Value difference for GR/IR Clearing Account in case of MIGO and MIRO.

Hello Experts,
One of our client has asked me about clarification regarding GR/IR Clearing Account shows different values when MIGO and MIRO posting. Scenario is that,
Calculation of import Duty
Input goods
Material Base Value
Landing Cost
For computing Customs landing charges need to be added
Loaded in material cost
CVD, @
Credit taken
Customs Education Cess
Loaded in material cost
Credit taken
Customs Duty
All duty
Hence Material cost in GR/IR should be Rs. 22,14,813
Diff (2219092-2214813= 4279)
Whereas it is taking Rs. 22,19,092
My concern is that GR/IR Clearing Account consider only Material cost and non deductible tax amount i.e. CST which is loaded on material cost but system consider some different values, please check the above calculation. When user post MIRO in that case system automatically konck off GR/IR Clearing Account and post difference amount i.e. RS. 4279 to Inventory Account which is wrong. I dont know how system behaves in such manner.
Please giude me on this issue as soon as possible.
Vishal Jadhav

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  • Unable to view entries in FAGLL03 for Zero Balance Clearing Account

    Hi experts,
    We are facing a unique problem. We are not able to view the line items of the Zero Balance clearing account. The master data of the G/L has been activated for line items but still the display of the items is not happening. I am getting the foll message:
    Account 19900000, company code 1100 is clearing account
    Message no. MSITEM111
    You have stored account 19900000 in company code 1100 as a clearing account. At the same time, you use line item management with this account.
    System Response
    Error message issued because line item display cannot read data for an account in a ledger if line items exist partially in the entry view together with clearing items for which there are no line items. In such cases, only the data with line items would be selected.
    Check the Customizing settings or account control. Change the settings so that only automatic postings without line items can be made to the account, or select a different account as the clearing account.

    In splitting case you need not the give the line item display tab for Zero Balance Clearing Account.
    Just remove that line item display in FS00 for Zero Balance account. You could be able to see the entries in FAGLL03

  • Enhancement LMR1M002 for GR/IR clearing account in MIGO

    Hi ,
    Did anyone implement the enhancement LMR1M002 to change the GR/IR clearing account while using tcode MIGO.
    Please help me how to implement the SAP customer exit , there is a note  SAP Note 301477 and  165692  but I was unable to  code
    Prasanth Kasturi

    Discussion moved. Please use Internationalization and Unicode for CIN related queries.

  • GR/IR clearing account getting debited during MIGO

    We have a  unique problem. We have created an Import PO with Acc assignment category as 'K'. Delivery costs captured. PO has been created with 1.00 GBP. Delivery costs are much higher. During GR GR/IR clearing account is debited.  Please help. Everything in the PO is correct. How can we sort this?

    Have a look on the below SAP Notes, may be helpful for you,
    1644255  - Foreign Currency Valuation does not recognize Debit entries in WRX GR/IR Clearing Account
    Note 1773682 - MAA2: MIGO incorrect values in document currency

  • Account entries at tie of migo and miro

    Dear Gurus,
    please let me know about the account entries at time of MIGO and MIRO.
    thanking you in advance
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on May 22, 2011 3:20 PM

    During MIGO Goods receipt,
    Inventory stores a/c - Debit entry of value 'x'
    GR/IR clearing a/c - Credit entry of value 'x'
    For MIRO,
    Vendor a/c - Credit entry of total invoice value
    GR/IR clearing a/c - Debit entry of value 'x' & Few other entries
    Syed Hussain.

  • Non Cenvatable material - Value not matching in MIGO and MIRO

    Dear SAP experts!
    We have the following problem.
    We are using TAXINN.
    We create a Purchase Order for a raw material, which is non cenvatable for a particular vendor.
    When we carry out Goods Receipt, we change the Material type from Raw Material to Non Cenvatable in the Material Type in the Excise Item Tab and post the BED and AED values, the values are getting inventorized correctly.
    And MIRO posting is also happening correctly. Both, MIGO and MIRO values are tallying. i.e, The total value is sum of Basic PriceBEDAED+CST.
    But, if we change any of the BED or AED value at the time of posting GR in the excise Invoice tab, then we are facing problem.
    Value during MIGO posting is correct. That is the total value is sum of Basic PriceBEDAED+CST.
    But, During MIRO posting, the value of BED and AED is not getting picked.
    The value during MIRO shows only Basic Price+CST and not BED amount and AED amount.
    Can any one tell me, where it is going wrong.
    Your response is highly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    you have to used non deductable condition type in Taxinn to post tax to inventory
    that is
    JMIP IN: BED inventory % say 8%
    JAIP IN AED inventory % Say 4 %
    JMX2     IN: A/P BED inventor  100 %
    JAX2     IN: A/P AED inventor  100%
    and the above condition should be assigned to proper Classify Condition Types
    TAXINN     JMIP     BEDINVENTP BED Inventory Percentage
    TAXINN     JAIP     AEDINVENTP AED Inventory Percentage
    TAXINN     JMX2     BEDINVENTT BED Inventory Total
    TAXINN     JAX2     AEDINVENTT AED Inventory Total
    And also u will have to assign condition type JMX2 and JAX2 in Maintain Excise Defaults
    this will solve your issue

  • Foreign currency valuation for GR/IR clearing account is repeatedly posting

    While executing foreign currency valuation (program SAPF100) through T code F.05 the following fields are selected for the spotted rate valuation for currency type 10.
    A)     Valuate G/L account open items
    B)     Evaluate  GR/IR account (GR/IR clearing account is selected)
    C)     Valuate customer open items  
    After execution the valuation postings are repeated  in GR/IR FC valuation Balance sheet adj account while the postings in other accounts occur only once.
    GR/IR FC valuation Balance sheet adjustment account is configured in OB09 for GR/IR account for respective currency type and local currency.
    What could be the reason for repeated postings in FC valuation account?

    I think there is some issue with the process, normally vendor/customer reconciliation account or some liability assets related account which has impact due to foreign currency rate changes needs to be revaluated. I don't understand why you have set up foreign currency valuation for GR/IR account, these are intermediatory account which reflects in system between for example GR and IR.
    I also think that you need more information on foreign currency valuation, basically it happens on a particular key date and gets reversed on key date + 1, because revaluation is only required on a key date for reporting purposes. on the next day it get reversed and actual loss or profit on foreign currency only gets booked on realization.
    Hope this helps!!!
    Murlidhar Khatri

  • MIRO for freight: freight clearing account not getting debited

    All SAP Gurus,
    We are doing MIRO for planned delivery cost (freight) and facing some problem in account determination.
    Actually the ideal cycle goes like this:
    The stock account is debited with the planned delivery costs at goods receipt and the system makes the offsetting posting to a freight clearing account. This posting is then cleared by an offsetting entry to the vendor account at invoice receipt.
    In our case accounting  entries are going correct at the time of GR.
    But at the time of MIRO insted of freight clearing account, stock account is again getting debited.
    Where may be the problem?
    Please help.

    Check what are the debit and credit accounts for Freight transaction key in OBYC (check corresponding account key for freight condition in pricing procedure). If you maintain them correctly (generally we only maintain one GL account without specifying debit/credit in OBYC), then entry should be GR/IR freight clearing account debit at time of MIRO.
    Check the accounting entry in MIRO - the posting keys you are seeing (when you scroll to right hand side in accounting document you can see transaction).

  • Exchange rate difference in MIGO and MIRO

    Dear Experts,
    Our local currency is INR.
    We have created PO and MIGO on 31.03.2015 with exchange rate 62.5908 without tick on fixed exchange rate in PO. OB08  is  also same on 31.03.2015. But at the time of MIRO system showing error massage for configure KDM even if i put exchange rate manually (62.5908) in MIRO.
                        GR/IR  Dr         62.5908
                               To Vendor        NIL 
                        Total                  63.5908
    I have also made down payment to this in UDS
    Local Curr(INR)
    Doc. Curr (USD)
    Ex. Rate
    PO No.
    Please advice how can i debug exchange rate 63.5908. if i assign GL on KDM then system will debit this difference in that GL
    Thanks in advance. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Monika
    Please also exchange how you have set up the treatment of exchange rate differences for your company code for LIV under the path:
    IMG>Materials Management>Logistics Invoice verification> Incoming Invoice>Configure how exchange rate differences are treated
    Check if you have N or X maintained here. If you have any of this config, you will need to maintain the GL Account in KDM as well
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Difference between MIGo and MIRO for GR IR clearing

    Hi all,
    I hav created one PO in foreign currency for 10 items. GR is happening for all 10 lines with rate say Rs 50. Now when i am doing MIRO with same rate i.e. Rs 50, 8 materials are getting posted correctly. But for 2 materials there is inventory posting for fixed amount (in local currency) irrespective of quantty.this case amount in foreign currency is same but dieefernce for GR/IR account is in local currency.
    When line items analysed it was observed that fo these 2 materials exchange rate picked up is different than header exchange rate. the difference in exchange rate is posted to stock account.
    In short system icking differen xchange rate for different line items for one invoice ( MIRO is happening against only one invoice)
    Can any one please explai this phenomena and any solution for this?

    When you do aut. clearing and the exchange rates account is set up it will clear the GR/IR account.
    There is no reason to change exchange rates

  • User exit for MIGO and MIRO to change the GL account posting

    I have a flow like this .
    When i create a PO --> i do a Goods receipt in MIGO transaction and there is a GR automatic posting that is done in backgroung
    i needa user exist which instead of sap doing the standard posting in let's a GL account No i want sap to use the Gl account No XXX
    When is then do a Invoice receipt instead of an IR posting will also be done.  I need a user exit where instead of using the GL account of the standard i use the GL account XXX
    please advise which user exit i can use.

    HI newbye82c,
    have a look at these exits/badi:
    MBCF0010                                Customer exit: Create reservation BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1    
    MBCF0011                                Read From RESB and RKPF For Print List in  MB26               
    MBCFC003                                Maintenance of batch master data for goods movements          
    MBCFC004                                Maintenance of batch specifications for goods movements       
    MBCFC012                                Set Cycle Counting Factory Calendar                           
    MBCF0002                                Customer function exit: Segment text in material doc. item    
    MBCF0005                                Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip           
    MBCF0006                                Customer function for WBS element                             
    MBCF0007                                Customer function exit: Updating a reservation                
    MBCF0009                                Filling the storage location field                                                                               
    Business Add-in                                                                               
    MB_DOCUMENT_UPDATE                      BADI when updating material document: MSEG and MKPF           
    MB_DOCUMENT_BADI                        BADIs when creating a material document                       
    MB_CIN_MM07MFB7_QTY                     Proposal of quantity from Excise invoice in GR                
    MB_CIN_MM07MFB7                         BAdI for India Version exit in include MM07MFB7               
    MB_CIN_LMBMBU04                         posting of gr                                                 
    Hope it helps,

  • Exchange rate difference while posting ME21N MIGO and MIRO

    Hi All,
    I am facing one problem with exchange rate type between M and EURX  and EURX is maintanined in the SPRO>SAP Netweaver>General Settings>currencies>Check Exchange rate types
    EXRT :  EURX
    Usage    :  EMU Reg,fixed                       
    Ref.Curr    : EUR   
    Sall .Rat.At    
    EMU   :X
    Company(USD) is maintaning Exchange rate type: M and no exchange rates are maintained for USD:EUR or EUR:USD.
    Eur is maintaing in Exchange rate type EURX.
    1) PO (ME21N) is posting for the Vendor on posting date 01/01/2008. Transaction currency is EUR and company code currency is USD and Quantity : 25000
    --> Exchange rate 'M' is not maintained for EUR and values are picking from the EURX Type. In the PO, Exchange rate is picking correctly from the EURX table entries on 01/01/2008.
    2) MIGO: GR  is posted on 01/25/2008 and with 15000 Quantity. Exchange rate is getting currecly from the table on 01/25/2008.
    3) MIRO: IR is posted on 02/15/2008 and Vendor Account is picking correct exchange rate from the table but GR/IR account is caluculations EUR:USD is differntly .
    Note: It is not GR based IR.
    PK AC                DESCRIPTION                    Tran Curr (EUR)    Local Curr  USD
    31 5004789     Vendor Account                       24,718.48-            38,777.12- USD
    86 2525000      A/P-GR/IR NON-INV                24,718.48            38,883.73  USD
    91 6584785      SERV-OTHER O/S                    0.00                 106.61- USD
    Here GR/IR account is cal dirrently.
    4) Credit Memo posted against IR on 03/25/2008. Exchange rate is given while posting CM same as Invoice. But system rate is different. Here also how the GR/IR is calculating is question is it not taking from Table or from any other rate types . Same problem like IR for GR/IR account.
    Entry is posted like
    PK  ACC         Description                            Tran curr(EUR)  Local curr(USD)
    21 5004789     Vendor                                   24,718.48        38,777.13  USD
    96 2525000     /P-GR/IR NON-INV                   24,718.48-      38,892.22- USD
    81 6584785     SERV-OTHER O/S                     0.00            115.09  USD
    This problem is same like GR and also SPL document is posting differenly for ZG and ZL ledger.
    ZL ledger is posting same like Accounting CM document ZG is posting with the different amount . This different amount is nothing but the exchange rate as per the posting date 03/25/2008. Exchange rate on 03/25/2008 is differe from IR date 02/15/2008 .
    ZL ledger is calculating based on the 02/15/2008 date and ZG ledger is calculating based on the 03/25/2008 . Difference between Exchange rate entered in the CM and 03/25/2008 table entry rate is showing exchange rate difference field in the Addtional field in the document display.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for your helpful answers, actually we are in big export business. So we have to clear 100s of invoice lines with payments at one go, (which obviously being booked at different dates) so it would be very difficult for the user to go one by one invoice.
    My concern is, why system does not calculate exchange rate difference based on actual documents, i.e. Invoice to payments only. I think there might be some configuration needed to implement this functionality.
    Please help.

  • Seperate Line item for taxes in MIGO and MIRO

    All SAP Gurus,
    We want to inventories the CST (central sales tax) amount.
    For this we have used the condition type JIPS, check marked the accounting key 'JI7' and gave posting indicator as '2' Separate line item.
    Now, CST amount is getting inventorised at the time of GR. (but no separate line item is created at the time of GR).
    During MIRO, the inventoried CST amount is getting deinventorised (although separate line item being created here).
    Can we have separate line item in MIRO, without getting value deinventorised? (as it happens for freight)

    Hi Kunal,
    Thanks for the reply.
    As you have rightly said, we need to tick 'NOT DEDUCTIBLE' in OBCN (we have already did that).
    And key has been already assigned in Atx procedure for the appropriate condition type.
    But the problem is that, we want separate line item for this tax amount in MIGO.
    Is it possible to have separate line item for the tax amount in MIGO (as we can get separate line item for freight in MIGO).

  • Price Difference in migo and miro

    Dear Expert,
                        i have created the PO of 10 Quantity with 75 RS Each Price.and At the Migo i have received  10 Quantity reference of PO.when i am doing Miro then i am changing price 73 Rs.what will be process because i want to right financial entry.give me the solution with Financial entry.
    my fin entry
    at migo : Stock ac Dr 750Rs
                     To Gr/Ir Ac cr 750
    at migo time when i m changing price 73 and i similate the docx
    Gr/Ir  Dr 730
    Vendor Cr 730
    rm stock cr 20  
    this is wrong please give me right entry .
    Thanks in advance

    The example entry given by you is correct, in case of your purchase order was created without account assignment category(F/K/P)....i.e...STOCK PO
    In case of account assignment cateogry PO, then the price diff during MIRO would be posted to Mat Mag Small Diff account, which you have configrued for acount key PRD in OBYC.

  • Error -Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area

    When I am trying to pass a down payment entry by debiting vedor and crediting bank with asset it is giving an error as follows.
    Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area 01
    Message no. AU133
    Please help me to rectify the same.
    Thanks in advance

    Please pay attention at  the possible causes of message AU133:
    1. Error AU133:
       a) You have not defined a contra account for acquisition value postings in the Asset Accounting Customizing settings (Transaction AO90).However, this is required as of Release 4.6C because, as is the case for all other integration postings in Asset Accounting, invoice receipt postings have to be displayed in Asset Accounting via the new posting kernel to ensure an identical document
       b) You have defined the account in Asset Accounting, however, it is not created in the affected company code.Check whether the account is correct and create it for the company code, if necessary.
    2. You have entered an asset reconciliation account for the "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" (for example, the same account as for   "Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs" account).This is not  permitted.Check whether your account determination is correct               
       (Transaction AO90) in Asset Accounting Customizing. The same applies
       for the 'Contra account: Down payment posting'.
    3. As "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" you entered an asset G/L account. If necessary change the automatic posting indicator in the G/L account master record.
    4.Check if you need  revaluation accounts in depreciation areas involved   (AO90):
      -Revaluation acquis. and production costs
      -Offsetting account: Revaluation APC
    Please run also programm RACKONTO where missing or wrong customizing
    the accoutn determinations per company code is displayed
    Also have a look at note 7595 in this regard.
    Please assign points if it useful.
    Ravinagh Boni

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