Using the ComboboxColumn Object with a grid

Hello everyone,
I am writing an addon dealing with user tables, it basically loads data from user tables into a grid and then lets the user perform several operations on it, my problem is that whennever a field contains valid values, the grid displays it as a regular field, and does not add a combobox to choose the valid values from.
My question is : is it possible to display the valid values list on a grid cell, or do i have to switch to a matrix in order to do that.
EDIT : I Found a work arround for my issue , which is to declare a ComboboxColumn object to which i would assign the grid's column containing valid values but i'm not sure about how to do it : here's a sample of my code
oRecordSet.DoQuery("select * from Table")
Dim oComboBoxColumn As SAPbouiCOM.ComboBoxColumn
Dim oCounter as integer
oCounter= 0
While oCounter < oRecordSet.Fields.Count
       If oRecordSet.Fields.Item(oCounter).ValidValues.Count <> 0 Then
              oComboBoxColumn = oGrid.Columns.Item(oCounter)
                ComboVVF(oComboBoxColumn, oRecordSet)
/* ComboVVF ( Combo Valid Values Filler) is a sub which fills a given combobox with valid values from a recordset */
       End If
       oCounter += 1
End While
Kind regards

Hi Amin,
That's the correct way to do it. Unfortunately we don't have at our disposal a method to fill the combo box directly from a Table/Column (Something like the LoadFromSeries method).
Vítor Vieira

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    I've been going nuts over this for the past few hours and can't find any documentation online so any help would be AMAZING. Thank you very much.
    Message was edited by: thenameisjesse

    If they're all the same object, with the same name, how can I set a different url for each??
    They're not the same object. You alloc and setup each UIWebView independently.
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    The default template has 2 views as I recall. Change the UIViews to UIWebView. As you switch them in set the URL and have it load.

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    (I guess you made a little typo, the Great Britain Pound is GBP and not GBR.)
    Currency.getSymbol returns the symbol that should be used for that currency in the current locale. So if you are in UK "GBP" comes out as the sterling pound symbol, in countries where they use Euro it comes out as &euro;, but everywhere else the result is the three letter (?) currency code itself. This is because pounds and dollars are used in many countries and they have the same symbol; you wouldn't want users to confuse US dollars with Canadian dollars. So try these:
    String pound = Currency.getInstance("GBP").getSymbol(new Locale("en", "GB"));
    String euro = Currency.getInstance("EUR").getSymbol(new Locale("fr", "FR"));

  • Using the circle object

    My apologies if there is a simple answer to this question, but this is my first time using this program.
    I am trying to create a form from a word document and when I am in LC Designer and want to add the circle object, it is grayed out and the tooltip says: this type of object cannot be used in forms with PDF artwork.
    Can someone please tell me:
    1. What is PDF artwork?
    2. Is there a way to show what the PDF artwork in the form is?
    Thank you for your help.

    When you created the PDF in the first place you would have been given options of either creating an "Interactive Form with Fixed Pages" or an "Interactive form with a Flowable Layout". Sounds like you chose the former. If you want to be able to use the drawing objects you need to choose the "Flowable Layout" option. However, you will have to spend some time cleaning up the layout, since the import process isn't perfect.

  • What is the use for lock object and how to use the lock objects

    Hi Guru's,
    I am new to ABAP .Can you please clarify the that what is the use of lock object and how to use the loct object .what is use of the Deque & Enque  function modules .

    hi ,
    below are some minfo about lock objects :
      Lock Objects
    These types of objects are used for locking the access to database records in table. This mechanism is used to enforce data integrity that is two users cannot update the same data at the same time. With lock objects you can lock table-field or whole table.
    In a system where many users can access the same data, it becomes necessary to control the access to the data. In R/3 system this access control is built-in on database tables. Developers can also lock objects over table records.
    To lock an object you need to call standard functions, which are automatically generated while defining the lock object in ABAP/4 dictionary. This locking system is independent of the locking mechanism used by the R/3 system. This mechanism also defines LUW i.e. Logical Unit of Work. Whenever an object is locked, either by in built locking mechanism or by function modules, it creates corresponding entry in global system table i.e. table is locked. The system automatically releases the lock at the end of transaction. The LUW starts when a lock entry is created in the system table and ends when the lock is released.
    Creating Lock Objects
    Lock object is an aggregated dictionary object and can be defined by using the following steps:
    o From initial data dictionary screen, enter the name for the object, Click Lock object radiobutton and then click on Create. The system displays a dialog box for Maintain Lock Objects screen
    o Enter short text as usual and the name for primary table.
    -Select Tables option
    From this screen you can:
    Select secondary tables, if any, linked by foreign key relationship.
    Fields for the lock objects. This option allows you to select fields for objects (R/3 system allows locking up to record level). Lock object argument are not selected by user but are imposed by the system and includes all the primary keys for the table.
    1) Exclusive lock: The locked data can only be displayed or edited by a single user. A request for another exclusive lock or for a shared lock is rejected.
    2) Shared lock: More than one user can access the locked data at the same time in display mode. A request for another shared lock is accepted, even if it comes from another user. An exclusive lock is rejected.
    3) Exclusive but not cumulative: Exclusive locks can be requested several times from the same transaction and are processed successively. In contrast, exclusive but not cumulative locks can be called only once from the same transaction. All other lock requests are rejected.
    Also, last but not the least, locking the object is logical (locking with any enqueue ) .so, you have to use the lock object while trying to access from second program .
    reward if helpful ,

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    Hi ,
    Is it possible to use the COM object in Labwindows/CVI? If yes, please share the procedure?

    Thank you for the prompt reply!  Your information has been helpful.
    I'm not quite sure why what I'm wanting to do is against the EULA, unless it's because I'm doing it at a server level.
    Yes, COM is a Microsoft concept.  I do understand that InDesign uses the DOM, but I have seen code snippets where people have utilized the .tlb file from within .NET (C#, too).
    1. That sucks, but it is something I suppose I could live with.
    2. No comment.
    3. If my only objective is to create a thumbnail (whether it be INDD --> PDF --> JPG or INDD --> JPG), and if placing will achieve this, then that's ok.
    4. If InDesign server allows me to run a script that will do what I want, that'll work.
    5. No comment.
    6. I assume there's no way to try-before-you-buy InDesign Server?  I sure wish I could tinker with it before determining if it's the right solution.
    I know what I want is WAY overkill, but since we're a shop that uses Adobe products to print large graphics, our customers use Adobe, too.  I'm absolutely FLABBERGASTED that Adobe doesn't offer a way to easily convert their products.  And since what I want to do requires the use of Adobe in some way or fashion, I don't see any other alternative than to use a cannon to kill a fly.
    I spoke with "Travis" via chat after reading your post.  He states that Adobe does not offer a product that does what I want, nor does it offer a custom made graphic conversion program.
    What an absolute bummer.  I never thought converting an Adobe file to a thumbnail would be so difficult, especially after I noticed how Adobe Bridge flawlessly creates a visible thumbnail for all Adobe types, right in it's own window.
    Again, thanks for the information.  If you think of anything else, please let me know.

  • Saving a Template BOM Item using the oInventoryGenEntry object

    I am trying to do a Good Receipt using the DI Object, It always works if the item is not a BOM object but if its a BOM parent I get an error :Item is not set as Inventory Item. The error continues to show me that the problem occurred on an Item that is a child Item of the BOM, This happens especially when the BOM TreeType is Template. According to my understanding,  As long as he parent Item of the BOM is set as inventory Item, every item should work fine.
    I can't set the child items as Inventory items because they are just components to build the parent Item.
    Please help. How can I solve this
    Private Function UpdateStock() As Integer
            Dim oAdjustmentIn As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
            Dim txtItemCode As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
            Dim txtStdCost As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
            Dim txtSize1 As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
            Dim txtSize2 As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
            Dim txtExtQty As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
            Dim errDescript As String
            Dim Result As Integer
            Dim CurrentStock As Double
            Dim iRow As Integer
            Dim tmp As String
            Dim i As Integer
            Dim StkItem As String
            Dim GLAccount As String
                oAdjustmentIn = oDICompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oInventoryGenEntry)
                oAdjustmentIn.DocDate = Now
                oAdjustmentIn.Reference2 = "2"        
                oAdjustmentIn.JournalMemo = "Adjustment In"
                'oAdjustmentIn.PaymentGroupCode = "1"
                oItem = oAdjustmentInForm.Items.Item("13")
                oMatrix = oItem.Specific
                txtItemCode = oMatrix.Columns.Item("1").Cells.Item.oMatrix.RowCount).Specific
                If txtItemCode.Value = "" Then
                    i = oMatrix.RowCount - 1
                    i = oMatrix.RowCount
                End If
                For iRow = 1 To i
                    DocType = New PGG_IBT(mo_ParentAddon)
                    txtItemCode = oMatrix.Columns.Item("1").Cells.Item(iRow).Specific
                    StkItem = txtItemCode.Value
                    oAdjustmentIn.Lines.ItemCode = StkItem
                    oAdjustmentIn.Lines.AccountCode = GLAccount
                    oAdjustmentIn.Lines.Quantity = 2
                    oAdjustmentIn.Lines.Price = myPrice
                    If iRow <> i Then
                    End If
                Result = oAdjustmentIn.Add()
                If Result <> 0 Then
                    errDescript = oDICompany.GetLastErrorDescription()
                    SBO_Application.MessageBox("Error creating interbranch Receive  " & errDescript)
                End If
               UpdateStock = Result
            Catch ex As Exception
               UpdateStock = -1
                SBO_Application.MessageBox("Error in Class PGG_Inventory, function UpdateStock() " & ex.GetBaseException.ToString)
            End Try
        End Function

    Hi Ian
    Thanks for the insight, how ever, if I do a Goods Receipt direct in SAP Business One, the Item saves nicely and everything works. It even looks as though the BOM child items are not affeted. But when I use the DI object I then get an error, I don't know what the DI Object is doing different from what SB1 is doing.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the Template BOM item can be saved with the Goods Receipt because I am doing it direct in SBO client and it works. I just need to be able to do it via the Di Object
    Please help if you can think of another reason why this is happening

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    Hi All,
    I HAC who is trying to use the JSSE library with Jrocket 7.0.
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    lang.String;(Unknown Source)
    TransUnionRequest;)Z(Unknown Source)
    ruts.action.ActionForward;(Unknown Source)
    ng.Object;)Ljava.lang.Object;(Unknown Source)
    .Object;)Ljava.lang.Object;(Unknown Sou
    the line of code causing the stack trace is:
    Socket socket =, PORT);
    He has added the following line to his jre/lib/security/ file:
    and he has added the JSSE jar files to the jre/lib/ext directory.
    The problem occurs when SSL is enabled in the config.xml file (e.g. <SSL
    Enabled="true" ...>). It does NOT occur when SSL is disabled.
    When SSL is disabled, the following code shows all three providers as
    defined in the file. If SSL is enabled then he only sees the
    default 2 implementation and NOT the one he added above.[] a =;
    for (int i=0; i < a.length; i++)
    System.out.println("name: " + a.getName());
    System.out.println("ver: " + a[i].getVersion());
    System.out.println("info: " + a[i].getInfo());
    The problem is that client does not want to use WebLogic specific classes to
    create an SSL socket. As well he do NOT wish to dynamically register the
    SunJSSE provider. Since this setup works when SSL is disabled in WebLogic he
    believes he has configured everything properly.
    It appears to me that WebLogic is removing the JSSE as a security provider
    if SSL is enabled.
    Is it the expected behaviour? and Is it possible to statically register the
    JSSE provider in the jre/lib/security/ file ?
    Any pointers will be appreciated,
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Howard, just trawling through the Labview TE issues as I myself have started to work on a similar issue. I have now infact upgraded the Labview Test Executive to work in 7.1 ok (both development and Runtime).
    Using XP I had no issues upgrading in the development environment - creating the run-time version was not as easy but manged to do so with help from the Application Builder. I have also tested the SQL function (as i log to Oracle) and a basic audio test using a DSA4551 - again both seem to be upgraded with no issues.
    regards, paul.

  • How do I use the App store with macbook pro and mac pro

    I currently use the app store with the mac book, but want to buy (share?) apps and music with the mac pro.
    I can't find anything that specifically outlines how this works.
    I use SplashID with the macbook and an iPhone, and want to use it (and sync it) on the mac pro as well.
    If you buy apps for a macbook, can you use them on a second machine, or do you need to buy it a second time?

    Your license from the MAS allows you to download and install the apps on as many Macs as you own or have under your control (institutional or employer supplied Macs.) The Mac should to be running Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion. Open the MAS app on the Mac Pro and sign into your account to have access to download all of your previous purchases in the Purchased pane.
    Simple apps can also be dragged & dropped over a network connection from the MacBook to the Mac Pro.

  • I have an apple id but i have not been able to use the same id with i tune and app store..what to do

    i have an apple id but i have not been able to use the same id with i tune and app store..what to do???every time i m trying to login it is telling that this id has not been used with i tune and App Store ....reviewing of my id is one of the option provided to me after this...

    Have you logged in and reviewed your account and entered payment details ? Unless the instructions on this page are followed when creating an account : Create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account without a credit card or other payment method - Apple Suppor…
    then credit card details will need to be entered before the account can be used to download any item from the store.
    You could see if this post by mountaingoatgirl lets you review your account without needing to enter credit card details :
    If not then you will either have to enter card details (you should be able to remove them after entering them), or create a new account (using the instructions on the above link).

  • I was trying to get the iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 5 but then it stopped and my phone is now on recovery mode I have pictures I need and they did not all fit on iCloud  how can I use the phone again with ALL my pictures and videos without restoring it?

    I was trying to get the iOS 8.2 on my iPhone 5 but then it stopped and my phone is now on recovery mode I have pictures I need and they did not all fit on iCloud  how can I use the phone again with ALL my pictures and videos without restoring it?

    Contacts are designed to be synced to a supported application on the computer or a cloud service.
    Pictures taken with the device are designed to regularly be copied off the device to a computer as would be done with any digital camera.
    If you have failed to use the device as designed it may be too late to recovery anything.
    Is the device regularly backed up to a computer via iTunes?  If so, the most recent backup (when restored to a replacement iOS device) should contain all contacts and pictures as of when the backup was created.

  • Can two people use the same computer with two different ipods?

    I was just wondering if me and my mother can use the same computer with our ipods?

    Glad you asked. Before you get rid of the old one move its iTunes Library to the new one:
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    "Deauthorize" the old computer too. Go to the iTunes Store menu and select "Deauthorize This Computer..."
    I hope you get a Mac this time

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