Using Standard Text Variables for FYPERIOD in Report Title ?

We have a requirement where the user input the variable 0fiscper to the query (001.2010). How to get the text value of that variable in the query description in the bex query ?
For example user input, 008.2010. We need to get "Aug 2010 Sales values " where Sales values will be the report text. I want to get Aug (month) and year (2010) before the report title. I have searched in google and sdn and could not find any link, but found a doc for the column header text using the same variable. I have tried the same procedure and its just display the zvariable name and Sales value's instead of the label. Please advise.

You can create a Text variable with replacement path of Fiscper as reference char. Select Key in details tab of replacing variable.
If you are just getting technical name, then it is understood that it is not getting replaced.

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  • How to change the text variables for a standard report-writer report ?

    I am trying to change the text variables for a report -writer report and transport the same so as to change the title page and the report output heading  .I know the Report-Group 6Z02 and the library 6O1 to which it belongs.I tried using the change transaction GR32 after going to the area menu through FGRP . I try to change the text variables through  but it throws an error "You chose a name in the reserved name range - try different name ".
    I have also tried copying this report into another report and changing the new report . I was able to change and save the text variables . Now when I try to overwrite the original report 6Z02-001 with this new report , it does not allow that.
    Let me know how I can change the text variables for the same

    Can anyone please suggest me what to do here ?

  • Use standard text (SO10) in report(SE38) to compose the body of email

    hello experts,
    here i wanna create the body of email with a format, hence i decide to use Standard Text. in this Standard Text, i also maintain some variable such &p_name&( i remember it works  in forms,such script and ssf), while i define p_name as 'demo' in the program and try to transfer p_name to standard text, it fails. while i check the output of standard text, it show &p_name& instead of demo.
    could anyone tell me how to realize this function?
    Thanks in advance.

    try this,
    data:w_field(10) type c VALUE '1234'.
    DATA:wa_head TYPE THEAD.
    data:it_final TYPE TABLE OF tline.
    wa_head-tdname = 'Z_SAMPLE'.  u201CStandard text,refer screen shot
    wa_head-tdid = 'ST'.
    wa_head-tdobject = 'TEXT'.
    wa_head-tdspras = 'EN'.
      CLIENT                        = SY-MANDT
        id                            = wa_head-tdid
        language                      = wa_head-tdspras
        name                          = wa_head-tdname
        object                        = wa_head-tdobject
      ARCHIVE_HANDLE                = 0
      LOCAL_CAT                     = ' '
      HEADER                        = HEADER
        lines                         = it_final
      ID                            = 1
      LANGUAGE                      = 2
      NAME                          = 3
      NOT_FOUND                     = 4
      OBJECT                        = 5
      REFERENCE_CHECK               = 6
      OTHERS                        = 8
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        endline                = 10
      FORMATWIDTH            = 72
      LANGUAGE               = SY-LANGU
      LINEWIDTH              = 132
      OPTION_DIALOG          = ' '
      REPLACE_PROGRAM        = 'X'
      REPLACE_STANDARD       = 'X'
      REPLACE_SYSTEM         = 'X'
      REPLACE_TEXT           = 'X'
        startline              = 1
      CHANGED                = CHANGED
        lines                  = it_final

  • Using standard texts in reports output

    Would you please let me know the process of using standard texts created in So10 transaction in reports development. READ_TEXT function module made me to code a lot as per my requirement.

    Hi ,
    if you want to use READ_TEXT then you have to take help of you functional consultant.Ask him to provide the TEXT ID ,NAME, OBJECT and with the help of these things you can proceed furthur,
    If you still need any help.let me know.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Text Variable for a Restricted Key Figure

    I have a version comparison query three Restricted Key figures based on 0QUANTITY each of which are restricted by Version, Value Type and Fiscal Year. All three are in my query columns. The users select 3 sets of version, value type and fiscal year in the selection for comparison.
    They want to see the text of the version they have selected as the description of the column. How can i achieve this with text variables on these 3 Restricted Key Figures which have multiple restrictions. Please advise

    Hi Rashimi,
    As u said this can be acheived by text Variable,
    I have adoubt here,are  there THREE columns for Quantity or just ONE column with three Restrictions.
    In case it is three Columns then u can go with Text variables else probably u may have to populate it in three Columns and by using Workbook you can combine them in one Column.....i.e One column with all the restrictions -text.
    And here is how u create a  text variable.....
    Create text Variables,For Example ,say 0FISCALYEAR.
    1)Right Click on the 0FISCALYEAR and Create a input Variable say YFISCYEAR and save.
    2)If ur using 0FISCALYEAR in the RKF,then drag both the 0FISCALYEAR and KF say 0QUANTITY in the new selection.
    3)After the Description of the RKF there is a = sign click on that to VIEW and CREATE Text variable.
    4)Create New Variable ,enter the tech name(say YFYEAR) and dscription and in the same screen choose type Replacement PAth after which u will get a set of infobjects.
    5)choose 0FISCALYEAR
    6)In the Next screen choose the Tech name of the Input variabble(0FISCALYEAR) and save.
    7)In the description of the RKF ,type as 0FISCALYEAR &YFYEAR&.
    Check this too .....

  • Need a Syatem variable for Executing the report by RFC.

    Hi Experts,
    Need a Syatem variable for Executing the report by RFC.
    what i mean to say is,i can execure the report directly ...then no issues.
    But if i execute the Report by RFC ,then i should put a condition with system variable...
    Please suggest me ,how can put a condition when i am executing the report through RFC.

    Hello Friend,
    what I understood that you want to put some extra condition if that report is getting called from RFC...
    you can use the system variable will hold the value of the report when it is geeting executing directly...
    but when it is getting executed therough will hold that RFC name...

  • How to use standard texts in smartforms

    Hi Friends,
          How to use standard texts in smartforms, ie in scripts we are using standard texts using tr so10.
    thanks in advance,

    For long text
    Create TEXT node- general attributes change text type to include text
    then you can input text name/text object/text id/language
    create PROGRAM LINE node - use FM READ_TEXT to read it to a internal table
    then use LOOP or TABLE node to display it
    For TEXT module(For foreign language)
    Tr-code:smartforms -- choose Text module(not choose form)--create a text module object
    then enter smartform Create TEXT node- general attributes change text type to text module
    input the text module name which created by above
    btw SO10 is just for Scriptform, in smartforms we use text module to replace SO10

  • How to use Standard Text Key in maintenance order header long text?

    Dear All,
    I have created a standard text key using transaction CA10 and I want to use this in maintenance order header long text. Is there any way to select any standard text key in maintenance order header long text?
    Regards & Thanks,

    To use standard texts, perform the following six steps:
    Select the maintenance order and access the operation overview screen using Goto -->Operation overview.
    You can enter standard text keys in this screen or in a detail screen for the relevant operation.
    Enter a standard text key in the appropriate field and press ENTER .
    If the text is longer that the short text line available, the field Text is selected for that operation.
    Check the long text and edit it if necessary. To do this, select the operation and choose Operation--> Long text.
    The system branches to the text editor screen. If you also entered a short text for the operation and specified that this should not be overwritten by the standard text, you will see the short text displayed in the first line of the editor. The following lines contain the standard text.
    Check the standard text and change it if necessary.
    Save the final version of the text and return to the previous screen with Goto--> Back.
    Save the maintenance order.
    Standard texts are created for your system by your system administrator using the Customizing function.
    Makarand Gurjar

  • Need to use standard text in smartforms

        My requirement is like to use standard text for the address like ...
    Company Name
    Street, State, PIN
    Phone: 111-111-1111
    All the above lines should be aligned in the middle and 'Company Name' should be displayed in the bold.
    1) I have created the standard text, and included statement in text window as 'INCLUDE XXXX OBJECT TEXT ID ST LANGUAGE EN' but unfortunately it was not displaying anything in the output.
    2) I have tried the another method like using the 'Include Text' as a text type in the text window. It was coming but BOLD and center alignment was not coming.
    Here my question is why it was not coming in 1) case and if i use READ_TEXT function module will it solve the problem ? in case 2) how can i get all the 3 lines gets center aligned and first line should be bold.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Jaya ,
    if u wnt ur Addr  first line should come in bold letter than for that
    u first *** to "sap smart forms : initial screen" there is option  'STYLE' click on that radiobutton and creat ur own STYLE (Zxxx) on there u vl find al ur answer...
    hope this vl  help u ,
    plz reward paint.
    Edited by: mdwasim akram on Jun 11, 2008 1:09 PM

  • How to Maintain documentation (se38) using standard text (SO10)

    I have created standard text using SO10. Now I want to include the standard text in documentation (SE38) section of my ABAP program.
    But the standard text is not showing up when I click the documentation icon in the selection screen.
    Can you please let me know how to maintain documentation for ABAP programs using Standard Texts.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mahesh,
    In SO10, which format key has been used (AS, /*, /:, *.... to show up in documentation). when you used insert->text-> did you use 'expand immediately' check box. If expand immediately option is used, it won't serve our purpose.
    SO10 Yeurope_terms
    Inside Yeurope_terms
    Terms: For Europe
    /*           No Tax for Italy
    Waiting for your reply.

  • Formula variable for date in report

    Hi All,
    I have to display the last date value of a particular date in the report.
    For a better understanding,
    I have Customer, Equipment, Service date, Amount
    In the report, I have to display
    Customer, Equipment, Last Service date, Last Service Amount.
    I have created a formula variable (Formula variable for Service date) for Service date with Replacement path.
    Replace Variable with Infoobject, Replace with Key, Dimension dates.
    And in Key figures, I have created a formula (Last Service date) with Last value in the Aggregation using the "Formula variable for Service date".
    The Last Service date is displayed as 'X' in the report since the Service date is not in the row. I cannot have the service date in the row either (not even by hiding the display).
    Kindly tell me how to rectify this problem.
    Thanks and Regards
    Adhira Anand.

    The X is appearing because, with the drill downs you have added, you have more than 1 date value to choose from when you attempt to aggregate.
    Have you tried using APD instead of exception aggregation?
    Have you built the exception aggregation calculated key figure globally or just locally (i.e. as a structure element)? It must be built globally to work properly.

  • Sytsem Variable for Check Register Report

    Hi all.
    Does any one know which Sytsem Variable for Check Register Report that will show the total for the FC amount.
    The one on our report now shows the System Variable 62 which is system currency

    I believe there is no other System Variable for Check Register Report.  It is because you can have many different currencies within the same report.  Just like Multi-currency BP, only LC can be used.
    If you check system information on the screen, you could also find this variable 62 there.

  • How to use Standard Text in ALV

    How to use Standard Text in ALV header part? Can you please help me by giving the answer?

    Hi ,
           You can read the Standard text using read_text function module and then print in LV header part.

  • Using the Bursting engine for scheduling the Reports

    Can we use the Bursting Engine for scheduling the reports? For example I want to run a report in a scheduled time and send the mail to destination. We can do these things in the XML Publisher console. But we need to find any other way to schedule a report.

    I am looking for the same thing.
    I believe the APIs are entirely separate from the functionality in the BIP web application. So that there is no way to programmatically initiate the scheduling of a report/template already defined in the UI via a command line or API call. Is this accurate?
    I sort of expected the APIs to have functionality that exposed the features of the web application, as opposed to just exposing the base functionality/engine of BIP.

  • Error while uploading standard text files for the Global rule set

    Hi all,
    As part of Post Installation Activities we have uploaded standard text files for business process, functions, risks and rule set obtained with the installable Software.
    While uploading the text files we have uploaded the Basis Functions Authorizations first and then R/3 text files.
    When we checked no actions are appearing in the rule architect under respective functions except for the BASIS Module.
    Is this because we have uploaded the Basis functions before the R/3 text files?If yes, how to replace the Basis with the R/3 ones.
    We tried to replace the Basis function authorizations by re-uploading the R/3 text files again but we got the below error message u201CORA-00001:unique constraint (SAPSR3DB.SYS_C004479) violatedu201D
    Can somebody please help in this regard how to get the standard rule set in our system?
    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Hi Sri,
    you should upload first the static text files and the authorization objects first and then the GRC standard rule set files following the instructions of the SAP Configuration Guide available in Service Market Place under .
    The GRC standard rule set contains files named Basis_functions_action.txt and R3_function_action.txt. The first one contains ONLY function definitions in terms of transcation codes for basis only, whereas the second one contains functions definition for basis AND ERP modules. The same holds for the *_function_permission.txt files. There are also function definition files for other SAP solutions such as APO, CRM, HR  etc.
    You can open a customer message and request a deletion script for the rule sets files you have uploaded already. After their application of this script all rule set data will be deleted from your database. If you have uploaded static text and authorization files correctly, you can then upload the GRC standard rule set files as needed again.
    best regards,

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