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Hello everyone
I'm new to AE and slowly finding my way. After watching some good basic tutorials around the web I'm about to actually do something at last!
I'm making a short animated opening credit/ indent, about 5-6 seconds, which will be a standard clip I can load in to all our Pr projects from now on to open our movies. I know this is basic but to get going I'm wondering the best pre-set to use for this composition. We're in PAL country and our footage will generally be HD captured on a Sony Z1. Completed projects would generally be authored to DVD and played on a commercial player or the web. Would it be best to use HDTV1080 25 or HDV1080 25? Out of interest, when would I use preset HDV/HDTV 720 25 or the presets Cineon or Film 2k or 4k?
As I mentioned, I'm in PAL land but my settings default to NSTC HDTV 1080 29.97. It's no major deal but is there a way to default to a PAL preset? I had a look in preferences but I couldn't find an obvious solution.
Hope someone can help.

> Out of interest, when would I use preset HDV/HDTV 720 25 or the presets Cineon or Film 2k or 4k?
You would use those composition settings presets when your output was intended for one of the formats named in the composition settings presets.
See this page for information about choosing settings at the beginning of your work depending on what your output will be.
I very strongly recommend that you start here and work your way through the materials linked to:
> As I mentioned, I'm in PAL land but my settings default to NSTC HDTV
1080 29.97. It's no major deal but is there a way to default to a PAL
The composition settings for a new composition should default to using the last set of composition settings that you used. Is that not happening? Or are you referring to a different set of settings, such as output module settings? Please be as exact as possible when asking such questions. Words like 'preset' and 'settings' are very vague; there are lots of different kinds of presets and settings.

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    found an answer that seems to work:

  • "Use presets for responsive layout" not working in Chrome

    I am building a responsive website. I am going to have parts of the website animated using Edge Animate. I will make the animation and then insert it into a div in the responsive website I am building.
    The Adobe Edge animation has a width of 100%, so that it resizes according to the area that it occupies the full width of the div no matter how wide that div may be in px.
    It is all working fine, but:
    I have an image in the Edge animation that is center aligned. It must stay center aligned no matter what width the animation ends up being.
    Within Adobe Edge, in Properties, in Position and Size, there is a option where, if you hover your mouse cursor over the top right button a tool tip says "Use presets for responsive layout"
    With the image on the stage selected, I can click on the "Use presets for responsive layout" button and then choose "Centre background Image".
    It works perfectly in all browsers accept Chrome (even IE is playing ball this time). In chrome the width of the image stretches out as the div stretches out..
    The "Centre background Image" setting says that it won't scale the image. But in Chrome it does.
    What can I do to "tell" Edge Animate to center the image but not scale it in the Chrome browser?
    I can see that in the image properties it is set to Background image x axis and y axis 50%. And the width is set to pixels. But in Chrome, the image stretches.
    If you go to you will see what I mean. The circle image is centering BUT stretching in chrome browsers while centering nicely and NOT stretching in other browsers.

    Thank you for your reply Josh. But the point of this setting in Edge Animate is that you can set it up that the background image is center aligned and does not scale. Yet it produces code that gives the width as 21.72%.
    A little further along I see background-size: 48px; .  This is correct.
    So all the browers are reading background-size: 48px; as the scale measurement but Chrome is reading the width only, not the background-width. So this "Use presets for responsive layout" works in all browsers except chrome.
    I don't know how to change that code after the artwork has been published. I can see the code using Firebug, but where do I change it in my code on my computer before uploading to the server?
    I have reported this bug to Adobe.
    Please see the attachment. You can see where all the settings are made and where I am getting a problem.

  • Indesign export pdf used preset include comment

    Is there a way including the summary of the used preset as comment within the exported pdf? Within Acrobat Distiller you have an option called "save adobe pdf settings inside pdf file", is there also such an option available in Indesign?
    As a receiver of pdf files, then you have the possibility detecting which preset is used.

    There is no such option.
    Instead, you should use Acrobat Pro's Preflight tools to check for issues like image resolution or colors spaces which are important to your workflow.

  • Has Lightroom CC removed the ability to Batch apply changes to many files at once (after import) using presets?

    I've just upgraded to Lightroom CC and most of the changes are very welcome - especially the performance improvements.
    However I've been processing several thousand images and in Lightroom 5 when wanting to apply changes to many images at once it was as simple as selecting the group of images and then right clicking, selecting Develop Settings and then selecting one of my many Presets from a sub menu.
    This sub menu seems to have disappeared in Lightroom CC.
    This is a MASSIVE problem for me as I cannot work out how to apply the presets to multiple images anymore.   I note that there is a tutorial on how to do it during import - but I want to specifically be able to do it post import, during development of large groups of images for clients.
    Anyone know what has happened here and how we can get access to applying presets to multiple images during development under Lightroom CC?

    Yes ssprengel.
    I regularly work with all the Presets visible in the left of the Develop module.   But this cannot be used to apply the preset to multiple images.   For that (in Lightroom 5) you had to select the multiple images and then right click (on any one of the images) then go down the menu to Develop Settings, then select the Preset Folder and the Preset you wished to apply to all the images selected.   This worked well for me in my workflow.   But the access to the Presets through the Develop Settings menu has been removed in Lightroom CC.   ManiacJoe's solution above works - but it's accessed from the Library module.   That's kind of counter intuitive.   I want access to apply any preset I've saved to multiple images (in many cases t's being applied to thousands of images) from within the Develop module.   it makes little sense to apply a preset one image at a time to thousands of images when developing them
    The whole idea behind presets was that they could be quickly and consistently applied across multiple images.   Removing this functionality is a backward step by ADOBE in my opinion and I really want them to add it back to the Develop Module menu systems.

  • Using Presets for Printing Panoramas

    I have created a generic preset for printing panoramas on an Epson 4900 connected to a Mac with OS 10.8.4. Using the Epson printer driver's Page Setup via Lightroom 5, I reset the length of the panorama for each print and then update the Lightroom preset. Everything else in the preset is correct for my prints (paper, profiles, etc.).
    I have, however, periodically had the problem that even after resetting the print length in the driver and updating the generic panorama preset, that the print is the wrong length (either too long or too short) even though all indications are that everything is set correctly (see below). This can occur even if I shutdown and restart Lightroom (I have also had this problem in LR4).
    I would like to known how to correctly set up a panorama so paper is not wasted due to an incorrect length.
    The following items appear to be set correctly:
    (1) Printer Driver Page Setup paper size
    (2) The Lightroom Preset for the generic panorama (Both the print size and paper size. I looked at the text of the preset settings via TextEdit) I note that there is binary information at the bottom of the Lightroom preset. Is that being correctly updated?
    (3) The print display in Lightroom (the image correctly fills the print template which is of the correct size)
    (4) The print cell size in Lightroom is the size I have set in the printer driver
    The different sized panorams were printed on different days and the printer was turned off between those days. Cut sheet prints were also printed in between the panorams.
    One panorama was 8 feet long but it was truncated at 39 inches twice before it printed correctly (after I restarted Lightroom but not the printer). The other was correctly printed 58 inches long but on 8 feet of paper (which was blank after the image).
    I find it hard to believe the printer is remembering an old size (even after being powered off) but if Lightroom is not sending new information, I suppose that is possible.

    Hi Venu,
    Don't know about best-practice, but you can do this by using the file adapter, using the "Run Operating System Command" to execute a print command on the file.
    The file can be formatted in a mapping program.

  • Can I use preset with Lightroom mobile

    I Would like to buy a set of Lightroom presets and a wondering if I will be able to use them with the mobile app and if so how?

    Yes, no problem at all doing that.
    I would make sure that it all works before you start travelling, as its easier to sort out from home. Make sure you are opted it, and try it from your own BT Home hub BT Wifi signal first.
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

  • Export to pdf using presets

    I want to create a pdf using export to pdf option with a preset in Indesign.
    I have found this following code in Adobe Scripting Guide: VBScript. But it is not working when I tried to run this script by converting this into vbs and added into scripts folder of Indesign.
    Set myInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS3")
    myInDesign.ActiveDocument.Export idExportFormat.idPDFType, "c:\myTestDocument.pdf", False, myInDesign.PDFExportPresets.Item("[Press]")
    Is this anything I have to do with "c:\myTestDocument.pdf" ( I dont understand whether I have to place a pdf in this location before run this script). Please explain.
    Thanks a lot.
    Muthuraj. D

    That parameter is the output file name, as described in the Javascript help. I would know where to look for VB scripts -- isn't that built-in?

  • How to use Presets on Priemere pro cs6? Wie kann ich Presets in Premiere pro cs6 freischalten?

    i get some new Presets for premiere pro.  this are coller correction Presets. But i cant find the Presets in premiere pro. What i have to do to use the Presets in Premiere pro? ( i also put it in the "Presets folder" but Nothing Happens.
    Hallo, habe Presets für Premiere pro cs6 aber ich weiß nicht wie ich die benutzen kann... Was muss ich damit machen um sie in Premiere pro benutzen zu können? Bitte um Hilfe!

    By presets i mean on effects tab

  • Cannot use presets

    I have the education version of AE CS4. Cannot use any of the animation presets. get an error message "unsupported file or extension" when I double click a preset in Bridge. Does the EDU version not allow this or do I have a bug or user error..
    Macbook, 10.6.8 core duo 2.2GHz 4 G ram stock graphics card for this model 2007
    Thanks for any help

    Hi Dave,
    OK, I have taken my newbie hazing, spanking and admonishment in good cheer.
    I understand forum etiquette, I have done my homework and I don't go on forums until I have exhausted  my resources.
    To reiterate,  Chad Perkins AE CS4/ CS5, both essentials, and beyond the basics, Trish and Chris Meyer Apprentice series and I have their book Creating Motion Graphics. Also I have been through the entire Devas series, most of this material more that once.
    I have used AE Help  to chase down this issue. I'm as sure as I can be, that I'm following instructions.
    I agree this is a simple task. Why I keep getting this error message, I don't know. That's why I'm here.
    Once again, I Create a comp, normal NTSC 720x480, write some text, select the text layer, browse text presets, double click on preset and it's supposed to apply.  i get this error message(attached) Please see my screen shots,in the other post, you can see I have my text layer selected. I have tried dragging and dropping them as per Ricks suggestion.
    I have accessed the presets from Animation drop down, File/browse in Bridge, and the flyout menu in the effects and presets window. same result.
    I have even tried to use File>import>presets> text, but all the text presets are grayed out.
    It seems weird to me that the error message says  the .ffx file is an usupported file name or extension.
    I have re-installed AE on my computer.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance.

  • 1) Export projects to disk using preset or preferred QT compression format?

    i don't understand this i'M A VIDEOGRAPHER NOT AN EDITER BUT THANX

    i don't understand this i'M A VIDEOGRAPHER NOT AN EDITER
    It means that once you finish working on your project in iMovie '08, you will have to export it in order to use it. Exports are normally targeted for a specific use. I believe all presets are in H.264/AAC. However, you have the option of exporting your project using QuickTime which means you can perform custom exports for your own special use.

  • Documents.Add with using preset - [CS2 VBScript]

    I want to create a document, using a preset document style. The line I'm using is:
        Set myDocument = myInDesign.documents.Add(myInDesign.DocumentPresets.Item("A3"))
    I've set up a matching document style and named it A3.
    I get the following error message:
    Error number:30477
    Error String:Invalid value for parameter 'ShowingWindow' of event 'Add'. Expected Boolean,
    but received DocumentPreset.
    Any idea what my problem is?

    Found the answer...
    Just put true as the first parameter.

  • Won't let me edit effects - can ONLY use presets :(

    Recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, all was fine until a couple days ago.
    When I go to the "edit" panel to put effects on a track (both audio and MIDI tracks), I can select the effect I want, and I can also pick from any of the presets. However when I click on the picture BESIDE the effect - the one that is supposed to open up a box so I can edit the effect - nothing happens. It does not matter if the effect is turned on or not. Also does not matter if it is a new Garageband file or one that I created and added EDITED effects to months ago - nothing happens.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated (my brother has several songs that need recorded for school projects and I was hoping I'd be able to help him out). Thanks in advance!

    That sounds very odd, so you should first try the oddball fixes:

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    Hi Rakesh,
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    When i check in my system, i am not getting this error. May be if you provide us at what transaction code you receive this error, then we can help you on this.

  • Which Encode Presets should I use, DVD or MPEG2?

    Hi guys, When I Export a sequence from FCP5 as QT reference movie and the import in Compressor 2, I have a choice of Presets to choose for Encoding such as DVD, MPEG2. Which one do I choose for Encoding and then Importing into DVDSP3?

    You shouldn't be using presets from Compressor 1.X (I assume that is what you are referring to when you say MPEG2 preset), see the following note from Apple:[email protected]@.68b5fbd7
    In any case, I'd suggest using one of the Compressor 2 DVD presets.

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    I want to fetch task list details against multiple task lists. Currently i am calling FM EAM_FM_TASKLIST_GETDETAIL in a loop. Since it may lead to performance issues in the case of large number of tasklists, I am looking for other options. Is there a

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