Valuation using material cost estimate

Ciao a tutti,
We have create a material cost
estimate without standard structure(unit costing) not FOR ALL MATERIALS, but only for ONE
VARIANT of generic material (retail solution) (because the other variant have the same price, and because we have to reproduced 5000 BOM in unit cost for just
one variant with transaction KKPA LSMW)
So, now we have to valuated the material cost estimate when the customer create the billing document and put the split of the cost estimate in co-pa
Our prolem is : we have calculate standard cost estimate for 5000
variant not for all variant (because our customer crete the BOM in unit
costing with transaction KKPA and LSMW, and they refuced the idea to
calculate 30000 cost estimate with lsmw) so when we crete a billing
document with a variant that haven't cost estimate created the system doesn't
valuated the cost estimate (the system works well), but how I can change the variant in the valuation and put the variant that have the cost
estimate calculate?
Wiht the transaction "Assign Costing Keys to Any Characteristics" I think
is not possible.
I must to use enhance COPA0002?
Thank you very much
Paolo Artini
tel: +393299223804

Hi All,
I am also facing the problem for Sales Order Cost Estimate. and the Costing Status is VO(Marked without errors).
I have done the following
created the Costing Key (sales order cost estimate)
assigned costing key to the material type.
assigned to the respective value fields
sales order cost estimate,
Run the RA
Settlement done.
But in COPA, cost estimates are not being split up based on the cost component (like Material, Labour and Over head) and it is getting posted to COGS only.
Do we need to change the costing status to FR, if yes, but how to do ?
Ramesh KR
+91 9884020411

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  • Error in quantity translation in CO-PA valuation using material costing

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    While releasing the billing document to accounting I am getting the following error:
    Error in quantity translation in CO-PA valuation using material costing
    Message no. K/821
    In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to use a material cost estimate to translate the unit KG for the material KG into the base unit of measure EA for that material.
    The system could not do this.
    System Response
    The document cannot be processed further.
    Check the quantity entered in the affected CO-PA quantity field &V4 .
    If necessary, change the material master to allow the unit KG as an alternative unit for the material 970000000000000016.
    Can anyone provide me with a solution to the said problem.

    Hi Piet,
    That does not seem to be the solution as i cant define for all the materials how many units EA = how many kgs. Thanks for the reply anyway

  • Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "117122"

    Hi people,
    We have the error:
    Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "117122"
    In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to valuate a line item using the current standard cost estimate.
    In order to determine the current plan period, the system needs to read the valuation segment of the material master.
    The system has found that the current plan period is not filled forproduct "117122" in plant "UBE1".
    We have the follow configuration in trans.: KE40:
    . Determine material cost estimate
       . Transf. Standard Cost Estimate
    . Costing Variant
    . Control Data for Standard Cost Estimate
       . Period Indicator = "Current Standard Cost Estimate acc. to entry in mat master
    . Addiitonal data CO-PC
        . Transfer cost estimate in controlling area currency  "activated"
    We think the reason about our error is because the field above is activated and some configuration more is necessary for this case. For examplo: Trans.: OKYW and this one was not configurated yet.
    Do you know what happend?
    If we need to configure some transation, or sonly process the cost estimate?

    Hello Guido
    Thank you very much for your return.
    It is happenning in a Client that some people are doing the configuration.
    Before we didin't have in KE40, the fiel "Transfer cost estimate in controlling area currency" activated.
    And now, the people activate that in this new Client and I don't know the impact about that.
    I think we have to make the configuration in OKYW.
    The other transation you told me, we don't have any information.
    Could you tell me some other idea what happend?
    Message error is just "Message no. KE350"
    Abou claculate the cost:
    It was calculated by trans.: CK11N for future planning and the real wasn't not possible to release because this material already have moviments.
    Could you tell us is there is some thing more to do?

  • Valuation with Material cost estimate

       I am getting an error: "Valuation with material cost estimate:error with product 003443434(material number)
    Does anyone know which transaction is used to correct this error?

    Go to MM02. Select the views of the materials i.e. accounting 1 & 2 , costing 1 & 2 . Look at the valuation class u have maintained for the same material in the view Accounting 1.
    Hope u will get ur problem solved..Assign points, if helpful.

  • Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product

    Hi Experts,
    Message no. KE350, Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product "2286940000". Please suggest me to resolve this issue.
    Points will be provided for good solution.

    Hi Jaya
    This means that your customization is wrong then...
    In KE4J or KEPC you have assigned costing keys to your material types or some other combination... You should have done this config in a way that costing key is not called  for in the case of non valuated materials...
    In Ke40 you have defined costing key where in you have specified "Issue error msg if no cost estimate found".. This costing key is assigned in KE4J or KEPC in a way that it is getting called even in case of non valuated materials...
    Do you have a separate mat type for non valuated material? If yes, remove this mat type from KE4J/KEPC..
    If you dont have separate mat type i.e. in the same mat type if you have both valuated and non valuated, then you have a problem.. You would get stuck in that case
    Ajay M

  • Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product " 200038 "

    I am getting an error:
    Valuation with material cost estimate: error with product " 200038 "  (Message KE350).
    Kindly assist on the same?

    If this material is mto material go to t.code KE40 and maintain define access to standard cost estimate define cost key with
    "Transfer sales orde cost estimatex".
    If it is mts material define costing key with Transfer std cost estimate  and in costing data
    costing variant : ppc1
    costing verstion: 1
    period  indicator:  Release std cost estimate matching with goods issue or material costing matching posting date.
    This will resolve ur problem.

  • Material cost estimate using recursive BOM

    Hello everybody.
    I want create material cost estimate (CK11N) using a recipe with recursive BOM. When I execute the transaction CK11N the following message is display Costing of cycle 00001 does not converge
    Do you know what is missing?
    Thanks in advance.

    Message no CK740?
    Please do check the link below......
    and OSS note : 858384

  • Split Valuation Material Cost Estimate into COPA

    Hi all,
    Is there any way how we can transfer the split valuation material cost estimate into COPA?
    I checked the actual line items, there is no "valuation type / batch" characteristics there.
    Is this the main cause?
    Please kindly suggest on the best way to solve this issue
    Thank you very much
    Regards, Erwin

    Hi, Ajay
    Does this mean that, even though i manage to create the valuation type as characteristic in COPA, i won't be able to get 2 different cost estimate based on valuation type into COPA?
    Hm, then, are there any solutions which can be done to solve this issue?
    The client needs a COPA report which can show the breakdown of the sold materials cost estimates
    As usual, thank you very much for your help
    Regards, Erwin

  • How SAP use transfer control or material cost estimate

    I have strategy "3-Previous standard cost estimate" in transfer control material cost estimate.
    I have cost estimate for product AAA with status KA and costing date from 01.01.2014.
    Product AAA produced from component BBB.
    Component BBB has two cost estimates with costing date from 01.01.2014 and 01.02.2014.
    I run cost estimate for product AAA with costing date from 06.03.2014.
    Cost estimate not use existing cost estimate for component and create new cost estimate.
    In contains next information about transfer strategy 3 - The system searches for existing previous cost estimate.
    why my system does not use the existing cost estimate for component?
    Thanks for attention.

    Thanks, Szymon!
    I use russian interface and read russian help. Where stragegy 3 has name "Прошедшая плановая калькуляция" which means "The last planned cost estimate".
    This led me astray.
    In english help i read next:
    Previous standard cost estimates
    The system searches for an existing previous standard cost estimate.
    You are completely right!
    two more questions:
    - We can not use strategy 3 if we not realesed cost estimate as standard price?
    - What strategy we should use for transfer material cost estimate with status KA?

  • Error reading material cost estimate for sales order (KE292)

    Dear All,
    I have an issue with billing. we are posting july month transactions, the material cost is maintained through MR21. When releasing billing document for accounting we are getting error message like"Error reading the material cost estimate for sales order "11"
    Message no. KE292
    In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to valuate item 000010 of sales order 11 by reading the corresponding product cost estimate.
    However, no product cost estimate could be found for this sales order item.
    The system accessed product costing for product AMLFP011011XX00P using costing key YB3 as defined in the
    CO-PA Customizing settings.
    System Response
    The system cannot process the document any further.
    Check your Customizing settings."
    We cross checked with other client as a current date and we ran cost estimate through CK40N with same material. and we posted entries. Here it is working fine. but in above process it is not working. Can you pls guide me where i missed.

    When the Costing Key is assigned to the material types in the COPA customizing, then system expects Cost estimation when billing is released to Accounts.
    If you dont run cost estimation but update the material master through MR21, system will not accept as in the Costing key configuration you must have selected the Current Standard price field for the valuation.
    Hence, try to run cost estimation and then do releasing.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Kumar

  • Re: create material cost estimate with ck11n without

    hi gurus,
    i need to do create material cost estimate with ck11n without cost result but before i need to check the BOM with material component 11111, and also instruct me how to correct maintain BOM list to get the standard cost
    if anybody do the same scenoria giveme your golden inputs
    thanks in advance,

    As note 351835 explains, calculation needs an inforecord to calculate prices from purchasing. Prices from outline agreements are generally not taken into account. According to note 499699, the system may consider entries in the source but it will ignore entered agreements (before this correction, any source list entries with agreement were ignored).
    Prices from agreements could only be considered either via a modification or by using the user exit for material valuation (COPCP005).
    This unfortuntely is a restriction resulting as a side-effect from note 499699. As soon as an agreement is entered in the source list, the fixed indicator will not be considered anymore.
    You therefore have two options to overcome this.
    1) You create a second source list entry without an agreement; then the fix indicator will be reflected; report Z_CREATE_EORD from note  409960 could be used to do this automatically
    2) You are using user-exit EXIT_SAPLMEQR_001 in order to 'overrule'   the standard search for source of supply (enhancement LMEQR001)

  • Confuguarable Material Cost Estimate

    Hi All.,
    It is an urgent requirement.......
    My client having both configuarable & non configuarable materials.....
    with regarding to the configuarable material cost estimate i don't have good grip on this.
    Can anybody please share some guidlines for how to create the cost estimate.....
    Thanks one and all.,

    Configurable materials can only have a cost estimate when there is a sales order bom to define the build.
    We use configurable material and the cost estimate is configured in the same manner as standard material (Costing variant,costing dates, transfer control, etc. but some of the details differ), but it is only Saved within a Sales order. You can use CU50 for a trial cost - the configuration will have to be created in CU50 before it will cost.
    When costing configurable materials in sales orders or for sales orders the valuation variant is different from standard cost variant in these points:
    1 - The costing type is different. 18 - Sales order costing vs. 01 - Standard cost est. (mat.)
    The Costing type for Sales order does not allow updating of the standard price in the Mat Mstr
    The Costing type for Sales order also controls the use of Labor overhead for the costing variant.
    2 - Valuation Variant can be different - Valuation for Prod Costing specifies the rules to build a cost estimate. For Sales order, you may want it to use ONLY the standard price for a material/component, and NOT build a cost estimate.
    3 - Date control - The default “from” date for the Config Mat in a Sales order is “Today” while for product costing it is “first of next month”
    Our Prod Cost Est. is valid until the end of the Fiscal year when a new cost estimate is released. Our Config Material on a Sales order is valid until the end of time.
    I cannot explain “why” we chose one over the other, most of the decisions were made before I arrived. But the Costing Type Difference is very important to us, because there is no chance that the cost estimate will interfere with setting of standards and it allows “searching” for a Sales Order Cost estimate.
    You have to analyze how each part of the costing variant could impact the business and decide how to set it. If circumstances change, you can review the settings later. (I fully intend to review some of ours directly after this conversation.)
    Sales Order Costing Variants are on OKY9 while product costing is at OKKN
    Sales Order Costing Variants are assigned under SD “Maintain Requirements Classes for Costing/Account Assignment (table T459K)
    Hope this helps.

  • Raw Material Cost Estimate - No split between cost component

    I need to execute a material cost estimate considering the Purchasing Info Record (PIR) where 3 different conditions are present:
    1) PB00
    2) FRB1
    3) RUC1
    The scope is:
    - linking PB00 to cost component 1
    - linking FRB1 to cost component 2
    - linking RUC1 to cost component 3
    Cost components are already created.
    I did following steps:
    - creation PIR with these 3 conditions (transaction ME11)
    PB00  10,00 EUR @ 1 KG
    FRB1   2,00 EUR @ 1 KG
    RUC1   3,00 EUR @ 1 KG
    - link condition types to origin groups (transaction OKYO)
    FRB1 linked to FRB1
    RUC1 linked to RUC1
    - link origin groups to cost component (transaction OKTZ)
    PB00, is linked to cost component 1 without origin group, but using only account coming from T030 table 
    FRB1 is linked to cost component 2 using origin group FRB1 and the same acocunt used for condition PB00 coming from T030 table
    RUC1 is linked to cost component 3 using origin group RUC1 and the same acocunt used for condition PB00 coming from T030 table
    At this moment, when I try to execute the cost estimate with transaction CK11N, the split is not done, and all condition types (all amounts) are linked to cost component 1. The set-up done in OKYO is not considered by the system.
    In the material master there's any origin group, if I try to fill in origin group FRB1 all condition types (all amounts) are linked to component 2, and if I try to change the origin group in the material master from FRB1 to RUC1, all condition types (all amounts) are linked to component 3 --> this means that the set-up done OKTZ is correctly considered by the system to link the origin group to the cost components.
    The problem is that the system reads the origin group from the material master, instead of transaction OKYO.
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Pl verify following two things -
    Check valuation variant.
    Strategy sequence should have 'L - Price from purchasing info-record' and Sub-strategy should be 'A Quotation price via condition table' or 'B PO price via condition table'.
    OKYO setting should have valuation variant associated with your costing variant, along with other details (dont leave that field blank).
    Let us know if that works.

  • Material cost estimate with Quantiy structure

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please help in the following problem. When we do material cost estimate with quantiy structure, system is throwing message as "source of supply cannot be determined".
    Maximum points will be assigned to the suitable answer.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, Srini,
    Please check in material master data whether this material is in-house produced or externally procured, which can be found in MRP view.
    Please also check your costing variant and valuation variant for material cost estination, I think possibly you chose stratey L FROM Purchasing Info Record. If not, ignor it.
    If it's externally procured, SAP logic is that firstly it will check the source list, then determine the quota arrangement and find proper vendor for the selected material. The error message is possibly caused by missing vendor or wrong quota reason. So please follow the SAP logic to check data one by one.
    Please check the following link on vendor determination in online help document.
    Please specify if you also used mixed costing for material.
    Good luck!

  • Raw material cost estimates

    HI experts,
    Currently we have the following scenario:
    There are some raw materials which are procured externally, and these materials are maintained with price control S
    Well, the problem is that the standard cost for the material consists of a few more components, for example:
    The standard price for the material X is 20 USD which consists of:
    - the price of the material itself : 15 USD
    - the import duty : 5 USD
    let's say if the actual import duty happened during IR is 6 USD, how can we get the variance from the difference between the import duty? I am unfamiliar with raw material cost estimate, but seeing that the import duty will be captured using condition type in PO, i assumed that we can use raw material cost estimates with this, and use the COPA report with record type B for this case.
    Could anyone give any suggestions regarding this case? It is better if it comes with step to step guide.
    Thank you very much in advance

    Hi Erwin
    1. The ideal design would have been Price Control V if the material is outright purchased... There by not leaving any scope for variances... You would agree that it is best to valuate inventory @ actuals as far as possible
    2. If you want to retain S, then release your Std cost as many times as the Base Price of 15 or Import duty of 5 usd changes... This will also avoid variances during MIGO.. However, it will throw up inventory revaluation figure each time u release new cost estimate
    Else, the variances will be updated to CO or COPA as per your choice in OKB9.... The record type will be B
    Are you not able to update variance to COPA?
    br, Ajay M

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