. you can spread your library over as many drives you can connect to your Mac (wired or wirelessly):
    iTunes > preferences > advanced.
    point iTunes media folder location to the external
    on the same tab, ensure the copy files ... when adding option is checkmarked
    okay out of preferences
    highlight the content to be moved in iTunes and right-click
    select consolidate files from the pop-up menu
    wait for the process to finish
    when done, you may delete the original files from your boot drive.
    alternatively, you could move the whole shabang to the external HD:
    copy the entire iTunes folder (not just the iTunes music or media folder) from <MacintoshHD>/users/<yourname>/music to the external, launch iTunes while holding the option(⌥) key, click on choose library when prompted, and select the iTunes folder you copied to the external.
    when done, be sure to point iTunes media folder location to the external so that new additions to your library will be put there. also, you need to make sure the external is mounted on your desktop before you fire up iTunes.

  • Using my external hard disk as storage for itunes

    I am using a Powerbook with 80 GB internal HD and it ist getting quite stuffed with my 30 GB of music. I copied my complete iTunes folder from the PB to my external firewire drive (300 GB) and erased the itunes folder from the internal HD. In settings i changed the root for the itunes folder but itunes does not seem to recognise the folder. The bibliothec stays empty. Who can help me?

    This is the recommended way to move iTunes Music.
    iTunes: Moving your iTunes Music folder
    Also read this:
    What are the iTunes library files?
    The main thing is just consolidate your iTunes Music folder to the other HD. Leave the iTunes Library file & iTunes Music Library.xml file in the iTunes folder in its original location.

  • Have trouble using external hard drive that has my iTunes playlist from old mac... want to use external with new macbook pro..

    How can I use my external harddrive that has my itunes playlist to my new macbook pro?

    I will request that your query be relocated to the iPhoto forum where knowledgeable iPhoto users will be able to assist you.

  • Kernel panic when using external hard drive for library

    I have been using an external hard drive to manage my iTunes library for over a year. As of today, I have had three kernel panics when trying to use iTunes. I was downloading a purchase from the music store and the first panic occurred. Subsequent panics occurred immediately on startup of iTunes. Using the guest account (with default internal drive library settings), everything works fine. Both drives have been verified by Disk Utility and all software is up-to-date. No clue how to proceed.

    Yes, but you need to have the external drive on and mounted when starting iTunes. You can add the external HD to your log in items list in System Preferences -> Accounts to handle this.
    This explains how to move your files: iTunes for Mac-Moving your iTunes music folder:

  • Using external hard drive for music files NOT in iTunes music folder

    Hi there. Due to lacking disk space on my computer I have all my music files (that I had before using iTunes) on an external HD. I can easily import these drives to iTunes (v.8) without copying them to the iTunes music folder. But when I want to synchronize my iPod the next time, iTunes cannot find the files on my external HD and I have to import them all again, delete all the duplicates and - worst of all - do all the playlist sorting again! Is there a solution to this without putting all my music into the iTunes music folder (I would like to keep it separated)? Thanks in advance!

    I use an external firewire drive to store my iTunes library on. One thing to be aware of...
    You need to go into your iTunes preferences, then to "Advanced", then select the location where you want to store your iTunes Music folder. In my case it is in a folder titled "Music" on my external firewire drive. The iTunes "Library" file is stored on your internal hard drive.
    The thing that can cause you problems it that....if you forget to turn on the external drive before you boot up your Mac, the iTunes library file will look for your music folder and won't be able to find it. So a new iTunes Music folder will be created on your internal hard drive, with nothing in it. You'll see all of your songs listed in your iTunes program...but if you try to double click on any of the songs to play them, you'll get an exclamation mark saying "cannot find file".
    If this happens, you need to delete the new iTunes Music folder on your internal drive (but not the iTunes Library file!), then quit iTunes, turn on the external drive, then relaunch iTunes....and it will find the original music folder.
    It's a hassle that I have had to go though many times, I keep forgetting to turn on that drive before launching iTunes.
    Oh, one other thing....about the way you worded your post. You aren't running short on "memory", you are running short on "storage"....they are two different things. Hard drives are storage, RAM chips are "memory" that run your programs.

  • How to use external hard drive and iTunes together?

    how to use external hard drive and iTunes together?

    Yes I did get to that part.... I went trough external to retrive itunes folder... When I selected the folder, it said that it was locked, choose another folder... I then went to my external again to my itunes folder and and used command I to see if folder was locked and it wasn't.... it was suggested on another forum to reboot.. which I did and still same problem... All I want to do is link my external hard drive that has my itunes playlist from another Mac to my new one.. and to also use the external as the main source for adding new songs to my playlist...

  • HT203167 Moved iTunes library from one computer to another using external hard drive.  Cannot play many files.  Says they are missing but locates them in an archive file but still won't play them.  Are the files themselves part of the .itl files?

    Moved iTunes library from old computer (PC Windows 7) to new (PC Window 8) using external hard drive.  Library listing shows all music but can only play a fraction of it.  On the ones it cannot play it asks to locate, then refers to an archived version (an .itl file), and still cannot play them.  Do I just need to copy the archived .itl over, or is that not where the actual media are (do the actual media files even exist on the new computer?)?  Any advice or information on this would be helpful.

    * there any way I can filter out all the tracks with the ! so I can delete the unplaying copies as they're taking up room in my iTunes? I know how to find duplicates, but then I have to go and delete each one individually...*
    *Thank you!*

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