Using my iMac to fill in forms online, the screen suddenly fades off to the side and I cannot get it back.  so frustrating!!

While online at a web site, filling in important forms, the screen suddenly fades to one side and disappears, and I cannot get it back, forcing me to start all over again.  How can I stop this from happening?

The entire web screen of the form page I am filling out slides to the right and disappears, seemingly under a previous form that was not yet filled out, but I can't find it to retrieve it.  I suspect this wireless mouse might be causing it?  In general I find going back to a previous web page to be very awkward compared to windows.  I always get this message, do you want to submit this form again?  In windows, I could use a pull down arrow from my browser bar to locate a previous page.  Maybe Mac isn't for me. 

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