Validating digital signatures. NEED HELP ASAP!

I emailed a form to an employee, who created and applied a digital signature to it.  The form was emailed back to me and I received the message 'At least 1 signature requires validating/validation."  I go through the steps to trusting and validating, yet when I reopen the document after saving it, I keep getting the same message to validate.
Please help!

When you contacted Canon what did they say?

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  • "valid digital signature" required????

    I am trying to download a poker website that i have been using for years and i now get a message saying "...valid digital signature missing...".  I don't understand.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks

    Sounds like your security settings for their site are missing - such as might happen when you delete temproary Internet files and cookies.
    Best bet would be to call their support number.
    If you have a secure password... then you can use the "unable to view secure web sites" steps in this document to "reset" secure connections:
    ... an HP employee expressing his own opinion.
    Please post rather than send me a Message. It's good for the community and I might not be able to get back quickly. - Thank you.

  • Cant Download Firefox because it has no valid digital signature

    When I try to download firefox 4.0 I can either run or save the setup file, when I "Run" I get an error message saying I cannot download because the creator (FireFox) has no valid digital signature, when I download the setup file to my desktop and try to run from there I get the error telling me the file is Corrupt?

    ok no problem so what i did was i went to the cmd prompt and typed in ipconfig( to get there on vista type cmd in the search in the start window then press enter, in xp type cmd in the run box.) when you press enter you will then need to scroll down and check out what your ip address is. proper ip addresses end in something like ...1.1 or 0.1 if it has any other number then that you need to reset your ip address in your network settings which can be accesed in control panel. and if you have the option click the box that says get ip address automatically. hope that works!

  • ServerAdmin and Valid Digital Signatures

    How does one setup an XServer so that it issues a valid digital signature?
    I'm attempting to enforce a requirement for valid digital signatures within ServerAdmin.
    Any help or pointers to relevant documentation is greatly appreciated.

    OK, a little more digging around reveals some information on page 147 of the Server Administration Manual.
    For the moment, this looks like my question has been answered!?

  • Stuttering flv playback issue- need help asap

    We need help asap. Have a project is due to deliver today (5/14).
    We have a video to go on a dvd-rom, live action with Motion Graphics behind.
    When output is done thru Projector the Motion Graphics stutter as they scroll.
    Here is more technical info:
    Stuttering flv playback issue:
    Prores 422 timeline 29.97fps 1280x720 output from fcp using current settings.
    Mov file is approx 7gb, plays relatively smooth on a mac pro with no raid.
    Frame by frame analysis shows all frames are present with no jumps tears or skips.
    Tried several output paths, programs and settings to create a smooth flv file to no avail.
    We adjusted data rates from 2k, 3.5k, 4k and 8k, no luck
    We adjusted keyframe rates from low to all frames, no luck.
    We tried cs3 flash encoder, cs5 media encoder, squeeze ect, same results.
    Playback in the flash projector seems to choke slightly no matter what we do.
    Have also posted in the Director Forum.
    Any help much appreciated!

    Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:
    Try playing the file using a different xtra, sometimes different ones will work better.  If you have Director 11.5, there is a native flv playback xtra.
    You can build a player easily in Flash using the flvPlayback component, then bring that into Director as a swf.
    Once you have the video in Director, try making the member Direct To Stage (DTS).  If it is already DTS, try making it not DTS.
    Make sure the video is not transparent, and nothing in Director overlaps the video... in fact, when the video is playing, nothing should be moving at all, and try to keep the amount of code that is running to a minimum.
    Try lowering your video's data rate further or try using a different codec.
    Using VBR (Variable Bit Rate) compression often makes the video appear to play smoother.
    Try compressing the flv with different software.  FFMpeg, for example, is free and does a very good job, often better than the Flash Video Encoder that comes with Flash/Creative Suite.

  • Need Help ASAP  my State tax form is in a PDF file and the attachment in my email says Please wait

    Need Help ASAP  my State tax form is in a PDF file and the attachment in my email says Please wait...
    I tried downloading updates like it said to but it still will not display the document.  How do I print the PDF file ASAP

    Can you give us a LOT more info?
    What email client? What version of Reader (I can only assume you even have Reader at this point)?
    Please wait? I'm sure it says more than that, right?
    Have you tried simply saving the PDF (it IS a PDF correct?) to your desktop and opening it from there?
    Did you get this form from the IRS or did it come from somewhere else? If the IRS again, what version of Reader?
    Help us help you.

  • How do I reorder songs in a playlist in the new itunes??? I can no longer just click and drag. When I click, it doesn't move!!!! Need help ASAP- trying to prepare for an aerobics class and need songs in a specific order!

    How do I reorder songs in a playlist in the new itunes??? I can no longer just click and drag. When I click, it doesn't move!!!! Need help ASAP- trying to prepare for an aerobics class and need songs in a specific order!

    Use View > View Options, and set 'Sort By" to "Manual Order."
    Then you will be able to drag-n-drop songs up and down the list.

  • My ipod says i have no music on it, but when i plug it into itunes, and look under music on my ipod, its all there. NEED HELP ASAP!!!!! all the music came from a computer which i no longer have, so my ipod is the only place where that music is.

    This morning, i downloaded about 16 songs to put on my ipod, and i manually dragged them over to my ipod to sync that way (like i always do because the music on my ipod came from a different computer which I no longer have) and on my way to work, i realized my ipod says "no content" under Music. However, when I plug my ipod into itunes and click on the music tab under my ipod name, all of my music is there. What happened and how do i get that music back on my ipod? I need help asap.

    You had a glitch and the music files got corrupted. I know of no way to uncorrupt them.
    You can try using a computer app like iFunbox
    to see if yo can get them from the iPod in a usable file.
    Otherwise you will have to re import them to your computer and sync
    You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:                         
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store        

  • I restored my iphone and updated it but the progress didn't complete and now my iphone is not working. i need help asap.

    my phone was not working only the restore button was available so i restored it and they told me i have to update my iphone 5s as well. i waited till the end the update software was downloaded successfully but then the iphone restarted by itself and now its not working. the iphone screen is shown the picture when you first time open the phone to connect it to an itunes. i connected it by it not working, i restart everything still not working:( i need help asap please. thankyou

    it seems like apple's activation servers have gone down under the weight of the overwhelming amount of activation requests. you will be able to activate your phone once the servers are able to catch up with the activation requests.

  • My pages document wont open NEED HELP ASAP

    when I go to open a pages document on my mac book pro, the document I'm trying to open is pale and i can't open it. I NEED HELP ASAP.

    How did you install Pages & what version? What model of Mac are you using & what version of OS X?
    The answers to those questions will help anyone trying to answer.

  • Install blocked does not have a valid digital signature verifying publisher.

    Windows XP blocked the install. Error message was:
    Unknown Publisher. Does not have a valid digital signature that verifies its puiblisher.

    That suggests that the installer is getting damaged during the download.
    I'd first try downloading an installer from the Apple website using a different web browser:
    If you use Firefox instead of IE for the download (or vice versa), do you get a working installer?

  • Need Help ASAP. Deleting Underline in Adobe Reader Touch.

    I don't understand why it won't let me delete the strikeout or underline in my Adobe Reader Touch. There is no clear option when I highlight it and write click and the "Ctrl-delete" option is not working either. I need to get rid of both of these. Did them by mistake....simple task but so frustrated that I have spent 30+ minutes trying to figure this out. Please help.

    thank you
    ส่งจาก จดหมายของ Windows
    จาก: ambersenos
    ส่งเมื่อ: อา. 11 มกราคม 2558 21:23
    ถึง: thang dinhvan
    Need Help ASAP. Deleting Underline in Adobe Reader Touch.
    created by ambersenos in Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8 - View the full discussion 
    I don't understand why it won't let me delete the strikeout or underline in my Adobe Reader Touch. There is no clear option when I highlight it and write click and the "Ctrl-delete" option is not working either. I need to get rid of both of these. Did them by mistake....simple task but so frustrated that I have spent 30+ minutes trying to figure this out. Please help.
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  • Objects outside of workspace show in SWF... Need help ASAP!

    When I export a flash movie (.swf file)And play it on full screen, the objects that are outside of the workspace show. Can anyone tell me how to fish this problem? need help ASAP! Thanks :]

    If what follows isn't sufficient for you to figure out, you'll have to spend some time learning how to work with Flash.  While you'll often get help solving problems in these forums, it's less likely you will get tutoring services.  Google is a very good resource for tutorials.
    To create a mask you draw a shape to the size you want and place it on a layer above all the content you want to mask.  A mask is actually not well named because masks normally hide things, while in the graphics world, masks define the are where things are shown... so when you apply a mask to something, only what is under the mask shows.  To finalize, you right click on the label area of the mask's layer and select Mask from the menu that appears.  You may have to drag lower layers up towards the mask layer to get them included, whicxh is why I mentioned creating the rest of the content as a movieclip (a single layer object).
    To control the visibility of objects you set their visibility to true or false (AS2: mcName._visible = true (or false),  AS3:mcName.visible = true (or false)).
    To create a frame around the stage, add a new layer atop everything and draw a rectangle big enough to hide all the content you don't want showing that is off the stage.  Then draw a rectangle that is the same size as the stage on top of that first rectangle, placing it over the stage, and then deselect anything that is selected.  Then reselect the smaller rectangle you just drew and delete it.  The larger rectangle is now framing your stage.

  • I can't affix my valid digital signature to adobe reader pdf document?

    I can't affix my valid digital signature to adobe reader pdf document. When the signature field is clicked, it is not showing my digital ID so that I can sign with it. Why it is not displaying my valid digital ID?

    What is your operating system?  What is your Reader version?  What means "can not"?
    Can you post a screenshot of such a message "to buy Adobe XI"?

  • Error when extracting data with extractor 2lis_04_matnr - NEED HELP ASAP !!

    Hi experts!
    Got an error when extracting data with extractor 2lis_04_matnr.
    System says (short dump):
    Runtime error:    CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE
    Error when attempting to import object "MC04P_0MAT_TAB".
    The current ABAP program "SAPLMCEX" had to be terminated because one of the statements could not be executed. This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program. When attempting to import data, it was discovered that the data type of the stored data was not the same as that specified in the program.
    An exception occurred. This exception is dealt with in more detail below. The exception, which is assigned to the class 'CX_SY_IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERROR', was neither caught nor passed along using a RAISING clause, in the procedure  "MCEX_BW_LO_API" "(FUNCTION)".                                                                             
    Since the caller of the procedure could not have expected this exception      
    to occur, the running program was terminated.                                
    The reason for the exception is:  When importing the object "MC04P_0MAT_TAB", the component no. 5 in the dataset has a different type from the corresponding component of the target object in the program "SAPLMCEX". <b>The data type is "D" in the dataset, but "C" in the program.</b>
    Please, can someone explain me how to solve it? 
    Really need help ASAP!
    Thanks in advance,
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            Jaume Saumell
    Message was edited by:
            Jaume Saumell

    Check this note: 328181
    So you need to delete entries in SM13/LBWQ for application and also detup table content.
    And then refill teh set up table.
    If you are in production clear the entries by running collective run no of times for this application 04.
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

  • No Valid Digital Signature

    I'm trying to install the latest Itunes, but my computer won't let me becuase it keep saying that the publisher is unknown and the file was blocked becuase it does not have a valid digital signature that verifies it's publisher. I have no clue what to do. I have a Windows XP system.

    These can be frustrating.
    Try restarting your PC.
    Using a different browser.
    There have been reports that this can be due to router problems.
    A simple way round it is to get a friend to download the installer for your and put it on a USB stick.

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    Hi everyone, I'm using iMovie 5.0.2 on Tiger (QuickTime 7.3.1). A problem I've experienced with some of my iMovie projects is currently bugging me again: I'm working in iSight mode to edit videos taken with a digital (still) camera in video mode. Whe

  • Encore CS4 Fails to Transcode

    Guys the problem I already decided to freeze, but I have another problem, when I go to transcode some videos in encore cs4, it's transcode failed, someone help me? I'm using Encore CS3 to get to transcode.

  • How can i locate the IMEI number.

    I lost my iphone 4 and i do not have the box. Is there a way Apple can help the customers get it.

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