Values disappearing from dropdownbykey

I have a list of values populated in the dropdown which comes from the rfc.While i choose and value and save it in my application, next time the chosen value doesnt appear in the dropdown.Why is this happening?
Please do help out.
Thanks and regards,
Parama laha.

Kepp the cardinaulity property as 1...n for the drop down(node)
Then you will get it
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  • Keyflex value disappears from page when lov event is fired

    Hi All,
    There is a keyflex field and one lov field in my page. When i select the value from kff and after that selecting any value from lov item my kff value disappears from page.
    Plz help asap.............

    Mukul, i can put my own Add another row button and do cusom code,but what about other events?
    Yes, see dev guide and old threads. It has been explained in dev guide claerly and have also replied this in old threads.--Mukul                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Why all the domain values disappeared from ESB control after chinese map?

    when I creating a domain value in chinese in the ESB control and confirm it, After I restart the
    soa service, all the domain values that I created before and the one in chinese disappeared.
    Although the domain values in english desappeared, in the code they are still can be used.
    But the domain values in chinese can not be used.
    All the maps(both english and chinese ) are in DVM Repository.
    Can you help me ??? Why all the domain values disappeared from ESB control ?? thanks

    two collegues of mine ran into a similiar problem. Their ESB console seemed empty as well.Until one of them let the console open for about 10 minutes and the services/system re-appeared.
    Indicating that when the services do not show up could also be caused by a serious performance glitch or the services are calling external systems which time out.
    Another option is to wait for a few minutes and see if your services etc show up again.
    I don't know where this performance degradation is coming from though. The only thing I noticed is that the ORAESB schema ( advanced install ) is installing al of its objects in the USERS tablespace and that most ( almost all ) tables do not have any indexes / pk / fk's on them.
    Maybe one or two indexes could speed up the ESB repository considerably.
    Dave, In the upcoming release is the repository in any way altered? Default tablespace? PK/FK and/or extra indices on certain tables/columns?

  • Values disappearing from my JSP page

    HI Guys
    i am stuck with a problem for which i need your help.i will list my query below
    In my JSP i am having a combo box from which i can select values needed for data manipulation and navigation to other page.Firstly i select a value from the combo box in my main JSPand do necessary processing.After navigation to other JSP pages i have a condition that if input successful then return to the main JSP other wise to someother jsp.
    Here my problem is that when on successful manipulation when i come back to the main JSP all the values in the combo box disappear. i know that i need to set the values before coming back ,i have done that but i am not able to figure out what is happening still values disappear.
    please let me know what i shoud do to resolve this issue.waiting for your replies.

    hi :-)
    1. put the value in session
    2. after successful submission, pass the submitted value in the previous page
    Please dont cross post, thank you :-)

  • Select option values disappearing from the  Selection screen

    Dear experts
    I have a selection screen in a report which has push button in the Application toolbar . When I press the button in the application toolbar it should get the count of the output just like in se16 and display it as message.
    I have added the button and I am processing the same in the AT-SELECTION_SCREEN event
      IF sscrfields-ucomm = 'FC01'.
        PERFORM get_query_count.
    FORM get_query_count .
      CREATE OBJECT g_model.
    l_query_count  = g_model->get_query_count(
      MESSAGE s078  WITH l_query_count .
    Here the problem is I am getting the message but the selection screen values are disappearing after the same .Now the strange thing I just hardcoded the l_query_count without going in to the class method , but then the selection screen values  are not disaapearing?
    Is there any limitation for using classes at AT SELECTION SCREEN event

        Try to write changing in perform.
    IF sscrfields-ucomm = 'FC01'.
    *PERFORM get_query_count changing p_count.*
    *FORM get_query_count changing l_query_count .*
    CREATE OBJECT g_model.
    l_query_count = g_model->get_query_count(
    MESSAGE s078 WITH l_query_count .

  • Custom Tabular form - Session state values disappear

    I have a custom tabular form page using apex_item and apex_collections. I am using the apex_collection to store the values in memory in order to avoid the data loss in session state. The page is working fine after a validation failure and it shows the values on the second report (as advised for custom tabular forms).
    In this, some of the rows have clob value which needs to be edit on a rich text editor. Since apex_item does not provide a solution to have rich text editor, I have to branch to another page on an Edit link for the CLOB data using a modal window. However When I return back from the modal page, the values disappear from session state, and the validation (using htmldb_application.g_fxx arrays) does not take place.
    Is there any workaround to overcome this issue?
    Apex version: 4.1
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks Daniel for your reply.
    Actually its an interface with a custom tabular form on page 1 with apex collections and rich text editor on page 2. Since it is not possible to have the rich text editor, I need to have it in another page (I could have it the same page, that is the way I am trying now) however I open the next page as a modal window.
    I have a link on the tabular form, so that the clob content is opened in the rich text editor on the next page. After the edit, I update it to the same collection and go back to the tabular form page and refreshes the report. It works fine, but causes trouble to the data entered on the other columns in the custom tabular form.
    I have now deviated to another work and put this on a hold. If my explanation is still not clear, I will create the same page in to simulate the error.
    Thanks again.
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  • Not getting value from DropDownByKey

       I have a drop down by key and assigned a simple type to it and have 4 options in that simple type. and i bound that DropDownByKey element to a model attribute but i am not getting any value in that attribure i have not written any code to get selected value do i need to write it or automaticaly i will get it

    Hi Ninad,
       If you want to show static values in your DropDownByKey take simple type. And make your context variable to type of that simple type. and add this variable to your Drop Down by key control.
       If you want to show model values in your DropDown use below code.
    IContextElement contextElement = wdContext.currentContextElement();
    IWDNodeInfo nodeInfo = wdContext.getNodeInfo();
    IWDAttributeInfo dateAttributeInfo = nodeInfo.getAttribute(contextElement.empCode);
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet dropValueSet = dateAttributeInfo.getModifiableSimpleType().getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();
    String empCodeTxt=null;
    //Gives the Size of the List, which is coming from Model
    int nodeLength = wdContext.node<BAPIList>().size();
    for (int i = 0; i < nodeLength; i++) {
    // Gives the Value, Which you want to show in Drop Down List Box.. Change it according to your need.
    dropValueSet.put(empCodeTxt, empCodeTxt);
      Hope you understand this.

  • Drop down list in Table Control - Value disappeared after pressing ENTER

    Dear Gurus,
    I have a problem in one of my development where I used a table control in which one field is a drop down list.
    I used VRM_SET_VALUES and VRM_GET_VALUES for populating the values from the programand not use any domain level value table for that field.
    My problem is when I select one value from this list , and pressing enter , the value get disappeared. But if I use a domain for this field with value table then everything working properly.
    My doubt is am I doing some miss coding or using the VRM_ function modules improperly ?
    I am sharing some code with you
    in PAI :
          id            = 'ITAB-FIELD3'    "This is drop down list element on screen
          values        = values[]    " even it is not the expor will work..
         id_not_found   = 1
         OTHERS         = 2.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      No sy-subrc check required.
    IN PBO
                id     = 'IVBAP-ERNAM'
                values = values[].
    Can you please help me.
    Thanks .

    The link contains the list box creation, just check if this might help.
    Re: Getting values back from a listbox.
    Regards and Best wishes.

  • Remove Value Field from Operating Concern

    Hi all,
    I created a new value field in DEV and assigned it to the corresponding Operating Concern.
    Now, after some discussions, it is not necessary this value field.
    I want to "un-assign" from the Operating Concern they use.
    No data is being posted to this value field and nothing has been transported to QA yet.
    Is this possible? Any ideas?
    Thanks and Regards,

    I guess you can delete the value field as it was not transported to QA and PRD.
    Here is some information given by SAP.
    Deleting characteristics/value fields from an operating concern
    You can delete characteristics and value fields retrospectively from an operating concern that you have already activated. However, you should only use this deletion function for operating concerns that have not yet been used productively. You should also note that some database systems require the operating concern tables to be converted (database conversion) after the deletion has taken place if data had already been posted to the operating concern. Depending on the data volumes involved, the database conversion can take a matter of seconds or indeed several hours. Moreover, you cannot post data or run reports during the conversion. Due to integration, other applications are also affected when data is postedwith an assignment to profitability segments (such as settlement and direct assignment from FI/MM). If the operating concern has been transported to another system (such as the productive system), then the database conversion must also occur in that target system.
    Depending on the fields that were deleted, the following tables need to be converted (where xxxx = operating concern):
    Characteristics: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE4xxxx, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_FLAG, and CE4xxxx_KENC
    Amount fields: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx and CE3xxxx
    Quantity fields: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE3xxxx, CE4xxxx, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_FLAG, and CE4xxxx_KENC
    Before deleting fields from an operating concern with a large data volume (more that 10 000 records in a table), you should refer to the section "The Database Utility" in the ABAP dictionary documentation. This section describes the database conversion process.
    For database systems that do not require conversion (such as DB2 for AS/400, Informix, MSSQL), it can still take a considerable amount of time for the operating concern to be activated.
    To delete characteristics or value fields, perform the following activities:
    1. Delete the corresponding characteristics and value fields from Customizing in all clients (this includes forms, reports, planning layouts, and so forth). To locate characteristics and value fields, use the appropriate where-used list in the Customizing Monitor. You can access it by choosing Tools -> Analysis -> Check Customizing Settings. You can jump directly from the where-used list to the relevant Customizing transaction and then delete the appropriate field there.
    2. Switch to the screen for maintaining the data structure of an operating concern (Maintain operating concern).
    3. If you need to effect other changes to the datastucture for the operating concern before making any deletions, effect those changes and save the data structure.
    4. In order to be able to select the fields of the data structure, choose Extras -> Characteristics (or Value fields) -> Unlock.
    5. Select the characteristics and value fields to be deleted and remove them from the data structure with the "Reset fields" function.
    6. Reactivate the operating concern. The system starts by checking whether the operating concern contains any data and whether the fields to be deleted are still being used in any Customizing settings.
    7. If none of the fields are still in use, the system then starts the re-activation. If the operating concern does not contain any data or does not require the database system to be converted, the tables are activated. You are then able to activate the environment for the operating concern. In this case, the following activities no longer apply.
    If the operating concern already contains data, a system message tells you that the database needs to be converted. If you proceed, an activation log appears (at the top of the list).
    8. Analyze the activation log. If it only contains error messages telling you to convert the tables, proceed with the next activity.
    You must otherwise remove the cause of the errors before the tables can be converted. In this case, you should answer "No" to the next prompt, which asks whether the conversion transaction should start.
    9. If you still only receive error messages telling you to convert the tables, choose "Back" and start the conversion.
    10. Plan a job for the conversion. A list of the tables to be converted is shown for this. If the tables only contain a small amount of data (less than 10 000 records), then all the tables can be converted in one job. In that case, you can select all the tables.
    For larger tables, conversion should take place in several jobs. However, you should ensure that table CE4xxxx (where xxxx = operating concern) is the last table to be converted.
    Warning. No other changes can be made to the operating concern during the conversion.
    A copy of the table is generated during the conversion. The database system should have sufficient memory available for this copy.
    To schedule conversion as a job, use the "Schedule selections" function. You can display the current status of the conversion by selecting the "Refresh" icon. Tables disappear from the list once they have been converted sucessfully. If a conversion is taking a while, it is also possible to leave the transaction. You can then continue the conversion using DB requests -> Mass processing in one of the following ways:
    With the job overview. You access this by choosing System -> Services -> Jobs.
    Using the database utility transaction. You access this by choosing Utilities -> Database Utility in the ABAP Dictionary menu.
    You can use the status function to call up the status of the operating concern during operating concern maintenance. You need to activate all tables after conversion.
    11. To analyze errors that have occurred during the conversion, you can use the database utility transaction by choosing Extras -> Logs. The log has the same name as the conversion job: TBATG-date. You can also restart the conversion with this transaction.
    For more information on the database utility, choose Help -> Application help while still in the above transaction.
    12. Once you have activated all the tables in the operating concern, generate the operating concern environment from within operating concern maintenance.
    You can then use the operating concern again.
    If you want to transport the operating concern into a different system, see the section "Notes on transport"
    Hope this helps
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  • Personas 2 SP2: field values disappear after entry?

    Hi Folks - we made a couple of changes to our Personas 2.0 flavors for IMA1N and IMA2N. The flavors work fine in our development system. After transporting the flavors to our QA system we now see a problem with data entry. When data is entered into certain fields and the enter key is pressed, the data values disappear.  Tab-caching is used on these flavors but I am not sure if this is the issue.  It is possible that I missed something when building the transport in /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI.  I selected only the flavors to be transported.
    Can anyone think of a reason why this would happen?
    Thanks!  Jeff

    Hi Jeff,
    Does the tab caching indicator turn red? It is possible the QA system or the data used has additional validations that prevent the tabs from being selected to continue the tab caching routine.
    If everything looks OK and it is still an issue, please create a support ticket.

  • MDM Taxonomy attribute values disappearing

    Hello -
    a problem has been encountered where some of the attributes of the taxonoy table disappear when  two taxonomy fields in MDM main table lookup the same taxonomy table.
    However, these attribue values still appear in the main table records, they just disappeared from
    the "search parameter" area.
    Has such a problem ever been encountered? If so -  how has it been resolved?
    Please let me know
    Thank you in advance

    I don't know about any SAP note related to this problem, but you can just refer to Console reference guide and files, there you will find that we cant create a main table field of type taxonomy which refer to same taxonomy table. Its written "A product can belong to at most one leaf-node category." so that can be the reason we can use only one taxonomy table per main table field.
    See this: Console Reference Guide--> Repository Maintenance -->Designing an MDM Repository -->Taxonomy Lookup Tables
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  • The option to set a limit on 'undo's has disappeared from preferences. How do I get it back?

    The first time I used AE, we had a power cut. The next time I opened the application I went to check my preferences and the option to set a limit on 'undo's has completely disappeared from the general preferences panel. Is the application damaged/corrupted?
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling AE but the 'undo's limit is still missing...

    The preference for controlling the number of undo levels was removed in After Effects CC (12.1). The number of undo levels is 99, the maximum.
    I presume that the update was installed between the last time you changed this value and when you noticed the change.
    More information about what's new in After Effects CC (12.1) is here: ml
    Information about what's new in After Effects CC (12.2) is here: l

  • Values disappearing in my JSP page

    HI Guys
    i am stuck with a problem for which i need your help.i will list my query below
    In my JSP i am having a combo box from which i can select values needed for data manipulation and navigation to other page.Firstly i select a value from the combo box in my main JSPand do necessary processing.After navigation to other JSP pages i have a condition that if input successful then return to the main JSP other wise to someother jsp.
    Here my problem is that when on successful manipulation when i come back to the main JSP all the values in the combo box disappear. i know that i need to set the values before coming back ,i have done that but i am not able to figure out what is happening still values disappear.
    please let me know what i shoud do to resolve this issue.waiting for your replies.

    hi :-)
    set the value of firstname after submit
    session.setAttribute("firstname", txtFirstname);
    %>retrieve the value of firstname in the submitted page. Note about the scenario when the user first visit the site ;-)
    String firstname = session.getAttribute("firstname");put the value of firstname on our textbox ;-)
    <input type="text" name="txtFirstname" id="txtFirstname" value="<%=firstname%>" />hope you get the idea, i got to go home for now friend. goodluck ;-)

  • Variant Configuration - Planning tables disappearing from planning profiles

    Hi everyone,
    I'm having a strange problem with some planning profiles I've set up in MDPH for several of our configurable products. I'm getting reports from our production planners that certain planning tables within these profiles are suddenly disappearing from the profiles, along with all the values they've input for those characteristics. This is apparently happening without anyone making any changes to the profiles.
    By way of background, I've recently created several new variant models (including planning profiles) for a new series of products, several of which share characteristics with the variants that are experiencing the problem I described. Is it possible that this might somehow be impacting the planning profiles of the old variants?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. We're running 4.6c, FYI.
    - Greg

    Hello Anil,
    Thank you very much for your reply. I've read both notes you referenced and they seemed very promising in that the symptoms described match what we are seeing. Unfortunately, however, they don't seem to reflect the root cause of the problem I'm seeing. Our users are logging in in English, and we have English names for the characteristics in question. Also, we are on a later patch version (55) than the one that fixed this issue (51). So I don't think this one will help us to fix the issue.
    If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thank you again for your help on this!
    - Greg

  • CS4 eye dropper values disappear after grouping mask layer with next layer

    Have an adjustment/curve with a mask (layer1).  Under layer 1 is a second layer with just an image needing color correction(layer2). When I group the top layer1 with  image layer2,  the colour values disappear in the info pallette. Never did this in any other version of PS..... Strange?

    Yes!  I am confused too!  But, no, I am positive of the approach as I saw it in use.  Can you read a .psd image from an e-mail?  (I'm really stupid about most things.)  If yes, then I can send each step - otherwise...
    Do these steps and watch the result.
    Open an image.
    Make a selection.
    New layer via copy from the Layers Menu Icon (L1 - blank)
    ON LAYER 1 !!!
    CMND + New Layer Via Copy (creates ...)
       L2 and it will have the marching ants outline of/from Background. 
    (Option+Layer Mask and the selection appears in solid black in the layer mask box)
    NOTE:  You don't have to create that blank L1 - you can 'just' from Background/selection CMND+New Layer and get the outline copied to L1(in this case).  What I saw involved first creating a blank layer as above - really.  The next steps, make the selection in L2 appear and the L1 disappear (deleting is cheating...)
    Wish I had a clue
    Is what I've done - so far - right?
    How to make the layer/selection appear in L2.
    chris pantaleoni
    Pantaleoni Photographer
    2690 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 201
    San Diego, California 92106
    619-857-7280  e-mail:  [email protected]

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